33 Thank You Gifts for Your Wedding Planner

The best day of your life has finally wrapped up! We bet you’re feeling a whole lot of joy and maybe some small relief that you can finally relax.

The venue is clean, the guests are headed back home, and you’ve hugged, laughed, and danced to the point where you’re pretty sure you have permanent nerve damage. Check, check, check!

The perfect wedding day simply cannot be pulled off without heavy coordination between many moving parts. The Venn diagram of a “well-executed event” and “the amount of planning” is an actual circle!

It takes an entire village! So whether your wedding was planned by an industry professional, or a team of besties, moms, and aunts, we’ve done the heavy lifting and gathered 33 gift ideas for you to thank them for all their hard work.

Heartfelt Card

A handwritten card full of grateful sentiments is the bare minimum when it comes to thanking somebody. 

Especially if that somebody wrangled all the vendors, guests, in-laws, logistics, wedding party, and kept you two sane the whole day!

It’s a stressful job, being a wedding planner, and they do it well! Not only out of the goodness of their hearts but because they’re good at all the things necessary to plan an event- so make your card meaningful, because it will be cherished forever.

Dangly Planner Charm

This adorable dangly accessory is a sweet way to acknowledge your wedding planner’s out-of-this-world organization skills. 

We can almost 100% guarantee that whoever planned your wedding kept everything in a notebook or journal, so gift them this little charm to add a touch of pizzazz to their trusty planner! 

Paper Bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet is so stunning that we’re tempted to buy one for ourselves as a keepsake!

If your planner is an avid reader of the literary type, surprise them with these paper roses in a color scheme that they’d love- or the color scheme of your unforgettable wedding.

Vietnamese Coffee Set

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a wedding planner that isn’t fueled purely by caffeine.

Introduce your Leslie Knope-level coordinator to the joys of Vietnamese coffee sweetened with condensed milk!

We love that these coffee varietals come in single-origin as well as blends, and you’ll feel extra good about supporting a Resilient Housing Program for Vietnamese communities, where a portion of the profits go from this seller. 

Vase Set for Dried Flowers

Modern, quirky, and all too lovable, these vases are a great option for preserved flowers. Put a few of your choice dried blooms in these three vases and they’ll brighten up any room. 

Your wedding planner will love this reminder of your happiest day. Customize the vases to their three favorite colors, or stick with the pleasing and classically neutral combination of black, white, and beige. 

Plush Robe

It’s of our firm belief that a soft, plush robe is for everybody. We all deserve to relax and unwind in comfort!

Yes, the bride should absolutely get one on the most hectic and lovely days of her life! But as a thank you gift, a robe is a great way to tell someone to take a well-deserved load off! Who better than your wedding coordinator?

Skyline Necklace

This one is a favorite for a few reasons: if you got married in a new city (or your husband’s hometown, for example), you were probably dependent on the wedding planner to have the pulse on local vendors.

If she’s a city gal, honor her relationship to this memorable place with this beautiful, minimalist necklace. 

It’s a great way to show thanks for guiding you through the wedding process with the ease of someone who has been through it a million times before, much like visiting a new city with an unforgettable tour guide!

Wire Hummingbird Air Plant Holder

While gifting a plant can sometimes end up causing the recipient to take on more responsibilities, air plants, in general, are a very affordable and easy gift because of their low-maintenance nature. 

Give this unique sculpture to your wedding coordinator who probably doesn’t need more stress on her plate, and remind her to take it easy, breezy, beautiful!

Wedding Planner Tote

“Because miracle worker isn’t an official job title” is the truth. Any wedding planner can testify to a miracle they pulled off when it seemed all hope was lost. 

Present them with this totes adorable tote for them to lug all of their magic tools around in. You’ll be the best client ever!

“Chaos Coordinator” Wine Glass

Any Game of Thrones fans in the house? Thanks to the iconic Tyrion Lannister, many wedding planners can probably identify with the following statement, “That’s what I do. I drink, and I know things.”

Your “Chaos Coordinator” knows better than to drink on the job, obviously. But when she’s off the clock, let her unwind with a glass of vino and revel in a job well done!

Herbal Neck Wrap

Weddings are stressful! And if there’s a stressed-out bride, you know there’s a stressed-out wedding coordinator following closely behind her. 

Give the gift of relaxation with this soothing neck wrap. It comes in two scent combination choices of rosemary and lavender or eucalyptus and peppermint.

It can be warmed or cooled to the recipient’s liking, making this the perfect gift for any hard-working wedding planner. 

Botanical Tea Towel and Print set

With super bright punchy colors, we love the idea of gifting this beautiful tea towel and wall art combo to any coordinator who appreciates the gorgeous colors of tropical flowers. 

Botanicals will always be en vogue, and if you had tropical flowers at your wedding, this gift will be treasured by your planner for ages to come. 

Acrylic Plaque with Stand

Are you besties with your wedding planner? Solidify your relationship with this adorable acrylic plaque. 

You can customize everything from skin tone and hair color to the stand color. She’ll love it!

Artisanal Soap Gift Box

These gorgeous soaps would please anybody! Your wedding planner will be looking forward to a pampering sesh with these handmade scented delights. 

