30 Terrific Tiffany Blue Wedding Centerpieces

Can you think of any other color named after a luxury jeweler—and not just any jeweler—but the man who made diamond engagement rings the symbol of love, promises, and commitment?

His name was Charles Lewis Tiffany. In 1837, he founded a “fancy goods and stationery store” called Tiffany & Co., long before regular folks had even seen sparkling diamonds with their own eyes.

By the 1840s, Tiffany became the “King of Diamonds” after buying a whole glittery bunch of them from French aristocrats. Since then, Tiffany diamond rings have become internationally renowned, and a gorgeous shade of robin’s egg blue became their official color.

If you’re looking for Tiffany blue wedding centerpieces ideas today, we’ve got 30 special wedding decorations to help you plan your celebration. So settle in, and let’s get started!

Up up and Away in Your Tiffany Blue Balloons

Tiffany Blue Balloons

Each kit includes everything needed to create your very own balloon garland.

Tiffany blue is sophisticated and balloons are fun. Put them together, and you get stunning centerpieces, garlands, and arches for your wedding celebration that are easy to DIY… especially if you can wrangle up an electric balloon pump.

Floating Tiffany Blue Pearls 

Floating Tiffany Blue Pearls 

The Pearls and Gems can be used for an unlimited number of times, suitable for any size budget, large or small, easy to do and can be prepared several days in advance.

Tea lights floating in a vase are romantic enough, but even Charles Tiffany would have applauded the genius who came up with floating pearls!

Floating pearls come in practically every color, but you can’t beat the robin’s egg blue.

There’s a bit of a process to get these pearls set up (it includes transparent water gels), but the spectacular centerpiece it creates makes the minimal effort worthwhile.

A Box of Tiffany Blue

Large Robin Egg Blue & White Ribbon

This Classy box is perfect for any gift or for the perfect color storage utility!

Tiffany blue boxes are popular centerpiece accents, and this affordable yet luxurious-looking example is one of our favorites.

This sweet box with a satin ribbon and tissue flower makes the right impression if you prefer elegance over bling.

Charles Tiffany Would Rock Diamond Confetti

Diamond Confetti

Our high quality acrylic diamonds are crystal clear and sparkle beautifully in vases or sprinkled on tables. We sell our table sprinkles in 20 different colors, many of which come in 4 different sizes. 

It doesn’t take much to rock that Tiffany blue at your reception!

A fun and “bling-tastic” way is to scatter sparkly little acrylic “diamonds” on your reception tables, or pour them into tall vases if there are little ones at your wedding who might mistake this glittery stuff for candy!

Robin’s Egg Blue Carnations

Floral accents like these handmade carnations look delicate, but the material used is 65-pound cardstock, so they’re durable too. You can even order this piece unrolled at an affordable price and DIY some flower carnations yourself!

They’re fun to scatter on your tables and around your centerpieces, but for added effect, put some double-sided tape on the flowers and rim them outside a vase of LED fairy lights and diamond confetti!

This Tiffany Box Requests Your Company

Gift Box Centerpiece w/ Pearls

The front and back of the box is decorated with a white pearl ribbon, and each side of the box is decorated with plain white ribbon. 

Here’s a unique twist on a Tiffany blue box decorated with a white ribbon, pearl ribbon, and white foam roses!

The topper on this centerpiece is a take-off of the Tiffany & Co. label, and you personalize it with your name and wedding year (the year you two got “established”). Too cute!

Tiffany Blue Mason Jar with Flowers and Ribbon

Tiffany inspired Centerpiece

Tiffany-inspired Turquoise mason jar with pearls around the rim and ribbon around the jar

Mason jars with faux hydrangea flowers are a go-to centerpiece idea, and this Tiffany blue jar has a pearl-lined rim and a cute little ribbon too.

It’s a good size for smaller tables and an affordable accent if you plan on using tapered candles or an LED lantern.

Glass Effect Candles in a Tiffany Sea Blue

G Decor Sea Blue Glass Effect Candles

These beautiful candles are made in small batches using the highest grade 100% natural wax.

If your reception hall allows natural wax candles, these gorgeous two-tone candles come in small or large-sized pillars or a ball shape that is straight-up better than any sparkly ornament we’ve ever seen.

Honestly, we think these candles are too stunning to burn! They would be perfect accents under any lighting, and the glass effect will amaze.

Bling Box in Tiffany Blue 

Bling Box in Tiffany Blue

The centerpiece a box wrapped in rhinestone mesh, with "white ribbon" made of silver rhinestone mesh on all 4 sides, topped with a bouquet of silk white roses.

We can search near and far for centerpiece ideas… but we never let a shot of bling get past us!

