22 Beautiful Baby’s Breath Wedding Centerpieces

Let’s talk centerpieces, busy brides!

At my wedding, I decided to “two birds, one stone” the centerpieces for my main harvest table by putting out vases on the table runner. I had put so much work into creating the bouquets that I wanted them prominently displayed during dinner!

Another added bonus going this route was that it freed up my bridesmaids’ hands by allowing the bouquets to hang out in vases, rather than leaving them to dry out on a table, forgotten somewhere.

Centerpieces really don’t have to be too complicated! At the end of the day, you just need something that takes your wedding vision to the dinner tables. 

A great way to do this is with the budget-friendly filler flower… baby’s breath! Nowadays with the minimalistic and boho trends cropping up, there’s nothing easier than utilizing these tiny blossoms to make your dreams come true.

What is Baby’s Breath?

Gypsophila or baby’s breath is a genus of flowers that are typically cultivated for their “spray” or “misty” effect in floral arrangements, rock gardens, and flower borders. The stems are delicately thin, and the leaves come in a shade of bluish-green. 

How Many Varieties of Baby’s Breath Are There?

There are roughly 150 different species of baby’s breath with colors that range from deep red, rose pink, to bright white. Some varieties are cultivated for their dense growth, some have double flowers, and some have larger blossoms, which make for eye-catching bouquet arrangements. 

Why Does Baby’s Breath Symbolize?

Baby’s breath is believed to symbolize happiness, purity of love, and sincerity. Popular combinations include red roses as the dreamy little white petals help to make the rosebuds shine.

Other common uses for a baby’s breath include giving it to new mothers by putting a few stems in the bouquet to symbolize completion. These flowers also can symbolize innocence, admiration, and freedom, which makes them popular bouquet options for friends and family. 

Why is Baby’s Breath so Popular?

Not only is baby’s breath easy to grow and cultivate for many florists, but it is also very budget-friendly! These flowers work great as fillers, or to create a bushy and full effect with very few stems. 

Well-known fresh flower blossoms that go great with baby’s breath are roses, Peruvian lilies, lavender, and daisies. Minimalist bouquets have seen the addition of waxflowers, berries, or caspia. 

Fresh, Dried, or Dyed?

Dried Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila) - Blush Pink

A gorgeous choice for centerpieces, headbands, gifts, crafts, bouquets, and more- our hand-dyed and dried baby’s breath was created to provide you with the perfect finishing touch to your DIY project.

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to a baby’s breath. It has the range to do it all!

Whether you want fresh and small pops of white in your centerpiece, charming dried blossoms that last forever, or dyed flowers to match a certain color scheme, baby’s breath is the flower you’re looking for.

Check out our collection of dried and fresh versions of Gypsophila, or baby’s breath below to get inspired as you build your wedding centerpieces! 

Boho Gold Baby’s Breath and Palm Spear

Gold Baby's Breath & Gold Palm Spear

The colourful palette collection includes lovely dried Lunaria, amaranthus, bunny tail and gypsophila blended with artificial anemone. 

If you’re looking to exude those effortless boho-inspired vibes, you can’t go wrong with dried baby’s breath and palm spear combination. The subtleness of the baby’s breath adds a dreamlike quality to the bouquet, which can then be placed in a mason jar or vase on the table. 

The best part of having dried bouquets and centerpieces means you can preserve the beauty for the way long after your wedding day. With just a glance at this bouquet, you’ll be reminiscing for hours. 

Large Dried Flower Chandelier Decor

Dried flower arrangement Large Chandelier Pampas Grass and Palm Wall Decor

Finished product size: about 30-32 inches in diameter and 14 inches in height.

Maybe you’re thinking of a massive centerpiece to hang over the Sweetheart Table. If that’s the case, consider a lightweight arrangement made of dried pampas grasses and dried baby’s breath to hang above everyone. 

As far as centerpieces go, there are no rules that say you can’t go vertical! Keep the actual table minimal and subtle, so all of the guests’ eyes will be drawn to the gorgeous, dreamy installation. 

Cylindrical Vases for Submerged Florals

Cylindrical Vases for Submerged Florals

Our cylinder vases come in 3 assorted sizes, and can be used as a centerpiece for all your events!

We’re calling it now. Submerged florals need to be more of a trend!

