20 Alan Jackson Wedding Songs Perfect for Your Big Day

Choosing music for your wedding day is a big job. It takes careful consideration and thoughtful planning. Of all the country wedding songs out there, Alan Jackson’s take the cake (Wedding Cake, that is).

Choose a romantic ballad, some fun songs to kick up your heels to, and memorable lyrical favorites for the big day, and you’ve got a great playlist! Here is a collection of Jackson’s top songs to play at your wedding:

alan jackson wedding songs
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“Remember When”

This song is a nostalgic look back at the journey of a relationship, making it perfect for couples who’ve grown together over time. It’s a symbolic gesture of where you’ve been and where you’ll go from here.

  • When to Play: First dance or during a slideshow of the couple’s memories

“I Do”

Jackson wrote, “I Do” for his daughter’s wedding. It’s a beautiful song about the give and take of true love. The song talks about being with a soul mate, staying together, walking together, and dancing together.

  • When to Play: First dance

“Livin’ On Love”

“Livin’ on Love talks about how love is the most essential part of life. It resonates with the essence of a wedding.

  • When to Play: Background song during dinner.

“Look at Me”

With its heartfelt lyrics, “Look at Me” is an intimate song about love at first sight. It captures the butterflies you felt the first time you saw that perfect person.

  • When to Play: Bride’s entrance or first dance.

“Like Red on a Rose”

“Like Red on a Rose” is a romantic ballad about finding a perfect connection. It’s great for illustrating the deep affection between couples. The meaningful use of language and color makes this a nice song for a slow dance.

  • When to Play: Slow dance segment for all couples.

‘When Somebody Loves You”

“When Somebody Loves You” depicts the support and warmth that comes from being loved. During your wedding, it conveys the way your life changes with that special someone beside you.

  • When to Play: Cake cutting or background song during dinner.

“I’ll Go On Loving You”

A sultry, passionate song that speaks of unwavering commitment, “I’ll Go On Loving You” tells your partner that you’ll be together forever. Perfect for the unending love of a wedding day. Real love never gives up!

  • When to Play: First dance.

“From This Moment On” (Feat. Shania Twain)

It’s all about cherishing every moment once you’ve found “the one.”

“From This Moment On” is a beautiful song about the promise you make on your wedding day. Of all Alan Jackson’s duets, this is a major wedding favorite.

  • When to Play: Couple’s exit or final dance.

“It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”

A fun, light-hearted tune to remind everyone to enjoy the moment and celebrate. This is a great song for the bridesmaids of groomsmen to gather around and have some fun on the dance floor.

  • When to Play: During the main dance, after all the traditional dances are over, or cocktail hour.

“A Love Like That”

“A Love Like That” talks about the kind of love that everyone hopes for, deep and enduring. It signifies the way you feel about your partner and recognizes how lucky you are to have found one another. Everyone should hope for a love like “that.”

  • When to Play: Background music for the reception.

“Between the Devil and Me”

A song about staying committed despite challenges, “Between the Devil and Me” speaks to enduring love. No marriage comes without muddy water, this is the perfect song to show the realistic side of a partnership. What goes on behind closed doors is between a couple.

  • When to Play: Slideshow of the couple’s journey.

“You Can’t Give Up On Love”

“You Can’t Give Up on Love” is a testament to resilience and faith in love, even when things get tough. It falls among the many romantic songs of Alan Jackson and is a time-honored favorite.

  • When to Play: A gentle reminder during the reception.

“Till the End” (with Lee Ann Womack)

Another of Alan Jackson’s duets, “Till the End” is about sticking together through thick and thin. Lee Ann Womack sings this special mashup home. It’s a top choice for slow dance songs.

“As She’s Walking Away” (Feat. Zac Brown Band)

“As She’s Walking Away” isn’t a classic among country love songs, but it tells an important story. It’s a reminder to everyone to seize the moment and cherish love. As a wedding song, this is best used during a non-traditional portion of the evening.

  • When: Background song during dinner.

“Song for the Life”

A marriage isn’t just a day. It lasts a lifetime. “Song for the Life” reminds weddinggoers that this is a celebration of a life together. It’s about cherishing the simple moments and the journey of life and love.

  • When to Play: Background music during reception or dinner.

“There Goes”

“There Goes” is a song that celebrates the giddiness of being in love. This is one of Alan Jackson’s classic country hits. It’s the perfect blend of romantic lyrics and a slow steady beat. Get your slow-dancing shoes on!

  • When: First dance or couple’s entrance.

“Once in a Lifetime Love”

Your love is special; One that can’t be replicated, and one worth being celebrated. Once in a Lifetime Love” celebrates the rarity and beauty of true love, and the authentic country sound makes it a perfect choice among country wedding songs.

  • When to Play: Background song during the toast.

“Every Now and Then”

“Every Now and Then” is a beautiful song about remembering and cherishing old memories. This wedding day is the latest tribute to your romantic partnership, but you have a long history worth celebrating.

  • When to Play: Background music for a slideshow of the couple.

“A Woman’s Love”

The bride is the start of the show at any wedding. “A Woman’s Love” honors the deep and transforming love of a woman. Celebrate the bride in style and make her feel special.

  • When to Play: For a groom dedicating a song to the bride.

“The One You’re Waiting On”

This is about the anticipation and excitement of waiting for that special someone. Once you’ve found them, it’s time to celebrate. Use this song for a special moment to send a message on your wedding day.

  • When to Play: Bride’s entrance.

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