20 Beach Themed Wedding Centerpieces For Your Coastal Vibe

A beach-themed wedding might seem like a summer celebration, but with the right decor, you can bring the beach to any season, rain or shine!

From sand and seashells to surfboards and driftwood, you can find table centerpieces that suit laid-back beach days, classy seaside retreats, or ethereal coastal nuptials. 

Here are some of the best beach wedding centerpieces, sure to impress the bride, groom, guests, and even the most avid of beach lovers!

Best Sand Structure: Sandcastle Centerpiece

Large Sandcastle 13'' Beach Inspired Items

Mr. Sandman™ Sand Castle figurines are not only beautiful but are also made from real sand.

Nothing says beach wedding decor quite like a 13-inch artificial sandcastle!

The color looks like natural sand, but it won’t wash away if a guest spills a drink. Cheers to that!

Best for Evening Events: Sand and Seashells Candle Holder

Sand and Seashells Candle Holder

The beach is forever my happy place. My heart is full when it surrounds me. 

This candle holder evokes the vibe of a late day at the beach or an evening watching the waves. Decorative sand, starfish, sand dollar, driftwood, and various shells are included. 

The glass bowl is 7 x 5 inches with a 6-inch opening. Your choices of rim detail are natural, jute rope, or faux pearls.

Best for Greenery: Moss and Orchid Tray

Moss & Orchid Tray-with Coral Detailing

This ocean-inspired moss tray will have you dreaming of the sand and sea!

Emphasize nature and color with the moss and orchid tray.

Preserved moss, succulent clusters, and faux orchids are arranged in a ceramic tray etched to resemble coral. Each tray is 14.5 inches long x 4 inches wide x 5.5 inches high.

Best Mason Jar: Floating Candle with Seashells Mason Jar

Mason Jar Candle Holder Seashell and Floating Candle

This mason jar glass candle holder with beautiful seashells, beach pebbles or sand and is trimmed with hemp rope.

Mason jars are standard at crafty weddings and this floating candle mason jar is a unique spin for a beach wedding theme. 

Crushed seashells rest in the bottom of a 64 oz mason jar while twine is wrapped around the mouth and tied with a bow. The three candles are included.

Best Driftwood Candle Holder: Driftwood Tea Light Candle Holder

Driftwood Tea Light Candle Holder

Materials: Baltic Sea washed driftwood pieces

The driftwood tea light candle holder uses real driftwood carved to hold three tea lights.

The holder section perches on a stand made of driftwood, giving it a structured yet natural appearance; perfect for couples having a rustic coastal wedding. 

As the driftwood is genuine, the dimensions and colors make each piece unique. The holders are generally 17 x 6 x 4 inches.

Best Lantern: Seashell Lantern

Boho Seashell Candle Lantern

This boho chic farmhouse inspired White Seashell Candle Lantern is handmade from Stoneware and hand painted.

For table decorations you can take outside, a seashell lantern is a lovely option.

The design showcases shells and starfish patterns and is painted matte white. The ceramic lantern is 8.25 inches tall x 6 inches wide.

Best Candelabra: Driftwood Candelabra Centerpiece

Driftwood Candelabra Centerpiece

Handcrafted with driftwood picked from the Greek shores of the Aegean sea, a sea arm of the Mediterranean.

Using driftwood from the Aegean sea, thin driftwood branches form a three-pronged candelabra (plus a few other arms for decoration).

The bleached cream-colored driftwood creates a 29.13-inch x 10.6-inch candle holder.

Best Silver: Vintage Silver Shell Bowl

Vintage Silver Shell Shaped Dining Bowl

A great silver tone shell shaped metal serving bowlю

Ready to bring vintage silver to the beach for some extra shine and charm? This vintage silver shell bowl adds a beautiful touch of class to the table. 

Leave it closed or open it up to fill with other nautical decorative elements. The bowl is 6 inches long x 5 inches wide by 2 inches tall (closed).

Best Bouquet: Seashell Flowers Bouquet

Seashell Beach Flower Arrangements

Colorful coquinas, kittens paws and other Treasures Found artfully arranged to create everlasting flower bouquets!

While these might look like flowers, the artist arranged shells to look like blooms!

