19 Acrylic Wedding Invitations For An Elegant And Classic Look

Weddings may be large, significant events, but it’s the small details that work together to make these spectacular days so magical.

One of those details is the invitations.

These days, there are so many options to choose from: paper or cardstock, photo or no photo, fonts upon fonts upon fonts; it’s seemingly never-ending.

One trend popping up in recent years is the acrylic wedding invite. These invitations are translucent and stiff, simulating the look and feel of glass without the same weight (or cost).

Check out some of our favorite choices from across the web to find the clear – pun intended – choice for your wedding. 

Minimalist Acrylic Gold Invitations

These acrylic invites from InvitationSigniture make beauty simple. If you’re into the minimalist style, these are the invitations for you.

The invites feature delicate branches and leaves draped from the top with clean text in the middle.

You can order them in a super wide range of fonts, and the included envelopes are sealed with elegant wax stamps in rose gold, pearl, caramel, or gold. 

Gold Foil Acrylic Invitations

Nothing says class and elegance quite like gold, right ladies?

The gold foil acrylic invites by HandmadesbyTroy are wholly transparent and feature a thin gold trim lining the outside of the invite.

The content of the invite has a beautiful script and clean writing – all in gold, of course – and displays the couple’s initials in a shiny, golden wreath. 

White Laser Engraved Acrylic Invites

When it comes to weddings, we all know you can’t go wrong with white.

JWatersDesign shop has absolutely gorgeous acrylic invitations with a white script and white lettering. They’re well-made, easy to read, and eye-catching. 

On every corner, these invites have swirling white patterns that give your invite the uniqueness you want. 

Gold and White Floral Square Invites

InvitationElegant worked hard to combine the ideal of a floral invite with the elegance of shimmering gold. Their invitations, dare we say, take the cake. 

The clear design is square-shaped, unlike traditional letter-style invites. It details gorgeous white flowers, all of which are outlined in gold. 

The letters are also gold with a combination of print and script. 

This shop offers several add-ons, including custom gold wax seals, monograms, RSVP cards, and envelopes.

Luxury Gold Calligraphy Invites

If prints and flowers and designs aren’t your thing, the WhiteInvitations shop has something stunning to share with you.

Their clear acrylic invitations feature beautiful calligraphy in shimmering gold letters. They take simple and make it luxurious; after all, less is more, right?

The company takes things to the next level, though, by packaging each invitation in its own simple, white box. The boxes also have your initials and wedding date engraved on them in gold. 

This design is sure to go with any decor and style, so you can’t go wrong here. 

Watercolor Floral Invite

While not entirely acrylic, AVIORHOME’s SafeGlass invitations give you that same crystal clear look that you want from an acrylic invite. 

These invites are thicker than acrylic and are less flexible. They’re thick and sturdy, meaning they won’t bend in the mail, and they’re perfect for keeping as a memento of your special day. 

These pretty invites have a pink floral design done in watercolor, making them ten times as unique as standard invitations. 

The colors and font are also customizable when you order through the store, which is a super cool addition. 

Modern Invitations with Metallic Box

Florainvitation truly outdoes the standards of luxury with this acrylic invite-in-a-box. 

Because who gets excited just receiving an envelope in the mail anymore, right? 

Instead, your invites come packaged in a custom salmon-colored box tied off with a pretty bow.

You can choose from flexible acrylic, frosted acrylic, or plexiglass, and the fonts come in gold, rose gold, and silver.

Inside the box, your invitations sit on top of greenery to give an extra touch to the experience; you know, in case the box isn’t enough. 

Vintage Peony Acrylic Invites 

If the vibe of your wedding is a flower-colored affair, then you need these acrylic invites. 

We can’t describe these invites in any other way than this: simply gorgeous. They have beautiful roses and greenery printed on them in pinks and white that scream timeless elegance.

The invites come in a matching pink envelope with the same floral printing because coordination is everything. 

And if pink isn’t your color, you can work with the HappyMomentsEver shop to customize your design from fonts to colors and more. 

Minimalist Floral Gold and Green Invitations

Flashy, colorful floral and big bouquet designs are very trendy and gorgeous, but these invites use minimal black and white flowers that draw attention without causing a big scene. 

We’re definitely here for these minimal acrylic invites, which feature a thin oval outline around gold script and lettering. 

The whole thing is packaged in a sleek black envelope, and you can choose from several colors for the old-fashioned wax seal. 

Even the seal is cute: it has a dove on it! 

Silver and Gold Acrylic Simple Invites

If you’re unsure what kind of design suits you best, sometimes it’s easier to go with simple and classic.

From the INVITATIONHOUSE store, these gold foil clear acrylic invites are as minimal as it gets. They feature elegant gold foil lettering with a clean design to go with any decor or theme. 

Plus, they come packaged in sleek, unique vertical envelopes, which are way better than standard envelopes. 

