24 Rustic Wedding Favors That’ll Go Perfect With Your Theme

While some couples want a snazzy tux and all the nuptial bling imaginable, others prefer a no-frills, low-maintenance rustic wedding. 

The rustic wedding theme has become increasingly popular for its laid-back, organic feel. Simple yet tasteful receptions are held in refurbished old barns with rustic decor and just the right amount of personal touches to make it feel like home.

But just because you’ve ticked mason jar centerpieces and truckloads of fairy lights off your list don’t mean you can put your feet up just yet; there are wedding favors to consider! 

We’ve compiled a list of the best rustic wedding favors to commemorate your wedding day. You’re welcome!

So whether you’re thinking of natural soaps, wooden name tags, or tasty treats to send home with your guests, our list has something for everyone. 

Rustic Candle Holders

Bulk Candle Wedding Favors

These tealight holders are decorated with natural dried flowers, personalized wooden name tag and tealight. These are special personalized gift for your guests.

Give your guests a piece of rustic decor for their homes with these beautiful stained-wood candle holders.

They come with a customizable wedding tag and you can choose from a selection of 48 different dried flower color combinations to coordinate with your wedding colors.

Wood-ring Candle Holders

50 PCS Wedding Favors for Guests in Bulk

Wooden candle holder decorated with real natural dried flowers.

These perfectly rustic candle holders appear to have been chopped right off a fallen pine in the woods.

These hollowed-out hunks of tree trunks hold a standard tea light and come with a wooden heart-shaped tag along with a mini bouquet of dried flowers.  

Rustic Bottle Opener

Engraved Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Make your Wedding Day even more special with these engraved wooden bottle opener wedding favors. A perfect blend between elegant scroll work and rustic engraved wood.

Every time they pop open a bottle of beer or soda, they’ll think of their favorite couple’s nuptials.

This rustic wooden bottle opener comes with a beautiful engraving of a floral pattern surrounding the newlywed’s names and wedding date. 

Wooden Wedding Coasters

Personalized Gift Coaster Favors

Looking for wedding favors for guests in bulk? These coasters are a perfect way to impress your guests with a cute keepsake idea. Our coasters are made of premium quality Baltic birch.

These lovely wooden coasters are handmade with Baltic birch plywood stained with a deep rich brown color.

The coasters have a unique leaf-shaped stamp and come stenciled with the couple’s names and wedding date as the centerpiece.

Mason Jar Candles

Mason Jar Wedding Favor Candles

Bow & Arrow Candle Co. soy candle mason jar wedding favors are made with 100% U.S. grown soy wax and natural cotton wicks. These eco-friendly candles make for the perfect gifts for guests at any event.

Nothing says rustic theme like mason jars, and these cute glass mason jars are filled with delicious smelling wax candles.

Personalize the lid and choose from various candle scents like ‘Orange Blossom’ and ‘Tobacco and Bourbon.’ 

Earthy Rustic Mini Soaps

Fall Wedding Soap Favors

Our handmade soap wedding favors are the perfect finishing touch for your guests and can be customized with your event details. Each bar is handcrafted and hand cut making them perfectly unique.

These hand-crafted all-natural mini soaps come in a slew of different earthy floral and herbal scents that will have your guests smelling good enough to eat. 

You could include a mix of masculine scents like beer, charcoal, and salt along with feminine scents like lemon, peach, and oat.

Each soap is hand-cut, vegan, and wrapped in a customizable Japanese washi tape. Fancy!

Rustic Flower Bouquet Magnets

Rustic Magnet Wedding Favors

Choose the color, design, scent and box options you want to buy the product from special variations

These quaint flower bouquet magnets turn rustic into rustic-chic!

They’re sure to make a great addition to any fridge and will adorn family photographs, drawings, or daily messages with flowery cheer. 

Choose from an array of different colored dried flowers to be wrapped in rustic brown paper. 

Vintage Key Bottle Openers

Bottle Opener Rustic Wedding Favors

Whether your theme is vintage, classic, rustic or somewhere in between, these party-favors will accentuate almost any style with extra flair!

While you and your groom have a key to each other’s hearts, your guests get a key to their favorite bottled beverage with this perfectly compact old-fashioned key-shaped bottle opener!

This bronze key comes attached via bronze-colored beads to an adorable tag that thanks guests “for being a key part of our lives.”

Wooden Map Tags

Wooden Map Tags Wedding Favors

There are wedding gifts with completely different designs. We made something special out of the circle,square and map shaped favors. We have customized the status maps for you to leave as an unforgettable memory.

For travel lovers or couples with state pride, these wooden map tags come in the shape of your favorite state.

Customize the etching to have your names and wedding date along with a small heart stamp.

The tags also have a hole with which to string a jute rope so you can attach them to the favor bag. Guests can use them as a rustic key chain charm for their house keys, too.

Personalized Wedding Favor Ornaments

Wood Rustic Wedding Favor Ornaments

Favors are the traditional symbol of love so it makes sense our favors wedding favors are treasured by wedding parties and wedding guests alike. Inspired by the beauty of true love, these handcrafted favors for decorations capture the magic of a wedding in a lasting keepsake.

These highly customizable ornaments are available in numerous different shaped wooden carvings, from puzzle pieces to the shape of your home state.

All wood ornaments come with your choice of images and lettering etched in with a high-tech laser engraving machine.

Guests can use this gift to decorate their Christmas trees or as a charm on their keychains for years to come.

Rustic Chocolate Party Favors

Rustic Chocolate Wedding Favors for Guests

Rustic Chocolate favors for Guests, Wedding Favors, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Rustic Paper, Engagement Chocolate, Gold or Silver Foil.

