23 Unique Wedding Bracelets To Complete Your Bridal Look

The jewelry you choose for your wedding day will not only accentuate your gown but gives you a chance to show off your personal style!

You have probably thought about which earrings you’ll be wearing and how well they fit with your updo. And you’ve likely decided if a necklace will compliment your type of dress or not, but have you given any thought to a bracelet?

Bridal bracelets are great choices for both the ‘more bling the better’ bride and the bride who perhaps doesn’t wear a lot of day-to-day jewelry and wants something a lot more subtle than a pair of fancy earrings. 

Be it delicate pearls or a sparkly bangle, we’ve handpicked only the most beautiful bracelets; ideal for the bride and her bridesmaids. 

Check out our favorites for some inspiration…

Crystal and Satin Bridal Bracelet

Unlike standard wedding bracelets, this crystal-bedecked piece features a band made entirely of soft satin ribbon. 

Consequently, this might be the most comfortable wedding bracelet ever made. It also might be the shiniest, thanks to its dozens of multi-sized crystal rhinestones!

Swarovski Hand Chain Wedding Bracelet

Looking to add a unique touch to your wedding jewelry?

This hand chain bracelet with Swarovski crystals may be just the exotically-inspired piece to perfect your wedding day style.

Silver Leaves and Flowers Bridal Bracelet

Long gone are the days of wearing flower crowns during wedding ceremonies, but you can still pay homage to this traditional look with the help of this nature-inspired bracelet.

Made of cubic zirconia, this bridal bracelet captures light and reflects it back with a shiny ferocity that’s bound to attract eyes and capture hearts.

Besides, with all the money you’ll save on not buying diamonds, you could extend that honeymoon by a couple of weeks!

Dainty Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend. But cubic zirconia and your budget have matching BFF tattoos.

Brides or wedding guests looking for an affordable yet glamorous bracelet could fall head over heels for this dainty and oh-so-shiny option. Look like a million bucks without having to sell all your possessions!

Simple Stretchy Golden Beaded Bracelet

Though white gets a lot of hype during weddings, gold is just as gorgeous.

Show off your rich and luxurious style with this simple, stretchy gold beaded bracelet.

Slim Adjustable Gold Bracelet

Not all wrists are the same size, but most bracelets seem to think they are!

If you’ve been searching for an adjustable bracelet, then consider this slim gold bracelet.

It’s low-profile but refined, featuring a handy unique adjustment mechanism.

Shining Pearl Bridesmaid Bracelet

Brides aren’t the only ones who get to have fun during a wedding. Bridesmaids have the opportunity to flaunt their stuff too, but doing so requires tact and careful planning.

This creamy white pearl bridesmaid bracelet is a fantastic way to add a little intrigue to your outfit without outshining the bride. 

Knotted Bangle Wedding Bracelets

This twisted bracelet features a distinct knot in its middle, making it an excellent piece for those tying the knot.

Available in rose gold, gold, or silver finishes, you can purchase multiple bracelets and pair them together for a truly unique look.

Delicate Swarovski Bridal Bracelet

Many wedding bracelets are simple pieces with a few gemstones or pearls, and it can be challenging to find options with distinct designs.

Well, it’s not impossible.

Take this Swarovski bridal bracelet, for example. It has two V-shaped bands that support a central crystal pendant, making for a special bracelet that perfectly complements almost any outfit.

Golden Leaves and Pearls Bracelet

Marriage is the birth of a union and a sign of growth for two people. This might be why so many wedding bracelets feature plants and flowers!

This handmade bracelet consists of gold leaves and glossy pearl beads. Its thin, twisting band is secured with a smooth satin ribbon for adjustability and comfortable wearing. 

Customizable Wedding Coordinates Bracelet

The place you decide to get married will always hold a special place in your heart. This coordinate bracelet can help you remember that spot now and always!

While this isn’t the most traditionally romantic wedding bracelet, it is a unique and practical option appropriate for brides, grooms, and all other wedding guests.

