16 Book Wedding Centerpieces That Are Truly Studious

If you and your fiancé happen to be total bookworms; loving nothing more than curling up with a hot drink and a good book of an evening, you might want to consider including books in your wedding decor!

Affordable, symbolic, and incredibly unique, a decorative centerpiece that incorporates books checks numerous boxes. Not to mention that visually they’re works of art!

Just envision all of those gold and leather-bound books in an old-fashioned library, those elegant coffee-table books full of art, and the classic novels covered in gorgeous dust jackets. 

Need some inspiration? We’ve put together a list of book wedding centerpieces for the avid readers amongst us.

From the single book with its masterfully folded pages to the impressive stacks with their height and dimension, we’ve got a little bit of everything to help you add a literary touch to your very own wedding story. 

Book Centerpiece with Literary Quotes

Love Story Wedding Table Numbers with Literary Quotes

Let guests know where to sit with these lovely literary table numbers.

Books are the source of the most romantic quotes in existence. Celebrate your love of books – and your love for each other – by using romantic quotes from the most well-known romance novels in your table numbers!

We love how these table numbers refer to the table as “Chapter One” instead of “table one,” it’s a charming little detail that will fit any book-lover wedding! 

Unbound Books Wedding Centerpiece

Beige Colored Book Set

This is a fabulous selection of unbound vintage beige linen and natural colored tattered books

Bound books can be real works of art.

Some are gilded, bound in leather, have gorgeous dust jackets, and some even have all three!

However, if your wedding decor is rustic, consider using vintage unbound books like these!

Unbound books are still recognizable as books, but they’re not as polished as their bound cousins. This gives them that vintage charm you may be craving. 

Neutral Book Centerpiece with Rose

Sage Green and White Decorated Farmhouse Books

These are stacks of three decorated paperback books.

This three-book stack would be perfect against – well, any colored flowers at all!

The neutrality of the colors – black, ivory, and sage green – makes them the perfect backdrop for any flowers that you choose. 

Open Book with Flower Bouquet Centerpiece

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Unique, one-of-a-kind, faux flower bouquet arranged with an upcycled book as the base.

This centerpiece is gorgeous. We love how the flowers are sprouting from the pages of an open book – just like thoughts and words do too!

The book in this photo is The Scarlet Pimpernel, but the seller has all types of books with bouquets in their shop. Take a look around and choose the perfect book bouquet for you and your wedding!

Red Book Wedding Centerpiece

Red Book Wedding Centerpiece

This is the perfect centerpiece for your fairytale or vintage wedding.

Red is commonly associated with romance, the same way books can be. People also tend to be passionate about their favorite books.

Centerpieces like this red book wedding centerpiece perfectly combine love and love for books. We adore how they’ve used a book to display the table number – perfect!

Book Centerpiece with Significant Dates

Book Stack Decor

These make great decor accents or centerpieces for your wedding.

This centerpiece is made using books painted with significant dates such as the date you and your partner met, the date you got engaged, and your wedding date. 

A centerpiece with books like this one can be a great solution if you’re unable to find or afford more classic options to use in your wedding decor. 

Book Page Paper Flowers Centerpiece

Book Page Paper Flowers Centerpiece

Hand made from a variety of books that have been loved and now reborn for you to enjoy in so many other ways!

A perfect solution for the bookworm who may have allergies to flowers or greenery, these elegant paper flowers are from the pages of books. We think they’re just as beautiful as fresh flowers!

But if you have a love for traditional flowers, these book page paper flowers could be used as an accent piece placed amongst silk or fresh floral.

Pink Book Stack Centerpiece

Rustic Decorative Book Set

Stacks of five deconstructed books in dusty rose and beige.

The use of pink books will add a romantic touch to any wedding since it’s symbolic of love. 

Some of the books in the photo are unbound, but they all share the same colors: rose, and a natural, yellowed tan from the glue of the cover. This brings a sense of cohesion and style to this original book table centerpiece.

Blue Book Stack Centerpiece with Candles

This centerpiece is made up of a couple of books stacked on top of one another, all in the same rich, royal blue.

We especially love the way the books are placed in different positions – some with their spines showing, and others with their pages showing. It adds visual interest, along with the addition of items like candles and flowers.

Books and Succulents Centerpiece

Decorative Books

All books are hand-selected. Literary works are selected based on coordinating colors and not for content.

There is no color combination more iconic than black and white. This stack of books, in shades of beige, ivory, black, and light tan, follows that classic combination.

You can keep this stack of books together for a statement centerpiece, or you can break them up into smaller groups – it’s up to you!

We love the succulents and greenery atop the books in this photo. The greenery of the plants adds the perfect touch of color to the black and white.

Shabby Chic Book Centerpiece

Shabby Chic Book Centerpiece

Beautiful decorative book stack. Books are decoupaged with 3 different co-ordinating papers with a floral theme.

In this shabby chic wedding centerpiece, there are three covered books tied together using natural twine.

We love the floral patterns used to cover these books – they’re perfect if you’re looking for a subtle way to add flowers to your centerpieces.

You can elevate your centerpiece – literally! – using a riser. Raising the stack of books will allow it to make even more of a statement.

Decorated Books Pair Centerpiece

Decorated Books Pair Centerpiece

I painted and textured them with chalk and acrylic paints, distressed lightly, added decoupage picture of a shabby style wood heart with printing and flowers to the front, then made hand cast clay pieces for the spines and as a frame for the decoupage.

Don’t these two books, decorated using clay and decoupage painted grass green, remind you of an enchanted forest in a fairy tale? Us, too! 

If you’ve always dreamt of being the princess of your wedding day, consider using something like these books to fit your fairy tale theme.

Paper Succulents and Flowers in Book Planter

Succulent Book

Succulents are a very modern and trendy way to decorate a living space but can be a hassle to water and care for.

This little terrarium of paper succulents and pond stones is housed in a hollowed-out book. However, the succulents are so well-made that we weren’t sure initially if they were fake or real! 

For an overall relaxing wedding centerpiece or theme, a few of these book terrariums with paper succulents may be a perfect choice.

Best of all, you can use these pieces after your wedding for a beautiful bit of decor that requires absolutely no upkeep!

Ceramic Book Vase Centerpiece

Bibliophile Ceramic Vase

Fill this ceramic vase with fresh flowers to add literary charm to any room. 

Of course, you’re not limited to using actual books in your wedding centerpieces.

We’ve discussed using paper flowers made from book pages, vases made from books, and more. But yet another option is to use a ceramic book-shaped vase, like this one. Fill it with flowers and have the best of both worlds!

Tulip in Vase Made from Book Pages

Tulip in Vase Made from Book Pages

This unique vase and flower is made from repurposed books.

If you love the look of multiple vases with flowers, you might want to consider using one or more of these handmade paper tulips in a paper vase.

We love how the mini vases look almost like old wine bottles! After all, a glass of wine and a good book are a wonderful pair – just like you and your fiancé!

Book Page Garland

Small Hanging Book Page Wreath on Wood

This wreath is made from upcycled book pages and sits/is attached to a med-dark wood slat background. 

Garlands are ideal for use atop long, rectangular tables, but they can also be used on round tables.

This large garland has been cleverly made using pages from books. You can add fresh flowers or greenery underneath it, or even fake flowers between the pages.

No matter how you use it, with a garland like this one, your tables are sure to look luxe!

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