22 Rustic Wedding Centerpieces That Fit Your Theme Perfectly

Flowers are a traditional and elegant centerpiece for weddings. While they’re gorgeous, if you’re searching for something that will fit better into a rustic theme, you have to check out these fantastic rustic wedding centerpieces. 

Twinkle Fairy Lights

Rustic Wedding Decor

Whimsical fairy lights for your rustic wedding decor.

Nothing screams rustic style like twinkling fairy lights. You can do so much with these lights, including adding them to your centerpieces. 

You can pile the lights in the center of the table, add them to a Mason jar or vase, or whatever comes to mind. They’re perfect for any rustic wedding and come in cool and warm tones. 

We love that these lights come in three to nine-foot lengths and use batteries, so you don’t need to worry about finding an outlet to keep them lit throughout the night. 

Engraved Wood Slab

Wood Slice Centerpiece

These laser engraved wood slices are the perfect Wedding table centerpieces.

Anything made of wood is perfect for a rustic wedding celebration. These engraved wood slabs are the perfect way to customize your centerpiece arrangements. 

The slabs of wood are circular and look like they’ve been cut right from a tree in someone’s yard. You can engrave them with your names, wedding date, or whatever you want! 

They’re perfect for setting a floral arrangement or other decorations, but if you want to go the simple route, they’re rustic and gorgeous enough to stand on their own. 

Wooden Rustic Lanterns

Wooden Lanterns

Our 3 piece Lantern Set will add a certain whimsical/bohemian touch to your décor. 

Wooden lanterns add a cozy touch to any table decor. We love that when you order these rustic lanterns, you get one small, one medium, and one large lantern. 

You can place all three lanterns on one table or scatter them around so that every table has a different size. They’re great for using flameless candles and adding greenery. 

They’re made with natural wood and add an extra rustic touch to any table. 

Birch Branch Centerpiece

Birch Branch Centerpiece Kit

Beautifully designed Birch branch arrangement to compliment your home, office, baby shower, or wedding!

These birch branch centerpieces are a gorgeous addition to wedding tables. The product comes with a kit to quickly put together the centerpieces.

The birch branches are designed to go inside glass vases that look beautiful on their own, but you can always add tea light candles to add a touch of lighting. 

Assembling these centerpieces is super easy. You’ll need to fill the glass vases with water after adding the birch branches and then top it with a tea light candle to keep the stems from floating up. 

Tall White Candle Holders

Tall Rustic White Candle or Floral Centerpiece

This set of candle holders features a shabby chic style, glass votives and three varied heights. Place all three together for an elegant centerpiece or space them out to provide a little light along each table.

One of the main reasons we love these tall white centerpieces is because they’re versatile. Most people place candles, battery-powered or real, on them, but they even look great with flowers. 

Each set comes with three pieces of varying heights. If you can’t decide between candles or flowers to accentuate the beauty of these centerpieces, flameless candles and garlands of greenery are the best of both worlds. 

Burlap and Lace Mason Jars 

Lace, and Twine Pint or Quart Mason Jars

Each features a rustic, farmhouse design with burlap, twine, and lace.

Mason jars might as well be the mascot for rustic weddings. You can do so much with them! 

These Mason jars have twine, burlap, and lace around them, making them the perfect centerpieces for your wedding. They’re the ideal container for smaller floral arrangements, and after the wedding, they’ll look great as decorations around your house. 

Birch Bark Flameless Candles

These birch bark flameless candles are a rustic option for a great centerpiece. They’re perfect for placing on top of candle holders or inside lanterns since you won’t be risking burning your venue down on your wedding day. 

We love them because you can surround them with flowers and otherwise flammable decorations without worrying about starting a fire. 

Twine Mason Jar and Vase

Mason Jar Centerpiece

This adornment adds a taste of elegance with allure all in one.

If you’re looking for some mix and match centerpiece options, these twine Mason jars and twine glass vases are perfect. 

They come as a set, and you can do whatever you want with them! They’re perfect for holding flowers or tea light candles, or even filled with water, standing independently. 

Wooden Succulent Arrangements

Wooden Succulent Arrangement Rustic Centerpiece Set

Set of 3 decorative rustic chic design wood cedar log.