You might want to order this piece in bulk!

Celestial Crystal and Gold Wedding Bracelet

Was your romance written in the stars? 

This celestial crystal wedding bracelet can help you celebrate that starstruck romance. A dazzling collection of crystals accentuates each glimmering star on the gold chain. 

Shimmering Rose Gold Leaf Wreath Bracelet

When you get married, you’re unifying yourself with your partner and their family. 

This rose gold wreath bracelet perfectly symbolizes your union using staggered, rhinestone-encrusted leaves that shimmer in the light. 

It even comes with a variety of colored satin and transparent ribbons to match your outfit and decor!

Personalized Silver Bead and Circle Bracelet

Are you the type of bride who wants to make a statement? If so, look no further than this personalized silver bead and circle piece!

You can write almost anything (so long as it fits) and have it inscribed onto the small circle attached. So, if you’d like to recall an inside joke between you and your significant other, this is the perfect piece to do so with.

Handmade Lucky Clover Wedding Bracelet

Good luck is a priceless commodity, and newly married couples can’t have enough of it!

This handmade lucky clover wedding bracelet is bound to help partners start their union with a little extra boost of fortune.

Though each clover might have four lucky leaves, this bracelet has five clovers to ensure absolute felicity.

Elegant Pearl Bridal Bracelet

A traditional wedding deserves an equally timeless bridal bracelet.

This elegant pearl option is just as shiny and eye-catching as a crystal piece, but it’s a little more subtle.

While you might not want to arm wrestle while wearing these pearls, you’re more than welcome to celebrate a wedding.

However, if you’re not the bride, you may want to choose a different piece since these opulent pearls might just steal the show.

Sparkling Silver Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet

Brides planning on donning a sparkling wedding tiara or earrings may want to pair it with this sparkling silver rhinestone cuff bracelet.

It sparkles like a thousand diamonds, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much!

Roman Numeral Wedding Date Bracelet

This Roman numeral wedding date bracelet exudes grace and class.

Not only does it look elegant and enigmatic, but it also serves as a wearable reminder of your big day.

When you choose this bracelet, you’re also choosing never to forget your anniversary. Now that’s just practical!

Pearl Drops Dainty Bridal Bracelet

Heavy or thick jewelry may take away from a bride’s natural elegance, but fortunately, dainty pieces like this pearl chain bracelet accentuate femininity.

With neatly spaced polished pearls that glimmer, and its fragile nickel-free status, this opulent bracelet could become a regular favorite of your jewelry armoire. 

Thin Sterling Silver Twists 

Sometimes, simpler is better. If you can groove to that motto, you might want to check out this twisted sterling silver bracelet.

Though this wristband might not feature gemstones, it can capture both sunlight and candlelight, making it an attractive option to pair with a simple gown or even everyday wear. 

Subtle Morganite Wedding Bracelet

Pearl jewelry has a timeless appeal,  due in part to the luster of the creamy gems.

However, those looking for an unconventional gemstone bracelet may prefer this multicolored morganite piece.

Each faceted bead shimmers when placed beneath a light source, and the subtle pastel colors can complement a wide variety of outfits and decor.

Plus, with a stretchy inner string, this ethereal bracelet fits wrists of almost every size.

Thick Swarovski and Rhinestone Bridal Bracelet 

The bride is naturally the star of the show regardless, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t benefit from donning extra-sparkly accessories like this tiered cuff bracelet.

With pearl-shaped rhinestone beads and thick Swarovski crystal spheres, this wide bridal bracelet is bound to keep all eyes on you!

Lightweight Rose Chain Bracelet

In the language of flowers, roses almost always mean romance and passion.

Incorporate these into your wedding outfit by wearing this lightweight rose chain bracelet.

This piece is available with gold or silver plating, ensuring that it matches any color scheme or style. Even better, this rose won’t ever wilt!

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