What To Put in a Wedding Bathroom Basket: A Handy Checklist

Your wedding is fast approaching and it’s now time to think about the little things you can prepare in advance to make a difference on the day itself.

A wedding bathroom basket is a great way to supply everything that your guests may need to make their experience of your wedding even better – the little things that people easily forget.

There are often mini wardrobe, hair, or makeup malfunctions and a little item can go a long way in fixing an issue swiftly. I have definitely needed safety pins at a wedding before!

But exactly what to put in a wedding bathroom basket? Here we discuss the essentials, as well as some extra ideas to make sure you’ve covered all bases.

what to put in a wedding bathroom basket

Firstly, Does It Have To Be a Basket?

No, it doesn’t have to be an actual basket, you may choose a decorated box or tray to put your items in, but top tip – keep in mind the space you will have to put it in. Not all bathroom counters are big so make sure you check this when viewing your venue.

If there’s no bathroom counter space you can always ask your venue if you could borrow a small table for your wedding bathroom basket.

Toiletries for a Female Bathroom Basket

The toiletries you choose are the items that you think would be most useful to your female guests on the wedding day – the extra things people may forget to pop into their bags. Or items they didn’t know they would need.

Here is a list of possible toiletries to include…

  • Deodorant (aerosol not the roll-on kind)
  • Bandaids/ Plasters
  • Painkillers/ Advil – for any champagne-induced sudden headaches
  • Hair spray
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hair clips/ bobby pins
  • Tampons
  • Hand lotion
  • Clear nail varnish (for rips in tights)
  • Wet wipes

Other Items for a Female Bathroom Basket

Aside from toiletries, there are a few other items that could come in really handy on your wedding day.

When deciding what to put in a wedding bathroom basket not all of these will be relevant, but some could make a big difference to one of your guests!

  • Mints or chewing gum to keep that breath fresh
  • Water
  • Nail file
  • Safety pins
  • A mini sewing kit
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided (boob) tape
  • Stain remover wipes

Items for a Male Bathroom Basket

Whilst you’re planning what to put in a wedding bathroom basket, don’t forget about your male guests!

I’m sure they could also use some little extra items too, so here are some ideas for the male bathroom basket…

  • Deodorant (aerosol not the roll-on kind)
  • Bandaids/ Plasters
  • Advil
  • Hair spray
  • Hair gel
  • Mints and gum

Signage for Your Baskets

If you’re going to the effort of creating the bathroom baskets, you may as well go all out and get a cute sign for the counter or table.

Here is a cute option:

Minimalist Wedding Bathroom Basket Sign Template

This is an editable modern minimalist wedding bathroom basket sign template.

Extra Ideas for Your Wedding Baskets

Depending on the location and style of your wedding there are a few extra items we’d recommend having to hand.

If you are getting married outdoors or hosting any part of your day outside, you may want to consider providing sunscreen and bug spray for your guests.

You could also choose to include bottles of your favorite perfume and aftershave in the bathroom baskets, although this could end up getting expensive. You could try getting small samples from department stores.

Some brides choose to go the extra mile for their guests on the dance floor too. You could provide flip-flops for your guests – just in case any of your female guests are struggling in their high heels but want to dance. (Let’s face it, we’ve all been there!)

Here is a cute crate that comes with 20 pairs of white flip-flops in various different sizes:

Wedding Vintage Crate With 20 Pairs of White Flip-Flops

This is the perfect wedding gift with personalised plaque and 20 pairs of mixed small, medium and large flip flops with sparkling glitter thong for those dancing feet presented in this stunning vintage apple crate.

Top Tips When Planning What To Put in a Wedding Bathroom Basket:

Get Your Baskets Ready Early!

This is a job that can easily be done in advance. You can buy all the items as well as the baskets or containers, and store them away in a bag so that you are not worried about this last minute – easy!


This is a great task that can easily be delegated to someone else. It’s perfect for one of the bridesmaids, your maid of honor, or a close family member.

Simply chat through which of the above items you’d like in the boxes and then let them do the rest! (Offering to reimburse them for the money they spend if you wish.)

Don’t Spend Too Much

Don’t feel that you have to go overboard filling these baskets with fancy toiletries. Cheaper supermarket own brand items are totally fine.

After all, guests won’t mind where they’ve been bought, they will just be grateful that the items are there, especially if it’s an emergency.

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