27 Fun and Festive Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake Ideas

If you’re taking the seasonal plunge and planning a winter wedding, we’re here to help celebrate your optimism, sense of adventure, and holiday spirit that lasts the whole year through!

winter wonderland wedding cakes
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We all like to grumble about the weather when we have to drive through freezing rain or sleet to get to work or school, but when your wedding takes place against a fluffy, snowy backdrop, the frostiness melts from our hearts, and we’re left sighing with the romance of it all.

Plus, we’re always yearning for sweet treats during the holidays or anytime when there’s a chill in the wintry air. So think about that feeling when planning a winter wonderland cake for your wedding.

We’ve found some sweet, stunning, Wonderland-themed decorations and accents for your winter wonderland wedding cake. Let’s make merry!

Take It from the Top of Your Wonderland Wedding Cake

This classic wintertime cake topper set is well-made by hand with crystal rhinestones, and features sturdy 4″ prong inserts to keep your cake topper firmly in place.

You can crown your wedding cake with the “Mr. & Mrs.” piece and place the snowflakes on another level if you’re having a tiered creation—or perhaps a staircase wedding cake?

The staircase wedding cake trend is new and fun, and it photographs beautifully. Instead of being centered from bottom to top, your wedding cake tiers are slanted a bit for a staircase effect.

You can use traditional round cake tiers for a staircase look, but we think square tiers would be even more festive. You can decorate square tiers with edible paints and fondant bows to look like presents on your winter wonderland cake!

Premium Quality for Your Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake

Aluminum wedding cake molds create stacked staircase tiers for your winter wonderland cake.

These cake molds come in 4 or 5-piece sets and various sizes. Look for premium quality like these because the finished product looks even and professional, and these molds last for generations.

Wrap Up Your Wedding Cake Tiers in Double Satin Ribbons

Dress your cake tiers like holiday gifts with satin ribbons and a diamante trim for a spectacular festive finish!

Let It Snow and Sparkle on Your Wedding Cake

Premium and personalized is what you get with this Swarovski crystal wedding cake topper. This set features both your initials and a pair of snowflakes, and there are two sizes to choose from.

You also get a say in the font used for your initials. We like the festive sound of a champagne, Edwardian, or duchess font!

Crystal Clear Acrylic Wedding Cake Topper Is All You

If you’re looking for a different topper for your winter wonderland wedding cake, let’s make something clear with this gorgeous acrylic cake topper!

This topper is mapped out on a computer and personalized with your wedding details. The main body of the snowflake is clear acrylic, and your wedding details are precision-cut onto your cake topper with a laser.

The snowflake tips are frosted acrylic, and you can choose from sizes between 6 to 9 inches wide. This decorative piece is guaranteed to be eye-catching over colorful, edible frosting sheets on your winter wonderland cake!

Edible Frosting Sheets on Winter Wonderland Cake

Winter floral brings warmth to a winter wedding, and these edible frosting sheets are bold and beautiful when you wrap them carefully around your wedding cake.

These frosting sheets come from a blend of ingredients like sugar, vanilla, and starch. With care and patience, you can create an exquisite wedding cake that you’ll be proud to display.

Wise Owls Make a Wonderful Wedding Cake Topper

Are you a bride-to-be who adores long winter walks in the forest with the snow crunching underneath your boots?

Capture that feeling with this sweet snowy owl bride and groom cake topper set. These two “love birds” are all dressed up to get married with the bride’s tiny tulle veil and floral crown and the groom in a silky black bow tie (there’s a top hat available too that you can request).

This decorative pair would suit a naked wedding cake perfectly. “What’s a naked wedding cake?” you ask.

It’s a light-textured cake that’s sparsely frosted and accented with powdered sugar to look like a dusting of snow. Such a pretty look!

Perfect Pinecones for a Winter Wedding Cake

Here’s another excellent addition to the snowy forest theme for your winter wonderland wedding cake.

It’s a loose kit of artificial (not edible) flowers and dried pine cones in assorted sizes. This method of decorating is practically foolproof, and you can easily arrange these accents on any wedding cake for that winter wonderland feeling.

Tell Them How You Feel with This Snowy Cake Topper

This lightweight acrylic cake topper sparkles with crystal rhinestones, and the snowy sentiment will say it all on top of your winter wonderland cake.

You can order this topper with removable cake stakes and use it later as a seasonal holiday decoration. It will bring back great memories every year!

Snow Babies Make an Adorable Wedding Cake Topper

Are you marrying your childhood sweetheart? This sweet cake topper has “snow babies” decked out in wintry wedding finery and setting out on the bike ride of their lives!

Sweet Little Icicles to Decorate Your Wedding Cake

These decorative icicles made of edible fondant and food coloring might not look much by themselves, but they make gorgeous accents to a winter wonderland cake. We can just imagine a rhinestone snowflake glittering on top!

These icicles are shipped airtight to avoid damage, and it’s best to heat them by microwave for a few seconds because they soften beautifully to bend around your cake shape.

These icicles don’t require refrigeration but keep them dry and sealed until you’re ready to use them.

Snowflakes with Pearl Dust for Your Winter Wedding Cake

This set of 24 glittering snowflakes is lovingly created from white gum paste airbrushed with a glittery shine of pearl dust.

