23 Wedding Bouquet Alternatives For The Non-Traditional Bride

Looking for a more sustainable alternative to the traditional floral bouquet? Or maybe your budget simply can’t accommodate fresh flowers?

Perhaps you’re searching for a bouquet that is more easily preserved after your big day, or you just long for something unexpected and different to walk down the aisle with?

Well, good news! There are plenty of alternatives to the traditional wedding bouquet that still deliver that distinctive visual pop. Let’s take a look…

Floral Hoop Bouquet

Bridesmaid hoop Bouquet

These beautiful floral hoops make the perfect alternative for flower girls gift basket, lightweight and easy to hold they make an ideal floral accessory.

This fabric-flowered hoop is the perfect marriage of traditional florals and alternative aesthetics.

We love it because it still provides a medium for flowers whilst bestowing a modern twist on an age-old bridal accessory.

Plus, it doesn’t require pre-ceremony maintenance!

Macrame Hoop

Bridesmaid Macrame Hoop

These macrame "bridesmaid" hoops are perfect for the non-traditional, boho bride! Each gold hoop measures 8" and features three large macrame feathers made of 4mm natural cotton cord.

Macrame is super hot right now!

If you’re incorporating some boho flair into your wedding decor, this hoop is the perfect option.

With woven leaves, it provides a stunning focal point for your unforgettable walk down the aisle.

We especially love that the macrame is handmade, so every item is unique.

Rustic Dried Bouquet

If you’re planning a rustic wedding, then this charming bouquet is perfect for you.

This dried arrangement’s neutral tones can match any decor or wardrobe palette with exposed stems and burlap ribbon.

We love that this Etsy seller also makes boutonnieres. Talk about a one-stop-shop! 

Feathered Bridal Fan

Gold Bridal Fan

The gorgeous vintage-inspired feather fan can be a great alternative feather bouquet!

For deco brides who can’t resist the timeless pop of muted gold, this feathered bridal fan—complete with a mini birdcage and sparkly jewels—completes any gilded wedding palette.

Not only will it make the perfect addition to your post-wedding home decor, but it’ll be the talk of your wedding day!

Fluffy Pampas Grass Bouquet

Extra Fluffy Pampas Grass

These stems are expertly grown, tall, fluffy, and resistant to shedding.

Dried flowers are one thing, but this delightfully fluffy dried pampas grass beauty is in its own league!

Its neutral tones are perfect for any color scheme, and it gives that overflowing, abundant look at an affordable price.

We love that you can customize the number of stems and can easily supplement with additional flowers.

Preserved Eucalyptus Bouquet

Preserved Eucalyptus Bouquet

Each stem will vary in shape, size, color, scent, and volume, and will have both natural and preservation blemishes.

No dried foliage retains eye-popping colors and swoon-worthy scents like eucalyptus.

This bouquet is prep-less (it doesn’t need any water to stay alive before the ceremony), and it’s perfect alone or paired with additional flowers.

We love that you can customize the arrangement’s height and size. 

Crystal Bouquet

Crystal Bouquet- Bridal Bridesmaid Bouquet

This size makes a perfect bridesmaid bouquet or bridal bouquet for the bride looking to make a subtle floral statement.

Keeping with the high-glam theme, this crystal bouquet is perfect for brides who just can’t get enough glitz in their wardrobe.

It’s the perfect complement for downright sparkly wedding themes, and we love how it catches the sunlight in photos.

With ivory and silver options, this floral alternative would be perfect for a winter wedding. 

Brooch Bouquet

Brooch Bouquet

Material - sation roses, top class rhinestone and satin ribbons, alloy jewelry.

Alternative deco brides, you’ve met your match: this stunning dome of black, silver, and crystal brooches.

It’s an excellent choice for glitzy brides, and we love that it adds a Roaring 20s touch without going overboard.

Book Page Bouquet

Custom Book Bouquet Wedding

The ensemble will come similar to photos shown with the green faux foliage and jute and lace wrap embellishments.

For brides who love to read or write, this unique paper bouquet made from book pages is sure to make you fall in love. 

With large ‘blooms’, this creation delivers the classic floral look with a literary twist, and it looks downright stunning in wedding photos.

Rose Gold Book Page Bouquet

Rose Gold Book Page Bouquet

This bouquet is shown in rose gold and burgundy coffee filter roses and natural book page roses surrounded by waves of white tulle.

This rose gold book page bouquet is the perfect choice for an added pop of color.

With stellar three-dimensional paper flowers and a perfect splash of pink, this bouquet is sure to please literary enthusiasts and pink devotees alike.

Plus, like your favorite book, this bouquet will live on forever.

Beaded Wire Bouquet

Beaded Wire Bouquet

12 inches tall and consists of two parts: the inner bouquet itself, completely wire wrapped on the bottom, and the outer spiral wire wrap, created with thicker gauge wire which gives it an extra special unique touch!

Goodbye flowers, hello sparkly wire bouquets!

The alternative bouquet to rule them all, this non-floral accessory is perfect for any wedding theme, season, or color palette.

We love that it is so customizable, with countless wire colors and adornment options to choose from. 

Brooch Bouquet with Ribbon Roses

Brooch Bouquet

It is made using different vintage color and modern re purposed jewelry including rings, brooches, necklaces, cuff links, and any other gorgeous jewelry items I think would look spectacular in your bouquet.