Again, we have a Tiffany blue box, this one with a deluxe topping of white silken roses. But the wow factor here is the Tiffany blue rhinestone mesh with a silver rhinestone ribbon. Just say yes to this!

Tiffany Blue Balloon Confetti

50 Hot Air Balloon & Cloud Confetti

These hot air balloons and clouds are perfect for any baby shower or party!

Confetti shaped like hot air balloons and puffy clouds makes undeniably fun table scatter!

The solid shapes (minus glitter) come in a robin’s egg color, and make sure to throw in some gold and black glitter balloons too!

Welcome to Loom Knitted Eggs in Boho Country

Loom Knitted Eggs

This is a set of 12 loom knitted Easter eggs.

Yes, ma’am, your boho granny will love these loom knitted eggs—and thankfully, she passed that gene down to you!

These nifty little decorations are custom-knit around sturdy plastic eggs to prevent collapsing or breaking apart.

The “light green” color is a good match for Tiffany blue, and you can order them as eye-catching inserts for a country wedding centerpiece vase.

Robin’s Egg Nested Boxes

7" Paperboard Multi-Use Nested Boxes

Each Set includes 3 different sized boxes.

Here’s another fun idea with Tiffany blue boxes.

These three round boxes with bows nest perfectly on top of each other to mimic a stacked wedding cake centerpiece!

It’s fun to open the lid on the top box and display faux roses, a string of pearls, or glowing fairy lights.

Tiffany Blue Kissing Ball

Robins Egg Blue Kissing Ball

Robins Egg Blue Flower Ball made of premium real touch roses. 

A round Tiffany blue kissing ball makes a sophisticated centerpiece.

You can choose from different sizes depending on the base you’ve chosen and the effect you’re looking for.

If you crave maximum glamor, get the “Real Touch” silky flowers blinged out with pearls or rhinestones.

Real Touch Blue Calla Lilies Bring Romance

Real Touch Blue Calla Lilies Bring Romance

This gorgeous and romantic looking flowers are made of PU(same as synthetic leather).

When you’re searching for Tiffany blue florals for your wedding centerpieces, you might think the exotic calla lily is out of reach. These perfect wedding flowers symbolize bliss, and “calla” is the Greek word for beauty.

That’s why we were delighted to find “real touch” calla lilies that look and feel genuine at a genuinely affordable cost!

Displaying one lily in a test tube vase surrounded by tea lights is chic and romantic, or twine two stems together in a fishbowl with diamond and LED balloon confetti for fun and flair.

Little Tiffany Blue Purses for a Fun Surprise

Purse Shaped Favor Bags

This listing is for a package size of your choice ranging from 12 to 120 purse shaped favor bags as shown.

These favor bags work as perfect little accents around a Tiffany blue box centerpiece.

You can fill them with trinkets or treats for your guests or twine them around an LED garland and pearls to complete the luxury “retail therapy” look!

Sequined Tablecloth Sets the Scene

Glitter Sequin Tablecloth

Material: Fabric covered with High Quality Sparkly Round Sequins.

An aqua-green sequined tablecloth is a perfect accent for a Tiffany blue-themed wedding cake or gift table!

For added “oomph,” drape the middle of the tablecloth with a tissue flower in an accent color of your choice.

Digital Paper Creates a Deluxe Tiffany Blue Look

Digital Paper Creates a Deluxe Tiffany Blue Look

This is a set of 18 robins egg blue textured digital papers, which are a variety of papers, glitter, fabrics and distressed patterns.

For a twist on a traditional, ready-made Tiffany blue box, it’s fun to play around with digital artwork to make custom wrapping paper.

Digital artwork is forwarded to you electronically, and the seamless matte prints (minus foil or glitter effect) are an eye-catching way to DIY wedding centerpiece boxes with wrapping paper.

You can even personalize your centerpieces with digital photos of you two laid over the prints!

Wow ‘Em with a Tiffany Blue Label

Mini Wine Bottle Label

Personalize using your computer, or make basic edits using your phone or mobile device.

Personalize the wine bottles around your wedding centerpieces with a Tiffany (& Co.!) style label celebrating your day and the two of you. 

Melted Wine Bottle into Decorative Accent Plate

Melted up Cycled Wine Bottle

These wine bottles are melted flat, leaving it a plate style serving dish.

We give this idea a Tiffany blue ribbon for creativity and sheer wow factor!

Upcycled wine bottles (the pale green bottle is a good match for robin’s egg blue) are taken and melted in a kiln at extreme temps (1400 degrees!).

The flattened bottles make gorgeous accent pieces for your wedding centerpieces. We think they’d look beautiful filled with candy kisses, and set out beside your wine bottles with Tiffany-style labels.

