16 Wedding Seat Signs For Your Special Day

Figuring out your wedding reception seating plan is no easy feat, but when it comes to plated dinner service and large guest counts, it’s kind of essential!

You may want to keep certain people apart from each other; that one crazy friend who likes a drink or five must be seated far from stiff upper-lipped Aunt Margo! Factor in food allergies and family politics and you’ve got yourself one giant puzzle!

So let’s inject some fun! Just as you’ve chosen the perfect centerpieces, guest favors, and bouquets, your reception seating chart is yet another wonderful opportunity to showcase elegance and flair on your wedding day. You can even add a little humor and playfulness to the formality; there are endless options. 

Quirky, rustic, creative, and chic, we’ve gathered some reception seating charts and signs to fit any wedding aesthetic. Organizing doesn’t have to be boring! 

Handcrafted Wooden Seating Chart

This seating chart is giving us all of the boho vibes that so many adore.

Handcrafted and hand-painted, this chart is perfect for a large guest list and would make a great addition to any boho or rustic wedding decor. 

This sign looks beautiful perched on an easel and decorated with wildflowers. It also comes with jute string clotheslined across the sign to give the bride and groom the ability to fill out their seating charts however they please.

Leaves Seating Chart Sign

Perfect for the modern-day bride, this minimal and chic seating sign comes in various Botanical designs from the simple leaf to navy and blush floral.

There are various vertical and horizontal size options and your finished product comes printed as opposed to a digital file; definitely worth the investment!

Downloadable Wood Seating Chart

This seating chart is a downloadable digital file that you can customize with the names of your guests.

You can have it printed on any material of any size, making this a super convenient and affordable seating sign option!

Mirrored Black Acrylic Seating Sign

The perfect seating chart for a modern and elegant bride, this mirrored black acrylic seating sign is so sleek, it almost looks as if it’s made from glass. 

We think this sign would be perfect for any moody-themed wedding – think maroon or dark purple flowers and dark greenery – or even Halloween nuptials!

Minimalist Seating Chart

This simple, clean, minimalist black and white seating chart makes a real statement!

Available as a digital download, the elegant layout and font is a blank canvas for you to dress up as you see fit, though we like it as it is! 

Rustic Seating Sign Display

This “find your seat” sign is made from wood and would make a great addition to any seating chart display. 

With dozens of colors to choose from and an option for custom color matching, you’re sure to create the perfect sign for your wedding day!

Downloadable Simple Seating Chart for Tabletop

These downloadable seating signs make a cute alternative to the standard seating chart. 

Each table and its assignees are downloaded and printed. Pin them on a board, or frame them and sit them atop each table, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Ombre Painted Acrylic Seating Sign

This gorgeous blue seating chart sign is painted on acrylic in an ombré pattern for a unique and artsy look.

The frosted white color at the top quickly deepens into a rich royal blue – perfect for any creative and/or beach wedding!

Our Favorite People Sign Decal

If you’ve already got a wedding sign, but aren’t sure how to title it, may we suggest this sweet little idea?

This “our favorite people” decal can be placed anywhere you want or need, making it the most versatile option on this list.

After all, you only invite family and your favorite friends to your wedding, so it’s only fair to call them what they are – your favorite people! 

3D Wooden Wedding Seat Sign

This sign made our jaws drop! It’s made entirely out of premium birch wood and features three-dimensional letters that are certain to catch your guests’ eyes, no matter where it is placed.

It’s large enough to accommodate dozens of guest nameplates, and it’s simple enough that you can add floral accents and decoration to it without it looking too busy.

You can choose from various stain colors for both the background and the lettering to ensure that the sign matches your wedding’s theme perfectly. 

Your Place Is on the Dance Floor Printable Sign

Ideal for the couple with friends and family with the itch to dance, we suggest this cute printable sign. 

Creative, modern, and very sweet, this sign’s playful script makes it clear that the bride and groom expect everyone to pack onto that dance floor! 

This is the perfect example of how to put your stamp on the seating assignment process. Adding whimsical personal touches to your chart will make it so much more memorable!

Self-Assigning Seating Printable Sign

This sign asks guests to assign their own seats at your wedding!

Guests are asked to simply write their name on a card and place it on one of the tables.

This strikes the perfect balance between completely open seating and assigned seating. Allowing guests to stake their claim at a table, it takes the pressure off the bride and groom while adding some structure to the wedding reception.

Sip and Be Seated Sign

This adorable sip and be seated sign is a lovely display idea if you’re planning on serving drinks next to your reception table seating chart. 

You’re able to completely edit this sign, so you can adjust it to your own custom size, spacing, and colors. The Etsy seller has amazing reviews, too!

Where Is My Seat? Sign

Straight to the point, this sign comes printed and ready to be framed.

Make things as simple as possible and place this “where is my seat?” sign next to your seating chart. You have a choice between matte white paper and a shimmer white option!

Custom Photo Wedding Table Seating Chart

This is our favorite wedding seating chart on this list!

Choose a gorgeous, dramatic photo of you and your new spouse as the background of your wedding seating cards. Your guests then take home a part of the picture of you and your love. We think that’s pretty special!

Clear Acrylic Seating Sign

This sign is one of the more trendy options on our list. It features a bold font on a clear acrylic background, making it sleek yet pretty.

This sign comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as with several text color options, so you can find the perfect one for your unique wedding style!

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