Imagine these tall cylinder vases with delicate baby’s breath enveloped in water (anchored, obviously), and topped with a gentle floating candle. It’s elegant, eye-catching, creative, and won’t hurt the budget!

Tender Turquoise Baby’s Breath Bouquet

Tender Turquoise Baby's Breath Bouquet

It has lavender fragrance and will last forever.

It can be tricky to find the balance between bright, dark, and neutral color palettes. It’s important that hues like turquoise or other bright aqua blues are used as an accent for just the right amount of color without completely overdoing it.

Consider this turquoise-colored baby’s breath bouquet, for example. Here you have a lovely combination of bright blue Gypsophila with the scent of lavender, and little visual pops of white from the Gypsophila “million stars” varietal. 

Dried Pampas Grass with Baby’s Breath

Dried Pampas Grass with Baby's Breath

A beautiful floral home decoration made of preserved flowers.

This simple arrangement is literally made up of six elements, which comes to show you that more is not necessarily better! We love the dried look because of the nude tones, and with the addition of the barely blushing rose, you can easily tie in creamy pink shades.

Vintage Birdcage Cloche

Vintage Birdcage Cloche

Perfect to display a small plant or electric candle, this romatic piece will add vintage inspired charm to any room.

The timeless look of birdcages can both be elegant and rustic. They come in a variety of sizes, and can be filled with flowers of your choosing, or made to include other decorations! 

You and your partner are birds of a feather, so if you’re thinking of going the boho DIY route, don’t be afraid to get creative with some birdcages and baby’s breath! We adore the look of white cages absolutely stuffed to the brim with these fluffy flowers. 

Candle Ring Farmhouse Wreath

Don’t feel like you’re limited to sticking bouquets or flower arrangements in vases for centerpieces. For a fall or winter wedding, consider going the ring wreath route (say that five times fast!) 

We love the look of using baby’s breath as a ring wreath around a tall candle for an elegant and chic farmhouse look. Candles are a just great way to amp up the cozy wedding vibes.

Wood Floral Centerpiece Box

Personalized Wood Floral Arrangement

A custom wooden flower arrangement in a 17.5”L x 3.5”W x 3.5”H wood box filled with sola wood flowers and artificial greenery.

We love the look of a long centerpiece box on dining tables. You can easily put a runner underneath them to tie it all together. The small touches of baby’s breath nestled between the blooms add just a hint of lightness. 

The best thing about wood flowers if you’re thinking of going this route is that they are super eco-friendly and sturdy enough to reuse at a later date!

Eucalyptus and Baby’s Breath Garland

Eucalyptus Garland

This garland measures about 6”-7” in width.

Got a long table to work with? If you’re trying to decorate a long harvest table, consider using a green garland with or without a runner for a simple, botanical look. 

Eucalyptus is super popular at weddings because of the bluish-green tones, making it a worthy partner for succulents, fresh bright flowers, or anything white. We love the look of a little hidden baby’s breath as a visual pop on a long, snaking green garland. 

Lavender and Thistles Bouquet with Dried Baby’s Breath

Lavender and Thistles Bouquet with Dried Baby's Breath

I'm always happy to work with you to help you while creating the art of your story with flowers.

Switch things up with a funky yet still romantic combination. This arrangement using round Scottish thistles contrasted with the long strands of lavender and baby’s breath creates the perfect rustic look. 

Mini Galvanized Metal Milk Can Decor

Mini Galvanized Metal Milk Can

Our country farmhouse styled mini galvanized metal milk can floral arrangements come in 3 floral options to choose from! 

For a fabulous country wedding, you can’t miss out on incorporating these adorable miniature galvanized metal milk cans! Go big or small with these, and if you want an extra rustic touch, think about wrapping them in twine, burlap, or white ribbon. 

To really tie in the country wedding theme, go out and gather some wildflowers- we’re envisioning baby’s breath, lavender, and tons of fresh sprigs of greenery everywhere. 

Bud Vases with Dried Neutral and Pink Bouquets

Dried Pink and Neutral Flower Bouquet

Adorable dried everlasting arrangement in pinks and neutral tones.

Planning a smallish wedding for an intimate gathering? You can’t go wrong with collecting bud vases for centerpieces. 

These multi-functional containers allow you to arrange a few stems or miniature flowers rather than a regular vase that holds a huge bouquet with thicker stalk bundles. Best of all, these can be easily thrifted if you’re wanting a different look for each table. 

