28 Top Barn Wedding Centerpieces

Whenever someone mentions a barn wedding, it takes us back to a day in early May and a barn wedding we attended in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

One thing to note with springtime in the spectacular Rockies is that the weather is totally unpredictable!

So as the floor-to-ceiling double barn doors ceremoniously parted, and the beautiful bride appeared to walk up the aisle, a spring snowfall suddenly filled the heavens behind her with fat, fluffy flakes. Everyone gasped in delight and disbelief!

That’s a barnyard wedding for you; ripe with possibilities for magical unplanned moments. However, there are limitless special details you can implement to create just as much magic!

We’ve got our 28 best ideas for barn wedding centerpieces, from budget-friendly to extravagant, so that you can plan something unique to you and the wedding day of your dreams.

Plant a Tree Circle on Your Tables

5 Pack of Wood Slices

Our rustic wood slices are the perfect fit for any table centerpiece! 

Wood slices or “tree circles” are huge ideas in the world of rustic decor, and it’s easy to see why.

Natural wood, thoroughly dried tree circles serve as a sturdy but easy and convenient base that truly “center” your reception table centerpieces.

They’re exquisite and appropriate for barn weddings, but, of course, you’ll use them after your wedding too in so many ways!

This seller cuts and levels their trees, never using a chainsaw, so every circle is even, so your decorations won’t appear crooked in the slightest.

They also eliminate any moisture from the wood in a climate-controlled environment, and never add sealants (although you’re welcome to if you wish).

Next, let’s talk about some of the best accents to put on top of your three circles.

Rustic Wooden Flower Arrangement

Rustic Cotton Wooden Flower Arrangement

This natural wooden flower arrangement has been handmade and hand-dyed to showcase a beautiful arrangement of Natural White, Pine and Champagne colored flowers accented with natural cotton.

These handmade and hand-dyed flowers get a unique rustic appeal from the woods like sola, cedar, pine, or birch used to create them.

Bouquets will show wood grains and bark spots for a priceless, shabby chic look. You can even have a scent applied if you wish!

These eco-friendly arrangements are as exquisite as fresh-cut flowers. We love the wedding-ready look of a wooden flower centerpiece in a distressed jar accented with jute twine and ribbons.

Boho Mason Jar in Cobalt Blue

Baby’s Breath in Navy Blue Mason Jar Vases with Twine

Highest quality, professional glass paint baked on to permanently set.

Any mason jar centerpiece works for us as an accent for a barn wedding, but this boho mason jar in a sexy cobalt blue took our breath away!

Using your tree circle as a base, put the colorful jars on top with real or faux wildflower bunches in each jar. We also think a twine bow accent on each would be pretty.

You’ve got other color choices too. We can imagine fairy lights inside a bright blue or lime green mason jar for a unique, gorgeous glow.

Bundles of Faux Farmhouse Baby’s Breath 

Bundles of Faux Farmhouse Baby's Breath 

They perfect for home decorations, DIY flower arrangements, bouquets.

Baby’s breath used to be an afterthought in real (and expensive) bouquets of roses, but this humble little flower is now taking center stage!

We love faux bouquets like this because they’re affordable, durable, and make glorious floral centerpieces.

Distressed White Lantern Centerpiece

White Lantern Centerpiece

Sure to cast a golden glow on all who behold it, these small Vintage Antique White Distressed Lanterns will surely be the talk of the town at your wedding, bridal shower or special event. 

These sweet little distressed lanterns are beautiful, affordable accents.

Sizes range from small to extra-large, although reviewers prefer the medium to larger sizes for their decorative effect.

Fill these lanterns with LED votives and glittery diamond confetti or faux berries and satiny bows!

Birch Tree Vase Wrap Turns Cans into Centerpieces

Rustic Wedding Decor

Enjoy the look of a birch tree with the couples initials digitally 'carved' within a heart.

Anyone who loves planet Earth will adore this centerpiece idea!

These affordable printed wraps get forwarded to you as digital files, and you get the realistic effect of birch bark with your personalized message carved into the heart on the “tree.”

It’s easy to wrap each print around a clean metal can (the kind you can recycle later!) and fill the vase with accents of your choice.

Personalized Luminaries to Light Up Your Centerpieces

Personalized Luminaries to Light Up Your Centerpieces

Personalized Table Decoration Luminaries. Minimum order is 12.