Who doesn’t love a good succulent? These wooden succulent arrangements use wood, twine, and other natural elements to make a base for various succulents. 

We love these centerpieces because the succulents are artificial and don’t risk dying or getting damaged during your event. They also make adorable gifts if you don’t want to keep dozens of wooden succulent arrangements. 

Wooden Table Numbers

Wedding Table Numbers

Beautiful wooden table numbers. Made with solid stained wood, decorated with artificial flowers. 

Table numbers aren’t required only to have one job. Finding beautiful table numbers can show guests which table they’re at but also serve as a centerpiece. 

These medium-sized, square wooden slabs have table numbers beautifully painted on them. Our favorite part is that they have just a touch of greenery with artificial flowers securely glued to the table numbers. 

Wooden Tea Light Candle Holders

Rustic Wood Tea Light Candle Holders

These really make your table, mantle, window sill look lovely. We use these year around because they are so versatile and go with each season.

It’s almost impossible to go to a rustic wedding without seeing tea lights, and there’s no judgment here. These wooden tea light candle holders are some of our favorite centerpieces. 

Like the wooden slab from earlier, these tiny wooden circles look freshly carved from a tree in someone’s backyard. 

They’re simple, stunning, and the epitome of rustic. 

Farmhouse Painted Mason Jars

Mason Jar Vase Set

Love this color combo! Great for all seasons or occasions as a centerpiece, side table decor, kitchen/bathroom decor, wedding or office. Jars are painted and sealed on the outside, allowing them to hold water for flowers.

A unique way to use Mason jars for centerpieces is to use painted ones. These farmhouse Mason jars are painted in cool farmhouse colors and are perfect for centerpieces. 

They look stunning with short floral arrangements placed in them or surrounded by candles. Either way, these are a new take on traditional Mason jars. 

Modern Script Table Numbers

Rustic Table Numbers

These beautiful handmade table numbers embellish your wedding centerpieces. 

If you’re looking for more table number options that can act as centerpieces at your wedding reception, these table numbers with a modern script are the perfect balance between rustic and contemporary. 

They’re simple wooden table numbers spelled out in script with a circle around them. You can choose between 16 different metallic or glitter colors. 

You can also order them as pictured in plain wood for a more rustic look. 

Simple Wooden Table Numbers

Wedding Table Numbers

These stylish table rooms are made in rustic style.

If you’re looking for table numbers that are simple enough to work with whatever other rustic wedding ideas you have, these may be the best option for you. They’re only a couple of inches in height but large enough that people can see them from a distance. 

Even though they’re simple, we love that they follow the rustic aesthetic perfectly and look great next to candles and floral arrangements. 

Ropped Glass Vases

Mini Vintage Glass Flower Vase with Rope Design

Elegant design: simple glass vase set, combination of rope design and clear glass vase can enhance your interior with style and atmosphere.

We love these uniquely shaped glass vases because they’re different from your traditional rustic Mason jars. When you order, you get a set of ten vases that come in all shapes and sizes. 

If you think that glass vases aren’t rustic, these are! They have twine wrapped around them in different ways. They’re gorgeous when placed in the center of tables or with flowers in them. We suggest styling them with twinkly fairy lights. 

Mini Star Lanterns

Mini Star Lantern with Flickering LED

Set of 8 golden brushed Mini candle lanterns with 1 yellow LED tea light candle inside. A graceful marriage of beauty & practicality adds a gorgeous touch anywhere.

Not only do these mini star lanterns make a beautiful centerpiece, but they’re also practical too! Each lantern comes with a flameless tea light inside that provides some light and a nice glow throughout your wedding. 

The mini star lanterns aren’t wooden like other rustic lanterns and come in black, golden, brushed gold, and silver. 

One of the best features of these lanterns is that the tea lights inside can be set to “flicker” to mimic a real candlelit touch. 

Wooden Tea Light Candle Tray

Soyizom Farmhouse Decor Candles Holder Tray Set

Made of wooden which suitable for any environments.Size--2.4 Inch / 6 cm x 1.7 Inch /4.3 cm Height.Universal Size For Most Occasion- Uses tea-light, votive or small pillar candles.

