20 Amazing Ideas for a Wedding Cake With Flowers

Is there anything more visually decadent than a wedding cake festooned with seasonal blooms? No matter which way you use them, incorporating flowers into your wedding cake is a super easy and attractive way to spruce up a dessert table!

Decorating a wedding cake with flowers is a time-honored tradition that’s not going anywhere anytime soon and luckily there really is no wrong way to do it. Flowers are timelessly romantic and undeniably attractive regardless of the way you style them.

We’ve got a list of awesome ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding cake- whether it’s edible flowers, sugar blooms, or hand-painted blossoms, stay here for all things floral wedding cake-related! 

How To Incorporate Flowers into Your Wedding Cake

If you’re like the majority of brides, you’ll be relying heavily on your vendors. Shoutout to wedding vendors, you all are the real MVP of wedding season!

Your cake baker will know everything about your vision, flavors, and how many guests you’ll be feeding, and your florist will similarly know what’s needed to pull off a gorgeous-looking celebration –  from blooms on the table, decorating the entrance, your bouquet needs, and so much more!

That being said, if you’re thinking about utilizing fresh flowers in your wedding cake, ultimately it’ll be up to your florist to supply you with the necessary blooms. You will need to work with both the baker and florist to figure out what the best types of flowers for your cake are, depending on your vision and budget. 

If you go this route, you may have to pick the flowers up from the florist (or send a trustworthy errand person- remember, delegation is your friend!) and bring them to the baker ahead of time so they can get everything sorted. 

If you’re a DIY bride, you may have to rely more on personal research on how to incorporate flowers into your ultimate wedding cake vision. There’s a lot to learn on this wedding planning journey, and much of it is pretty self-explanatory: but if you ever run into a quandary, don’t be afraid to rely on the advice of professional florists and bakers. 

Don’t feel like you need to incorporate physical blossoms on your cake. While yes, they do look fantastic, I hope you draw some inspiration from some intriguing alternatives included in this list!

Minimalistic White Cake With a Single Bloom

Are you a bride who gravitates toward the sleek, modern, and minimalist look? Just take a look at this effortless single bloom and sprig of greenery on this gorgeously simple one-tiered white wedding cake. 

When in doubt, white flowers of any variety are an easy way to top a cake and a solo flower is a great example of “less is more,” because the restraint speaks volumes!

Asymmetric Trailing Autumnal Wedding Cake Florals

Autumnal colors are among some of the best when it comes to wedding flowers; you’ve got an entire range of ochres, siennas, browns, whites, and everything in between!

White cakes are always classic regardless of the time of year, but if you’re looking for something a bit more alternative, consider getting your cake done in a warm, fall-inspired hue.

I love the way this trailing mini-bouquet looks on top of this tall wedding cake. Even though it’s more leaves, berries, and strands, the look is A+.

24 Made-to-Order Ombre Purple Royal Icing Flowers

2 Dozen Royal Icing Shades of Purple Flowers

Flowers are about 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch.

Are you planning a purple cake? If so, perhaps you’re one of the many who are hopping on the ombre trend train!

These delicate purple royal icing flowers are so easy to use, and you can achieve a variety of effects for your purple wedding cake! These can also be used on cupcakes if you’re going that route.

Modern White and Gold Wedding Cake With Flowers

Modern White and Gold Wedding Cake With Flowers

This wire wedding cake topper is modern, rustic and simply elegant.

Look at this charming cake with artistic edible gold paint! With a single wine-red bloom, this cake incorporates those beautifully classic metallics with a fun pop of color. 

One of the best parts about having fresh blooms on your cake is that you can easily turn the cake around for the cutting ceremony, so it stays nice and pretty for the photo. When it comes down to cutting the cake and serving your guests a piece (or two!), the blossom can easily be taken out!

Boho Pressed Wildflower Wedding Cake

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper

Hand Painted on Wood on both sides and measures approximately 6'' wide by 8'' tall (Including the stick)

This take on floral cakes is so trendy and gorgeous. Putting pressed and dried wildflowers all around your cake make it almost too pretty to eat!

