16 Branch Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For Your Guest Tables

Centerpieces are one of the defining decorations of a wedding. They sit in a highly visible and central spot where your guests will sit, chat, eat, and drink, so you definitely want them to reflect your personal style and wedding theme.

There are as many different materials to use in your wedding centerpieces as there are wedding themes – maybe even more! But one of the materials that will definitely make a statement is branches!

Yes, branches, as in tree branches. Think about it – branches can add height, dimension, and color to a wedding centerpiece. You can choose from bare branches, like manzanita branches; branches with leaves such as eucalyptus or olive branches; even branches that have been decorated with paint or glitter!

Since they come in many different sizes, heights, shapes, and colors, there’s a type of branch out there for every wedding style, no matter what it is! 

We’ve got plenty of ideas for branches to use in your wedding centerpieces, as well as other branch decor ideas. Read on for some inspiration…

Branches for Wedding Centerpieces

Birch Branches

Many birch trees have trunks whose bark peels away in paper-like pieces.

This interesting and ethereal quality adds to their allure; silver birches in particular are often found in paintings due to their beauty. They’re found in the painted woodland backgrounds of Disney’s first feature-length film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for example!

Adding birch branches to your wedding centerpieces is a sure way to add beauty and quaint charm to your overall wedding decor, reminding your guests of the forest from which they came.

Manzanita Branches

Natural Red Manzanita Branch/Tree

These are high quality manzanita branches, carefully selected and packed by our staff for centerpiece use.

The word “manzanita” is a diminutive form of the Spanish word for “apple” – “manzana.” True to this name, the manzanita tree is a small one that grows little red berries that have many uses in cooking, making these branches a great choice for the couple who loves to cook – or to eat!

Manzanita branches are often used in wedding centerpieces due to their strength when dried. Florists can hang items like votive candles in holders, crystals, or flowers, without needing to worry about them falling or breaking a manzanita branch.

This strength, plus their shape and size, makes them an incredibly popular choice for branch wedding centerpieces. 

Driftwood Branches

Driftwood Branches

Beautiful Freshwater Drift Wood. Many uses for crafts and decoration. Mostly straight with a weathered look that only time and water can create. Truly beautiful pieces. 2,3,4,5 foot.

Driftwood is created when pieces of wood float on the surface of a body of water and drift with its current, hence the name. 

These driftwood branches have been bleached from decay in water and sunshine, and they come in two-, three-, four-, and five-foot pieces, so you can make as small or large a statement as you want to with your centerpieces.

Curly Willow Branches

Curly Willow Branches

10PCS Artificial Branches. Size: 30.7 inches. Each faux flower branch has three stems, the image is cute, natural, simple and generous. 

Curly willow branches are a beautiful vase filler or accent.

These branches twist every which way, which adds a sense of whimsy wherever you put them, whether among flowers or greenery, in a vase or a hurricane glass.

Ash Branches

36” Oregon Ash Branches Twigs Stems

Sustainably harvested Oregon Ash branches from our farm in the Willamette Valley.

These ash branches are ramrod straight, making them ideal for curling greenery or vines around. They come in brown and olive green tones, with a lovely waxy gray bloom. 

These branches would be perfect for use in a rustic wedding centerpiece, or at a wedding that uses gray or silver metallic as its accent.

Glitter Branches

If you’re interested in using branches in your wedding centerpieces but are more into the glam aesthetic than the rustic, you may want to choose an option like these glitter branches.

They will add sparkle and shine to every centerpiece! 

Pearl Bamboo Branches

Pearl Bamboo Branches

These are real branches that have been spray painted!

These pearl faux bamboo branches come in multiple colors and metallic finishes, making them much less rustic than many of the other branches we’ve listed here.

With their simple design and metallic finish, these pearl faux bamboo branches would be perfect for use as an accent in an Art Deco or even a mid-century modern reception venue. 

Cotton Branches

Cotton Branches

Quantity is 1 stem and there are 5-6 heads on each stem!

Perfect for the Southern bride, cotton branches often feature cotton blossoms in all their fluffy, snowy-white glory. These cotton branches would be especially perfect for a spring or summer wedding in the South! 