Combinations include coquinas, kittens’ paws, and other beach-themed findings. The uniquely made bouquets use natural shells, so each arrangement is one of a kind.

Best China: White China Clamshell

White China Clamshell

Beautiful White China Tridacna Clams.

The white china clamshell is handmade and cured with a glossy finish. Each delicate piece has a matching top and bottom between 5-8 inches long, 3-6 inches wide, and 3-5 inches tall.

It’s notably safe to place in water, making it beautiful on land or part of a water feature.

Best for Height: Seashell-Filled Bubble Vase

Christmas Seashell Filled Centerpiece

This luxurious look is a perfected centerpiece arrangement for your table decor, wedding or a festive event. 

The seashell-filled bubble vase is 24 inches tall with a floral arrangement adding 2 feet for a total of 4 and a half feet!

The combination of shells with string lights makes this centerpiece dramatic for all the right reasons! Just imagine it in your wedding photos! 

Best Oyster Accents: Oyster Votive Candle Holder Ring

Oyster Votive Candle Holder Ring

They are a great way to finish your nautical themed room or home.

While plenty of shells makes this list; oysters are undeniably a unique choice.

The oyster candle ring fits a votive candle, forming an unmistakably nautical wreath of layers. 

Color and oyster shape can vary, but the ring width is 7.5 inches.

Best Detailed: Nautical Lantern Centerpieces

Handmade Custom Lantern Nautical Centerpieces

Beautiful custom made wedding centerpiece. I have 3 available but can be made to order. 

While simple is one way to go, sometimes detailed and fully brings life to wedding decor. 

These nautical lantern centerpieces feature two lanterns (two heights), silk flowers, seashells, starfish, fishnet, and candles (battery-operated).

Although the flowers can add some height, the centerpieces are 18 x 12 x 22 inches.

Best Conch Shell: Mother of Pearl and Conch Shell Centerpiece

Mother of Pearl and Conch Shell Centerpiece

This was a delight to make. I thought carefully about the placement of each and every shell.

The conch shell and mother of pearl centerpiece emphasize the softer side of the beach-themed wedding. 

It features a collection of beach treasures with a string of mother of pearl, metallic gold starfish, and pink felt roses delicately pouring out of a white ceramic conch shell.

If you like the romantic, beachy look, the artist also makes matching gold starfish napkin rings for your guests’ place settings. 

Best Candle Set: Driftwood Starfish Candle Holder

Wooden Beach Starfish Candle Holder

These rustic candles bring the beach to any room, indoors or out. 

Looking like a weathered pier post, the driftwood starfish candle holder set fits votive candles.

There are two block-shaped holders, one tall (8 x 3 ½ inches) and one short (5 ½ x 3 ½ inches). The driftwood is painted aqua, with variations creating a rustic, weathered appearance.

Best Candle Ring: Blooming Seashell Candle Holder

Blooming Seashell Candle Holder

Blooming Forever Flower Seashell Candle Holder handmade with natural white Florida Ark Shells.

Resembling the petals of a white rose, the blooming seashell candle holder uses layers of white ark shells.

Elegant yet simple, the base is flat and fits a votive candle shape. The holder is 5 x 5 x 2 inches.

Best Wreath: Shell Wreath with Lights

Sea Shell Wreath

Florida fighting conchs, lighting and pear whelks, scallops, olive shells, cones, jingle shells and more.

A diverse mix of shells, starfish and other beach treasures are attached to a 13-inch metal frame to form the seashell wreath. Battery-operated lights glow from inside dispersed shells. 

Each handmade wreath is unique, which means you can request more conch, cone, or scallop!

Best Placeholder: Faux Coral Placeholder

Faux Coral Place Card Holders

Perfect for a beach wedding these real looking coral place card holders come in two assorted designs, four of each design are in each package.

The faux coral placeholder is a cute way to keep labels on your guest tables or anything that needs a touch of nautical organization.

Keep your centerpiece simple with faux white coral, or add an overlay of other beach-themed decors, like strings of pearls or shells.

2x Vintage Embossed Bottles

Pair of Decorative Bottles or Vases.

These striking cobalt blue vintage bottles are embossed with a pattern of seashells.

The glass bottles are 8 ½ inches tall x 6 inches wide x 2 ⅝ inches deep. 

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