White Eiffel Tower Vase

Floral Vase for Feather Centerpieces

Eiffel Tower Glass Vase 24" Tall for making Wedding Centerpieces or table decorations.

We love the idea of filling a slender and tall Eiffel tower vase with an explosion of baby’s breath stems!

The benefits of having tall vases as centerpieces are many. Guests can see each other across the dinner table, and it adds a touch of elegance by elevating (literally) the florals up high. 

Spring Wreath with Pink Baby’s Breath

Mini Green Baby's Breath Wreath

This mini adorable delicate wreath is perfect for your table with a candle in it or hanging over a mirror or any space you need to add a touch of beauty!

An alternative to the winter wreath we mentioned earlier is the version that ushers in Spring! Delicate wreaths can also be laid on top of a flat mirror to amplify the greenery and reflect romantic candlelight. 

The best part of using wreaths as a centerpiece is that you can easily repurpose them season after season by hanging them up on your front door after the wedding or gifting them to family and friends.

Geometric Glass Terrarium

Glass Geometric wedding Table Decor

Gorgeous hexagonal / triangular / cube terrariums with gold or black trim! These are perfect for airplants, succulents, table top decor or as a standalone piece!

Geometric terrariums have been all the rage for a while now, and they come in so many different shapes and sizes… it’s worth considering mixing it up!

Fill each one with a string of twinkling lights to play off of the baby’s breath blossoms. You can also fill them with different greens and florals, but we think the look of baby’s breath and fairy lights is just perfect.

Circular Hoop Greenery Centerpiece

Circular Greenery Centerpiece

Beautiful circular centerpieces made to order, all handcrafted and personalized to each wedding. 

Hoops have the same appeal that wreaths do, and when it comes to incorporating baby’s breath, it’s easy enough to intersperse these delicate stems all-around other prominent greenery.

We love this one that comes with white roses, fairy lights, eucalyptus, and a wooden base. You can customize your hoop to your heart’s desire!

Tinted Translucent Mason Jars

6 Pack Mason Jar Lights

Solar Powered Mason Jar Lid Lights. - Energy Saving & Environment Friendly. 100% solar powered solar panel, no requires external wiring.

Are you planning on having a colorful wedding? These brightly tinted jars are a great way to incorporate bursts of color, and will look great with dyed baby’s breath flowers as well!

If everything else, color-wise, is kept neutral, the combination of colorful jars and brightly dyed baby’s breath will add to the WOW factor!

Rustic Pine Wood Slices

30 Pcs Natural Wood Slices

Includes 30 natural pine wood circles that are 3.5-4 inches in diameter and 0.4 inches thick. 

If you’re having an outdoor shindig, tie in the natural beauty of Mother Nature and the surroundings by placing pine slices on the dinner tables. 

You can top them with other natural and rustic aesthetics, like pinecones, branches, baby’s breath in a jar, burlap, and a candle! Easy peasy. 

Glass Tube Vases with Gold Stands

Metal Hinged Plant Stand Set

This hinged gold metal plant stand with test tube vases are great for holding real or artificial flowers and plants.

These gorgeous tube vases are perfect for elevating a single strand of greenery. With baby’s breath having its signature thin and delicate stem, why not consider highlighting it with these beautiful gold stands? 

Mix and match your stems to include eucalyptus, sprawling vines, or a single rose for a minimalistic, clean look. The options are endless!

Mercury Votives for Mini Bouquets

Glass Votive Candle Holders

Popular silver mercury style glass votives in 3 styles.

A great thing about a baby’s breath is how lightweight it is. When it comes to finding vessels to hold these gorgeous little flowers, consider metallic votives as a stand-in for vases. 

Clustered on a dinner table in gold or silver, these little pops of white baby’s breath will create a subtle effect that will have guests ooh-ing and aah-ing over the delicate, romantic look.

Upcycled Wine Bottles with Fairy Lights

Ain’t no shame in the DIY game, and these upcycled wine bottles are given a new lease on life with snazzy fairy lights! But why stop there? 

Enhance the effect of these twinkling lights with as many sprigs of baby’s breath you can stuff into the wine bottle’s top. You’ll get an effect of almost a miniature tree with the round shapes of the baby’s breath. 

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