25 Personalized Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Love

When you look back on weddings you’ve attended in the past, what stands out the most? Chances are, you probably have a strong memory of some nifty little party favors. 

Whether it’s an affordable wedding favor like a plastic tube of bubbles or a more pricey scented candle, guests are always happy to bring home one-of-a-kind personalized wedding favors at the end of a reception. 

When you personalize your wedding favors to the fullest, that will only make your wedding all the more memorable. 

Want to make your big day even more special? Here are 30 personalized wedding favors that will amaze your guests! 

Wine Cork Stoppers

Personalized Wine Cork Stoppers Wedding Favors

This stopper it also includes an original Merci KRAFT Pop-up Stopper Stand Card, which makes it the perfect gift in any celebration. 

Nothing says romance like a bottle of wine. These customizable cork stoppers will make a wonderful wedding favor! 

You can customize them with your initials or choose from a selection of logos. The colors and design make them great for weddings with a rustic theme. 

They also come with a paper stand card for each cork, making them easy to display on your wedding favor table. 

Personalized Candles 

50 Pcs Personalized Candle Wedding Favors

Wooden candle holder decorated with real natural dried flowers.

These customizable handmade candle wedding favors will leave your guests with fond memories of your wedding day. 

They have a warm and earthy aesthetic, making them perfect for outdoor weddings or ceremonies with a natural theme. 

They also come with mini bouquets attached, which come in 40 different colors! To top it off, you can add a heart tag with your names and the wedding date. 

Personalized Mason Jars 

Mini Mason Glass Jar Wedding Favor

Here is a versatile version of the ever popular mason jar. Not only does it come with a personalized printed design of your choice, it also has a solid lid in gorgeous silver that creates an airtight container to package up an endless list of delectable delights perfect for a party or wedding favour. 

They’re cheap, easy to decorate, and incredibly practical — why not offer mason jars as a favor to your guests? 

This product offers a wide selection of fonts that you can use to customize your mason jars. No matter what your wedding theme is, you can design a jar that’ll fit right in. 

To make this wedding favor even more special, you can fill the jars with candy or homemade jam

Sparkler Tags 

Personalized SPARKLER TAGS for Wedding Party

Material: 250gsm recycled BROWN KRAFT, 260gsm recycled ANTIQUE WHITE.

You’re never too old for sparklers. This unique wedding favor is a great choice for an outdoor summer wedding. Bonus if it’s around the 4th of July! 

You can customize these tags with your names or a quote of your choice. Remember to supply your own sparklers and matches, though — the Etsy product only provides the tags themselves. 

Bubble Tube Labels 

Personalized Wedding Bubble Tube Labels

These specific clear labels are tear resistant, waterproof, microwave and freezer safe. They will suitable for wedding bubble tube, wedding favor, wedding envelope and much more.

There are few things more wholesome than hundreds of guests blowing bubbles after a wedding ceremony. Because of this, bubbles are a popular wedding favor for summertime weddings. 

Although it’s a pretty standard wedding favor, you can still make it unique — just purchase some customizable labels to put on your bubble tubes. 

You can customize these labels to have your names and the wedding date. The Etsy page has a list of adorable, romantic quotes to include on the label as well! 

Tea Tins Personalized Wedding Favors

Wedding Tea Favors for Guests

These glass cork vials/jars filled with 11 different tea. Chamomile, jasmine, hibiscus, sage, linden, lemon balm, rose, rosehip, mallow tea, green tea and mix tea.

Are you getting married in the autumn or winter? You might want to give your guests some loose leaf tea tins; hot drinks are a must-have when the weather starts to drop! 

You can personalize these compact tins with your initials and wedding date. The simple, minimalist design makes it a suitable favor regardless of your wedding theme. 

Wedding Photo Magnets 

Personalized Thick Photo Magnets Wedding Favor

These custom photo magnets are great thank you gifts for your wedding guests. Magnets are personalized with your photos & text! Your family & friends will love receiving one!

Your guests will have fond memories of your wedding hanging on their kitchen fridge with these photo magnets! 

There are plenty of wedding photographers available to choose from, so make sure you settle on the best picture before you place your order. 

You really can’t go wrong with these favors. Everyone uses magnets, and you can customize them as much as you need to fit your wedding’s theme. 

Herbal Tea Jars

Personalized Wedding Tea Favors for Guests

This items are ideal for, wedding favors, unique gifts for guests, thank you gifts, bridal shower favors, baptism favors, bridesmaid favors, engagement favors, party gifts.

