20 Wedding Line Dancing Songs For Groups

There’s no better way to get all of your wedding guests dancing than with one of these classic wedding line dancing songs!

Line dancing brings everyone together with fun, easy-to-learn, and often very silly dance moves that anyone can perform.

While it is most often associated with country-western music, these songs cross the whole spectrum. You will find a few unforgettable songs from classic ’90s country, but there are also recent hip hop favorites that inspire some fun group dances for any wedding reception!

Keep reading for our definitive list of wedding line dancing songs, and be sure to check out our Spotify playlist so you can dance along!

Wedding Line Dancing Songs

“Whip It!” by LunchMoney Lewis

This 2015 pop song from LunchMoney Lewis has that fun, summertime vibe that will get everyone’s feet tapping. Think of some recent Katy Perry hits and you’ll have a good idea of the catchiness of this song.

While there are instructions for how to dance in the lyrics, the moves are less obvious than others on this list. This means that no one will feel out of place dancing to it, whether they are following the directions or going with the flow.

“Cupid Shuffle,” by Cupid

This song is one of those rare sensations that crossed over from the wedding DJ booth onto mainstream radio. In 2007, “Cupid Shuffle” was one of the hottest songs with its dance performed seemingly everywhere!

Its lyrics contain little more than the instructions for the dance moves. Lines like, “To the left, to the left / now kick, now kick / now walk it by yourself” dominate most of the song. 

Even if you don’t have the dance memorized, it is repetitive and easy to pick up and dance along with all of the other guests. 

“Wobble,” by V.I.C.

For a wedding line dancing song that is a little more PG-13 rated, the hip-hop song “Wobble” is a great choice.

This sexy song and dance will encourage those who are a little more blessed in the dancing and backside departments to get up and shake it!

“Cha-Cha Slide,” by DJ Casper

In the space between “The Macarena” and “Cupid Shuffle,” the “Cha-Cha Slide” slid right into the line-up of classic wedding line dancing songs. Debuting in 2000, this song is still played at many weddings today!

Just like “Cupid Shuffle,” the “Cha-Cha Slide” is also repetitive with the majority of its lyrics telling you how to do its dance, memorably telling you to stomp, hop, and “cha-cha real smooth.”

This song will provide true nostalgia points and early-2000s quirk to your wedding reception. If you’re a millennial bride or a Gen Z bride who loves to poke fun at millennials, this song is a great addition to a collection of wedding line dancing songs.

“Apache,” by The Sugarhill Gang

From the group who brought you “Rapper’s Delight,” this 1981 song is probably less known by its title than the opening instructions: “Tonto! Jump on it!” 

The “Apache” wedding line dance consists of pantomiming a lasso over your head and hopping around like a galloping horse. This dance is so simple that there are even YouTube videos of brides performing it while still bedecked in their wedding dresses!

“Where I Come From,” by Alan Jackson

If you’re looking for true wedding line dancing songs, or just wedding songs in general, you can’t go wrong with Alan Jackson. From his tear-jerker ballad “Remember When” to “Where I Come From,” Alan Jackson has been a big part of many country lovers’ weddings for years.

If you identify with the lyrics, “Where I come from there’s cornbread and chicken / Where I come from, a lot of front porch sitting,’” then this song is a must for your assortment of wedding line dancing songs.

This iconic country-western singer’s music just begs for you to grab all your friends, line up, and steady your ten-gallon hat on your head with one hand. 

“The Git Up,” by Blanco Brown

With the success of Florida, Georgia Line’s collaboration with Nelly and Billy Ray Cyrus, and Lil Nas X’s smash hit “Old Town Road,” rap and country mash-ups are more popular than ever! This 2019 song, “The Git Up,” is similar in sound and includes group dance lyrics.

This track combines a very strong bassline with twangy country vocals, making it fun and so irresistibly danceable.

“The Git Up” has lyrics like, “Gon’ and do the two-step, then cowboy boogie / Grab your sweetheart and spin out with ’em / Do the hoedown and get into it.” Listen and watch the other guests dance, but ultimately just go have fun!

“Chattahoochee,” by Alan Jackson

Another classic Alan Jackson hit from the 1990s is “Chattahoochee.”

This lighthearted song is pure country goodness, filled with lyrics about running around and being young in the sunshine. It’s a great addition to a day that is filled to the brim with happiness.

Just like so many of Alan Jackson’s classic country tunes, “Chattahoochee” is perfect for country and rustic barn weddings. When you hear it, grab your friends, and hold on to your cowboy hat!

“Boot Scootin’ Boogie,” by Brooks & Dunn

These last few entries on this list may have us convinced that 1990s country-western music rivals the 2000s for the most wedding line dancing songs of an era! “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” may just tip the scales into the ’90s country’s favor.

This song by iconic country duo Brooks and Dunn has been a staple for wedding receptions in rural parts of the country for many years. Come for “Heel to toe/Do-si-do” and stay for the signature yodel you’ll hear every time they hit “boogie”!

