30 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas That Won’t Be On The Registry

It isn’t always easy to find the perfect creative wedding gift for the happy couple. While a registry can certainly make things easier, it also removes that personal touch that makes gift-giving so special.

If you’re planning to go off-registry for your loved ones’ perfect wedding gift, you’re probably looking for something sentimental, unique, and that they’ll enjoy for anniversaries to come. 

We’ve combed through the internet and uncovered gift ideas for the many different kinds of newlyweds so that you can be sure to find something that your newlyweds will love. From custom art to personalized kitchen essentials, you’re sure to find something that will delight and inspire.

Watercolor Print Anniversary Journal

This beautiful journal decorated in watercolor eucalyptus leaf print allows the married couple to memorialize each anniversary, from their first to their fiftieth. It even includes spots for photos so that couples can enjoy taking an annual trip down Memory Lane.

Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

This engraved wooden cutting board makes an ideal addition to any newlywed couple’s kitchen. It comes in wood or maple, and you can choose from a variety of elegant designs.

Inscribed Compact Mirror

If you’re a mother-in-law who wants to welcome your son’s new wife into the family, this beautiful compact mirror comes with a heartfelt message for the bride. It even comes in a variety of colors to suit her wedding palette. 

Personalized Platinum Album

Musically-inclined couples are sure to love this decorative platinum album that they can hang proudly on the wall. There are spaces for wedding pictures, and you can personalize the album itself to include the lyrics to the lucky couple’s special song.

Lover’s Map Print

Couples who met a world apart can memorialize their luck in love with this custom print. It features two lovers cut from maps of memorable locations in their relationship, whether it be where they met, where they fell in love, or where they proposed. 

Personalized Watercolor Couple’s Portrait

If you want to gift your friend a work of art but don’t quite have the skills you need with a brush, you can order a custom watercolor print featuring their favorite photo together. A fanciful watercolor style brings pictures to life in a way that’s sure to find a featured spot on the living room wall. 

Mr. & Mrs. Candle

A custom candle makes an excellent gift for newlyweds who enjoy a bit of luxury in their lives. You can add a personal message to remind your favorite couple of their special day every time they spend an evening relaxing by candlelight. 

Custom Vintage Map Print

This cute, black-and-white vintage map features a bold red heart in the center to denote where the lovely couple got engaged. It serves as a lovely and romantic reminder of the city where they fell in love.

Personalized Indoor Planter

Couples who garden together are sure to love starting seedlings in this personalized planter. It adds a natural, rustic look to any room and is perfect for small plants and herbs.

Dated Custom Star Map

Couples who enjoy staring up at the stars together can do so in the comfort of their living room with a personalized star map hanging on the wall. This beautiful print features a detailed star map of the night the two first met. 

His and Hers Leather Wedding Bracelets

No chic outfit is complete without a bit of wristwear. These gorgeous wedding bracelets are both elegant enough for her and masculine enough for him, featuring leather inlay and custom engraving options. 

Engraved Wooden Key Hook

This beautiful wooden key hook looks amazing in just about any foyer, and it comes with a variety of romance and nature-themed engraving options. It makes a great housewarming gift for a new couple—or for those who have trouble keeping track of their keys! 

Personalized Embroidery Hoop

Give a nod to sewing enthusiasts by gifting them a customized embroidery hoop. You can add names and dates above a beautiful vintage rose design. 

Engraved Wooden Memory Chest

Couples can store treasures that mark their relationship in this wooden memory box. You can choose from various engravings with images and romantic messages to celebrate the newlyweds.

Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags

Couples who travel together are sure to appreciate these matching Mr. & Mrs. luggage tags. Black and white leather, along with elegant gold labels, make these a stylish choice for any newlywed on their honeymoon.

Couple’s Wedding Ring Dish

No matter what a newlywed couple might say, at some point, they’re going to have to remove their rings for safekeeping. Help your loved ones to keep track of their rings during housework, yardwork, bathing, and more with this adorable personalized ring dish. 

Personalized Kitchen Tea Towels

As simple yet thoughtful wedding gifts, these personalized tea towels can remind couples of their special day each time they walk into the kitchen. You can choose from either white or gray to suit their home color palette. 

Adventure Together Map Mountain Art

You can help adventurous couples memorialize their world travels with this stylish wall print. Each mountain can feature a different city map to pay tribute to some of their favorite destinations. 

