26 Disney Wedding Centerpieces That Will Fit Your Fairytale Theme

“If you can dream it, you can do it” -Walt Disney

If you’re a Disney fanatic then a Disney-themed wedding will be your real-life fairy tale! We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that you’ve certainly got your pick of magical Disney movies to take inspiration from!

Arguably everyone has a favorite Disney film, whether it’s from the Golden Age of Disney, the decade that is now known as the Disney Renaissance, or the handful of modern Pixar-produced hits.

Aside from their heart-warming plots, Disney movies are equally as well known for their whimsical details, beautiful colors, and sweeping melodies; in short, they’re wedding inspiration gold! 

So whether you’re planning on adding just a pinch of Tinkerbell’s magic to your table décor, or aiming to bathe your entire table in the stuff, we’ve compiled a list of the many Disney movies you can use to inspire your wedding centerpieces.

Welcome to the ultimate Disney wedding centerpieces list!

Disney Wedding Centerpieces

Beauty and the Beast Centerpieces

Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairy tale about a girl who sacrifices herself for her father, then slowly befriends and falls in love with the Beast who has taken her prisoner. Needless to say, the Beast is transformed into a handsome prince, and the two live happily ever after.

Disney’s animated film of the same name is full of rich, bright colors, like yellow, red, and blue, and accented by metallics like gold.

Belle is also a voracious reader, so if you’re a bookworm, you likely identify with her!

Be sure to include lots of red roses and books in the centerpieces at your Beauty and the Beast wedding!

Rose with Lights under Glass Dome

Red Silk Rose in Glass Dome with LED Lights Pine Base

Beauty and the Beast Rose Kit: Inside the clear dome is one enchanted everlasting rose, looks almost real and never fade. warm white LED string adds decorative accent. Great for home decor.

Use a rose in a glass dome like this one to evoke the enchantment of this Disney wedding theme. The twinkle lights under the dome add a magical element to this centerpiece.

Vintage Books

A stack of vintage books below and around your centerpiece will remind guests of Belle’s love of reading – and yours, too!

Brass Candelabra

Vintage Brass Candelabra

Thos unique brass candle holder features a center candle holder that unscrews, and arms that come off for easy storage.

A brass candelabra is sure to evoke thoughts of the beloved Beauty and the Beast character, Lumiere. Plus, what’s more, romantic than the flattering light from a flickering candle?

Cinderella Wedding Centerpiece

Cinderella is usually the princess that most brides want to feel like on their wedding day. All you have to do is look at her magical transformation and fabulous shoes, and you’ll know why this is so often the case. 

Disney’s Cinderella is a film that features a delicate color palette, mostly pale pinks, blues, and grays. Indeed, it is Cinderella’s castle that is the landmark of The Magic Kingdom in Disney World; standing proud in all its deliciously pastel glory. 

Choosing this quintessential fairy tale for your wedding theme will be sure to make it a fairy tale wedding and dream come true!

Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper

A dream come true! Your dreams await with this princess style (glass like) slipper.

One of the most recognizable things about the Cinderella story is the recurrence of the unique shoes she’s given to wear. In Disney’s Cinderella, she wears famous glass slippers. 

Featuring a glass slipper in your Disney wedding centerpiece will not only remind your guests of this classic fairy tale but it will also catch and reflect the light!

White Pumpkins

White Pumpkins

They are both edible & ornamental! The little guys measure 3" wide x 2" high. 

In Disney’s version of this ubiquitous fairy tale, the coach that Cinderella takes to the ball is made using a pumpkin.

Channel this magic and use some adorable white pumpkins in your Cinderella wedding centerpiece. 

Pink, Blue, and Ivory Flower Arrangement

Artificial Flowers Wedding Bouquets for Bride

Materials: Made of high-quality real touch/silk/foam flowers and silk greenery.

This dusty blue, ivory, and dusty rose silk flower arrangement uses the main colors found in Disney’s animated film Cinderella.

Fill in the gaps between your white pumpkins and glass slipper using these beautiful arrangements!

Snow White Centerpieces

Disney’s first feature animated film and princess, Snow White, is the epitome of innocence and generosity. 

There are a few hallmarks of this movie: Snow White’s dress of yellow, red, and blue; the apple she’s poisoned with, and her home in the forest with the seven dwarves (spelled “dwarfs” in the movie title). 

Bitten Apple

6 Pcs 3D Bitten Apple Cabochons

These pretty apples have flat bottoms. Want to turn these into charms or pendants? You can - just add an eye screw! You will receive 6 pieces as shown.