The seller also does RSVPs. They’re printed on regular cardstock with the same gold foil lettering, so they’re easier to send back but have the same killer look. 

Navy Blue Watercolor Acrylic Invites

Navy Blue Watercolor
Image via anozzer on Etsy

Many people love how the acrylic invites look because of their unique, clear appearance. But these invites from Anozzer’s store bring the deep navy hues to life with an ombre watercolor background.

The backdrop fades from dark navy to a lighter blue and finally ends with a clear bottom. The text is a black and white script, which is easy to see. 

The store sells various sets, the simplest of which includes a navy envelope with watercolor marks and a gold wax seal. 

Other sets include a detail card, RSVPs, vellum wrap, a paper belt, and personalized stickers. Perfect for “something blue.” 

Black Acrylic Invites

Traditionally, black has been a color that signifies mourning. Basically, white = happy, black = sad.

But modern weddings are changing, if you haven’t noticed, and black is the new white. And if you don’t believe us, just check out these acrylic invites.

Rather than being transparent with a floral design, these elegant and cool invitations are black acrylic material. They have a gold foil script from top to bottom that just screams style.

Behind the script is a beautifully etched flower that blends in perfectly with the design.

It’s safe to say that we really love these invitations. 

Gold Etched Invitations

HappyinvitationnTR offers another classy, elegant design. There’s nothing wrong with going for a tried and authentic look. 

After all, that’s why these designs stick around for so long and remain popular. 

The thin, delicate acrylic material is simply beautiful. It’s covered in fragile gold flowers and a thin gold script for all the glitz and glam that your big day needs. 

The invites come in golden etched white envelopes with a special gold wax stamp seal to finish the look. It’s definitely an invite you’d want hanging on your fridge. 

Blush Acrylic Flower Invites

If you’re looking for an eye-catching acrylic invitation that will make your guests say “wow,” we’re pretty sure this shop nailed it. 

JaneCustomGifts created a simply gorgeous design using traditional clear acrylic, black script, and accent color lettering. 

Two corners feature bold, vintage bouquets of peonies and roses in pinks and reds, while the other corners have accent lines to match the color pallet. 

The shop is also willing to work with custom designs, and you really can’t beat that offer. We love this store also because of its affordable prices. 

Eucalyptus Design Acrylic Invitations

Eucalyptus is very in right now. It’s great for decorating any room or hanging in your shower for a spa-like experience.

Oh – and it can also add a stunning, exotic touch to your wedding invitations. 

JaneCustomGifts strikes again with this fantastic acrylic invite featuring an entire border of eucalyptus leaves. The greens are framed with thin, golden etching for an exquisite look.

The wedding details are written in the middle with white lettering and script, bringing the whole package together. 

The invites come in clean, white envelopes with golden calligraphy on the outside. The shop also offers RSVP cards, accommodations cards, menu, place cards, signs, wax seals, and more. 

Ivory Rose Acrylic Invites

Sometimes you don’t need glitz, glam, and flashy designs to make your wedding invitations beautiful and memorable. This ivory rose design is proof of that. 

The acrylic base has a thin, double-line, white border that meets two sets of ivory roses on opposite corners. These white colors are accented with just the slightest hints of light blue – not too much, but just enough. 

The writing is curled and elegant in all white for a unified appearance. The dark green envelope is the perfect splash of earth-toned color, and the inside of the envelope has the same white rose design to match.  

This option is one of our favorites because it’s easy to coordinate the invite with your wedding flowers to pull the whole theme together. 

Gold and Black Foil Square Invite

We’ve said it a million times already, and we’ll say it again – you cannot go wrong with a gold foil wedding invitation. 

But we’d like to highlight this particular invite because it’s printed on a piece of square acrylic, and the unique shape simply calls out to us. 

The golden calligraphy goes perfectly with the simple double-lined, golden border. Paired with the black envelope with gold accents and you have an invitation that really lets you know this wedding will be a fancy affair to remember. 

Clear Acrylic Invite With Photo

Finally, someone said it: let’s use a photo! 

A beautiful invitation is lovely, but what could be more personal and meaningful than a photo of you and your spouse-to-be? 

This invite is simple yet genius. It’s landscape-style plexiglass with a white script and plain white lettering and features your photo of choice on the side surrounded by dainty flowers.

However, the envelope also comes sealed with a small stand – this lets your guests prop the invite up like a picture frame. 

Come on – who wouldn’t buy this? 

White-Backed Acrylic Invites

These acrylic invitations display a sizeable floral bouquet on the top right with a smaller batch of flowers on the bottom for an asymmetric design. The bouquets are bright and beautiful with pinks, blues, and purples. 

In the middle is customizable wedding detail written in a lovely white font.

What’s different about this invite is that it’s backed by white rather than just being transparent. The clear acrylic sits on top of the white, which lets you see the design more clearly. 

This invite also comes in a white envelope with a metallic glitter twine tie. It’s sealed with a wax stamp of your choice. 

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