These wooden tea light candle trays are the perfect centerpieces for your wedding when you want something simple yet elegant. You’ll get a wooden tray with two tea light candle holders. 

The tea light candle holders are wooden, too, adding to the rustic nature of these centerpieces. Our favorite part of these centerpieces is the cute heart pendant that’s tied with twine to both candle holders. 

Twine Ceramic Vases

Hirdbrote Small Ceramic Vases for Decor 2-Piece

Beige retro ceramic vase, very suitable to add a sense of decoration to the room, daily use or coffee table decoration, table decor, farmhouse table décor, shelf decor, home decor farmhouse.

Vases don’t always need to be clear glass to look fabulous. These white ceramic vases are the perfect addition to any table at a wedding. 

These farmhouse vases have twine tied around the neck in a lovely bow. If you can speak with your florist about adding flowers to them, that would be a great idea! 

You don’t need to use your florist for fresh flowers, though; artificial flowers look just as lovely in the vases. We love that once you’re finished using them for your wedding, they make beautiful decorations for your home. 

Melted Candle LED Tea Lights

Warm White Flickering Tea Lights Battery Operated

long lasting: the led tea light candle powered by one single CR-2032 (included and installed), the replaceable button cell is environmental, energy-efficient, long-life. the estimated working time of candle is last over 200 hours with one new CR-2032

Melted wax makes for a very cool aesthetic, but actual melting wax can get messy, and the flames can cause an issue. That’s why we love these LED melted candle tea lights. 

Each pack contains 12 flameless candles that you can scatter around your wedding tables. The flameless tea lights give off a warm glow which pairs well with other rustic decor items. 

We love that you won’t need to worry about the batteries in the candles dying during your wedding. Each candle has a battery that can last for about 200 hours continuously

Lime Berry Branches

20" Lime Berry Sweet Huck Branches/Decorative

20" Lime Berry Sweet Huck Branches- these branches are perfect addition to a fixer upper decor or rustic decor. They are also perfect craft supply for your rustic decor ideas or any craft projects.

Lime berry branches are an excellent option to put in Mason jars or other vases for your centerpieces. They give your centerpieces a much more natural feel than traditional floral arrangements (not that there’s anything wrong with floral arrangements!) 

They come in a bouquet of 20 branches, making it easy to add to vases or jars. You may need to do some trimming depending on how tall your vases are.

Ravina Sticks

Natural Ravina Sticks/Decorative

Natural Ravina Sticks- these sticks are perfect addition to a fixer upper decor or rustic decor. They are also perfect craft supply for your rustic decor ideas or any craft projects.

Similar to the lime berry branches are the Ravina sticks. These are another great natural product to place inside jars or lay on your tables. 

We love that these Ravina sticks have a very natural look, but they also have a pop of red which is a nice touch for any centerpiece. You’ll get anywhere from 20 to 25 sticks per package, and they’re about 16 inches maximum in height. 

Rustic Pillar Candle Holders

Candle Holders for Pillar Candles, Set of 3

8,10 and 12 inch tall.Each of these pillar candle holders holds any candle with a diameter up to 3.15 inch. Ideal for farmhouse,fireplace and mantle decor.

Pillar candle holders are an excellent option for a classic but rustic look. These pillar candle holders come in a set of three that measure eight, ten, and twelve inches tall. 

They’re ideal for placing standard candles on. Still, unless you want to deal with wax potentially dripping onto your beautiful rustic candle holders, you may want to consider using a battery-powered candle. 

One of the best things about these pillar candle holders is the color options you have. You can choose white antique, washed wood, brown, natural brown, or what they call shabby and rusty. 

Wooden Tray

Wood Candle Holder with Black Metal Handles

Package: Includeds 1pc wood candle holder, 8pcs screws, 1pc screwdriver, 2pcs black metal handles.Easy to assemble.

Something tricky about wedding centerpieces is that you may have a combination of things you love, but you can’t get them to look just right. Trays are a great accessory that can help bring a centerpiece together. 

These wooden trays are simple yet effective in holding almost everything you’d want on your tables at your wedding. They’re perfect for candles, twinkly lights, and even floral arrangements and other rustic greenery. 

We love that these trays come in two color options. You can choose a natural wood with brown hues or lightly spray-painted white.

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