Of course, Snow White has to bite the apple in order to be poisoned and fall under her evil stepmother’s spell.

These resin apples actually come with a fake bite in them, so you know that the groom’s kiss of the bride during the wedding ceremony has definitely broken the spell!

Fake Moss

Green Artificial Reindeer Moss Trailing

A trailing artificial reindeer moss. 35cm/14 inches long in total, comprising substantial tufts of bright and darker green artificial moss.

Because much of this inaugural Disney movie takes place in the Dwarfs’ cottage in the forest, adding fake moss can introduce that forest element into your Snow White centerpiece. 

Mirror Tray

Oval Vintage Wall Mirror Tray

This is a beautiful French style mirror tray with exquisite antique design makes it a wonderful and elegant decoration for bed room, living room, bathroom cafe and wedding party. 

We all know the eternal words to the evil stepmother’s incantation: “Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” 

Mirrors are a simple and easy way to add beauty and reflect more light in a wedding centerpiece. This mirror tray has vintage-style silver edges.

Use this mirror tray under your floral arrangements and candles to reflect light and double up on the beauty – though we’re sure you’ll be the fairest one of all on your wedding day!

Sleeping Beauty Centerpiece

Another princess with her own castle in the Disney parks, Briar Rose/Aurora/Sleeping Beauty (this Disney princess seems to have a lot of names, even in one movie!) is a firm fan favorite to this day.  

Pink Roses

Pink Rose Flower Garland

This pink rose garland weighs approximately 100g, so it's perfect as a balloon tail for a 3ft balloon!

If there’s one thing (well, besides sleeping) that Princess Aurora is known for, it’s her pink dress.

You can reference her iconic pink gown using pink roses, like these. The roses also reference one of her many names, Briar Rose!

Gold Crown

Gold Cake Toppers

Impart a royal relishing appeal to your special cakes with our gorgeous gold polished cake topper.

Princess Aurora wears a simple but statement-making gold crown when she returns to life in the palace. This tiara is small enough to not be overwhelming, but its diameter is wide enough that you can even put it around the base of a vase of flowers. 

Gold Mirror Tray

Polyresin Ellipse Antique Decorative Mirror Tray

Single Tray with Multiple Functions - Perfect for use as jewelry and cosmetics organizer or serving tray (avoid immediate contact with food).

Princess Aurora is known as the Sleeping Beauty, which makes this gold mirror tray a perfect addition to your Disney wedding centerpiece! The gold trim is luxe and fits for any beautiful bride.

Little Mermaid Centerpiece

Ah, The Little Mermaid – the movie that began the Disney Renaissance. This movie is beloved by many, due to its heroine, Princess Ariel’s, independent and headstrong personality. 

If you’ve ever dreamt about becoming a mermaid a la “Part of Your World,” we’ve got a few ideas for a Little Mermaid-themed centerpiece for your wedding day!

Assorted Seashells

Mix-Beach Wedding Decor-Sea Shells

This listing is 8 oz (half pound) of assorted small seashells.

This one is a tad obvious but still beautiful.

Seashells come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, so adding them to a wedding centerpiece will definitely add dimension and visual interest. 

The mix of assorted seashells we’ve presented above includes many different shells of many different shapes, but all of them seem to be roughly similar in size and neutral colors.

These assorted shells are “shore” to delight your guests (sorry, we couldn’t resist!).

Purple Bouquet

Lavender Bridal Bouquet

I don't like too intricate design, simple is the best, hope you will like this bouquet.

A subtle yet effective way to reference your favorite Disney movie’s main character is to include a bouquet like this one, which uses the colors of Ariel’s seashells and tail.

Treasure Box

Pirate Treasure Chest Foraging Toy

These new pirate themed treasure chests are 1.5" wide (twice as large as regular treasure chests!) and come in a set of 2.

Ariel is a collector. She collects human items she finds in shipwrecks, which is a big part of what fuels her desire to become human. 

You can honor Ariel’s collection of “dinglehoppers” and “whoozits and whatsits galore” by putting miniatures of them in treasure boxes like these.

You can also simply leave the box open with flowers inside – either way, it’s sure to look charming!

Aladdin Centerpiece

A fabulously funny family film (thanks to geniuses like Robin Williams), Aladdin has remained a Disney movie favorite for many since it came out in theatres in 1992.

With its lush, exotic details, this Disney movie is a treasure trove of wedding inspiration!


Small Aladdin's Lamp

This lamp is contstructed of alloy metal and consists of two main parts: the ornate base and the small lid which is affixed to the base via a handy little chain. 

