24 Unique Winter Wedding Flower Bouquets

Flowers probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the colder months, so if you’re having a winter wedding you may feel that your choice of winter floral is limited.

But fear not! There is no reason your chilly wedding needs to be flowerless!

You actually have your pick of flowers that only bloom in the frosty months; seasonal flowers such as orchids, poinsettias and camellias for example.

Don’t forget a wide array of year-round varieties are still flowering through the winter time too! Roses, verbena, and hibiscus to name a few.

Plus with colorful winter berries, types of greenery like holly and eucalyptus, and seasonal additions like pine cones to play with, there is no reason a winter bouquet can’t look that extra bit special. 

However, you may not be loving the ‘staying seasonal’ idea. You or your guests may even have allergies to organic floral. Or perhaps the very thought of sourcing fresh flowers is causing unnecessary complications to your wedding plans…

Well, you’re in luck, there is a maintenance and stress-free alternative: faux flowers! 

Why is Faux the New Fresh?

Artificial flowers have become an extremely popular alternative to fresh flowers in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

Made of silk, the quality of artificial flowers is now so exceptional that it’s impossible to tell a real petal from a false one!

Arranging faux flowers has truly become a respected craft in its own right, with sites such as Etsy boasting some absolutely beautiful and incredibly life-like bridal bouquets.

Check out some of our favorites…

Evergreens Gold and White Bouquet

Evergreens Winter Wedding Bridal Bouquet

For your winter wedding, this elegant bouquet of roses, evergreens, seeded eucalyptus, gold berries and pine cones can be yours to have and to hold on your day in the spotlight. 

A bouquet that utilizes those natural accessories like pinecones and pine needles is sure to bring a beautiful, rustic feeling to your wedding. 

Choosing a color-neutral option with white blooms adds to the winter wonderland vibe many couples aim for! We love the combination of woodsy accents with the soft, white roses. 

Purple and Coral Silk Flower Bouquet

Purple and Blush Pink Bridal Bouquet

This bouquet is mainly designed in dark purple, add some light pink flowers to lighten up. Extremely suitable for a classic purple wedding.

This silk flower bouquet combines beautiful mauves and mints to add color without being too bright. 

Colors and jewel tones work super well in winter weddings, and this design is the perfect example of how choosing muted or deep colors adds subtle warmth.

Plum, Charcoal, and Ivory Sola Wood Flower Bouquet

Plum Charcoal Gray and Ivory Sola Wood Flower Bouquet

Bouquet with sola wood flowers in plum, charcoal, light gray, and ivory, and baby's breath.

Now, this bouquet is an attention-grabber. The sultry purple is eye-catching and alluring and will undoubtedly pop against a neutral-colored wedding scheme. 

We love these grey roses which match a cold, wintery scene and bring a little something different to a wedding bouquet.

Ivory Bouquet with Pines and Berries

Navy Ivory Winter Wedding Bouquet With Pines

This gorgeous bouquet will be a great addition to your winter style wedding!

The navy blues and charming greenery in this stunning bouquet are exquisite. 

The blues are an excellent choice for a winter wedding because they create a colorful bouquet without making it scream ‘summer time’.

The addition of the blueberries and pine cones makes it whimsical and fairy-tale like, whilst the velvet ribbon adds a touch of luxury.

Christmas-Inspired Wood Flower Bouquet 

Christmas Inspired Wood Flower Bouquet

Flowers are made of wood. Cracks, chips, and tears are normal and can/will happen. All paint is hand-mixed, color variations may happen.

This is one of our favorite festive bouquets because it has so much sparkle and color that it reflects the Christmas spirit immediately! 

The added glitter adds a touch of magic, whilst the white roses combined with vibrant cranberries are an irresistible match. 

Ivory Bouquet with Sola Wood and Bark

Ivory Bark Flower Bouquet

This bouquet features sola wood flowers with natural bark accents.

A simple white bouquet like this one is what many imagine when we talk about winter wedding flowers. 

