Bryanna and Branden’s Big Day (Oh, and Bo the Dog Too!)

Wedding planning is stressful, but newly married couples know it’s worth it when you feel like this gorgeous pair did the moment after they said, “I do!”

newlyweds rejoice holding hands near an arch with flowers

That’s my beautiful young friend Bryanna and her handsome hubby, Branden. Looking to the bottom right of the wedding photo, you’ll see their dog, Bo, the cutest four-pawed ringbearer.

Bryanna shared hot trends that worked for her big day—and one photo trend that bombed hilariously.

We’re looking into Bryanna’s wedding, and you’ll love it because Bry gives us first-hand knowledge of great cost savings, decor tips, and advice for anyone who wants to include their fur baby in the celebrations.

You really need to read about the “Bo Mohito,” too!

Let’s start with stationary.

Etsy Is #1 for Wedding Stationery Bundles

Wedding Stationery

I’m all about the Wedding Stationery Checklist because this topic can be a far bigger headache than it ever has to be.

Bry wanted professional-looking wedding stationery without the high costs of getting a company to design her invitation suite.

Bry chose a wedding stationary bundle from Etsy, her go-to for many items, including a neon sign and other hot trends in wedding decor.

I asked Bry if the wedding stationary template was truly hassle-free, what items were truly “DIY,” and if she depended on a print shop for anything.

Bry: “We had save-the-dates, invitation cards, details cards, table numbers, seating plan, name tags on the table, and all welcome signage. The template didn’t come blank with just graphics; it basically was a pre-done invitation, so you were just swapping out information.”

Bry also personalized the template with specific details, like the “to have and to hold, grab a blanket if you’re cold” sign, which I thought was a fantastic inclusion and a memorable personal touch.

She paid to print her stationery locally to maintain that “pro” look without anyone thinking she’d done the bundle templates herself.

Although the process was more time-consuming than having wedding stationery designed and printed, the money shaved off Bry and Branden’s wedding budget was worth it, and the template was fun and user-friendly.

Time-Saving Tip: Bry paid to print envelopes to save the manual labor of handwriting out addresses, adding to the professional look.

Bry Blended Fresh and Dried Florals and Greenery

Flowers can soak up a large part of any wedding budget in any season, which is why I love Wedding Pioneer’s Ultimate Wedding Flower Cost Calculator & Checklist.

Dried florals are a hot, affordable, sustainable wedding trend, and Bry chose a mix of fresh and dried for her floral decor.

I love Bry’s simple, elegant wood slice centerpieces with dried florals (locally sourced) and tea lights. Click rustic wedding centerpieces for more ideas!

Wedding Centerpiece

Floral Decor Tip: Bry repurposed the flower arrangement from her wedding arch to decorate the head table at the reception—another hot, cost-saving trend.

Here Comes the Bo!

cute dog in a tailcoat at a wedding

For Bry and Branden, including their sweet dog, Bo, in their wedding party wasn’t just a hot trend.

Bry: “It was a big deal to have him (Bo) in the wedding… he is so important in our lives.”

Bry has fantastic tips for dog lovers-in-love to ensure the big day goes great for your fur baby.

But first, we must talk about canine wedding fashion, darlings!

Bo’s custom-made tux is another fab Etsy find. Bry worked with the Etsy creator to pair the colors with Branden’s suit, and Bry ended up sewing on Bo’s bowtie and pinning on that adorable corsage.

If you notice the little leather barrel around Bo’s collar (a perfect match for his gorgeous red-gold coat), that’s another Etsy find that served a super-important purpose at Bry and Brandon’s wedding.

Bry: “The small leather pouch Bo was wearing contained the rings. On the inside of the pouch was a note that read, ‘Delivered with love, Bo’ and the wedding date on it.”

“Pawfect” Tips for Four-Legged Members of the Wedding Party

Here are really “pawsome” tips from Bry on incorporating your precious pet into your wedding.

  1. Familiarize your pet with the premises. Bry and Brandon lucked out because their rehearsal dinner took place at their outdoor ceremony location, so Bo was able to sniff out everything beforehand.
  2. Include them in the rehearsal. Even more important to Bry, Bo was included in their ceremony rehearsal, so he got comfortable walking up the aisle on a leash and sitting obediently during the vows.
  3. See if you can keep them on-site. Since Bo loves his crate, he was comfortable in a “bridal cottage” during the wedding reception, and sweetly, the staff prepared a plate for Bo that he loved too.

Cool Twist on a Hot Trend… the “Bo Mohito”

Bo Mohito

Bry and Branden wanted the hot trend of signature cocktails at their wedding reception, but this is the best signature cocktail I’ve ever seen!

Instead of a “traditional” bride and groom cocktail, Bry and Branden’s signature drink was the huge hit “Bo Mohito.”

Bo Mohito sign

I absolutely love how Bry used her wedding stationery template to create this sign!

And if you’re wondering about the artist who sketched Bo’s image, that didn’t cost a thing either. Bry told me her friend used a sketch app to create the image from a photo of Bo.

Finally—One Teensy Wedding Day Fail (Not Bry’s Fault!)

Photo App Fail

Bry and I laughed over one “hot trend” that did not go to plan:

Whether it’s a specific wedding day photo hashtag, disposable cameras, or a photo-sharing app at your reception, the idea is the same—capturing those priceless candid shots forever.

Unfortunately, many of the “not so techie” guests at Bry and Branden’s wedding reception weren’t sure how this photo-sharing app worked… so she ended up with around 75 uploaded pics of just the QR code.

I prefer a hashtag or photo-sharing app for convenience instead of trying to ensure you get disposable cameras back at your reception.

Depending on the size of your wedding, having a few friends or family members go around to the tables with the QR code to explain the process quickly might ensure it goes more smoothly. You can also make a quick announcement about it during your speeches.

Thanks to Bryanna, Branden, and Bo for sharing a beautiful day with us!

bride and groom kissing on a pier by the lake

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