The scrolled ink effect, butterfly detail, and “Happily Ever After” on these vellum cardstock luminaries add romance to any tree circle centerpiece.

You can personalize your luminaries, and they provide a warm glow with simple, battery-operated tea lights.

Rose Flower Fairy String Lights

Rose Flower Fairy String Lights 20 LEDs

These are a Rose Flower battery powered fairy string light, total 20 LED bulbs with clear cable and battery box.

Each faux rose on this string glows with an LED light. It would look lovely running across a lacy burlap table runner, wrapped around a table riser, or bunched up as an arrangement.

Celebrate Your Barn Wedding with Chinook Hop Confetti

Artificial Hops Garland

Add a touch of greenery to your decor with our faux hops garland.

Chinook hops are used in beer making, and these hops are famous for adding grapefruit, pine, and spice notes to the flavor of some of our favorite suds.

These natural Chinook hops are whole and dried, but they’re not for beer making! Instead, they’re perfect for adding color and a beautiful scent to your barn wedding centerpieces.

We think they’d look amazing in tall clear vases with fairy lights.

Rustic Handmade Log Centerpiece

Handmade Natural Log Candle Holder

This beautiful centerpiece is handmade from Wood sourced from our farm in Elk Township, New Jersey.

Craftspeople handmake these farmhouse-style log centerpieces from genuine walnut wood, meaning each centerpiece displays unique markings with natural holes or knots.

As centerpiece candleholders, they have metal bases and are sealed with wax to hold tea light candles with real, romantic flames. You may want to consider LED tea lights or coiled LED garlands because barn safety is sexy too!

Whiskey Barrel Table Centerpiece

Whiskey Barrel Stave candle holder

A Whiskey barrel stave is a narrow piece of wood with a slightly beveled edge to form the sides of barrel.

A rustic theme goes hand-in-hand with a barn wedding, but these whiskey barrel centerpieces make you feel like you’re getting a slice of history.

The piece comes from the “stave” cut out of an actual whiskey barrel!

The 35-inch length is an excellent base for an LED garland, flameless candles, or thin vases with pampas or dried florals.

Boho Bunny Tail Centerpiece Accents

Boho Bunny Tail Centerpiece Accents

Each bunch is handpicked stem by stem to make it look like a mini bouquet ready to be placed in a vase or gifted.

Bunny tails sound like the boho nickname for these natural accents (real name: dried lagurus with an array of pampas grass), but whatever you call them, they’re super-fun and chic decorations for your wedding centerpieces!

Shiny Table Numbers for a Bit of Barn Bling 

Table Numbers for Weddings

They will capture light and reflect colors from all that is around to create shimmer and elegance from every angle.

We adore our pops of bling, and we think it’s nice to add a hint of golden or silvery shine to rustic decorating. These fun and affordance table numbers will do the trick!

Hexagon Terrarium Barn Table Centerpiece

Wood Hexagon Terrarium Frame

There are two sizes available for purchase for this Wooden Hexagon Centerpiece. 

A hexagon centerpiece is most appealing in a barn setting because of its rustic, barn-style shape.

You can fill each hexagon with a dried floral arrangement, but a hexagonal glass cup with a single faux posey is affordable, eye-catching, and equally elegant.

Hexagonal Diamond Glass Cup

Hexagonal Diamond Glass Cup

The water cup is made of high-quality materials, controlled by materials, crafts and technology.

These glass liqueur cups are the perfect shape to accessorize your hexagon centerpiece as mini-vases, and you have a wide variety of color choices too.

When you arrange LED votive candles around your centerpiece, these glasses will give off a spectacular glow, and make excellent gifts to give (or keep!) later.

Perfect Faux Peony Arrangement

Bestseller White or Pink Rose Peony Arrangement

Bestseller & Original design by Blue Paris Flowers.

A quality handmade peony is one of the most realistic-looking faux flowers. These beautiful pink or white pieces will make awesome arrangements for your barn centerpieces.

Lit Glass Block for your Barn Centerpiece

Wedding Centerpiece Glass Block

Lit Glass Block for your Barn Centerpiece

This glass block centerpiece complete with LED lights is such a great idea!

The message, silhouette, and ribbon are customized to your taste and will add a lovely sentiment to your tables. These centerpieces make excellent gifts too!

