Helpful Groom Guide: Who Gets a Boutonniere at the Wedding?

When thinking about your wedding flowers, it’s more than just the bridal bouquet and centerpieces that will need careful thought.

Have you decided on who will be given corsages and boutonnieres to wear?

Firstly, what exactly is a boutonniere? And secondly, who gets one at the wedding? 

You’ll need to let your florist know how many boutonniere recipients there will be before your wedding day, so here we give you all the info you need on the subject and list the likely candidates to receive this floral badge of honor… 

Who Gets A Boutonniere At The Wedding

What Is a Boutonniere?

A boutonnière is a small floral decoration, worn on the lapel of a tuxedo or suit jacket. 

They are most commonly worn by men (or those who identify as men) for formal events including weddings and are traditionally worn on the left lapel.

The wedding boutonniere can be made up of a single flower, such as a rose or a cluster of small flowers. They can include buds, berries, succulents, feathers, and some greenery and can be held tightly with a ribbon.

They will likely match the bouquets and corsages in terms of style, design, and bloom color. Some couples choose to go bright and loud with their color choices and others prefer to keep the color scheme muted – it is up to you and what works best with the vibe of your wedding day.

What Is the Difference Between a Boutonniere and a Buttonhole?

Boutonniere actually means buttonhole in french – so technically there is no difference and they are the same thing.

What’s the Point of a Boutonniere?

A boutonniere identifies a wedding attendee as an honored guest; someone very important to the couple that is likely to be part of the wider wedding party.

So it’s important to choose your boutonniere recipients wisely. Traditionally, they are worn by those who identify as male, but anyone who is wearing a suit may wear one.

So Who Gets a Boutonniere at the Wedding?

Here’s a list of those who typically get a boutonniere at the wedding, but remember, it’s 2022 and you can mix this up and choose whomever you like…

The Groom

It should go without saying that the main man himself wears a boutonniere. It wouldn’t feel right for anyone else to wear one if the groom didn’t have one!

The groom (or grooms) may choose to wear a boutonniere that’s slightly different from the rest of the crew, perhaps slightly larger.

Alternatively, he may prefer for everyone’s flower arrangements to be identical.

The Dads

That’s right, both the father of the bride and father of the groom should be given a boutonniere to signify their importance at the wedding.

Don’t forget to speak to your photographer about the moment you are planning on giving them to your father – it can be a lovely photo opportunity as you help to pin each other’s boutonnieres onto your suits. 

Don’t forget Stepdads! Giving your stepdad a boutonniere shows your appreciation for them too on your big day.


If either of you is fortunate enough to have a grandparent in attendance then it’s a lovely idea to present them with a boutonniere, again signifying their importance in your life.

This can also be a lovely moment for a photo, as different generations of your family come together to prepare for the wedding ceremony.

Best Man and Groomsmen

Traditionally a few members of your wedding party would receive and wear boutonnieres, including your best man and groomsmen.

This is a great way to visually show that they have an important role at the wedding. You can ask any other wedding party members too. 

Ring Bearers

If you are having any little guys act as ring bearers or petal throwers then it’s a nice touch to give them a special buttonhole too. They’ll love wearing this when they see other important people wearing one!

Talk to your florist about the sizes of the boutonnieres – they may want to make slightly smaller versions for the kids.

Ushers or Greeters

This one depends on how many ushers you are having in your wedding party. The ushers do have an important role to play as they direct people to and from their seats for the ceremony and the reception, so it makes total sense for them to also wear a boutonniere.

This will make them easily identifiable as someone who may be able to help with a question that a guest may have. 

When Do We Give Out the Boutonnieres?

Boutonnieres are typically given to your recipients in the morning – before the wedding ceremony begins.

Try to make sure that every boutonniere is positioned in the same way – on the same side of the suit (usually the left side) and is straight.

We don’t want to see any wonky ones in those photos, please!

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