How To Make a Wedding Bouquet: 6 Effortless Tips

The wedding flowers. So important to some, so expensive to others. Many brides and grooms are thinking about creating DIY elements for their weddings, and flowers can be something that you could certainly get creative with.

You don’t need to be particularly crafty to make a wedding bouquet, and it is a great way to keep some money in the ‘ol wedding budget.

So, if you’re thinking about how to make a wedding bouquet for your special day then have a read of the tips below to make sure you’re well-equipped to create something truly special…

How To Make a Wedding Bouquet

Decide on Your Style and Color Palette

First things first, you need to make some decisions on what you would like your wedding bouquet to look like.

A good place to start is Instagram or Pinterest. Browse through as many wedding photos as you can and save the bouquet images that stand out to you. 

You’ll want to make a wedding bouquet that matches the style of your wedding – is it formal or a more relaxed affair? Think about what may work with your wedding dress too.

While a tight bouquet is considered classic, if your wedding is of the contemporary style, a minimalist arrangement with only two or three types of flowers is fitting. 

If you’re getting married outdoors in a garden or woodlands you might want something that cascades; this would normally include more variety of blooms and textures, plus more greenery – think whimsical boho vibes.

Also, consider your color palette. Do you prefer subtle muted shades, or something loud and bright? What color are your bridesmaids wearing and what other colors will be of focus at your wedding? This will give you a good place to start… although your flowers don’t have to be 100% matchy-matchy to look good remember!

Find Your Blooms

By now, you should have decided on whether you are having a bouquet of fresh blooms or whether you will be using dried flowers.

You will want two to three types of focal flowers in your arrangement, these could be roses, proteas, ranunculus, anemones, or sunflowers to name a few.

Check out local farms or stores to see what options they have. If you have access to a blooming garden then even better – but make sure you have permission before you go picking!

One of the most affordable approaches to a DIY bouquet is ordering wholesale flowers. You can shop by color, flower type, or price! This is a good idea if you are making several bouquets for your bridesmaids etc.

Typically, a bouquet will have an odd number of each flower in its design, so think about having three or five of your favorite blooms. 

What Materials Do I Need To Make a Wedding Bouquet?

Once you have your blooms selected, you’ll need a few other tools to make your dream bouquet…

  • Water in a bucket, and also in a spray bottle
  • Sharp scissors
  • Rubber bands or string
  • Some pretty ribbon or fabric for the handle
  •  A clean towel

How To Assemble a Wedding Bouquet:

Prep Those Stems

Firstly, you’ll need to prep your flowers. Hopefully, you’ve done this before when you’ve been putting flowers in a vase for the home.

Snip each stem at a 45-degree angle and keep the stems in a bucket of cool water while assembling. 

You’ll also want to remove most of the leaves from each of your floral stems, and the leaves from the bottom halves of your greenery. This will give you a much cleaner and neater base to work with. 

Lay your materials on a large table or worktop so that they are easy to access and place all stems directly onto tissue paper to protect the blooms from bruising.

As they hydrate, continue to recut their stems, and refresh their water and flower food.

Pick Your Central Flower

Start by selecting the main flowers you want to use as the center of your bouquet, the larger ones that will become the focal point. Do include some greenery in the center too. 

Use your hand as a ‘vase’ as you build your foundation, about halfway down the flowers.

You can use string or a rubber band towards the base – this should be the part where you will hold it. (and don’t worry, the string will not be visible when you’re done.)

Build Out With More Flowers

Continue to build out around it with green foliage and smaller flowers. Make sure the design feels balanced as you go.

You’ll want to place each new stem into the bouquet at a diagonal angle so you are almost creating a spiral effect… take your time, and remember you can always make tweaks as you go if something doesn’t look quite right.

Look at your bouquet from all angles – it might be a good idea to work in front of a mirror. Have a few pictures of your favorite bouquets handy to help you.

Florists often place a layer of greenery around the outside of the flowers – see how this looks when you’re at the end. 

Snip and Make Your Handle

Once you’ve constructed your bouquet and you feel happy with it, snip the stems again to make sure they are all trimmed at the bottom to the same length and are as neat as possible.

Now tie the entire bouquet with a rubber band; you want this to be tight so they feel secure.

You can then tie your satin ribbon neatly around the handle part – make this quite long, at least as long as your two hands are in a fist position. There is also special floral tape you can buy for this purpose. Pearl or diamanté pins can be bought from most craft stores and used to secure the ribbon so it won’t budge.

Some brides like to stick with a classic ivory color for the handle, whilst others will get creative using the colors from the flowers and the wider wedding theme. You could also have a longer ribbon cascading down for a more relaxed, boho feel.

Note: Ideally, the handle is made at the last moment i.e. on the morning of your wedding. This could be a good job for a reliable bridesmaid or family member, just make sure the stems of the flowers are dry and make sure you leave enough time for it!

When Should I Make the Wedding Bouquet?

You should try to make the wedding bouquet the day before, no earlier, as you want your flowers to be at their most fresh and bright. You’ll finish making the handle on the morning of the wedding. 

Storing Your Flowers

Your fresh flowers mustn’t wilt so place them in plenty of water the night before and give them a spray. Keep them in a cool place – the fridge will be too cold but a shed or garage is ideal. 

Good Luck!

Hopefully, this has made you feel more confident about how to make a wedding bouquet. It should be an enjoyable wedding task, something that you can do in a relaxed way, perhaps with your maid of honor or bridesmaids the day before. 

And even if your wedding bouquet is not 100% perfect, it will be special and unique because YOU made it yourself!

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