Nothing expresses the sweetness and sensuality of love better than chocolate, and this high-quality chocolate treat comes in a tasteful gold foil wrapping printed with the happy couple’s names and wedding date.

You can choose between milk and dark chocolate squares that supply a couple of bites of heaven. 

Mason Jar Wedding Magnet

Mason Jar Magnet Wedding Favors

Personalized Mason Jar shaped Wedding Favor magnets are a perfect way to send your wedding guests home with a piece to remember your special day! 

These cute wooden magnets have been cut into the shape of mason jars.

Laser engravings customize your names, wedding date, and choice of a clever and loving phrase that captures your day.

For a double dose of mason-jar madness, you could attach these mason jar magnets to the mason jar candles listed earlier!

Let Love Grow Pine Seedling Rustic Wedding Favors

Let Love Grow Pine Seedling Wedding Favors

Help your wedding memories live on for years to come with our Gift Trees. These unique and thoughtful event favors will be a special reminder of your special day—one that keeps the world greener.

Nothing beats the smell of pine needles!

These unique sprouted pine seedlings enclosed in a customizable tube give a wonderful smell and are a symbolic gesture of blossoming love.

Individual Rustic Tea Blends

Wedding Tea Favors for Guests Bulk Gifts

These customize glass tea jars with customized name tag decorated with jute rope bow tie (already on them).

This gift uses quaintly corked test tubes to display vibrantly colored leaves, flowers, and stems for each tea.

Choose from a slew of delicious herbal, fruity or caffeinated tea blends. 

They come with a personalized tag attached.

Custom Wood Slice Magnet

Custom Wood Slice Magnet Wedding Favor

These personalized wood slices make the perfect rustic wedding favors or save the dates! Each one comes with a magnet mounted to the back.

These handcrafted hardwood magnets assume the look of circular slices of tree trunk replete with tree rings and barked edges.

You can choose a natural wood stain or a white surface, over which the artist will artfully engrave a leafy pattern and the happy couple’s names.

Wooden Puzzle Party Favors

These wooden puzzle pieces are a perfectly poetic favor to illustrate your guest’s significance as a small piece of your historic event.

They have the engraved phrase stating “A Piece of Our Special Day” along with the date and name of the newlyweds.

Each puzzle piece has a small hole stamped out of it, making it a great hanging ornament or as a charm for a keychain.

Wedding Favor for Kids

Wedding Favors for Kids

A sweet ending to a new beginning, literally. These favors are the perfect finishing touch for the kids table at a wedding and a sweet way to say thank you to your wedding guests.

These adorable mason-jar-shaped packages come filled with gummy bears. Perfect to dole out to the kids for a sweet reminder of your special wedding day!

Each package uses heavy card materials with a circular opening to give you a sneak peek of the goodies inside. 

100% Pure Honey Stick Favors

100 % Pure Honey Stick Favors - Set of 12

As with any unprocessed food, there may be a natural variance in appearance, texture and flavor profile, which can vary from batch to batch.

This seductively sweet treat comes with three straws full of pure organic honey.

Packaged inside cloth bags tied with jute rope, a simple tag is attached to commemorate the happy couple.

Each straw gives you just the right amount of honey to sweeten that morning cup of tea.

Burlap Sunflower Seed Packets

Personalized Seed Packet Wedding Favors

Your guests will think of the happy couple when they plant these WONDERFUL WILDFLOWERS OR SUNFLOWERS. We will customize each seed packet with the couple's first names and wedding date along with the wording "Let Love Grow"

Sunflowers are the ultimate symbol of loyalty and adoration, brightening even the gloomiest days with their happy yellow petals and fuzzy green stalks. They are simply the perfect flowers to represent such a happy event. 

These rustic burlap seed packets with a bright sunny sunflower image printed on the front, hold a hefty helping of sunflower seedlings along with instructions on how to plant them.

Rustic Jam Jar Wedding Favors

Spread the Love Blueberry Wedding Favor Jam

These custom ‘Spread the Love’ favors leave your guests with a delicious and useful favor that they’re sure to love! Give your guests something they will get countless uses from, while commemorating your special day.

These adorable mini jam jars feature a classic tin lid and personalized label. In addition, they are filled with a rich, fruity blueberry spread made from wild blueberries.

Personalized Wine Stoppers

Personalized Wine Stoppers Bulk Wedding Favors

These corks come in a wide range of available quantities from small to large gatherings we have you covered, made from real natural cork and wood these corks fit most standard wine bottles.

Made from natural wood and cork, these wine stoppers would make the perfect addition to any kitchen.

The wooden top comes engraved with the happy couple’s names and wedding date encircled in a tastefully etched floral pattern. 

Mini Lavender Soaps

Mini Lavender Fragrance White Heart Soap

Embellish your wedding table or bathroom with pure white, oatmeal or poppy seeds mini heart shape soaps.

These sweet mini heart-shaped soaps have a delightful and subtle lavender scent.

The soaps are all-natural with goat milk and oatmeal as the base and are sprinkled with poppy seeds for added aesthetic charm.

“Olive You” Olive Oil Bottle Favors

Olive Oil Wedding Favor

These custom ‘Olive You’ event favors leave your guests with a delicious and useful favor that they’re sure to love! 

This utilitarian and clever wedding gift will fuel future cooking endeavors.

Each elegant 4 oz. olive oil bottle comes with a natural cork stopper and customizable thank you a message, along with the adorable “olive you” label.

Burlap Jute Candy Boxes

Rustic Candy Wedding Favor Boxes

Romantic boxes for wedding, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, engagement, anniversary, party.

These miniature rustic paperboard candy boxes are the cutest way to say “thank you for coming.”

Each box fits a bite-sized candy, so you can fill each box with your favorite chocolates for guests to enjoy at home.

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