23 Wedding Arch Ideas For Your Ceremony

The right wedding arch can take your ceremony to the next level. Besides creating an exciting frame for your pictures, it can also set the perfect mood for your special day.

We recommend browsing for wedding arch ideas to find something that reflects your personality as well as the theme of your wedding.

Customized Round Hoop Arch

Extra Stable Multisize Shiny Metal Arch

Both 6.56ft and 7.87ft one are suitable for heavy-duty decor.It's as sturdy as 92inches circle arch.

The floral theme of this arched round hoop evokes the beauty of nature. We love the asymmetrical design that balances the circular shape of the backdrop. And with the perfect floral arrangement or accent pieces, it’ll set the mood for your boho wedding.

Open Front U-Base Copper Arch

Copper Arch Classic Style

This classic arch style is made from 100% copper it will last for many years to come!

The discreet floral accents of this arch are the perfect addition to the metallic color of this industrial-style copper frame.

The angles of the rectangular design will frame your pictures, and the sturdy U-base is ideal for guests to pose under for those must-have Instagram photo opportunities.

Wedding Arch With Flowers

Wedding Arch Swag

Beautiful wedding arch swag. These flowers are the perfect accent to your shabby chic, vintage or outdoor wedding.

This floral wedding arch swag is the perfect addition to an existing frame. It features a selection of colorful peonies, hydrangeas, and vine leaves for a natural touch.

Eucalyptus Garland

Greenery Wedding Arch

Greenery piece, great for your ceremony arbor, will work on any style arbor, can also translate into a mantle piece or on a table.

This fake eucalyptus garland will add some much-needed greenery to your wedding arch. The shape is ideal for hiding the corners of the arch you’ve decided to use, and you can easily combine the garland with other elements to create a one-of-a-kind arch.

Boho Wedding Arch Ring

Yellow Round Metal Wedding Arch

Size: 82inch. Made of high quality metal material, durable and can be used for a long time.

This large wedding arch ring is the perfect canvas for you to show off your creativity. You can use it to attach flowers, leaves, garlands, draping, and other elements. There are different sizes and colors available to match your theme.

Diamond Wedding Iron Arch

Diamond Wedding Iron Arch

Metal Backdrop for any weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, photo booth, cake smash decor, and much more.

If you’re looking for unique wedding arch ideas, look no further! We love this diamond wedding arch, which, with its geometrical shape, will make for some original pictures.

The iron frame is sturdy and can support heavy floral arrangements and other elements.

Rose Gold Wedding Arch

Wedding Arch

This copper wedding arch stand is great to set up as a ceremony backdrop, photo booth stand and even as a room divider.

The rose gold hue of this rectangular arch will add a modern touch to your wedding. This arch is easy to transport and assemble, and we love that it’s something you’ll be able to use again and again for other occasions.

Rustic Wooden Wedding Arch

Wooden Wedding Arch

The triangle arch is more unique than a circle arch and more elegant than a square arch or a hexagon one.

We love this wooden arch because of its pointed crown design. It’s a shape you might see in Gothic architecture, and this rustic arch will evoke religious buildings.

The small cutouts are ideal for attaching smaller flower arrangements. It comes in four pieces to make it easy to assemble.

Wedding Wrought-Iron Double Arch

Metal Wedding Arch

Background decoration for any scene/any festival.

This wrought-iron wedding arch comes in gold, black, or white. The double arch design looks classic and will work with a wide range of themes. We like the idea of the wrought-iron construction that makes it durable and can hold heavy decor items.

Wood Hexagon Arch

Wood Hexagon Arch

These single layered Hexagon Wedding Arbors (double is also available upon request in my shop) are the perfect element to add to any event to instantly level up the elegance.

You’ll come across a wide range of rectangular backdrops when looking at wedding arch ideas. But this hexagonal arch stands out for all the right reasons. It adds a modern touch to your wedding and will suit pretty much any theme. 

Wedding Circular Arch

Circle Arch Round Wedding Hoop

Gold/White/Black/Silver (no paint)/Bronze gold/Cyan gold/Rose gold/Matte black.

With seven different sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find an arch that will fit your ceremony. You can opt for supportive legs or select a square base for a sturdier design.

We like the simple shape of this circular arch. You can customize it with flowers, leaves, or drapes of your choice.

Circle Wedding Metal Hoop Arch

This simple circle wedding metal hoop arch is a perfect size and shapes for your ceremony. We also like the metallic accents of the hoop arch that creates an interesting contrast with any other decor elements.