Barn Bud Vases Dipped in Gold

Gold Dipped Bud Vases

Beautiful Gold Dipped, Ribbed, Bud Vases. They come in a set of 6. 

Each set of six bud vases is hand-dipped in gold paint at varying heights, giving these pieces a unique and elegant quality.

Their slender size will hold a couple of faux flowers or “buds,” but we like the idea of filling these with pampas or pussy willows to emphasize height and glamor.

A Silver Vase Fits Your Style

A Silver Vase Fits Your Style

This collection of glass vases are perfect for small fresh flower arrangements on all your tables. 

Here, the set of six bud vases is hand-dipped in silvery paint, and we just love the color and the pronounced rib detailing! It’s such a gorgeous retro-rustic look.

Add a Twist with Rose Gold Geometric Centerpieces

Tall Geometric Rose Gold Vase or Centerpiece

Let this modern vase transform your home or office into a calm and relaxing space.

There’s a new and unique twist to rustic barn wedding decorating, and it’s called industrial chic.

If you genuinely want to be unique, these jaw-dropping rose gold geometric vases will be a gorgeous conversation piece.

Add romantic accents like pampas grass to soften the look a smidge!

Pampas Grass Bouquet

White Dried Floral for Pampas Grass Table Centerpiece

Dried Floral Bouquet: 1 bleached dried palm spear, 4 small off white pampas grass stems, 18 off white bunny tails.

A neutral-toned dry-floral bouquet makes such a chic, boho statement in a vase, frosted wine bottle, or mason jar.

This unique-looking bouquet features pampas, bunny tails, and a palm leaf.

Sweet Silver Buckets

Mini Pink Buckets

These tiny buckets/pails are perfect to use as favors for your next party, gender reveal, baby shower or baby welcome.

Mini-buckets with handles (like this set of six) are affordable and easy to set out as your barn table wedding centerpieces.

We love the burlap and lace sleeve, and think these little buckets would look so pretty accented with a small sprig of faux baby’s breath wrapped in fairy lights.

Slotted Detail Bucket Centerpiece

Slotted Metal Bucket Centerpiece

This slotted metal container is a classic farmhouse decor item.

You get some serious bang for your buck with this distressed metal, farmhouse-style slotted bucket complete with faux eucalyptus plant and lambs ear.

Coiling golden ribbons of double-stringed LED lights within the bucket and around the plant would produce a gorgeous glow through the slots!

Homespun Garland with String Lights

20 Light Homespun Garland

20 count lit garland in Black and Tan homespun and burlap integrated for accent.

We’ve got a thing for LED garlands, and although that passion hasn’t died, this homespun idea might be our new garland favorite!

The shaggy burlap effect on this garland is glorious enough, but when you light these pieces up, your rustic barn wedding vision will be complete!

White Butterfly Accents 

Artificial White Butterflies With Pins

1 piece high-quality feather butterfly with clip.

You can add these discreet little butterfly accents to vases, table risers, or frosted and lit wine bottles for something a little extra.

Fab Faux Pussy Willow Stems

31" Faux Pussy Willow Stem

A great stem to mass out in a container by itself or use architecturally in an arrangement with other stems!

Who doesn’t love the soft but unfrilly look of pussy willows?!

We adore this affordable stem with five branches of faux pussy willows. It looks delicate and makes an easy accent for your centerpieces; these little stems are surprisingly durable too.

LED Candles with a Rustic Farmhouse Feel

LED Candles with a Rustic Farmhouse Feel

The company quotes, 60-72 hour battery life.

Gorgeous, realistically shabby, and so convenient: that’s the perfect description of barn-safe, battery-operated flameless candles like these.

Each candle gives off a farmhouse feel whether lit or unlit! They come in unique rustic shades like burnt orange, mustard, and burnt ivory, not to mention they each have a built-in timer. 

Flameless Farmhouse Sunflower Pillar Candle

Sunflower Garden Flameless LED Glass Pillar Candles

Pillar is made of glass with a real poured wax interior.

If your barn wedding vision is vintage rustic, take a look at these breathtaking flameless pillar candles.

If you’re having a summery barn wedding with a sunflower theme, you’ll love the soft sunflower image on these candles!

They include a timer and batteries, but you’d never know they aren’t genuine with their waxy exterior, flickering light, and a dusting of cinnamon scent.

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