24 Of The Best Wood Flowers For A Wedding

Finding the perfect flowers for your wedding can be a challenge, to say the least. 

There’s your bouquet, flowers for the bridesmaids, the reception centerpieces, and more. Not to mention they have to match your chosen color scheme or theme, and you’ve got to hope the ones you want are in season! 

That’s a lot of worrying in our opinion, but there is a solution. Sola wood flowers!

Just like artificial flowers, there’s no expiry date to wooden arrangements, so you don’t have to stress about them staying fresh, drooping, or wilting before, during, or even after your wedding. They’re also eco-friendly and make great wedding favors for your bridesmaids, flower girls, and guests.

Let’s take a look at our top wood flower options for your big day! Regardless of your budget, theme, or personal preference, we know you’ll find the perfect arrangement here.

Rustic Cotton Wooden Flower Arrangement

Rustic Cotton Wooden Flower Arrangement

This natural wooden flower arrangement has been handmade and hand-dyed to showcase a beautiful arrangement of Natural White, Pine and Champagne colored flowers accented with natural cotton.

For the perfect reception decor, this rustic cotton wooden flower arrangement uses various materials and colors to give you that natural floral look. From wood to paper and even cotton, each element in this bouquet looks as real as can be. Best of all, you can even get them with specific scents like vanilla or pumpkin pie. Yes, please! 

Raw Sola Wood Flowers

Bulk Wood Flowers

The beautiful Raw Sola wood flower assortment is perfect for your next DIY flower project.

If you want to spread blossoms all over your ceremony or reception, but don’t want them to wither and die, this sola wood assortment of flowers is the one for you. Without stems, you can arrange each flower exactly how you want to, or glue them to archways, benches, and chairs.

Mini Sola Wood Flower Assortment

Assorted Mini Sola Wood Flower Assortment

They may be used to fill in any gaps in your arrangements or in craft projects and home decor.

Sometimes you need an assortment of smaller blossoms to fill out arrangements on your archway or the reception’s head table. These mini flowers are only 1-1.5 inches; big enough that you won’t lose them, small enough to compliment larger wooden blossoms. 

Wood and Blooms Crafts Shades of Pink Assortment

Sola Wood Flowers

Sola wood flower assortment in shades of pink. Colors are mauve, dusty rose and blush. 

These large stemless flowers come in various shades of pink and white to perfectly compliment your chosen color theme. You can use them to decorate any aspect of your wedding, from the cake to the ceremony to the reception area.

Blue Sola Flower Arrangement 

Sola Flower Arrangement

This beautiful sola wood flower arrangement is the perfect addition to any home! 

This delightful blue rustic bouquet comes with a mason jar for a DIY-looking centerpiece. Several of these arrangements can spruce up your wedding reception, or you can take them out of the jars for lovely blue bridal bouquets. 

12 Stemmed Sola Wood Peony Flowers

Stemmed Sola Wood Peony Flowers

These hand made sola wood peony flowers are natural ivory in color and come on a wire stem.

If you absolutely have to have peonies at your wedding but don’t want the hassle of real flowers, these sola wood peony flowers fit the bill perfectly. With their long stems, you can use them for centerpieces, additions to your bouquet, or even put them on your wedding cake! 

Sola DIY Stemmed Flowers

DIY stemmed Flowers

For a DIY flower arrangement, grab a set of these natural ivory colored sola wood flowers. 

Putting flowers on your wedding cake adds an extra layer of elegance and charm to your special day. These long-stemmed DIY sola flowers are easy to place on your wedding cake, and you can keep them as a fond reminder of your wedding day.

Pink Sola Wood Flower Arrangement in Wooden Box

Pink Sola Wood Flower Arrangement in Wooden Box

One of Our all Time Customer Favorite Assortments is Back, Just in Time to Decorate for Fall!

For a stunning box assortment, these pink flowers are the way to go. Just right for table decorations, these flowers will match any pink-themed wedding and wow your guests at the same time. 

Sola Wood Flowers with Stems

Sola Wood Flowers with Stems

These are handmade sola wood flowers in a natural color attached to rustic paper wrapped wire stems.

If you want a simple flower arrangement with neutral colors and uniform shapes, these are the flowers to consider. They’ll keep your decor delicate, won’t distract attention away from the ceremony or the bride, and still look fantastic when everything is over. 

Set of 25 Wood Flowers

Ocean Mist Dyed Assortment 25 Pack

It's the Perfect Assortment for Beach Lovers Out There! Add Stems To Make a Bouquet, or Create Centerpieces Usingfine Amber Sand As Vase Fillers To Complete the Look.

If you’re planning your wedding on a tight budget (first off, props to you — you got this!), that doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous wooden flowers. This budget-friendly set of 25 wood flowers is perfect for decor, bouquets, or cake toppers.  We especially like that you can choose from a wide range of colors to match your specific theme or color palette. 

Sola Wood Zinnia Flowers with Stems

Sola Wood Zinnia Flowers with Stems

These are handmade sola wood zinnia flowers in a natural color attached to rustic brown paper wrapped wire stems.