“Cotton Eye Joe,” by Rednex

As soon as the sound of the first fiddle strings of this song screams onto the dance floor, everyone will undoubtedly gather to take part!

Featuring mostly nonsensical lyrics about “Cotton Eye Joe,” it’s the fast-paced hoedown that keeps wedding guests dancing.

This high-tempo song is so irresistibly fun and perfectly suited for a simple line dance. Don’t forget to loosen up your invisible lasso for this song!

“Good Time,” by Alan Jackson

Yet another Alan Jackson song joins our list of the best wedding line dancing songs.

This popular country song is mid-tempo and perfect for warming your guests up for a night filled with dancing.

The lyrics to “Good Time”  are perfectly suited to a wedding reception: “Yeah I’ve been workin’ all week / And I’m tired, and I don’t wanna sleep / I wanna have fun / It’s time for a good time.”

“Why Don’t We Just Dance,” by Josh Turner

This 2010 Josh Turner song is notable for the rock bottom vocals of the lead singer. The lyrics are a little racy and perfect for later in the evening when everyone is getting a little closer. 

The dance features many of the steps common in line dancing. From turning on your heel to kicking a foot out, switching the weight on your feet, and doing a traveling step, or grapevine, across the dancefloor, “Why Don’t We Just Dance” is a simple song to dance along to.

“Fancy Like,” by Walker Hayes

Similar to Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up,” “Fancy Like” mashes up rap and hip hop sounds with the twang and references common to country music. 

The dance to this song went viral in Tik Tok in 2021, featuring lots of hip-shaking and body-rolling from side to side.

With lyrics like “yeah, we fancy like Applebee’s on a date night (that’s right) / Got that Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shake (ayyy),” it’s easy to grab hold of the booming baseline of this song and have some fun on the dance floor. 

“I Like It, I Love It,” by Tim McGraw

A classic country song, with no rapping or heavy bass, this instantly recognizable Tim McGraw tune is a great fit for a wedding reception.

With memorable lyrics like “Cause I like it, I love it, I want some more of it / I try so hard, I can’t rise above it,” who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by its positivity?  We like it, we love it!

“Red Solo Cup,” by Toby Keith 

If you know, you know! This Toby Keith song may be more of a love song to the preferred vessel for booze than a true love song, but feature this song at your wedding reception all the same. 

“Red Solo Cup” has a slower tempo than any other song on this list, making it easy to dance to for all ages. Grab a cup filled with whatever you like, and toast one of the most lighthearted wedding line dancing songs.

“Country Girl (Shake It For Me),” by Luke Bryan

A country line dance song that is not for the faint of heart, “Country Girl (Shake it For Me),” is nonstop fun from start to finish.

A country-rock mashup, this song’s toe-tapping beat, and driving rhythm will undoubtedly fill your dance floor.

This up-tempo song is filled to the brim with adorable and silly lyrics that may be the perfect fit for you and your new spouse. “Tangle me up in Grandma’s yarn?” That sounds about right!

“JuJu on that Beat,” by Zay Hilfigerrr

After a bunch of country songs back to back, we’re firmly back in hip hop territory with “JuJu on that Beat.”

This song has a much slower tempo than others on this list, giving your guests a chance to rest while dancing as a group.

Like other hip-hop songs, it’s a little complicated, however, its repetitive nature and strong beat make it a fun song to dance to.

“Electric Boogie,” by Marcia Griffiths

Perhaps one of the original wedding line dancing songs, along with classics like “The Chicken Dance” and “The Hokey Pokey,” the “Electric Boogie” is a must-have on your playlist!

This song and its dance, called the “Electric Slide,” feature an ’80s R&B vibe with Marcia Griffiths crooning alongside synthesizers.

If you’ve never formally learned this song, acquaint yourself with its simple steps; they are very similar to many classic line dance moves.

“This Is How We Roll,” by Florida Georgia Line

For the final rap/country entry on this list, “This Is How We Roll” brings back Luke Bryan from “Country Girl (Shake it For Me)” and combines him with crossover megastars Florida Georgia Line. This song was released in 2014 and has been played at weddings ever since.

Lyrics like, “This is how we roll, whoa, whoa / We hangin’ ’round, singin’ down everything on the radio,” will help you feel close to the guests around you. After all, if there ever was an occasion to announce the people you choose to roll with, your wedding is definitely it!

“Uptown Funk,” by Mark Ronson

From the first lines of this song and the unmistakable, “Doh/Doh-doh-doh, doh-doh-doh, doh-doh,” introduction, “Uptown Funk” is listed as last on this list for a reason. If you are looking for a great song for a wedding reception send-off, this is it!

From perfectly shoutable lyrics like, “Gotta kiss myself, I’m so pretty,” this song instantly lifts the mood of everyone.

Inject a little uptown funk into your wedding reception, and leave everyone dancing out the door at the end of the night.

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