14 Popular Wedding Flowers To Include In Your Big Day

Flowers are a huge part of the decor and ambiance on your special day. They set the mood, add accents of color and enhance your wedding theme. Basically, your wedding floral choices are a big deal!

From selecting blooms for your bouquet, to deciding on centerpieces and buttonholes, your wedding flowers will undoubtedly be a topic for careful consideration. 

Do you go for simple and understated or opt for elaborate and extravagant? Do you choose flowers with symbolism or make a statement with buds that reflect your personality? 

Maybe you need to have fresh seasonal flowers, or perhaps you’re thinking of something more permanent like an artificial bouquet.

Whichever direction you’re heading in, keep reading for some floral inspiration!


32" 8 Stems Dried Look Peony Bouquet

The texture of the petal looks very realistic. It feels and looks like dried flower.

The peony is an exceptionally popular and quite expensive flower!

Resembling roses, these sumptuous Chinese flowers symbolize prosperity and romance. 

The luxurious fluffy petals would bring a soft and charming touch to your groomsmen’s boutonnieres while adding that lavish feel to any bride’s bouquet.

They are, however, short-lived, only blooming in May-July. So if you love the look of peonies but are not getting married during peony season, an artificial bouquet may be the perfect choice for you. 


17" Long Roses

Real touch artificial botanicals bring permanent beauty to floral designs, like this simply elegant real touch flowers rose stem.

The classic flower of love and romance, you just can’t go wrong with a rose.

Available 52 weeks of the year and blooming in so many different colors, the rose is a reliable and versatile option for a summer or winter wedding. 

White roses symbolize purity and perfection with an air of understated elegance. While red roses give off feelings of devotion and passion.  Yellow, peach, and spray roses are also fashionable possibilities. 


31" Faux Palmares Dahlia Stem

The product looks very beautiful and very eye-catching. Each piece has passed inspection, so you can buy with confidence.

If you are looking for a sophisticatedly sweet but unique-looking flower, the dahlia might be for you. These flowers represent commitment and balance, which are beautiful sentiments for your big day. 

Dahlias look great in many colors, but some colorways are stunning on the dahlia, such as ombre pink and white if you go the artificial route. 


Preserved Flower Gardenia Jasmine-White

Color: White. Qty: 1 pc/6 of box. Size: about 2.3"-3.1" D

Another beautiful and big flower; the gardenia has been a popular wedding addition for generations!

Most commonly used in white, this large and fragrant bloom is also beautiful in pink, yellow, and even red. 

It’s worth noting that as appealing as they are, fresh gardenias are fragile, so a faux option may be worth considering.


Tropical Orchid Bouquet

Beautiful and Ultra Realistic Cascade Bouquet with Off White Phalaenopsis Orchids.

The orchid is a very popular flower in everyday life, but a gorgeous waterfall bouquet makes a dramatic statement. 

Orchids are another flower that symbolizes affection, making them perfect in a bouquet or centerpiece.


White Tiger Lilies

Stemple's "Cascade Bouquet" category is made up of a collection of our most popular bouquet designs re-imagined as cascade style bouquets.

With their graceful stems and feminine buds, lilies are a great choice for any beautiful bouquet.

Calla lilies are favored for their regal trumpet shape while white Madonna lilies are often picked by a bride for their modest and pure quality.


White Flowers Artificial Tulip

Materials: Flower is made of soft Polyurethane (PU), stem is made of Plastic.

Many people love this flower for its variation of deep red, dark purple, and pale pink. They lurk under the surface all winter and bloom spectacularly to mark the first signs of spring.

Tulips are a welcome addition to a large and busy bouquet but are also striking and sturdy enough to make a statement on their own. 

Baby’s Breath

Preserved Baby's Breath Flower

Preserved Baby's Breath, Gypsophila - Medium to Large Bloom Size.

A popular choice for filling a bouquet is the baby’s breath. Not only is it budget-friendly but it has an unmatched ethereal quality.

This delicate flower has small dainty white buds which make wispy and elegant additions to centerpieces, hairstyles, and wedding arches. 


Carnation Artificial Flower Bouquet

A real touch 6pcs carnation artificial flowers bouquet that is made of silk fabric, vivid and realistic. 

Carnations are the go-to flower to show pride and admiration. 

These hefty blooms are big and beautiful and come in many colors, but also note they are incredibly hardy and can last an entire day without water! Perfect for bridesmaids’ bouquets!

Cherry Blossom 

Japanese Sakura, White / Pink

Material: Cloth, Plastic, Iron Wire, Glue.

These Japanese-inspired blooms are perfect for any ethereal wedding. 

They evoke a sense of whimsy and are perfect when positioned in a large bouquet. The flower itself is relatively small, but perfect when placed in large quantities. 

Note that the cherry blossom’s life is very short, blooming for only 1-2 weeks of the year!


Artificial Chrysanthemum Ball Flowers Bouquets

These Pompon Chrysanthemum flowers bring lots of bright colors to your wedding bouquets, centerpieces and home decor.

Sometimes called “mums,” chrysanthemums represent fidelity, longevity, joy, and optimism. 

