20 Best Tulip Wedding Centerpieces

Behold, the iconic tulip!

Not just the quintessential and beloved Springtime flower, the tulip is a great choice for wedding florals because it has a range. 

Tulips are both refined and rustic. Perfect for every day… and still relentlessly elegant.

If you’re looking at incorporating tulips into your wedding theme, florals, or centerpieces, you’re in luck! Tulips are readily available all year round thanks to incredibly made artificial versions created in a variety of unique colors. 

As far as floral arrangements and centerpieces go, don’t be afraid to play up the ornate details or keep it classically simple – tulips truly look great with everything.

We’ve got loads of ideas for farmhouse style, rustic, boho, and minimalistic centerpieces for your wedding.

So let’s learn a little more about these lovely flowers before we get into our list of awesome ideas for tulip wedding centerpieces!

What Do Tulips Symbolize?

These flowers represent deep, unconditional love. 

Tulips also represent rebirth, as they are usually associated with early spring when the earth begins to wake up after a long and dark winter.

These flowers are an elegant way to symbolize nature’s timeless beauty. 

How Many Colors of Tulips Are Available?

Tulips grow in many colors!

White or cream-hued tulips are popular at weddings as they symbolize celebrations and purity, while sunny yellow tulips are cheerful and usually used as decoration during springtime holidays, such as Easter.

Pink tulips are known for representing good wishes and caring affection for friends and family, and red tulips represent romantic, passionate love. There are even darker-toned tulips such as light purple, maroon, and deep violet to choose from.

Tulips also come in painterly shades that are versatile to mix and match.

You can even arrange bouquets based on what stage of opening the flowers are at… think wide open blooms, or tighter, symmetrical buds. 

Square Farmhouse Arrangement with Lavender

Tall Farmhouse Spring Floral Arrangement With Lavender

Farmhouse tall tulip spring Floral arrangement with lavender and real touch tulips, centerpiece floral arrangement in a handmade Barnwood inspired weathered gray rustic wood box!

For a rustic and chic look, think about using a box for your tulip centerpiece!

The juxtaposition of the whimsical, bendy tulip stems and the sturdy, wooden box would look perfect with some eucalyptus and lavender sprigs interspersed between. 

If you’re getting married on a farm, opt for a weathered-barn type box to tie the rustic look together. Any color of tulip would work with this idea!

Mini Tulips Bundles in a Metal Tin

Mini Tulip Floral Spring Arrangement Centerpiece

With fresh looking floral that never fades, our Mini Tulip Faux Floral Everyday Spring Arrangement Centerpiece in Metal Tin will breathe life into any space! 

Perfect for a small, intimate wedding, these mini tulip bundles are so charming in their little metal tin. When tied with ribbon or twine, they feel even sweeter!

There’s no pressure to go big with your wedding florals, especially if you’re planning for an intimate wedding celebration with a smaller circle of family and friends.

These bundles show that even a small bunch of tulips can make a big impact on a table!

Garden Party Tulip Arrangement in Watering Can

Spring Floral Arrangement in Metal

This beautiful, pastel floral arrangement will add a perfect touch to your home decor. It can accent your Spring / Summertime home decor or simply a beautiful centerpiece to enjoy all year round.

Do you want a vintage garden party aesthetic for your centerpieces?

Well, you can’t miss the mark with this romantic polka dot watering can that’s stuffed to the gills with tulips and other flowers. 

This would be a great arrangement to bring out during the spring as it is composed of beautiful peach and red-toned flowers. The subtle polka dots add just a little something extra to the watering can.

Tulip, Protea, and Eucalyptus Florals in Galvanized Trough

Mixed Tulip Protea & Eucalyptus Spring Summer Centerpiece

With fresh looking foliage that never fades, our Mixed Tulip, Protea & Eucalyptus Spring Summer Centerpiece Floral Arrangement in Galvanized Metal Trough will breathe life into any space!

Looking to cover a bit more of the table’s surface area? Consider the humble trough, filled with tulips, protea, and whimsical eucalyptus!

Perfect for barn wedding centerpieces, we love the juxtaposition of wild spring blossoms with the galvanized metal trough.

It’s a sweetly romantic way to pay homage to the farm life, and if you’re getting married in the great outdoors, this is an easy way to bring it to the wedding tables.

Tulips and Wildflowers Arrangement

Enova Home Tulip Artificial Flower Arrangement

Beautiful, Fluffy and colorful! The vigorously growing tulip shrub symbolizes growth, heartfelt emotions, and prosperity. 

Are you a bride looking for more of a natural, wild, and sprawling bouquet? Take a look at these mixed tulip arrangements with vigorous wildflowers. 

Even the water in this arrangement is artificial, which… bonus: no spillage! This decor can do it all. 

Colored Glass Bud Vases

Tall Fluted Glass Vase

Crafted from glass to create a tall fluted shape, this décor beauty features a pretty botanical glaze with ribbed edges.

This adorable set of four fluted bud vases encompasses popular tulip shades. You’ve got a springy orange, pink, clearish-white, and green vase. 

The fluted shape and ribbing of these vases give the overall look a mod and refined edge, perfect for a minimalistic boho-themed wedding! 

Tulip Wreath

Mini Tulip Wreath

This lovely mini wreath is made on a grapevine wreath with faux mini tulips.