Perhaps the most important item in the entire film! The Genie’s lamp simply must be included in your wedding table centerpieces.

The one we’ve linked above comes in two different color options: pewter or bronze. It’s small and unassuming, much like the lamp in the movie.

Moroccan Style Glass Lanterns Hanging

Handmade in a small workshop in India on a Fair Trade basis, these Moroccan-style glass tea light holders come in rich and lustrous colors that catch the eye and instantly add atmosphere to any room. 

Of course, you can also always include a less obvious reference using a different type of lamp, such as the lanterns above.

Mini Oriental Rug

Another one of the most important items – or is it a character? – in Disney’s Aladdin is the cheeky magic carpet. 

Artificial Jasmine Flowers

Vintage Door Mat

Material: Organic Naturel Wool.

A subtle but beautiful nod to the fiery but sweet Princess Jasmine, these artificial jasmine flowers may not have a scent, but they’ll still pack a stunning punch!

The Princess and the Frog Centerpiece

The Princess and the Frog is an underrated Disney movie! With its gorgeous animation, fun jazz numbers, and wonderful storyline, this story deserves more attention! 

We’ve got a few ideas for Disney wedding centerpieces that will help you channel your inner Princess Tiana. Read on – you’re “Almost There!”

Lotus Candle Holder

Resin Lotus Flower Candle Holders

Spruce up any room easily with these beautiful lotus flower candle holders!

This candle holder, in the shape of a lotus, is perfect for a Princess and the Frog-themed centerpiece.

Note that it can be made in any color you want or need, so it’ll be sure to match your décor!

Twinkle Lights

Firefly Lights for DIY Home Decor

Fairy lights were operated by batteries (Included), the batteries can be replaced easily.

Twinkle lights always add enchantment to wherever they’re placed. Plus, they’re a great way to reference one of the best characters in the movie, Ray, and the musical number that the fireflies illuminate.

These twinkle lights are battery-operated, so you won’t have to worry about plugging them in or tripping anyone up, either!

Mardi Gras Mask

Purple Masquerade Mask

The masquerade mask comes in Mardi Gras for women and the swan-inspired purple gold green mask for women has arching feathers.

The Princess and the Frog movie takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, around Mardi Gras, so you know we had to include this beautiful Mardi Gras mask!

The feathers on this mask are a great reference to Tiana’s “Almost There” outfit, where she wears a white dress with a white feather in her hair.

Alice in Wonderland Centerpieces

With delightful details like the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Alice in Wonderland is the perfect inspiration for any party; weddings included! 

Mini Teapot

Mini Teapot Trinket Box Hinged

Material: metal & crystal size: one 4.7*2.3 inch

You simply can’t have an Alice in Wonderland-inspired centerpiece without something tea-related included in it!

This miniature teapot also functions as a trinket box, making it a perfect place to store a little surprise for your guests! 

Large Brass Keys

It’s Alice’s curiosity that gets her into trouble – and into Wonderland proper. 

Keys can be made in the vintage style, with tons of beautiful details. This makes them an excellent accent piece to any wedding centerpiece.

Hocus Pocus Inspired Centerpieces

Hocus Pocus is my personal favorite Disney movie of all time, even though I’m not a huge Halloween fan.

Fun fact: did you know this Disney movie, which takes place on Halloween, originally premiered in theatres during the summertime? It was later re-released around Halloween.

This magical Disney movie is now a cult classic and the perfect inspiration for any autumn or Halloween-time wedding. 

Black Candles

Black Pillar Candles 2x4 Inch

These 3 inch pillar candles are made in Europe by the world's primer candle makers.

It’s Max lighting the Black Flame Candle that leads to the witches returning from the dead.

While we couldn’t find any black-flame candles on the market, we did find these black candles! They’ll add the perfect spooky charm to your centerpieces at your Hocus Pocus-themed wedding.

Artificial Mini Pumpkins

Mini Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins for holiday table accents or wreath decorations.

Hocus Pocus takes place on Halloween, so we had to include some little artificial pumpkins! There’s a plethora of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns in the movie, and adding pumpkins to your décor is an easy way to spice it up with some color, too.

Miniature Brooms

Dollhouse Miniature Broom

Made of premium Straw material, this broom ornaments are durable enough for use, not easy to break or rot.

The Sanderson sisters/witches, Mary, Winnie, and Sarah, originally use brooms to fly around the Halloween night sky as they search for the children who brought them back from the dead.

Bring their hilarious antics to the minds of your guests with miniature brooms added to your floral arrangements.

Brooms with cinnamon scents are also available from other sellers if you’re more into scented items.

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