If you’re going this route, we suggest making your wildflower wedding cake the showstopper that doesn’t get served (unless you use dried edible flowers.) You can still cut it for the photo opp, though!

Set of Four Wired Sugar Flower Sprays

Set of Four Wired Sugar Flower Sprays

Gumpaste Sugar flowers are ready to use on cakes and cupcakes

Gumpaste flowers are a godsend when it comes to edible creations! These come ready to use, and can also be further decorated to your (or your baker’s) desire.

Just a note: some sugar flowers do come with non-edible elements such as wires or ribbons, so do your due diligence before taking a big bite! Decorative gum pastes itself, while edible, is not often eaten because of how hard it dries.

Tropical White Orchids and Palms on White Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Topper

Made with Palms and Off-White Natural-Touch, or Silk Orchids, this Popular Cake Decoration is simple, yet elegant.

Destination wedding, or just want a tropical theme? You can’t miss the mark with this romantic, breezy combination of white orchids and palm fronds on your wedding cake!

Whether you decide to go with fresh or faux, white orchids are a classy decorative choice. Fresh will obviously cost considerably more, but there are plenty of excellent faux floral options out there… it just depends on your budget!

Stripped Down Unfrosted Wedding Cake With Wildflowers

Faux Wildflower Floral Cake Decorations

Faux wildflower floral cake decorations, perfect for the special day and as a beautiful keepsake afterwards.

For a super rustic and charming look, consider leaving your cake “unfrosted.” When covered with dried wildflowers, leaves, and faux twigs, the cake looks like a true work of art!

You can still do colorful with a myriad of Mother Nature’s wild delights- just look at how playful the buds and blossoms are.

White Baby’s Breath and Eucalyptus Greenery Cake

White Baby's Breath and Eucalyptus Greenery Wedding Cake

Natural wedding cake flowers. 4 pieces - can be purchased separately or as a set.

Baby’s breath is such an underrated wedding flower- these tiny blossoms look so good on a wide range of wedding cakes. This one, in particular, is a three-tiered cake, with eucalyptus and baby’s breath on each tier.

Such a simple cake like this doesn’t need much, the beautiful greenery on each tier makes it classic and effortless. 

Fruits and Flowers Decorated Wedding Cake

Cascading Wedding Cake Flower Package in Burgundy Navy

Make a Beautiful statement with this stunning Burgundy, Blush & Navy floral cascading cake topper.

So, it’s been established that we love our flowers on a wedding cake. But why not consider incorporating fruits, as well?!

The cornucopia vibes are strong for a fall wedding, and by using ripe berries in your cake, you can also position the beautiful fruits to peek out amongst the flowers for a full and rich look. 

Edible Mini Rice Paper Flowers

Edible Mini Rice Paper Flowers

The 48 edible Flowers are 1.89"-1.26",mixed size and mixed colors. Color of flower as the picture.It is made by edible rice paper which is made by starch.

These bright little things are super easy to use if you’re decorating your wedding desserts yourself! Imagine these colorful rice paper flowers folded on your cupcakes or placed delicately on your wedding cake.

Monet Frosting Painted Cake

Monet Frosting Painted Cake
Photo by: Lulu Cake Boutique

Maybe you’re the type of bride who doesn’t want anything inedible on her cake. Take a gander at the gorgeous frosting work here; it’s like something out of a Monet painting.

The beautiful thing with flowers on a cake is that any and every expression of blossom is appreciated and easy to do, even with shades of pink frosting!

Large Silk Champagne Rose Wedding Cake Topper

Rustic Rose Cake Topper

This rustic themed cake topper features soft feel champagne/cream silk roses, eucalyptus leaves, baby's breath and rhuse berry spray.

If you were ever worried about going “too big,” to that, we say- NAY. Just take a look at this large champagne rose arrangement on top of this wedding cake. 

You can go big, bold, and beautiful with flower blossoms, and nobody will complain!

Wildflower Wreath Wedding Cake

Wildflower Floral Cake Tier Kit

3 piece floral cake kit. Made with dried yellow roses and wildflowers with artificial succulents and grapevine.