The white flowers mixed with the softwood and natural green leaves are a classic look for your winter wedding. Something about this style is so pure and sophisticated. 

Navy, Ivory, Pink Wedding Bouquet with Pines

Navy Ivory Pink Winter Wedding Bouquet

This gorgeous winter bridal bouquet will amaze you with its colors on your wedding day!

A total show-stopper, this bouquet gives color variety to those brides wanting both chilly weather and bright blooms. 

The attention to detail is unmatched, with lots of little accents and fillers that really make it come to life.

Boho Burgundy, Taupe, and Tan Bouquet

Boho Burgundy, Taupe, and Tan Bouquet

All items will be carefully packed in special package materials, so they will come safely to you.

This is a romantic burgundy bouquet that delivers deep colors that won’t leave you feeling dull in the slightest!

The burgundy roses are the star here, guaranteeing a stark and dramatic contrast with a white dress. 

Boho Taupe, Ivory, and Burgundy Bouquet

Boho Taupe, Ivory, and Burgundy Bridal Bouquet

The burgundy is toned down and more taupe, ivory, and beige shades are brought in for a boho look. 

This bouquet is a bit more understated with its use of red. The burgundy is toned down and more taupe, ivory, and beige shades are brought in for a boho look. 

The bouquet looks so natural someone just might think it was plucked.

Deep Green and Burgundy Cascading Wedding Bouquet

Emerald Green Burgundy Wedding Bouquet

This delightful cascading bouquet of red and yellow flowers will warm you up for a frosty wedding!

A cascading mix of reds and yellows, this bouquet brings warmth to a frosty wedding. 

The balance of intense red with flourishing greenery creates a dark winter mood offset by the dazzling gold accessories. 

Evergreen and Ivory Winter Wedding Flower Bouquets

Evergreen and Ivory Winter Wedding Bouquet

Gorgeous juniper, sola wood flowers, and eucalyptus come together to make this beautiful statement piece! This bouquet is perfect for your winter wedding or forest event!

Here is a radiant bouquet that exemplifies the feeling of wintery woods. The mix of pinecones with simple white floral and wooden flowers is a simple but exquisite arrangement. 

Bringing in a dark blue, like the berries, adds a subtle pop of color that catches the eye yet makes it look even more natural. 

Cool-Colored Winter Wedding Bouquet with Pines

Navy Ivory Wedding Bouquet With Pines

This handmade cool-colored bouquet is perfect for your winter wedding!

This navy wedding bouquet is prominently blue with a ton of textured greenery, hints of fluffy white filler and bright ivory roses.

We’re getting all the feels of a frosty evening, the ground covered in crunchy pinecones while the snow falls from above.

Wildflowers Grass Dried Bouquet

Neutral Rust Tone Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful, fragrant and all neutral flowers bouquet filled with preserved eucalyptus leaves, dried bunny tails, dried grasses in beautiful rust tones and wildflowers all around.

A unique option for you winter brides is this sunny, grassy bouquet with a rustic, earthy yet relaxed vibe. 

This whimsical bouquet has a vibrant energy that radiates joy, and an unpretentious attitude that screams fun and happiness. 

Soft Multi-Colored Winter Bouquet

Burgundy Sage Copper and Blush Sola Wood Bouquet

This is a boho style sola wood flower bouquet with preserved and artificial greenery and sola wood flowers.

The use of grass in this creation gives it a wispy and soft appearance that is very attractive. 

The soft pinks contrasted with the dark burgundies results in a color scheme that works for all four seasons, but holds a special spot on our winter wedding flowers list. 

Dusty Blue Eucalyptus Bouquet

Dusty Blue Wedding Bouquet

Dusty blue, pale blue flowers with white flowers, pampas grass and eucalyptus, finish with hessian ribbons!

This sweet baby blue bouquet sparks a feeling of comfort and peace. 

Made up of gorgeous blues and whites, the result is an angelic arrangement perfect for a blushing winter bride. 

The voluptuous greenery is eye-catching and a lovely backdrop for the captivating dusty blue flowers. 