Personalized Serving Tray

Couples who love to play host are sure to love this personalized wooden serving tray with chic gold handles. You can even include a stylish engraving to make the gift more personal. 

Cheeseboard Gift Basket

Give the gift of food to friends with a discerning palate. This ideal gift basket includes all of the finer things, including wine, cheese, fig spread, and biscotti, as well as coasters and a cutting board to serve everything. 

Personalized Photo Album

Couples who are constantly posting pics might enjoy saving their favorites in a dedicated photo album. You can personalize this wood and leather album with a variety of adventure-themed engravings. 

Personalized Copper Beverage Tub

This chic beverage tub looks much better than a styrofoam cooler when chilling drinks. It comes in a couple of different finishes, and you can add personalized text on the front. 

Mr. & Mrs. Matching Aprons

Couples who spend a lot of time together in the kitchen are sure to love these matching aprons for him and her. They come in a professional-looking black or white color, and you can add embroidered names for a personal touch. 

Personalized Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Wine lovers can store their favorite bottles in this beautiful wooden wall-mounted wine rack. There’s even space at the bottom to hang wine cups for an authentic “bar” feel.

Engraved Wooden First Dance Song Wall Art

You can help to remind couples of their first dance song for years to come by gifting them this engraved wall art. The full lyrics to their song form a heart that they’ll be proud to hang on the wall of their home.

Personalized Recipe Box

It can be tough to keep track of recipes from two different families, but you can help the couple out by giving them this wooden recipe box. Add an engraving and a message to make your gift even more personal. 

Engraved Nautical Compass

This gorgeous, working compass can help to keep newlyweds from getting lost wherever they go together. You can add a personalized engraving on the back to leave the couple a unique, heartfelt message.

Personalized Star Map Print

This star print map serves as a romantic reminder of the day the couple met with that day’s unique map of constellations. It comes with an attractive and sturdy backing that looks great on any wall. 

“Just Meowied” Mugs

These adorable his and hers mugs are perfect for any newlywed “cat person.” With a cute cat bride and groom design, they’re sure to enjoy sipping their morning beverage out of these adorable coffee mugs.

Personalized Dog Wedding Print

If the newlyweds are true dog lovers, there’s a good chance that they choose to involve their four-legged family members in the wedding. Memorialize the occasion with this couple’s wedding print featuring the dog breed of your choice. 

Buying Tips

It’s never easy finding the perfect gift for someone, especially when it comes to occasions as important as weddings. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We have a couple of tips to keep in mind when choosing the right wedding gift for the newlywed couple. 

Ship Gifts Before the Wedding

These days, it’s standard at most weddings to send gifts before the event. This way, guests avoid traveling with bulky packages, and couples don’t risk lost or stolen presents.

It’s best to get on top of gifting for weddings as soon as possible. 

While you can start as soon as you receive your “Save the Date” invite, you may want to wait until the couple publishes their wedding registry. Even if you plan on going off-registry, the list will give you some clues as to what to get the couple in question. 

If you don’t find a gift before the wedding, it’s acceptable to ship one after the fact. Just don’t wait too long, or it may end up slipping your mind entirely. 

Don’t Over or Underspend

There’s a common misconception that wedding gifts have to be expensive to be worthwhile. 

You don’t necessarily have to clear out your bank account by getting your loved one the most expensive thing on your registry. Instead, figure out what you can comfortably spend and form a budget from there. 

The amount you spend on a gift may also depend on your relationship with the bride or groom. For coworkers or loose acquaintances, you can generally spend less than $100 on a gift.

For a close friend or loved one, you may want to spend a little bit more. Try looking in the $100 to $200 range for a gift if you can afford it.  

Consider Group Gifts

If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t necessarily have to skimp on your loved one’s wedding gift. It’s perfectly acceptable etiquette to collaborate with friends and family to give a group gift. 

With a group gift, you can offer the bride and groom something a bit more lavish and exciting than you would otherwise. Common group gift ideas include high-quality cookware, designer decor, and even honeymoon vacation packages. 

When In Doubt, Give Cash

Cash is always a good option if you can’t settle on a gift to get newlyweds. It helps couples start building a new married life together—or, at the very least, it makes funding their honeymoon a little easier. 

You can give as much or as little as you want, but as with other gifts, you should base the amount of cash you gift on your relationship with the newlywed couple.

Because cash can be a little impersonal, you can add a nice personal touch by sending it with a congratulatory card or email message. If the couple has a donation box at their wedding, you can deliver it there. 

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