Zinnias are sweet and sophisticated blossoms that represent affection, endurance, and friendship. If you’d like to set the tone of your wedding with these themes, this sola wood bouquet is the one for you.

Set of 5 Wooden Roses

Set of 5 Wooden Roses

5 Wooden roses made from 100% wood makes a unique long lasting gift for anniversary, gift for sister, grandma, or teacher. 

If you’re looking for a more romantic bouquet, roses are the way to go. This set of 5 wood roses is perfect for the bride’s bouquet, for the bridesmaids or flower girls, and is a lasting reminder of your happy day.

Blushing Rose Wood Flower Corsage

Blushing Rose Wood Flower Corsage

This natural wooden flower corsage (pin or wrist) has been handmade and hand-dyed to showcase a beautiful flower.

For the wedding party, these blushing rose wood flower corsages are a must-have. Not only are they friendly on the pocket, but they also come with metal, elastic, or ribbon ties in either adult or child sizes. With a range of color options available, you can easily match them with the rest of your wedding decor and even choose a scent!

Sola Wood Sunflowers

Sunflower Sola Wood Flowers

Beautiful set of 10 Sola wood sunflowers available in 3 different colors and 2 sizes.

Available in three colors and two sizes, these sola wood sunflower blossoms are the perfect addition to a summer wedding. Sunflowers represent loyalty and good luck, so if you love the flower and its meaning, we suggest you snap these up. 

Wooden Flowers Centerpiece

Wooden Flowers Centerpiece

Natural wooden flowers in hues of blues, greys, and creams nestled in a rustic wood container.

If you’re going with a softer blue theme, this rustic box centerpiece with wood flowers is gorgeous in both color and design. The box itself is rustic and reminiscent of a quaint farmhouse, so it’s perfect for a country or barn-themed wedding.

Eucalyptus Wedding Bouquet

Copper Wedding Flowers

This gorgeous bouquet contains unique sola wood flowers in champagne, blush pink, copper and rust.

If you’re going with a Boho theme for your wedding, this eucalyptus arrangement provides the perfect combination of uniqueness and beauty, from the eucalyptus leaves to the rust and blush colors. It’s ideal as a bouquet or table centerpiece and will make your wedding decor stand out from the rest. 

Sola Sunflower or Daisy

Sola Wood Flower

These beautiful sunflowers can also be large daisies. I love the shape of these and how pretty they are without being dyed.

Can’t decide whether you want sunflowers or daisies as part of your decor? Then these versatile sola flowers are ideal. Use them as part of your bouquets, in arrangements, or as part of the overall decor. Because they’re white, you can dye them any color you want. And they’re very affordable.

Burnt Orange Wood Flowers

Burnt Orange Flowers

This beautiful mix of Sola wood flowers are a beautiful Burnt Orange color.

Autumn-themed weddings often use bright oranges to signify harvest or Halloween. However, these burnt orange wood flowers offer a softer, more elegant hue to your festivities. 

Romantic Mix of Sola Flowers

Romantic Mix Sola Flowers

This beautiful set of Sola Wood Flowers is the perfect addition for your next DIY project! 

A mixture of blush, mauve, and taupe-colored flowers, this wood flower arrangement is soft and delicate for the most romantic of weddings. Gather them in a basket for a simple centerpiece, or lay them on top of your cake or signing table. 

Hydrangea Sola Flowers

Hydrangea Sola Flowers

These beauties measure 10cm in diameter.

Hydrangeas symbolize abundance, grace, and gratitude. These hydrangea sola flowers come in sets of five, ten, or fifteen, so you can build a gorgeous centerpiece or bouquet with their generous blooms. The smaller sets are perfect as hair accessories or boutonnieres.

Spring Sola Flower Arrangement

Peachy Pink Beauties

This breath taking arrangement has a light feeling but a big impact!

This gorgeous spring sola flower arrangement in a cute little square box is the best choice for a wedding centerpiece with a peachy-pink theme. The small size makes it easy to place on any table or even on the edges of your aisle. 

Black, Peach and Ivory Wood Flowers

Black/Peach/Ivory Wood Flowers

Use for home decor, flower bouquets, wedding decor, gifts, signs, wall decor, shower decor, and so much more!

If you’re looking for flowers that’ll go with your Halloween-themed wedding, you can’t go wrong with these black, peach, and ivory wood flowers. They’re the perfect complement for any spooky-themed celebration.

Bright and Cheery Wood Flower Arrangement

Bright and Cheery Wood Flower Arrangement

This showpiece of vibrant colors will take you to a happy place.

With these brightly colored wood flowers, your wedding will be cheerful, pretty, and just the right amount of showy. Beautifully designed and very versatile, they can be used as table centerpieces, in bouquets, or as part of your decor

Evergreen Bridal Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet With Sola Wood Flowers

Our Jasmine collection is a simply fabulous non perishable bouquet, featuring all neutrals and faux silver dollar greenery. 

For the ultimate bouquet that is stylish, elegant, and sophisticated, this collection of sola flowers takes the cake. Not only are they a gorgeous arrangement of various blossoms, but they’re also available in a range of color and size options. 

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