For an easy spring centerpiece, look into colorful tulip wreaths!

All you’ll need is a candle to warm it up on the table; let the blossoms do the rest. 

These ‘mini’ wreaths measure about 12″ in diameter, which makes it easy to put a nice votive in the center.

The best part is, this wreath can be hung on doors or used as home decor after the wedding for a splash of color in the house. 

Pink Glass Tulip Tealight Candle Holders

Pink Glass Tulip Tealight Candle Holders

Set of six tulip tealight candle holders. Pink glass tulip candle holder top with a gold metal stem and base.

This playful take on the tulip theme would be perfect if you’re looking for a vintage touch. Tealight additions will bring a warm and rosy glow to the tables that are sure to captivate. 

With the descending sizes from 7-9 inches in height, you can play around with placement, as well as the length of any fresh tulips you may want to include.

There’s just enough whimsy with these pink glass tulip candle holders to surprise the guests!

Green and White Themed Arrangement

Real Touch Large Centerpiece

This elegant real touch flower arrangement features large real touch English white roses mix with real touch green orchids and white tulips.

Planning one of those classic green and white weddings for the spring? You’re in luck, because what’s more classic than white tulips with an abundance of natural greenery?

This centerpiece features green orchids and tight tulip buds, like the emergence of spring’s first growth encapsulated on a table!

Lamb’s-Ear and Tulip Garland

Lambs Ear Garland With Tulip

The 36" is perfect to go around a group of candles or a lantern with plenty of space for something bigger.

We love that this garland has so many applications!

Garlands make decorating tables super easy, whether it’s as a runner down the center of a sweetheart table, wrapped around a large serving bowl, or to line a staircase… the ideas are endless!

Secondly, the aptly-named lamb’s ear has a similar shape to the tulip blossom, and when combined, you get this visually pleasing combination that’s just begging for some tealight action. It honestly doesn’t need much else!

Set of 3 Spring Colored Mason Jars

Mason Jar Vase Set

An abundance of beautiful silk tulips are held securely with plant foam and topped with preserved moss.

Did you think of stoplights when you saw these? Because we saw a showstopper!

For a gorgeous pastel effect, feature pink, blush, and rosy-hued tulips along with white, cream-toned, and delicate green blossoms.

These jars just scream spring, and would benefit from some matching blooms!

Origami Tulip Arrangement

Origami Tulip Arrangement

12 stems of tulip in rainbow color: 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 orange , 2 pink, 2 purple and 2 blue tulips.

Calling all crafty brides- if you’re thinking of switching things up, take a look at these colorful origami tulip blooms!

We think these are subtle enough to add a bit of whimsy to a standard floral arrangement but bold enough to stand alone in a vase of their very own!

Textured Footed Milk Glass Vases

Milk Glass Mismatched Centerpiece Vase

Tall, ribbed footed vase measures 7 3/4 inches tall.

Milk glass has been around for ages, so if you’re planning a vintage-themed wedding celebration, these are a must. 

These fun mismatched vases are effortlessly elegant, timeless, and ready for an assortment of tulips!

These milk glass vases would also make a great take-home gift for an antique or vintage lover.

Geometric Gold Vase Stands

Flower Glass Vase

This flower vase is made of sturdy iron which is durable, lightweight and minimalist-themed yet eye catching.

These hip, geometric gold vases would be the perfect centerpiece for any blossom or leafy stem!

Available in gold or rose-gold, this look is complementary to any modern wedding aesthetic.

For the minimalist bride, consider a solitary tulip stem in one vase, and have the others filled with green stems like eucalyptus or baby’s breath.

Submerged Tulips in Tall Cylinder Vases

Set of 3 Cylinder Vases

Dress them up with candles, acrylics and silk, real flowers, or some greenery, branches or poinsettias for a winter touch!

A classic standalone tall cylinder vase is a staple for many weddings. 

Consider submerging your tulips in the water, and anchoring them with clear glass stones at the bottom so they don’t float up. Submerged flowers are trendy and worth a shot if you’re on a tight floral budget!

Sneaker Floral Centerpiece

Sneaker Floral Centerpiece

This adorable blue resin sneaker with white tulips. This would look great on anyones table, mantel or hall table.

Shout-out to our brides who like to go off the beaten path! This centerpiece would be particularly perfect if you and your partner are sneakerheads. 

We love the contrast of the blue resin sneaker and beautiful sprawling white tulips. This is a quirky and wonderful way to highlight what makes you and your partner special!

Wine Barrel Centerpiece with Glasses

Wine Barrel Centerpiece

Each set includes five 8 1/4oz. glass dishes which are framed on the ends with the original metal barrel bands. 

If you’re having a wedding at a winery, consider tying in the wine barrel theme with these beautiful barrel centerpieces!

With five glasses, you can snip off tulip buds and other various flowers to fill each one. 

This is a unique centerpiece that would fit in perfectly with an outdoor wedding.

Colorful and Whimsical Curly Vase

Curly Vase

Handblown glass Curly Vase. Colourful and whimsical glass piece.

Riffing on the tulip theme, these colorful glasses are handblown and so beautiful!

Fill them with all white tulips to make the glasses really stand out, or even opt for various tall wildflowers like lavender stems, or baby sunflowers. 

If you’re not afraid of color, these would be a great investment!

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