Whether your guests are tea drinkers or not, they’ll likely enjoy these tea jars. They have a beautiful design that goes well with autumn or rustic-themed weddings. 

You can choose between a wide selection of tea flavors. If you’d like, you can even mix them up, so your guests have options. 

To top it all off, you can customize a wooden tag to tie up the jar! 

Personalized Golf Balls 

Personalized Golf Balls Gift

Put your logo, funny text, pet photo, etc. on golf balls! These make the perfect gift for birthdays, clients, wedding favors, bridesmaid/groomsman, retirement, Christmas, Father's Day and more.

If you’re an athletic power couple with a sporty side, these customizable golf balls make an excellent wedding favor. 

Choose from a wide selection of font types and colors to customize this golf ball to the fullest. You can also add small images to the design if you’d like. 

Even guests who aren’t particularly fond of golf will enjoy the novelty of this wedding favor. 

Custom Doggie Bags 

Custom Pet Wedding Favor Bag

These custom pet illustration favor bags are perfect for any engagement, wedding, bridal shower or other party occasion! These bags are perfect for candy, sweets or dessert tables for guests to take home so of the lovely treats you have provided.

Even if your dog can’t attend the ceremony, you can still honor the role they play in your family. These custom gift bags are perfect for animal-loving couples. 

You can customize these doggie bags with a photo of your dogs (or cats!), the wedding date, and your names. For a little extra fun, you can fill them up with confetti or candy! 

Luxury Wedding Candles 

Personalised Wedding Party Thank You Candle Favor

Show your guests your appreciation for celebrating your joy with you with these personalized wedding favor candles. 

The colors and design of these wedding candles couldn’t be more wedding-appropriate. With their pearly and fancy design, they’re ideal for traditional-themed weddings. 

You can customize the labels and choose between gold and silver feathers, ribbons, and flowers. They’re entirely handmade and simply stunning. 

Scented Vegan Soaps 

Vegan Personalized Soaps Wedding Guest Gifts

No synthetic chemical dyes are used in our natural soaps. We only use natural root dyes to color our soaps.

Your guests will be sniffing these beautiful vegan soaps all night long. Their floral scents make them an excellent choice for a springtime wedding. 

Choose your scent, flowers, and the text you want on the soap tag. They’re pleasing to the eyes and nose and will make your skin silky smooth — what else could you ask for in a wedding favor? 

“Donut Mind If I Do” Doughnut Bags 

Personalized Donut Favor Bags

Donut Mind If I Do version 2 bags are perfect for any wedding, bridal shower or any other party occasion! These bags are perfect for candy, sweets or dessert tables for guests to take home so of the lovely treats you have provided.

Got a sweet tooth? These doughnut bags are perfect for more casual weddings, especially if there will be children attending. 

Simply customize the bags with your names and the wedding date for great edible wedding favors. And, of course, make sure to supply plenty of doughnuts at your reception! 

Rustic Bottle Openers 

Rustic Wedding Favors Bottle

Make your Wedding Day even more special with these engraved wooden bottle opener wedding favors. A perfect blend between elegant scroll work and rustic engraved wood. 

Every kitchen needs one — a bottle opener is a simple yet practical wedding favor for your guests. They’re perfect for rustic weddings! 

You can customize the wooden handle with your names and the wedding date. This way, your guests can look back fondly on your special day the next time they enjoy a drink. 

Crystal Bottle Stopper 

Personalized Crystal Bottle Stopper

This crystal rectangular top bottle stopper, is engraved with couples names and date of wedding. The engraving is inside the crystal. 

Marriage is cause for celebration, and a customizable wine bottle stopper will help keep your celebratory drinks fresh. 

This favor is best for weddings with mainly adult guests. Not only is it practical, but it’s beautiful; the top is transparent crystal, and you can have your names and the wedding date neatly engraved into it. 

“Mint To Be” Tins 

Personalized Mint to Be Tic Tac Favour Labels

This custom element fits perfectly on your favourite minty delight, Tic Tac's! Hand them out as wedding favours or add them to your candy bar.

Whether you stash them in your purse or the glove box of your car, you should never underestimate the importance of having mints on hand. No matter the theme or audience of your wedding, mints will come in handy. 