Dark Navy and Burgundy Bouquet

Burgundy Navy Blue Gold Winter Bouquet

The bouquet is created from artificial flowers and greenery of high quality.

Here is a dark bouquet with witchy vibes that might just put a spell on you.

Deep reds and moody dark blues come together to create a gothic yet sophisticated arrangement. 

The addition of gilded leaves makes the bouquet look expensive and unique, like a woodland fairy crafted it just for your special day!

Festive Winter Bouquet

Christmas Wedding Bouquet

This Luxurious, Elegant Wedding Bouquet Set will be a Beautiful Holiday addition to accent your style while you walk down the Aisle with your uniqueness coming with you.

A bouquet that hints at a Christmassy feeling but doesn’t hit you over the head with it, this option is ideal for a bride that wants to nod at Christmas but not have her wedding defined by the holiday. 

An even mix of red and ivory flowers results in a romantic and beautiful bouquet.

Extra-Large Cascade Burgundy Wedding Bouquet

Winter Cascading Burgundy Navy Blue Bouquet

The bouquet is created from artificial flowers and greenery of high quality.

A bright and bountiful design that has a ton of color and a variety of stunning flowers, this dramatic creation is sure to take center stage. 

The cascading flowers of all colors make a bold statement at a winter wedding and stand out in those all important pictures. 

Simple Bluebell-Inspired Bouquet

Christmas Bridal Wedding Bouquet

Gorgeous winter wedding bouquet with pine cones and eucalyptus.

Here is a simple and tasteful bouquet that won’t overpower your dress or weigh you down. 

Understated yet dazzling, the delicate petals of white roses, blueberries, and adorable pine cone accents combine to give the feeling of a winter fairytale right in your hands. 

Cream and Pine Tree-Inspired Bouquet

Cream and Pine Tree-Inspired Winter Wedding Bouquet

This bridal bouquet is perfect for a winter or woodland themed wedding. The bouquet is a keepsake so you can display and enjoy it after the wedding too!

This floral arrangement brings an authentic and organic tone to your wedding. 

The dramatic pine branches stand out starkly and create an extraordinary backdrop to the ivory roses, making the whole experience feel like an enchanting stroll through the forest.

Slate Blue and Cream Sparkly Bouquet

Slate Blue Sparkly Gray and Cream Winter Bouquet

Flower colors include cream, slate blue, and sterling gray!

A ravishing, unique bouquet that is fit for a queen on her wedding day. The silver sparkles and purple pine cones transform your wedding into a magical land of beauty. 

The edges of the pine needles are frosted to mimic snow, adding to the fantastical nature of this design.

Burgundy and Dusty Rose Bridal Bouquet

Burgundy and Dusty Rose Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquet shown measures approximately 14 inches wide. Maid of honor and bridesmaid bouquets measure respectively 9 and 7 inches across. 

The dusty roses and burgundy leaves make this a truly special bouquet for a winter wedding. 

Peach may seem out of season, but it is a lovely muted color that can warm up any winter wedding and add a hint of color. 

Simple Pampas Grass Wedding Bouquet 

Rustic Boho Wedding Bouquetartificial Faux Flowers Home - Etsy

This pretty bouquet is accented with gorgeous silk flowers. It is perfect for an outdoor or woodland-themed wedding.

Cream and mauve flowers are popular among winter brides, even though some may view those as spring colors. 

This is an understated bouquet with a handful of pristine cream roses as the centerpiece, surrounded by simple greenery and pampas grass for a dream-like appearance. 

Subtle Christmas Wedding Bouquet 

Red Christmas Wedding Bouquet Set

This is a beautiful boho garden style sola wood flower bouquet featuring a classic combo of red roses, white flowers, red berries, and preserved willow and spiral eucalyptus.

For our brides looking for something out of the ordinary, this Christmas-inspired wedding bouquet is perfect for a festive couple looking to combine their special day with the season of giving. 

The plump, red roses contrast perfectly with the sage green eucalyptus to create a traditional Christmas feel.

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