You get various sizes of eye-catching snowflakes to decorate your cake, and while they look chill, don’t put them in the fridge! They only require an airtight container to keep fresh.

Your winter wonderland cake will be complete with these snowflakes and a coating of crystalized sugar!

Create an Icy Glow with Sugar Crystals on Wedding Cake

While other wedding cakes are beautifully topped with faux flower accents and rows of frosted piping, your winter wonderland cake gets that icy glow with pearl dusted snowflakes and a nice layer of crystallized sugar!

Sugar Pearls & Silver Sprinkles for Winter Wonderland Cake

These pretty food-grade sprinkles are like edible silver bells for your festive winter wedding cake!

Decorating Idea: Create two tiers with a flat round cake as your base. Your second cake tier will be three smaller round cakes, identically sized, that you frost with buttercream icing to form one taller. cylindrical tier.

On the taller cake tier, use silver sprinkles to form a holiday tree shape and leave spaces to add edible metallic sugar beads in brighter colors to resemble ornamental bulbs. It’ll put everyone in the holiday spirit!

Add Some Cornflower Blue to Your Winter Wedding Cake

Sugar-free herbs like dried, organically pure blue cornflower add color and decorative contrast to a wonderland wedding cake.

This dried blend is also perfect for de-stressing. Add it to loose tea for a hydrating antioxidant drink!

Your Winter Wonderland Cake Needs Snowflake Jewels

These jewelry-inspired snowflakes feature six Marquise-shape pieces with diamond-style studs as center accents.

You can order sets of purely clear snowflakes or a combination of clear and aqua colors. Whatever you choose, your cake will look elegant and beautiful.

Add Some LED Lighting to Your Winter Wedding Cake

Talk about the best-decorated seasonal wedding cake imaginable!

Crown your winter wonderland wedding cake with an LED acrylic snowflake topper that lights up in shades of gold or red, purple, green, or blue. Your cake will become a focal point everyone will admire!

Make Your Cake Snowflakes with a Silicone Mold

Create your snowflake wedding cake accents with a durable, food-grade silicone mold that’s heat resistant up to 500° F.

There’s a variety of snowflake shapes in this mold, and you can make your designs with gum paste, fondant, and chocolate.

Since this mold is easy to clean and reusable, you can keep making sweet treats or even try making snowflake soaps or miniature candles later on!

Edible Pastel Wafer Paper Snowflakes for Wedding Cake

We love these edible pastel snowflake wafers! They add a nice decorative touch without any sweetness or flavor, so they won’t alter the taste of something like a seasonal fruit cake.

A Multiple Fondant Snowflake Set For Your Cake Decorating

Talk about convenience! When you order a complete set of these edible snowflakes created from fondant, corn starch, and food coloring, your decorating needs are set!

You get an extra-large cake topper and large, medium, and small snowflakes in a color of your choice for additional accents.

You also receive an ounce of white “Funfetti” sprinkles, all made in a gluten, dairy, and nut-free environment. 

Make Your Wedding Cake Shine Like a Box of Chocolates

This little jar of shimmer dust is food-safe and FDA-approved. Within each jar is very fine powder to decorate wedding cakes or gum paste and fondant accents for a cake.

You can mix the shimmer dust with flavoring oils to make it easy to “paint” onto an edible surface or to add a seasonal glow to your winter wonderland cake, mix the shimmer dust into royal or buttercream icing for a gorgeous effect.

Chocolate Crunch in Metallic Gold

Not only are these shiny metallic (non-toxic!) sprinkles gorgeous, they have chocolate as an ingredient and they’re also yummy decorations. (Note: while this product is approved as food-safe in other countries, the FDA has yet to assess it, and it does contain soy).

Buyers rave about the soft, tasty crunch of this product, and the fun, eye-catching shapes of the sprinkles that include beads, hearts, and squares in shiny shades of gold, silver, green, pink, purple, or blue.

Festive Cranberry Luster For Your Winter Wonderland Cake

Here’s another version of edible decorating dust with food-grade ingredients in a very festive cranberry color!

There are many color choices with these edible products and various sheens from glitter to luster to pearl and highlighter.

While it’s easiest to sprinkle this product onto a cake for a glowing effect, you can also get very creative and airbrush seasonal accents onto your wonderland wedding cake using stencils.

Stunning Stencil Snowflakes 

This wintry cake stencil set is durable, reusable, and made of food-safe mylar.

Video tutorials on stenciling cakes are also offered, including this example: Confection Couture Stencils How To.

Airbrush Winter Wonderland Decorations onto Your Cake

Airbrush makeup application is becoming very popular, and if you’re already a pro with your makeup airbrushing, you may find airbrushing stenciled decorations onto a winter wonderland cake right up your alley!

Lovely Lace Effect for a Winter Wedding Cake

Are you getting married after the holiday rush? Your winter wonderland cake will beat the January blahs with lovely (and yummy!) lace accents formed with this food-safe and dishwasher-friendly silicone mold. 

It’ll be fun to practice using this mold and determining the best ingredients. Popular choices include sugar-gum pastes or fondant, but you can try marzipan, chocolate, or “sugar clay” and see what works best for your cake!

A Winter Wonderland Cake for Your Very Valentine Wedding

Finally, for you romantic brides planning Valentine’s Day-themed nuptials—a lovely cake stencil with delicate hearts to airbrush onto your cake!

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