21 Wedding Aisle Runner Options For The Perfect Entrance

Once used to prevent dirt from being brought into the church, the wedding aisle runner had a very practical use back in the days of no roads. Today, it makes a totally different statement!

Although undoubtedly useful for protecting the bride’s dress and shoes, the modern-day wedding runner, more often than not, is selected for its aesthetic value. It can set the tone, add a touch of elegance or flair, and emphasize a theme. 

You may simply want a runner simply because it would make a lovely backdrop for your flower girl petals. Or perhaps you want to hide a carpeted floor that clashes with your wedding colors! 

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor or indoor wedding, our favorite wedding aisle runner ideas could be just the inspiration you’ve been looking for…

Vintage Handmade Scandinavian Aisle Runner

This vintage handmade aisle runner sports a Scandinavian style that goes well with both rustic-themed weddings and minimalist marriage ceremonies. The unique pairing of purple and pink stripes will go well with wedding decorations in similar color schemes and styles!

Easy-to-Use Plastic Runner With Handle

Getting your venue ready for a wedding can feel like an uphill battle, especially if you’re getting married in a large space. Fortunately, there are ways to make things a little easier on yourself and save time. 

This easy-to-use plastic wedding aisle runner comes in a neat roll and has a nifty handle for fast installation. Plus, because it’s plastic, you can use it on almost any surface and save your shoes!

In a Galaxy Far Away Themed Runner

Sci-Fi Themed Personalised Wedding Aisle Runner

Awesome Sci-Fi themed aisle runner, printed on white canvas in a range of sizes, all 36" wide (91.4cm).

Not all weddings are traditional and formal black-tie affairs. 

If you’re planning a sci-fi wedding or want to show off your geeky side, you may want to choose a runner with a personality to complement your style.

This themed option could be ideal for fans of outer space epics and science-fiction sagas. So, let the force be strong! 

Colorful 1970’s Wedding Aisle Runner

Extra Long Vintage Rug Runner

All of our rugs, carpets and kilims are original vintage or semi antique pieces.

Every wedding needs something old to complete the famous Old English rhyme. This colorful, striped runner from the 1970s might be just the thing.

However, it does resemble the scarf of a specific mysterious time-traveling doctor, so you may want to prepare for some unexpected (but interesting) guests if you choose this option.

Self-Adhesive Floral Flamingo Runner

High Gloss Vinyl Self-Adhesive Dance Floor Mural Pink Flamingo

Our dance floor coverings will add flair and beauty to your Wedding, Corporate event, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Quinceranera, etc.

A simple white design may be too tame for some couples, so thankfully there are options like this floral flamingo aisle runner to add a pop of color! 

Not only does it boast large green leaves and soft pink flamingos, but it’s also self-adhesive, meaning you can stick it to the floor without worrying about sudden bunches that could trip you up.

Customizable Fairytale Aisle Runner

Fairytale Wedding Aisle Runner

Beautiful stylised horse and carriage design, with both your names and the date of your wedding.

Finding your Prince Charming or your Fairytale Princess can feel like a dream come true. 

So, why not celebrate that storybook romance in front of all your family and friends? This customizable fairytale aisle runner will tell your guests, ‘I’m the happiest person in the world’!

Still, you might end up with a few requests to stay at your castle if you lay this stunner down.

Shimmering Sequin-Studded Runner

Wedding Aisle Runner

Elegance is our shops main focus & with our gorgeous & glamorous full sequin aisle runner, your wedding will sparkle like no other.

Worried that your guests might not give their full attention to your wedding ceremony?

Well, fear not! This shimmering sequin-studded runner will ensure your guests can’t take their eyes off you. Not to mention it’s totally glamorous! 

White Rose Petal Aisle Runner

Rose Petal Aisle Runner

Elegance is our shops main focus & with our romantic & whimsical rose petal aisle runner, your wedding will stand out like no other!

White is often associated with purity, and it’s also one of the most popular options for weddings. For some, white symbolizes a bride’s purity (aka virginity), but for others, it represents the purity of true love.

No matter what a white wedding means to you, add a touch of elegance with this white rose petal beauty.

Bookish Wizarding Magic Runner

Do you and your special someone have a deep love for a certain boy wizard and his epic adventures? If so, you might wonder how to incorporate that passion into your wedding ceremony.

Wonder no more! This magical wedding runner consists of book pages filled with those nostalgic adventures, allowing you to walk a literary path of greatness.

Reflective Mirror-Surface Floral Aisle Runner

Reflective Mirror-Surface Floral Aisle Runner

Highly reflective plastic material. And the surface has good anti-slip properties, which can clearly reflect the image.

This shimmering reflective aisle runner is essentially a mirror that you can walk on.

Whether you’re tying the knot on a sunny morning or getting married by nighttime candlelight, this runner will reflect nearby light sources to make you look like you’re floating to the altar.

Eco-Friendly Customizable Wedding Runner

Personalised Hessian Aisle Runner

Ordering one of our unique personalised aisle runners is a truly bespoke finish to your big day. 