For the perfect combination of sparkly brooches and gently shimmering florals, look no further than this deco-inspired creation.

For brides who want an unconventional pop without sacrificing traditional flowers, this arrangement is an excellent accessory, not to mention an absolute stunner in photos!

With nearly countless colors to choose from, it’s so easy to customize to fit in with your wedding theme.

Wheat and Lavender Bouquet

Bouquet of Dried Flowers - Etsy

A bouquet of dried wheat spikelets and lavender.

For barn weddings or elopements in the middle of a grassy field, it can be tough to find traditional floral arrangements that honor the setting. Enter the wheat and lavender bouquet!

Made with dried foliage, this arrangement is long-lasting and stylish. How can you go wrong?

Burlap Bouquet

Burlap Wedding Bouquet

My burlap wedding bouquets are completely handmade by me!

Forget everything you ever knew about burlap with this bouquet!

The stylish burlap flowers are perfect for rustic themes and outdoor weddings alike, and there are countless colors to choose from. 

There are also three sizes to choose from so that you can toss a smaller bouquet without sacrificing your prized bridal accessory.

Burlap-Wrapped Hoop Bouquet

Burlap-Wrapped Hoop Bouquet

The hoop is 10inches or 25cm with the foliage extending to approximately 12 inches.

This bridal hoop is wrapped with burlap thread and overflowing with vibrant fabric flowers, accent greens, and dried foliage. 

It’s an excellent choice for boho brides and colorful outdoor weddings.

We just love how the foliage overflows from the hoop for a rustic, eye-catching effect!

Wooden Sunflower and Rose Bouquet

Vintage Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

This pretty sunflower wedding bouquet is finished with lace and burlap. 

If you think wood bouquets would be heavy or chunky-looking, think again.

This sunflower and rose bouquet is vibrant and light, and its blooms look remarkably like real flowers. 

With five sizes to choose from, you can supply the entire bridal party with this unique and stylish arrangement.

Dried Wildflower Bouquet

Dried Wildflower Bouquet

This beautiful bouquet is perfect for your boho weddings!

Some brides, try as they might, just can’t settle on a color scheme, and with this dried wildflower bouquet, you don’t have to settle for a two-toned theme!

We love that this option is affordable and that it includes nearly every color you can imagine. It’s perfect for rustic-themed weddings or colorful celebrations of love!

Floral Pampas Grass Bouquet

Dusty Rose Pampas Grass Bouquet

Forever pampas bouquet features dried flowers, pampas grass variety with silk spray roses in beautiful earthy and ivory tones including dried field flowers.

If you love the boho appeal of pampas grass but can’t resist traditional florals, this bouquet is perfect for you.

The perfect marriage of dried flowers and pampas grass, this arrangement will produce the “wow!” effect every bride looks for.

It’s also tied up with an equally rustic ribbon!

Origami Book Page Bouquet

Paper Wedding Bouquet

This beautiful and unique bouquet is perfect for your wedding.

For a book page bouquet that doesn’t pull any punches, check out this stunning arrangement.

For brides who want to add a bit of bookish flair to their ceremonies without sacrificing florals, this is for you.

Plus, we love that this endearing composition features buttons in the center of the blooms. How charming!

Leafy Green and Dusty Rose Bridal Hoop

Bridesmaid Hoop Bouquet

These beautiful floral hoops make the perfect alternative for flower girls gift basket, lightweight and easy to hold they make an ideal floral accessory.

This bridal hoop features its fair share of dusty rose and cream blooms, but the star of the show is undoubtedly the muted green eucalyptus leaves!

Larger than traditional eucalyptus, these leaves balance out the colorful fabric blooms for a hoop that values colors and greenery equally.

Plus, we love that you can specify the arrival date when you place your order so that your hoop arrives just in time for your special day!

Mini Greenery Bridal Hoop

Mini Greenery Bridal Hoop

This elegant flower girl hoop and matching ring bearer pillow are made with the highest quality of materials.

This bridal hoop is perfect for minimalist brides who prefer green elements over florals.

Featuring just one bloom and lots of hanging greenery, it’s small enough for flower girls to tote down the aisle instead of the traditional basket of flower petals.

The best thing about this hoop? It’s ultra-customizable.

Maximalist Succulent Bouquet

Maximalist Succulent Bouquet

These beautiful custom bouquets are available in multiple sizes, styles & colors. 

If you’re a succ-er for succulents, you’ll love this!

Overflowing with succulents and other greenery, this live arrangement is perfect for brides who adore succulents but don’t want to opt for artificial plants. 

We love that succulents are so low-maintenance and hardy that this bouquet could become a thriving cactus garden in your backyard after the ceremony!

Diamond-Shaped Bouquet

Bridesmaid Hoop Bouquet

These beautiful floral diamond shape hoops make the perfect alternative for flower girls basket, lightweight and easy to hold they make an ideal floral accessory.

For brides who love the functionality of the bridal hoop but are bored with circular imagery, why not evoke the diamond, the gemstone that symbolizes resistance and long-lasting romance?

This option is smaller and more minimalist than a traditional bouquet; perfect for the alternative bride. 

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