Winter Wedding Ideas: From Decor To Grand Exits!

If the cold crunch of snow underfoot is more to your liking than the feeling of sand between your toes, maybe you should consider a winter wedding during the holiday season!

If you’re one of those couples who go all out during the festive season, covering the outside of your house in fairy lights and singing Santa’s, you probably don’t need much convincing that winter is a wonderful time of year to celebrate your nuptials. Keep on scrolling for those winter wedding ideas below!

Now we’ve got those guys getting all festive down there, we can focus on you guys, the undecided, the ‘on the fencers’, the couples who are tempted with a ceremony during the colder months, but aren’t sure if it’s really right for them.

We must warn you though, if you decide to scroll on, you may just be so inspired, so full of the holiday spirit, you’ll be calling around potential vendors to see what their festive availability is like before even finishing this post!

Cold weather nuptials are hugely underrated. Let us set the scene: hot cocoa and cozy blankets against a backdrop of fresh winter greenery. An inviting, warm and classy celebration that oozes a mountain resort feel.

Plus, if you’re crazy about the holidays then a Christmas theme might even be a great fit for a December wedding!

And just imagine the photographs! Snow and ice create such an incredible backdrop for a wedding, while dewy soft winter lighting adds an organic romantic feel. 

You want to know the other amazing thing about having your wedding day during the colder months? The cost. Oh yes, while every other couple is paying a premium for a June wedding, you could be saving big by booking winter wedding venues! 

The colder months are always going to mean cheaper venue rates and better value travel and accommodation for you and your guests.

Obviously, this does not apply to venues that specialize in winter weddings, such as resorts in the Rockies, or mountain retreats in Vermont. But, generally, you’re going to save money with a winter wedding, and that means more hot toddies for everyone!

Have we got you a little more tempted by a wedding with a winter theme? Not quite yet? Ok, grab a blanket, curl up on the sofa and sip something warm because things are gonna get cozy! 

Winter Wedding Ideas

Our Favorite Winter Wedding Ideas

Rustic Wedding Invitations with a Touch of Sparkle

Sending out your wedding invitations is always an exciting time for both couple and guest. It’s the first time you’re able to share real hints as to what your big day will be like!

It’s a time to share not just dates, times, and venue specifics, but also your wedding theme! You get to really give your guests that warm festive feeling, during the height of summer!

Our favorite winter wedding stationery style has a cool rustic vibe, but with a hint of something sparkly or metallic. Just enough to show your guests that this celebration has a wintry touch, but that it’s still formal, sophisticated, and exclusive of course.

Fun Ways to Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm

Your bridesmaids are your squad. The A-team. The best of the best. And what do they deserve? To be warm. So don’t forget about your favorite gals (and guys) when planning their outfits.

If you’re having a holiday wedding then it’s fair to say that most of your celebrations will be held indoors but there will be times when there’s a chill in the air, and they’ll need something to keep away the cold.

So, why not invest in some cute faux-fur stoles, or furry jackets to be worn during pictures outside or cocktail hour? Ooh and maybe some cozy pajamas or robes for your wedding morning to really give your wedding photography that winter touch you’ve been dreaming of. 

Candles, Everywhere!

Few things say ‘winter wedding theme’ quite like candles and low lighting.

Decorating your ceremony aisle with large, or tall, mounted candles creates such a romantic feel. Whilst placing glowing candelabras on your tablescapes, and low-hanging lights at your reception will give the room a very inviting feel.

Consider also your focal points, possibly using feature candles to illuminate your wedding cake, guest book, or anywhere you want your guests to be drawn to. 

Winter Floral Design

A winter wonderland wedding wouldn’t be complete without some festive florals, and that doesn’t just mean mistletoe!

To complement the season, opt for varieties and colors that coordinate with the winter world outside. Remember, if you try and choose flowers that are not readily available in winter, you can expect to pay some heavy premiums.

Our tip: opt for lots of greenery! It’s not only a less expensive option than flowers, it’s incredibly on-trend and feels oh-so wintry. Seasonal greenery can also be used as part of the bouquet, as an addition to the reception centerpieces, or intertwined with a low-lighting structure.

If you’re set on an abundance of ‘bloomage’, then think about using Amaryllis, Carnations, Sweet Peas, and Roses, all of which are in bloom at this time of year.

Alongside these stunning blooms, there are also a plethora of seasonal berries to choose from, which give a festive touch to buttonholes and bouquets. 

Winter Wedding Cakes

The very idea of a winter wedding cake is an absolute delight to the imagination. From simple fresh winter flowers framing the tiers, to dressing a clean white wedding cake with candy canes, snowflakes, and artificial snow; the possibilities are infinite.

Our favorite modern take on a winter wonderland wedding cake is to take a naked cake and adorn it in seasonal berries, fruit, and flowers. This creates a chilly weather vibe, but without being too heavy, or kitsch. 

Pine Cones Dotted Throughout

Pine cones should play a part in any festive-themed wedding, not only because they symbolize winter, but they give any space a warm, cozy feel.

Consider them as part of centerpieces, garlands, or wreaths. They can also be incorporated into favors, wedding bathroom baskets, and wedding cakes.