We love that they’re made with essential oils instead of those headache-inducing synthetic fragrances.

There are so many different options for soap combinations and many of them are seasonally inspired, so choose one that will remind your wedding planner of the best wedding season (yours!)

Stained Glass Agave Plant

We mentioned earlier that plants can sometimes be more of a pain to keep on the live side, so gifting this adorable mini stained glass agave plant is an adorable way to keep the vibrant green vibes alive!

She can place this little pot on her desk while she’s hard at work and be reminded of your thoughtfulness. 

Luggage Tag

Is your wedding planner a jet setter? Send her this beautiful personalized faux leather luggage tag to thank them for taking you on this amazing wedding journey.

Monogrammed Rain Jacket

If you had a wedding in a rainy location, rain jackets and umbrellas were definitely a must for set up!

Gift your wedding planner one of these monogrammed rain jackets and she’ll feel unstoppable! Come rain or shine, nothing can stop this planner from planning!

Personalized Cosmetics Bag

These sleek makeup bags are effortless, gorgeous, and make a special gift.

Your wedding planner has to get ready for your big day too, so surprise her with a monogrammed cosmetics bag for her to get ready with in the future!

“Bridezilla Whisperer” Coffee Mug

The term bridezilla is an interesting one- if done self-referentially, it’s funny. If you call someone else a bridezilla… probably not so funny. 

That being said, if you happened to be one of these aforementioned bridezillas, send this funny mug to your wedding planner to thank her for running the show, calming you down, and making the magic happen!

Chutney Gift Set for Cheese Lovers

Who doesn’t love cheese? And for all the things that pair well with cheese (wines, nuts, honey, fruits, meat, crackers, just to name a few), no charcuterie plate is complete without some sort of jam or relish for drizzling!

Wood and Glass Dome Oil Diffuser

This gorgeous oil diffuser is classy and modern, and the best part about it? It lights up!

Your wedding planner can unwind after the craziness dies down with some breezy essential oils and a soothing, calming mist that can run for over five hours. 

Illustrated Wall Calendar

For anybody who loves planning, you know how important it is to prepare for what’s next.

Why not send your wedding coordinator this gorgeous Papio Press illustrated calendar as a way to say thanks?

The aesthetics of this calendar are so pleasing and quirky! And bonus: it can be re-used as prints once the year is done. 

Geometric Minimalist Earrings

A must for any professional wedding planner- trusty, reliable earrings that are understated yet chic and go with virtually any dress!

Gift her these mod hexagon stud earrings as a simple way to show your appreciation. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte Socks

The best thing you could want for your trusty wedding planner is for them to take some time to themselves. Whether they actually do that or not, is really up to them. 

But whether they’re kicking their feet up on the couch while working, or hopefully unwinding, she might as well give someone the message to bring her a pumpkin spice latte, ASAP! She means business!

Personalized Tumbler

On a busy wedding day, everybody’s gotta stay hydrated! After all, it’s going to be a long night of fun. 

Gift your wedding planner this personalized tumbler so she can add it to her arsenal of “Day Of” tools. Choose from many different colors to pick one that matches her aesthetic!

“World’s Greatest Wedding Planner” Shirt

Simple and understated. She’s the world’s greatest wedding planner, so let the people know!

This soft and cozy tee can also be made into a hoodie or tank top, depending on the season. She’ll appreciate the compliment, no matter what!

Aromatherapy Candles

A classy and simple thank you gift, this trio of candles can be burned all year round with tantalizing scents like citrus, rose, and lavender.

With complimentary gift wrapping from the seller, it’s a no-brainer. Have it sent, ready to roll, directly to her doorstep- and don’t forget a sweet gift message. 

Personalized Leather Keyring

Your wedding planner is a woman on the go. She’s unstoppable, she’s fierce, she’s on hold with the florist while signing off on the archway delivery.

Her keys are always nearby because you never know when she needs to dart out and fix an emergency. Jazz up her keys with this beautifully stamped leather keyring!

Succulent “Thank You” Box

A simple thank you box will always be appreciated! This one includes gift items such as caramels, candles, a real succulent, and a thank you card. 

Let your awesome wedding planner know how much it made your day to have her at the helm, steering the ship and constantly course-correcting. She deserves it!

Shea Butter Lip Balm Set

This set is a lovely gift that any busy woman will appreciate!

Made from coconut oil and beeswax, these four lip balms are handcrafted and made from 100% natural materials. 

Keep her lips protected and nourished after spending long hours bargaining on the phone, greeting all the guests, and hustling like a rockstar to make your day happen!

Pressed Wildflower Pendant

This necklace is coming to you straight out of a boho dream.

With real pressed wildflowers and gold flakes, each pendant is one of a kind, just like your wedding planner!

It’s a charming way to simply let your coordinator know you’re grateful. 

Melting Tea Jewels

Give your wedding planner a creative twist on calming tea with these sugar spheres!

There are several fun flavors of tea to try, and the high-quality attractive packaging almost gives the feel of a cute assortment of macarons or pastries. 

Luxury Pedicure Set

This luxury foot care set makes the perfect gift for the one who has run circles around everybody all day.

Get a pedicure set for yourself while you’re at it. Self-care knows no bounds, and you deserve it! 

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