Want the wildflower look but unsure of how to decorate? Check out this neat trick: utilize a wreath for a cohesive and natural addition to your cake; you’ll still have room for a topper too! 

I love the look of wildflowers for many reasons, but mainly because of how sprawling they look. With tendrils, blossoms, buds, and leaves, wildflowers will give off that natural forest-y vibe that so many brides covet!

Pale Pink Gumpaste Peony Flower for Wedding Cake

Super Pale Pink Garden Peony Flowers

This listing is for beautifully handmade gumpaste Peony on wire which measures approximately 4-4.5 inches across.

This gorgeous gumpaste peony is massive and so realistic! Flowers like this look make a real statement on a wedding cake.

This peony can also be customized to be ridged with gold, for a little extra razzle-dazzle! 

Black Gold Cake With White Orchids

Fake Cake Black Gold

We help you save a ton of money on your wedding cake. Have the look without the cost! Real fondant.

Contrasting colors are a bold choice, and frankly, we’re here for it! Go for a moody hue, like a dark burgundy, navy, or even black for your cake, and give it lots of lift with white blossoms. 

The gold metallics pop against the black backdrop of the cake, and the white orchids are always a classy choice!

If you’re worried that you might have too much going on, then keep the florals muted and let the cake colors speak for themselves!

Lavender Cluster Cake Topper

Lavender Cluster Cake Topper

Our Popular Lavender and Sweet William Clusters will look beautiful Adorning Your Wedding Cake.

Lovely, lovely lavender. If you’re having a farm or country wedding, you just have to incorporate strands of delicate purple lavender!

We love the way these clusters, while long and slender, are laid flat and juxtaposed with each other on each tier. It’s simple, effective, and smells heavenly; lemon and lavender go hand-in-hand, you know!

Watercolor Painted Floral Wedding Cake

Watercolor Painted Floral Wedding Cake
Photo by: Creative Cakes

Artsy brides, unite! These beautiful watercolor renderings look almost stamped on with real flowers.

This is a great way to gather all the colorful themes of your wedding and display them on your cake with real blossoms. It encourages your wedding guests to take a closer look at the whimsy and beauty too.

Eco-Friendly Sola Wood Flowers and Succulents 

Wisteria Blue Wedding Cake Flowers

This Succelent Vibe Cake Flower set is available in a Topper and as many tiers as you need to order. 

Sola wood flowers are super popular with many eco-conscious brides, and this cake topper is no different!

We love the deeper purples and blues of the blossom that ties in with the darker hues of the succulents. 

If you want something reusable, silk and wood flowers are always great options!

Springtime Florals on White Wedding Cake With Frosting

Dummy Cake Flower Baby Fake Cake

3 layer cakes are 3 "tall, 4 layer cakes are 4" tall. Layers refer to the layers in each tier, not the tiers themselves.

Okay, so you’ve decided you want the white cake. You’ve figured out what flowers you want to decorate with… but something’s missing…

Don’t forget that you can play with the frosting style! We love the look of this swirled, white cake that visually draws the eyes to the center of the floral cake topper. 

Wild and Natural Cascading Flower Decoration

Wild and Natural Cascading Flower Decoration

The cake garland is made of artificial and preserved flowers, leaves and grass, wire, and other trinkets used for arranging

Concerned about decorating your tall cake? No problemo!

This long strand of delicate ferns, white flowers, and tiny buds is the epitome of spring! Just wrap this gently around your stacked cake for a wild and natural look. 

Rustic Roses and Wildflowers With Burlap Wrapped Cake

Gold Monogram Wedding Cake Topper

A beautiful cake topper handmade from wood and hand-painted by hand.

Country gals, this is for you. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, or have access to farm-fresh flowers, a smart move is to incorporate your outdoor scenery and bring it onto the dessert table. 

White roses nestled in between sprigs of pine, thistle, and wildflowers all bundled on top of a wedding cake with some lace, burlap, and twine; so cozy and country-chic! 

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