Not all wedding aisle runners are environmentally friendly. Many are made of non-biodegradable plastics and synthetic fabrics. Fortunately, this eco-friendly option is a departure from those.

Made of burlap and jute, it has a rustic feel that may leave you with a cleaner conscience during your honeymoon.

Besides, you can customize it with any text you’d like! Even better, it comes in four wedding-friendly colors, including pink and white.

Red Carpet Treatment Runner

Red Carpet Treatment Runner

This beautiful runner is easy to walk on without the fear of slipping. 

Your wedding day is your chance to shine, and this traditional red carpet aisle runner knows it.

If you’re ready to embrace your big day like the star that you are, be sure to check out this passionately red-felt number; it’s bound to make you feel like royalty!

Besides, when your ceremony is finished, you can roll it up and use it for backyard fashion shows or movie nights! 

Vintage Turkish Carpet Aisle Runner

Vintage Turkish Carpet Aisle Runner

Low pile Carpet is clean and ready for using.

Turkish carpets are beloved worldwide for their intricate patterns and decoration. So if you’d like to add some distinct color and style to your wedding decor, this vintage Turkish rug could be just the thing for you!

Its rich red and orange dyes perfectly complement yellow color schemes and a boho theme. And because it’s made of wool, it offers some cushioning and moisture protection, which is a huge plus!

Braided Plush Wedding Aisle Runner

White Fabric Aisle Runner

Made of a very thin, non-woven polyester fabric with an all-over floral pattern – the thickness of the fabric measures 0.009 inches.

When you need an outdoor wedding aisle runner, you’ll want to choose braided polyester. This stuff can help repel moisture, and it’s thick enough to keep you slightly elevated off the ground.

Before you start buying waterproof tarps to stick underneath, consider this durable option. If your shoes and wedding outfit could talk, they’d say a preemptive ‘thank you’.

The One Gold and White Runner

Wedding Aisle Runner White Aisle Runner Rug

Healon is a designer and manufacturer of wedding runner. Our products perfectly reflect the fresh and natural style, paving a path to happiness for your couple at your romantic wedding.

Getting married often means that you’ve found ‘the one.’ And no, we’re not talking about magic rings or chosen heroes.

With gold lettering and a creamy white background, this runner expresses a loving affirmation that will greet you as you prepare to enter the church. How wonderful is that?

Extra-Long Simple White Runner

Extra-Long Simple White Runner

The wedding aisle runner comes with a rope and you can string it through center of the tube to create a handle to grab to roll it down the isle, which can make it easier for your wedding decoration job.

Larger weddings are often raucous, joyous, and memorable occasions, but sometimes the most simple designs are the most effective. 

This extra-long simple white aisle runner is an excellent choice for ceremonies that feature a longer walk down the aisle. Just grab the rope handle and unroll that lovely wedding carpet.

Navy Blue Sequin Aisle Runner

Navy Blue Sequin Aisle Runner

Best Quality & Lowest Price of Aisle Runner , Wholesale Aisle Runner Manufacturer.

Brides who have chosen blue as their primary wedding color should consider this blue glitzy runner.

Not only is it one of the most mesmerizing options (it’s just so shiny), but its deep navy color might complement the rest of your blue decor.

Burlap and Lace Rustic Runner

Burlap and Lace Rustic Runner

Our Eco-Friendly burlap wedding aisle runner is 100% natural.

Finding the perfect wedding aisle runner for rustic weddings can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

This burlap-and-lace aisle runner is a fantastic combination of practicality (the burlap) and elegance (the lace). As such, it could elevate your homespun decor to a new level!

Yellow Brick Road Aisle Runner

Yellow Brick Road Novelty Aisle Floor Runner

Floor Runner measures 120 inches long by 24 inches wide.

Getting married is like opening up a whole new world, and this yellow brick aisle runner is bound to have you skipping toward matrimony. 

Besides, when you make it to the end of the road, you’ll get to meet with your wonderful wizard of love—Whoops, we mean partner!

Romantic Red Rose Petal Runner

No products found.

Roses have long been the flower of romance and passion. But purchasing hundreds of fresh rose petals for your big day can be an expensive endeavor.

Skip the pricey, fragile flowers and choose this romantic red rose petal runner instead! Unlike real petals, these won’t wilt or become a slippery mess, keeping you safe while walking down the aisle.

Wide Sparkling Pink Wedding Runner

Fuchsia Pink Aisle Runner for Wedding

Perfect wedding decoration for your ceremony in a church or on the beach! This beautiful runner creates an elegant pathway for your walk down the aisle.

The majority of wedding aisle runners are relatively slim in width, which can be a problem for those with broader aisle gaps.

This glitter sequin runner is four feet wide, making it one of the best options for widely-spaced ceremonies.

Soft Pink Fabric Aisle Runner

No products found.

If pink is one of your chosen wedding colors, you’ll naturally want to select an aisle runner that matches. 

This delicately soft-yet-durable pink carpet might fit the bill! 

Not sure this roll is the right fit? Well, it comes in a wide variety of sizes to ensure that your shoes are protected, no matter how long your walk down the aisle might be!

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