One thing to remember about them is that they look their very best organic. Faux chrysanthemums are available, but their blooms are very dense, which does not always translate well into silk. 


Artificial Sunflower and Daisy Bridal Bouquets

No flower can lift someone’s spirits quite like sunflowers. They are bright and cheery, and as warm and inviting as the sweet summer sun.

Daisy flower crown anyone?

The classic wildflower, the daisy, blooms in late spring and is just begging to be hand-tied into a relaxed and cheerful bridal bouquet.

Daisies are perfect flowers for bohemian-themed weddings. Simple but visually effective, these flowers evoke a sense of playfulness yet represent purity.


Boho Wedding Bouquet White Roses & Blue Hydrangea

Each of my wedding bouquets are made with high quality, silk (artificial) flowers and elements.

Hydrangea flowers are small and densely packed, but they bring a lovely sense of color to any wedding bouquet. This would be a perfect way to incorporate “something blue” into your day! 

Hydrangeas translate well in boho or vintage-style weddings as they have a natural and timeless appeal to them. 


Sunflowers and Baby’s Breath Bouquet

The handle of the bridesmaid/bride bouquets are wrapped with twine and added pearls.

Lovers of warmth and light, the bright yellow sunflower is a vibrant and happy flower; sure to brighten your atmosphere. 

If you are looking for a fun way to spice up your farmhouse wedding, sunflowers are a beautiful and elegant way to bring a rustic twist. 

Add fresh sunflowers to the reception decor in an early autumn or summer wedding.

How to Choose the Right Flowers for Your Wedding 

After reading through our list of most popular wedding day flowers, you may now be even more confused about which one is right for you. 

Don’t stress! Keep reading below for a few helpful tips and answers to common questions.

Should I Use Faux Flowers for My Wedding? 

We mentioned faux flowers quite a bit above and it’s not without good reason. 

Many people choose to go with faux over organic flowers because of reasons such as price, weather, convenience, and season to name a few!

Perhaps you or your guests have allergies, or maybe you need flowers that travel well. Faux flowers are a robust choice without compromising on aesthetics. 

Color especially comes into play when you’re considering faux flowers because you simply have a much wider variety of colors when you’re not restricted by nature!

Some shades, like an intense pink to white ombre, for instance, do not grow au naturel. To get this effect you’d have to pay an outrageous price for natural flowers that have been dyed and customized for you. 

However, the fragrance of an organic flower is something that cannot be replicated, so if pretty floral perfumes and sweet garden scents wafting through the air is on your ‘must-have’ list then faux flowers aren’t for you. 

What Are Faux Flowers Made Of?

Usually, faux flowers are made of silk or artificial silk. Silk is best because it shows shine and gives the flower flexibility like you’d find in nature. 

However, if there are certain materials you do not want to use in your wedding, you can always message the seller online.

Remember that the overall look of the bouquets, centerpieces, arches, etc will be quite similar to the real thing as long as the quality of the artificial flowers is good. 

Many sellers online on sites such as Etsy specialize in making realistic-looking fake floral arrangements that are very often just as good as the original. 

Is It Better to Use One Type of Flower or Mix and Match? 

Blending a mix of flowers can create a truly stunning bouquet. For instance, daisies, sunflowers, and white roses bound together really unite romance with the rustic-chic vibe of a farmhouse wedding. 

Another example is combining baby’s breath and peonies to create a soft and elegant look.

Often, people choose to mix flowers with other naturally occurring floral accents like eucalyptus or pampas grass. 

You may even choose to have faux flowers for the wedding party to ensure no bruising or wilting bouquet issues. But prefer to opt for organic flowers for your reception centerpieces and accent decor.

Are Floral Arrangements Expensive? 

Floral arrangements can be expensive, but this largely depends on the types of flowers you want and the level of customization involved. 

Curating even the most petite of bouquets is a significant task for the florist, so you are paying for their time and creativity. 

Which Is Cheaper: Organic or Faux?

Overall, faux flowers will keep your bill down and give you more for your money.

But, if your heart is set on real flowers, work with a wedding planner or florist to determine the best way to create your vision within your floral budget.

Like everything wedding-related, ideas and costs can spiral out of control, so stay true to yourself and your wallet!

Which Flower Is Best for an Outdoor Wedding? What About an Indoor Wedding?

Natural flowers are beautiful in all settings. However, natural flowers look much better in outdoor settings compared to artificial flowers. 

You want your decor to match the vibe of the venue, and a garden wedding with artificial flowers everywhere may look slightly off. 

For indoor events, both natural and faux flowers are on the same playing field as long as the quality is there!

If there is no outdoor beauty to live up to, artificial florals really come into their own and are a great way to amp up an otherwise plain venue.

How Do I Know Which Flower to Choose?

Well, there is no right or wrong answer! Choosing flowers is a very personal affair. Consider the themes and style of your day, along with practicalities and budget. 

You and your significant other may even disagree on the coloring or style of the flowers, but with so many options available, there is always a way to create a bouquet to suit both.

Take inspiration from magazines and social media, make a scrapbook or a mood board, or sit down with a wedding florist to get a sense of your vision and the possibilities!

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