Your groom could even introduce a pine cone to his winter wedding attire, by attaching a seasonal wedding boutonniere to his lapel. Thank us later for that tip!

Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress

Long-sleeved dresses have been on-trend for some time now (thanks Princess Kate), with no sign of abating.

But when it comes to choosing your bridal style for the chilly season, long-sleeves should really be considered anyway. They’re practical, chic, and can hide an area that many brides feel uncomfortable with.

Right now, wedding dresses with sleeves are everywhere, giving you your pick of designers to choose from!

If you’re not into having a sleeve incorporated into your bridal gown, then you could consider a removable top or jacket.

Separates are hugely popular and can make a sophisticated alternative to the traditional sleeve. You could pair a tulle, or heavier fabric skirt, with a cozy jumper for instance. This can be kept as your all-day ensemble, or as part of a 3-piece outfit, with a lighter top underneath the sweater.

If separates are not for you, look at the classic bridal jacket, either in lace, or winter appropriate faux-fur. 

If you want to push the boundaries a little on your big day, you could consider a bridal suit because why not?! What bridal attire would suit the winter weather more, and look effortlessly cool, than a Bianca Jagger inspired wedding suit?

So many designers are offering this look at the moment, from ASOS and BHLDN, to McQueen and many other top designers. It’s a classic look that may feel modern but will be forever timeless. 

A Bold Lip Color

Keep the soft pinks and peachy tones for the summer months. Winter is a time for deep, rich colors on your lips, and nails. Think vampy red, deep plum, and bold berry. 

Keep Everyone Cozy

When planning a summer wedding, couples usually consider the things their guests might need the most during that warmer season. You see countless flip-flops in baskets, sunscreen in bathrooms, and sunglasses in boxes.

The same applies for winter!

Give your guests that warm milk and fresh-baked cookies feeling on your wedding day by ensuring there are cozy fleece blankets on each seat at your outdoor ceremony, and dotted around your reception space.

You could also make little cozy spots for people to chill out in, complete with piles of cushions, soft throws, and the scent of pine trees or wintry cinnamon.

Holiday Themed Spirits

When planning winter wedding drinks, it’s not necessary to ‘mull’ everything. Mull some wine, sure. Mull some cider, why not? But don’t think that you have to make everything warm and spiced in order for it to taste nice at Christmas.

Sometimes a hint, or a nod, is better than a full-on homage to the season.

Try to think outside the box and opt instead for crowd pleasers with festive twists. Can we suggest a Cinnamon and Rosemary Old Fashioned, or perhaps Champagne with added Winter Berries or even a boozy hot chocolate mix for when the night draws in. 

A Hot Cocoa Bar

Following on from the hot chocolate suggestion, why not treat your guests to a whole hot chocolate bar?!

A special station put together to give your guests the opportunity to dispense warm, gooey, chocolatey goodness whenever they feel like it.

Dress your hot chocolate station, cart, or bar in the style of your occasion, and sprinkle it in greenery garlands. Then, have hot chocolate readily available to your guests throughout the evening, with multiple toppings & flavors on-hand to customize their cup. Great (but also, really messy) for the kids too! 

A Modern Color Palette for Bridesmaid Dresses

When choosing the palette for your bridesmaids, deep, rich tones can seem like an obvious choice for a winter wedding. But a mix of dark reds and greens can actually look a little dated, and can sometimes be quite an unflattering color choice.

Opt instead for neutral, lighter tones, such as grays, muted blues, and purples. Dress these up with jewel accent dashes on bouquets, jewelry, and hairpieces.

Mix and match your maids’ palette to suit your squad, and you’ll have a modern, complementary look that looks incredible against a winter white. 

A Festive Departure for the Marrying Couple

Marrying during the winter season offers the perfect time to live out your fairy tale fantasies, and drive off into the sunset in something magical.

We’re talking horse-drawn carriages decked out in garlands of greenery, sleighs pulled along by reindeer (too much?), and vintage cars decorated in vibrant florals. This is your big exit, so make it super impressive!

Of course, your options will depend on the location of your big day. A ski lift, for example, would make the most romantic of escapes for a couple marrying in a ski resort.

Wherever you’re getting married, take your available mode of transport, and give it that festive feeling by wrapping it in greenery, and decorating it in the seasonal florals of your big day. 

Christmas Theme!

Done well, a Christmas-themed wedding can look otherworldly. A dreamy space that straddles class and child-like wonder. Done not so well, and you end up having a big day that looks less like a Netflix yuletide hit, and more like a Hulu horror show.

In order to keep your wedding sophisticated, the holiday décor should probably be kept minimal.

Holiday music is fine, but not all the time, and in a perfect world, maybe it’s performed live by a cool cover band.

Have a Christmas tree, by all means, it’ll be a cool insta photo point! But think about decorating it in twinkle lights and a few hanging baubles; keeping it classy and uncluttered.

The same goes for your tablescapes, give them festive decor, but instead of drowning every table in fake snow, pine needles, and candy canes, sprinkle them with holiday magic and let the Christmas charm speak for itself. 

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