40 Best Country Wedding Songs To Add To The Playlist

Filled with heartfelt ballads of endless devotion and undying love, country music is an absolute must for an event as special as a wedding!

One of the most varied genres in the world, it may be difficult to find a list of country songs that perfectly fit your wedding day. After all, there are millions of them out there, most of which have their own special appeal and message.

To help you craft your ideal country music wedding playlist, we’ve listened to hundreds of country songs from the very best country artists and cherry-picked some of our favorites!

From classic country tunes to modern top-charters, here are among the most romantic country wedding songs to sway on the dance floor too.

Country Wedding Songs

“Tuesdays,” by Jake Scott

Most notable lyrics: “I knew it from the day I saw her / We were gonna be together”

“Tuesdays” is a song about being together through thick and thin.

The speaker uses the day Tuesday because it falls flat in the middle of the week, implying that he’ll be there to support his lover through the good times and the bad. He acknowledges relationships aren’t perfect, but that won’t stop him from loving and adoring her.

“Let’s Stay Home Tonight,” by NeedToBreathe

Most notable lyrics: “I can keep you warm inside / Baby, let’s stay home tonight”

“Let’s Stay Home Tonight” talks about contentment and wanting nothing more than being around the person you love. What a perfect choice this song would make at your wedding reception!

“Loving You Easy,” by Zac Brown Band

Most notable lyrics: “Every little smile and every little touch / Reminds me how just how much it all makes / Loving you easy”

The speaker of this song is madly in love with his partner, claiming that every little thing she does—from wearing his old sweatshirt to dancing along with the radio—makes him fall for her even more.

“Chicken Fried,” by Zac Brown Band

Most notable lyrics: “I thank God for my life / And for the stars and stripes / May freedom forever fly, let it ring”

“Chicken Fried” talks about the little things in life that mean the most. Seeing the love in your partner’s eyes, for example, or feeling the touch of your precious child.

“Blessings,” by Florida Georgia Line

Most notable lyrics: “Who knows where I’d be without you? / No, I just couldn’t be without you / I’ll just say Amen”

This song is about gratitude. The speaker thanks the Lord he’s met the woman of his dreams; a true country love song. 

“Forever And Ever, Amen,” by Josh Turner, Randy Travis

Most notable lyrics: “Oh, baby, I’m gonna love you forever / Forever and ever, amen”

“Forever And Ever, Amen” is a song about devotion, loyalty, and unconditional love. The speaker is professing his never-ending love to his significant other, stating that he’ll love her forever and ever.

“My Best Friend,” by Tim McGraw

Most notable lyrics: “It was a feelin’ I’d never known / And for the first time, I didn’t feel alone”

Tim McGraw is one of the best singer/songwriters in the country genre and “My Best Friend”certainly proves his musical prowess.

Perhaps because he’s madly in love with his wife, fellow country singer, Faith Hill, it is easy for him to write such genuine and heartfelt lyrics! 

In this song, the speaker explains he’s never had anyone he could count on until he met the person of his dreams—the very same person he’s marrying. “I was tired of hurtin’, tired of searching’,” he sings, “Til you walked into my life.”

“You (Wedding Song),” by Jason Cassidy

Most notable lyrics: “Not a moment passes and not a day goes by / That I don’t thank the good Lord above / For what brought me here tonight”

“You” is a sentimental song expressing how the speaker feels about the woman who entered his life. She made his life worth living and showed him right from wrong.

“Bless The Broken Road,” by Rascal Flatts

Most notable lyrics: “Every long-lost dream led me to where you are”

A popular choice, “Bless the Broken Road” is without a doubt one of the best love songs of all time.

The speaker explains that every single thing that happened in his life—no matter how good or bad—led him to the person he’s with today. Past lovers were merely like “Northern stars,” pointing their way into his significant other’s loving arms.

“Made For You,” by Jake Owen

Most notable lyrics: “I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d do / ‘Cause I was made for you”

“Made For You” is a song about finding the “one.” Just like tiny shoes are made for tiny feet, you were made just for your partner.

“Wrapped up in You,” by The Country Gentlemen

Most notable lyrics: “I love you like a lyric loves a melody”

“Wrapped Up In You” tells the story of a man who’s thoroughly and irrevocably in love with his partner. He’s completely “wrapped up” in love!