Cotton branches add a beautiful and interesting texture to any decor due to their rough bark and the white fluff of their blossoms. The effect of cotton blossoms is almost like having flowers in your wedding centerpiece!

Pine Cone Branches

15" Iced Pine Cones Spray

This 15" iced pine cone branch will add that touch of bling AND nature to your winter decorating.

These branches come with their own decoration in the form of adorable pine cones! The presence of the little pine cones makes these branches perfect for use in autumn and winter weddings.

You can paint the pine cones and their branches with white paint, or with glitter, or even add fake snow to them for an extra bit of decor and detail.

Magnolia Branches

Magnolia Branches

Pack of 2 artificial Magnolia branches, height approx. 30 inch, measured from bottom end to the top of plant.

Magnolia trees are known for their large, glossy, and two-toned leaves. One side of a magnolia leaf is dark green and glossy, while the underside is typically a warm brown color.

This dual coloring makes magnolia branches a great choice for any wedding, but especially for autumn nuptials.

Magnolia branches with leaves are also handy when you don’t want to spend a ton on flowers. Due to the size of their leaves, magnolia branches can fill in those pesky empty spaces!

Items to Add to Branch Wedding Centerpieces

Of course, most people don’t want to simply put some branches into a vase and call it a day. You need other decorations in your wedding centerpieces to make them look complete! 

Below, we’ll present a few ideas for items you can add to your branch wedding centerpieces. Some are more appropriate for certain themes or times of the year, and some are more universal. 

No matter what you choose to include, it’s sure to make a statement! Here are a few of our ideas below:

Hanging Votive Candle Holders

4 Pcs Hanging Glass Terrarium Plants

It will be a perfect match to use this air plant terrarium. If you use air plant with our succulent terrarium kit, please handle them with care.

Candles are one of the easiest decorations to add to any centerpiece. They add a flattering light and beautiful ambiance to your venue space.

These votive candle holders can be hung from the stronger branches in your branch centerpieces for an enchanting effect. They’ll look almost like they’re floating, like the candles in Hogwarts’ Great Hall even!

It’s important when hanging votive candle holders to use glass holders with side holes when using real flame votive candles. This allows for the circulation of air and gas and prevents accidents like glass exploding or fires beginning.

Silk Flowers

Bestseller White or Pink Rose Peony Arrangement

Bestseller & Original design by Blue Paris Flowers.

An easy way to add lushness to your branch wedding centerpiece is to add silk flowers to it.

You can simply place them in vases below or amongst the branches, or even weave them through the smaller branches and twigs.

Battery-Operated Twinkle Lights

Firefly Lights for DIY Home Decor

Fairy lights were operated by batteries (Included), the batteries can be replaced easily.

These twinkle lights are on a thin wire, so they’re easy to conceal. They’re also battery-operated, so you don’t have to worry about having enough outlets or tripping anyone as they move toward the dance floor. 

Place these wire twinkle lights at the base of the vase holding your branches, greenery, and flowers, or weave them within the branches.

The effect will be charming and ethereal, like fireflies glowing on a summer night. 

One Inch White Wood Snowflakes

One Inch White Wood Snowflakes

25 wooden snowflake ornaments approximately 1 inches diameter and 1/8 inch thick.

Perfect for winter weddings, these one-inch wood snowflakes evoke the magic of snow falling but are also light enough that you won’t have to worry about them breaking the branches.

Mercury Glass Heart Ornaments

Mini Mercury Glass Heart Ornaments

Get tons of savings on this 6-pc Cora Design ornament set, ideal as a charming gift and perfect for holiday decorating, winter weddings & parties.

These little pink glass hearts are adorable. They’re perfect for use in any wedding, but especially at Christmas or Valentine’s Day nuptials. 

Pearl Bead Garland

Faux Pearl Bead Garland

This beautiful cream and ivory acrylic beaded garland is almost 5 feet long and has branched acrylic beads, meaning that it is not just one straight strand. Instead, it has little "branches" of beads throughout so it has more dimension.

If you’re looking to create an atmosphere of unique elegance, look no further than this pearl bead garland!

This garland can be woven around the base of the branches in a vase, strung throughout the smaller upper branches, or even hung so they hang straight down, like icicles. 

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