Crafty couples can customize these pretty stickers and stick them on a personalized gift box of Tic Tacs. You can go with classic mint or choose flavors that match your wedding’s color scheme. 

Treat Bags

Custom Wedding Favor Stickers, Wedding Treat Bags

Let your guests learn something new and SWEET about the bride and groom. Just add your favorites and your ready to go! 

Could this be any more adorable? A bag of everyone’s favorite candies with these customizable stickers can put a big smile on your guests’ faces. 

These are great for weddings with kids, but you can expect your adult guests to enjoy them all the same. 

When you’re buying kisses for these wedding favors, you can choose colored wrappers to match your wedding theme. 

S’mores Kits 

S'more Love Wedding Favor Stickers

S'more love favor stickers are perfect for your wedding favors or bridal shower favors. The personalized stickers are printed on premium matte paper that is both tear and scratch-resistant.

Perfect for summer or autumn weddings, mini s’mores kits are a great favor for children and adults alike. 

All you need is some clear bags and a whole lot of s’mores ingredients. Stick one of these customizable labels on the bag, and you’re all set! 

You can also mix things up with different types of chocolate, multi-colored marshmallows, or even cookies instead of graham crackers. 

Engraved Mugs 

Custom Wedding Mug Favors

This Hudson 12oz insulated mug personalized with graphic engraving is the most unique drinkware you can find, the perfect gift for you and your loved one!

Just about everyone has a thriving mug collection these days. Why not help it grow? 

This engraved mug comes with a minimalist mountain range pattern with your name and the wedding date. This simple yet pretty design will suit just about any wedding theme (and kitchen!) 

Custom Pseudo-Leather Keychains 

Personalized Keychain

Custom these faux-leather keychains as you want! A first name, a message, a title ... It's up to you;)

Who would turn down some new leather keychains? And it’s pseudo-leather, so vegan guests need not worry. 

These keychains are highly customizable, so you can tweak them to fit any wedding theme. 

Choose your preferred base color and font, and include a message of up to 15 characters. You can either do your names, the wedding date, or a brief quote that’s meaningful to you. 

Hot Sauce Bottles 

Personalized Hot Sauce Wedding Favour Labels

Labels are high quality and waterproof, allowing you to refrigerate your bottles after opening and keep your labels intact!

Does your family enjoy a little extra heat? How about putting some hot sauce bottles on your wedding favor table? 

If the bride and groom are a casual couple, this wedding favor will fight right in. 

Here are some personalized labels you can put on just about any hot sauce bottle. Next time your guests spice up some tacos or hot wings, they’ll look back on your wedding day with fondness. 

Beeswax Candles 

Organic Beeswax Candle Wedding Favors

Our beeswax candle favors are ideal for any group event or celebration. Made of 100% organic beeswax and cotton wick. It does not contain paraffin and is environmentally friendly.

Aiming for a cottagecore wedding theme? These beeswax candles will fit right in. 

Your guests will love these beautifully rustic candles. Their earthy appearance isn’t misleading, either — they’re 100% eco-friendly. 

Not only do they come in an adorable honeycomb shape, but they smell like honey, too! You can customize the text on the candle’s label however you like. 

Custom Coffee Sleeves 

Custom Coffee Sleeve Personalized Wedding Favor

Here are custom coffee sleeves to slide around your coffee or tea cups! They are reusable, so one is a little extra for our dear planet.

If your family is full of coffee lovers, you’ll want these at your wedding reception. You can customize the text on these soft scuba foam coffee sleeves. 

These are great for winter or autumn weddings! If you want to go all out, you can even include travel mugs to go with the sleeves. 

Temporary Tattoos 

Personalized Temporary Tattoos

Transform your photo portrait into a personalized temporary tattoo.

Do you and your spouse have an affinity for tattoos? Share your love of body art with some temporary wedding photo tattoos! 

Both kids and adults will enjoy this fun gift. Because it’s entirely customizable, it’s suitable for just about every wedding theme. 

All you need to do is submit a picture of yourself and the spouse, and the artist will take it from there! 

Flower Jars 

Personalized Wedding Flower Favors

There is an option for MULTICOLOURED FAVORS and combination of different models!

These flower jars are the perfect favors for rustic or floral-themed weddings. 

You can choose the color of the flowers and customize the text on the paper tag. 

While there isn’t much you can do with them, they’ll make a beautiful decoration or good-luck charm. You can expect your guests to hold onto these beautiful jars for years to come! 

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