Another plus is the lightweight design, which makes it easy to move around and set up.

Moon Wedding Arch

Moon Wedding Arch

This beautiful metal moon arch is the best decoration for any celebration.

We’re big fans of this moon wedding arch and for good reason! The asymmetrical design provides the perfect backdrop for those must-have Instagram photos. 

Rounded Wedding Arch

Backdrop With Stand

Many brides want their wedding ceremony to have a gorgeous backdrop, because it is in front of this arch that many magic and touching moments occur, and many memorable photos are taken.

This simple rounded arch is the perfect frame for an outdoor ceremony. The shape is very versatile, and if you like, you can combine different sizes to create a gorgeous layered effect.

Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Rustic Wedding Backdrop

This backdrop can be customized for any event, personalized background can be decorated to give you the best memories in engagement parties, ceremonies, receptions, bridal showers or any other wedding events.

This rustic wedding arch comes with a personalized backdrop. With 16 different options to choose from, you’ll be able to display a backdrop with a quote that reflects your unique love story.

Circle Wedding Arch

Circle Wedding Arch 83"

This round arch will be an excellent addition to your event. The arch is easy to collect within 20-30 minutes.

This circular wedding arch features delicate steel ornaments. The intricate details complement floral arrangements and also have a practical purpose – making it easy to hang flowers or other decorative elements.

Hydrangea Flower Arch

Hydrangea Flower Arch

Flower arch 8" X 8 " (for flower only, including the metal frame).

This hydrangea flower wall arch makes an impressive addition to your wedding ceremony. The white color of the flowers looks beautiful and will highlight your dress, while the sturdy construction of the arch is ideal for supporting a large number of flowers.

Heart Wedding Arch

Wedding Arch Heart

Overall dimensions: height ~ 93", width ~ 111" / height ~ 2.35 m, width ~ 2.83 m.

This heart-shaped wedding arch will steal the show! It’s a fun way to symbolize true love, and you can customize it by decorating with flowers that match your color palette.

Macramé Arch

Macramé Arch

This macrame is woven from 5 mm cord. It is attached on the metal semicircle.

This stunning metal and macramé arch combines a simple design with a richness of textures. Both the metal and fabric work well together and can be used with pretty much any color palette. It’s a must-have for your boho, beach, barn, or industrial-chic-inspired wedding!

Wedding Light Stand Arch

Wedding Light Stand Arch

A beautiful electric wedding light centerpiece can anchor an outdoor ceremony, decorate your wedding table, serve as a photo backdrop, or bring new meaning to your celebration.

Are you planning on getting married at dusk? If yes, you’ll need to think about how you want to light your ceremony. This backdrop comes with built-in electric lights for a magical effect your guests will never forget!

Sage Green and White Rose Wedding Arch

Square Metal Wedding Arches

The wedding arch is made of metal, strong and not easy to rust.

This delicate sage green and white rose wedding arch combines the metallic accents of a rectangular frame with a feminine touch courtesy of the white rose arrangements. 

Silver Mirror Backdrop Frame Cube

Depending on your preference (and budget), you can go for an individual frame or get a set of three cubes. These are smaller than some frames on our list, is the list, but you’re able to create a framing effect by arranging the cubes around the area you’ll be using for the ceremony.

Handmade Backdrop Arch

Wedding Arches for Ceremony

Using high-quality solid wood, carefully ground and surface fired. 

This wide rectangular handmade arch is perfect for recreating a very personalized look. Whether you want to hang a tapestry, silk drapes, ribbons, or flower garlands, this arch will create a unique effect.

What to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Arch

There are many wedding arch ideas to explore, but how do you know which one is right for your special day?


Consider the size and layout of your venue when choosing an arch. An oversized arch will dwarf other decorations, while an arch that’s too small may not create the effect you’re hoping for.


Copper and other metals are generally easier to transport and set up. However, you should consider a wooden arch if you’re looking for a rustic or natural effect.


The shape of the arch is crucial because it will determine how your wedding photographer will frame your pictures. Circular arches will create a softer effect, while angular arches will add structure to your wedding photographs.


You should also think about how you want to decorate your arch. Most couples opt for floral arrangements, but there are plenty of other options to explore, including silk wrappings, tapestries, macramé, leaves, garlands, balloons, and more.

Think about how much weight the arch will support and how you can attach decorative elements to the frame.

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