Raise a Toast to These Coasters 

Homemade Resin Coasters

Teal and Gold acrylic pour coasters with corkscrew backing.

While the color description on these coasters is teal and gold, we think the stunning, swirling pattern is a great modern contrast to a traditional Tiffany box.

Customize a Tiffany Blue Caddy

Customize a Tiffany Blue Caddy

This Tiffany inspired caddy is the perfect addition to your other party supplies and decor.

These affordable little customized caddies would make adorable centerpieces holding a bunch of baby’s breath and bunny tails… or maybe the pretty arrangement that’s up next!

Pretty Preserved Flower Arrangement

Natural Preserved Flowers Arrangement

For those who loves all things rustic and something that lasts.

This bouquet of natural dried flowers is simply exceptional.

The 12-inch height is perfect for a centerpiece, and the bountiful-looking, long-lasting arrangement is rustic and eye-catching, especially with the blue-green bunny tails!

A Tiffany Blue Grass Bouquet to Love

Tiffany Blue Grass Bouquet

Preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been processed with a revolutionary technology to maintain their fresh appearance for several months or even years.

This perfect arrangement features preserved greenery that is appropriately called lover’s grass.

It’s a tall bouquet at between 16 to 18-inches, and we’d probably shorten it a bit to create the best sightline on a reception table.

Still, the Tiffany color really makes it, especially if you’re going with plain white vases.

Tie a Robin’s Egg Ribbon around Your Centerpieces

Silk/Rayon Velvet Raw Edge Ribbon.

Ribbon kept continuous up to 2-3 yards.

4 widths to choose from.

Silk velvet provides the luxury in this hand-dyed ribbon, but we also love the raw boho edge.

You have four widths to choose from, and you can easily tie a silk velvet bow around a box or a vase to create a gorgeous Tiffany blue centerpiece.

Bead Garland in Robin’s Egg Blue

Wired Robin Egg Blue Bead Garland 1/8”

Each bead approximately 1.25 inches apart and 1/8 inch wide.

Pay homage to beautiful Audrey Hepburn in her Tiffany pearls!

This wired garland has stunning acrylic beads in a pearly shade of robin’s egg blue. You can cut and rope this garland around flower vases or lanterns for a dazzling effect that would make Holly Golightly proud.

Make a Nest With a Round Robin’s Egg Tablecloth

Robin Egg 120 inch Round Pintuck Tablecloth

120 inch Pintuck Taffeta Round Tablecloths in robin egg are event tablecloths that make an excellent choice for weddings and special events that call for exquisite designs and modern elegance. 

This round tablecloth doesn’t skimp on anything! The size is a generous 120-inches, and the robin’s egg blue taffeta provides an elegant glow. 

We love the pintuck detailing, and the little square textures on the fabric would make fantastic visual accents under an arrangement of Tiffany-blue boxes.

Aqua Blue Ottoman Accent for Centerpieces

Coffee Table Tray Serving Tray with Handles

This unique tray set is crafted with a beautifully distressed aqua-blue finish, with a dainty scroll pattern for a personalized touch.

It’s fun to inject some coastal boho chic into an upper-crust Tiffany blue centerpiece, and this 3-piece set of distressed and vintage-looking ottoman accent trays fits the bill.

Add Vintage Glow with Tiffany Blue Tealight Candleholders

Votive Candle Holders Set of 24

Suitable for standard tealight and flameless LED light within 2 inches diameter.

Here’s another vintage-looking accent piece to make your centerpieces glow with subtle romance and an intimate feel.

We love the detail of the gold band around each candleholder!

Every Color of Blue Candleholders on a Nice Accent Tray

Creative Co-Op Natural Wood Tray

Tray measures 22 inches long by 5.5 inches wide.

We like the idea of breaking up a straight Tiffany blue color scheme with complementary shades of aqua and green, and we love the variety of heights and styles of candleholders that come with this piece.

It’s fun to mix LED candles, faux posies, and crystal beads into the holders for a unique, all-in centerpiece.

One word of warning: always pick the tray up from the bottom (not the sides) to minimize drops or breakage.

Perfect Pillowy Blue Accent

Pack of 2 Decorative Romantic Stereo Chiffon Rose Flower Pillow

Made of high quality fabric. Very soft, and environmentally friendly which can make you feeling comfortable.

If you really want to get imaginative with your Tiffany blue wedding centerpieces, check out this decorative 3D pillow cover with luxurious chiffon flowers!

The insert doesn’t come with this, so you can easily use it as a base under a floral arrangement or Tiffany-style boxes. But it’d be just as fun to have the pillow as the decorative base (think of a Cinderella-style “glass slipper on the pillow” idea!).

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