Top 10 Beyonce Wedding Songs for Your Big Day

The music selection at your wedding is incredibly important – from walking down the aisle to your first dance to the last song of the night – there are some big musical decisions to make. Well, if you are a Beyonce fan – then look no further!

Beyonce can always help make a day special. She’s been making (solo) hits since 2003 and with SEVEN studio albums, there are lots of awesome songs to choose from – both slow and uptempo.

Did I mention I’m big into Beyonce? If you’re reading this I’m hoping you are too. And who said that every moment of your wedding needs older, traditional classical songs? Certainly not me!

So, here are 10 suggestions for the best Beyonce wedding songs to consider including on your wedding day, and where they may be most appropriately placed.

Note: We are going to discount anything from the newly released 2022 “Renaissance” album, as we think the more well-known tracks will work best for your wedding day.

Also left out is anything from 2016’s “Lemonade” as the whole concept of this album is not directly in keeping with love and romance, which is most appropriate for your wedding day.

Beyonce Wedding Songs

Romantic Beyonce Wedding Songs


“Halo” arguably includes some of the most beautiful and romantic lyrics ever written by Beyonce, so it really does work well as a wedding song.

“You know you’re my saving grace/You’re everything I need and more/It’s written all over your face”

This could be a beautiful processional song to walk down the aisle to, or perhaps even after the ceremony as you both walk out together.

If you have a live musician or a string quartet, an acoustic version could create a stunning and memorable moment.

“Dangerously in Love”

This is the title track from Beyoncé’s solo debut album and is thought to have been written at the start of her relationship with Jay Z.

“I am in love with you, you set me free/I can’t do this thing called life without you here with me/’Cause I’m dangerously in love with you”

Perhaps lesser known than “Halo,” this could work as a beautiful processional song or a first dance wedding song.


“Baby we ain’t nothing but love”

What a beautifully simplistic lyric. This track is a stunning soulful Beyonce ballad about endless love and soul mates.

This would make a beautiful choice to use within the ceremony – either as part of the processional entrance or perhaps elsewhere, such as the signing of the certificate.

Party Beyonce Wedding Songs

“Crazy in Love”

A dance floor filler if ever there was one, and an essential party song for your wedding playlist or DJ.

Apparently, at the wedding of Beyonce and Jay-Z in 2008, they danced to the song “Crazy in Love” themselves for their first dance!

So, how about you take inspiration from them and have this as your first dance song? It will certainly set the party tone for the rest of the evening!

Alternatively, you could have this playing as you exit the ceremony aisle together.

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”

No wedding party is complete without this one… “If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it.”

It’s an ode to the bride’s former unmarried self and an anthem for all the unmarried female guests there on your wedding day.

This is their cue to hit the dance floor and shake their thang… so this track would be perfectly placed just after the first dance, at the start of the party.

Another great idea is to have this track playing for the bridal bouquet toss to the single ladies of the wedding.

“Drunk in Love”

You might find that some of your older guests don’t know this sexy Beyonce track featuring Jay Z, but I personally love hearing this track when on the dancefloor!

It’s a great choice for halfway through your wedding party… the perfect song to locate your new husband/ wife on the dancefloor and have another loved-up dance and a smooch together.

“Run the World (Girls)”

Another classic female party anthem! This song can be played at any point during the party and it’s guaranteed to get your female guests onto the dance floor.

And let’s not forget about the bachelorette party – this is a great track to party with the girls to then also!

Somewhere-in-the-Middle Beyonce Wedding Songs

“Love on Top”

This is a personal favorite of mine, with its upbeat 80’s party feel, and yes this track did a feature on my own wedding playlist!

“Baby, it’s you, you’re the one I love/You’re the one I need, you’re the only one I see/Come on, baby, it’s you/ You’re the one that gives your all. You’re the one I can always call”

So this track could work brilliantly as a first dance or as the track playing as you both walk back down the aisle after the ceremony.


If you’re looking for a Beyonce wedding song for a father-daughter dance, we have just the track for you…

“I want my unborn son to be like my daddy/I want my husband to be like my daddy/There is no one else like my daddy/And I thank you for loving me”

‘Daddy’ from her 2003 album Dangerously in Love was written as a tribute to her father Mathew Knowles, and to honor his devotion to his family.

This could be a beautiful moment for the bride and her father!


Man, I love this song. This dreamy shimmering pop number is all about love, and it would make a beautiful choice for a first dance.

“In the darkest night hour (in the darkest night hour)/I’ll search through the crowd (I’ll search through the crowd)/Your face is all that I see/I’ll give you everything.”

We hope this has given you some musical inspiration – not only for your wedding day but also just for your listening pleasure today. I know who I’m listening to right now… all hail Queen Bey!

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