“Soulmate,” by Josh Turner

Most notable lyrics: “Each and every night / When we turn out the light / There’s no mistaking what we have is true”

If you believe in soulmates, this wedding song is the perfect one for you.

As the title implies, this song is about the genuine bond of soulmates and the unconditional love that comes with it.

Regardless of the obstacles and the adversities the lovers may face, they’ll always be there to support and love each other.

“Beautiful Every Time,” by Lee Brice

Most notable lyrics: “The chills I get when you lay your lips on mine”

When you’re completely in love with your lover, everything around him or her becomes beautiful. This song conveys just that.

“Country Wedding,” by The Candy Band

Most notable lyrics: “It’s plain to see this world is burning / That’s why I cling to you, baby”

This song is about a man planning his future together with his soon-to-be spouse. It’s the perfect ballad for newlyweds as it gives them the opportunity to silently contemplate what the future holds for them as a married couple.

“She Believes In Me,” by Kenny Rogers

Most notable lyrics: “But she has faith in me / And so I go on trying faithfully”

Released in 1978, “She Believes In Me” is an oldie but a goodie. This ballad talks about finding eternal love and unconditional support.

“Would You Go With Me?” by Josh Turner

Most notable lyrics: “I love you so, so would you go with me?”

When you love someone, there’s little you wouldn’t do for them. You’d be with him or her through thick and thin, the exact sentiment conveyed in this song.

“Happy Anywhere” by Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Most notable lyrics: “But since I met you, I swear / I could be happy anywhere”

“Happy Anywhere” is a love song written and performed by power couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. It tells the story of a man whose life has changed for the better when he met the love of his life.

“Head Over Boots,” by Jon Pardi

Most notable lyrics: “You’re the one I want, you’re the one I need”

With Jon Pardi’s vibrant baritone and the song’s clever lyrics vowing for endless love, “Head Over Boots,” will surely sweep you off your feet.

“H.O.L.Y.,” by Florida Georgia Line

Most notable lyrics: “You made the brightest days from the darkest nights”

In “H.O.L.Y.”, Florida Georgia Line delivers a smoldering, romantic ballad about God-like devotion and reverence towards your partner.  

“The Rest of Our Lives,” by Drew Green

Most notable lyrics: “Here’s to forever / The rest of our lives”

This list won’t be complete without this powerful country song that talks about devotion and the power of “forever.”

“Hey Pretty Girl,” by Kip Moore

Most notable lyrics: “Hey pretty girl, it feels so right / Just like it’s meant to be / All wrapped up in my arms so tight”

If you’re searching for a playful yet heartfelt song to dance to, “Hey Pretty Girl” is the wedding song for you. Whenever the speaker addresses his lover, he starts off by saying, “Hey, pretty girl,” before showering her with phrases of love and affection.  

“Check Yes Or No,” by George Strait

Most notable lyrics: “I think this is how love goes / Check yes or no”

George Strait’s warm voice perfectly complements the simple lyrics of the song “Check Yes or No”, appealing to the desire for lasting love.

“Making Memories Of Us,” by Keith Urban

Most notable lyrics: “And I’m gonna love you / Like nobody loves you / And I’ll earn your trust / Makin’ memories of us

“Making Memories Of Us” was recorded by several music artists, including Cowell and Vince Gill, Tracy Byrd, and Keith Urban.

We chose Keith Urban’s rendition because his voice best suited the wedding scene. Many others felt the same as upon its release, as it peaked at #1 in the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and stayed there for five consecutive weeks.

“My Person,” by Spencer Crandall (Wedding Version)

Most notable lyrics: “‘Cause you’re my person / My heartbeat / My slow dance”

The speaker of this song tells the audience that his lover is his everything—his “saving grace,” so to speak. She is his Sunday-morning-sippin’-on-coffee in bed and his know-when-you-know best friend.

“I Swear,” by John Michael Montgomery

Most notable lyrics: “And I swear / By the moon and the stars in the skies / I’ll be there”

Upon its release in 1994, John Michael Montgomery’s powerful ballad, “I Swear” became an instant classic.

Montgomery’s golden voice brought the song to life and breathed life into marriage vows and wedding dances. In sickness and in health, the bonds stay strong.

“Greatest Love Story,” by LANCO

Most notable lyrics: “We’re gonna be the greatest love story this world has ever seen / So baby say yes to me”

Finally tying the knot after so long makes the consummation of the romance even more worthwhile and exciting. The greatest love story, indeed.

“When You Say Nothing At All,” by Alison Krauss & Union Station

Most notable lyrics: “The smile on your face lets me know that you need me”

“When You Say Nothing at All” is simple yet meaningful.

In this song, actions speak louder than words. This is portrayed in the lyrics, “The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me, if ever I fall,” and “The smile on your face lets me know that you need me.”  

“Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man,” Alan Jackson, Martina McBride

Most notable lyrics: “There’s too much love in the Mississippi heart too / Much love in this Louisiana heart”

This duet between Alan Jackson and Martina McBride showcases their wonderful incredible harmonization, making it stand out among other romantic country songs.

“Silverado For Sale,” by Morgan Wallen

Most notable lyrics: “I wanna marry her, she wants to marry me / Money’s kinda tight but love don’t care”

Morgan Wallen celebrates the deep commitment between a couple in his 2021 hit “Silverado For Sale.” The lyrics are simple yet sweet, sure to create romantic vibes on your special day.

“Why Don’t We Just Dance,” by Josh Turner

Most notable lyrics: “Just the way you are / Is already driving me crazy.”

In this song, the speaker tells his partner to dance with him just as she is.

“Eyes On You,” by Chase Rice

Most notable lyrics: “No, there ain’t no better view / Than you in my arms with my eyes on you”

There’s nothing better than having your partner’s eyes on you as you dance. This song by Chase Rice will surely leave you breathless while looking at your soon-to-be-spouse.

“Big, Big Plans,” by Chris Lane

Most notable lyrics: “And I’m down on one knee / I guess she finally figured out / I’m gonna ask her to marry me”

Chris Lane wrote and played the song “Big, Big Plans” when he proposed to his then-girlfriend Lauren Bushnell in her parents’ backyard. According to the singer, it’s the most personal love song he’ll ever write.

“In Case You Didn’t Know,” by Brett Young

Most notable lyrics: “Baby, I’m crazy ’bout you /And I would be lyin’ if I said / That I could live this life without you”

With over 400 million VEVO views, “In Case You Didn’t Know” is undoubtedly one of the most popular country songs of the modern century.

The song tells the story of a man who’s been in love with another person for years. One day, he finally gathered up the courage to tell her he loves her.

“Hometown Girl,” by Josh Turner

Most notable lyrics: I’ve been looking all over, all over the world / For a pretty little homegrown hometown girl

“Hometown Girl” is a sweet story of a man describing his “hometown girl” lover and how much he adores her.

“Sweetheart,” by Thomas Rhett

Most notable lyrics: “God could’ve never made two / Nobody quite like you”

With Thomas Rhett’s sugary-sweet voice, “Sweetheart” goes straight for the heart. It’ll remind you of everything you love in your partner as you dance to its tune.

“Love of My Life,” by Sammy Kershaw

Most notable lyrics: “As we stand together / I promise forever / ‘Til the day that I die / You are the love of my life”

“Love of My Life” is the very definition of an oldie but goodie. Despite having been released over 20 years ago, it remains to be among the sweetest love songs of this era.

“She’s Everything” by Brad Paisley

Most notable lyrics: She’s a fighter when she’s mad / And she’s a lover when she’s loving”

“She’s Everything” is about finding a woman so perfect that she becomes your everything.

“I Cross My Heart,” George Strait (Pure Country Soundtrack Version)

Most notable lyrics: You’ll never find / A love as true as mine

In this beautiful song, the speaker tells his lover he’ll do anything and everything to make all her dreams come true in his arms.

“Good Morning Beautiful,” by Steve Holy

Most notable lyrics: “In here with you girl / The sun always shines”

Finding the right person to spend your mornings with is as rare as a four-leafed clover, and Steve Holy celebrates that rarity in this wonderfully sentimental country song.

“Promise to Love Her,” by Blane Howard

Most notable lyrics: “She’s my everything / She’s all I’ll ever need”

The lyrics of this song are pure and heartfelt. Paired with Blane Howard’s authentic emotion, it’s a tune we’ll never stop wanting to dance to over and over.

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