23 Opal Wedding Rings For A Unique And Non-Traditional Look

Choosing the right wedding ring is an important decision. 

As you look for wedding ring inspiration, you may notice that unconventional rings are becoming more and more popular. One non-traditional, but the stunning option is to get an opal wedding ring.

Opals come in a beautiful array of rainbow tones that’ll make your ring stand out as a unique and attractive piece of jewelry to remind you and your SO of the day you said ‘we do’!

However, it’s worth remembering that opals are not as sturdy as diamonds and other gemstones, so you need to take special care of them.

But if you’re willing to put in the extra maintenance in exchange for a jaw-droppingly gorgeous ring, read on for some of our favorite opal wedding ring designs.

Art Deco Inspired Rose Gold Ring

Consider this art deco-inspired opal ring with a rose gold band and coordinating stacking ring.

It stands out with its vibrant opal stone, and unique vintage style—the distinctive curved shape of the stacking ring is especially eye-catching.

White Opal with Halo Ring

White Opal Ring-crown Ring

This set features 3 pieces. Our White fire opal ring ( center stone approximately 1 1/2 carats) and 2 fitted Opal Crown bands.

This three-ring set is a showstopper. If being a bride makes you feel like a princess, this design is a great match. 

The oval cut opal features a vibrant array of color variations, with the smaller opals creating the illusion of a star on your finger. It’s heavenly!

Opal Ring Set with Diamond Eternity Band

This opal ring set evokes a simple elegance that’ll make you feel like royalty on your big day. A petite opal in an oval cut is framed by even smaller opals and set in a charming rose gold ring. 

The eternity-style band is studded with tiny diamonds, adding just the right amount of sparkle.

Twig Opal Ring

Okay, this twig opal ring gives off some serious fairy bride vibes. A delicate, round-cut opal is framed by exquisitely carved golden twigs that wrap around your finger. 

As a bonus, it comes with a matching stacking ring with a curved row of teardrop cut gemstones. 

Three Ring Set with Halo

Three Ring Set with Halo

Our newest creation - The 3 piece White Fire Opal Ring Set.

This three-ring set is a beautiful take on a big sparkly engagement ring. A vibrant, oval-cut opal is framed by a halo of glistening gemstones, with two stacking bands of little glittering gems on either side. 

Understated in its shape but stunning in its shine, this ring shows off both your confidence and personal style. 

Vintage Style Round Opal Wedding Ring Set

Round Shape Natural Opal Wedding Ring

My total experience in the field of jewelry is of 15 years now and I roam across the globe in search of the most finest gemstone of utmost quality. 

What’s great about this vintage-inspired ring set is its classic design with somewhat of a modern twist. 

The precious opal comes in a round cut and is accented by natural moissanite—a unique diamond substitute that makes this ring stand out from the rest.

Oval-Cut Opal Ring Set with Diamond Cluster

This oval-cut opal ring set is the perfect choice for the bride who has excellent taste and an eye for style. The opal is set in a solid gold band and framed by several sparkling clusters of diamonds. 

This design stands out with its versatility: the stacking diamond rings can be arranged in various combinations, depending on the amount of bling you prefer.

Pink Fire Opal Rose Gold Ring

There are no words for how gorgeous this pink fire opal rose gold ring is! With its color scheme, this ring boasts a pink fire opal, displaying an array of warm pastel tones. 

The opal is set in a rose gold band, which adds a delicate warmth to this ring design.

Dainty Silver Opal Ring Set

3/4 CT Fire Opal and Diamond Ring

14K Solid Gold; Diamond Color Clarity: HI-SI; Total Diamond Carat: 0.482; Gemstone Quality: AAA; Total Gemstone Carat: 0.22.

It takes a beautiful gemstone like an opal to work on even the tiniest of rings. This dainty sterling silver set features a petite opal, creating a sweet and romantic look. 

Finishing off the design is a delicate curved stacking ring with a subtle row of sparkly stones. 

Opal Ring with Birthstone

Another absolute beauty is this opal ring with your very own birthstone. We love the idea of choosing accent gemstones that coordinate with your birthstone or another color that is significant to you.

Oval Fire Opal Ring

Oval Fire Opal Ring

Material: Solid 925 Sterling Silver (not plated or filled).

The simple design of this sterling silver oval fire opal ring allows the gemstone to take center stage. Framing the opal is a slight halo of glistening cubic zirconia. The same stones continue around the entire petite sterling silver band. 

Art Deco Teardrop Ring

Rose Gold Rings

This elegant ring set has an Art Deco feel and looks very feminine on any hand.

Sometimes you just have to go for the dramatic, and boy, does this stunning art deco teardrop ring set deliver!

A sizable teardrop cut opal is framed by glistening diamonds and set in a rose gold band, making for a fancy and classy look. 

But what elevates the whole design is the matching band that crowns your opal with a curved row of diamonds. 

Minimalist Gold Opal Ring

Gold Opal Ring

All pieces from Naturally by Grace are hypoallergenic and are nickel and lead free.

Minimalism has never gone out of fashion, and if you’re interested in being on-trend, this simple gold opal ring is worth considering. A colorful oval cut opal is framed simply by a thin gold circle and matching thin gold band. 

Cushion-Cut Opal Ring Set

White Opal Ring-Opal Ring

This set features two pieces. Our Cushion cut center stone (9mm X 9mm) White fire opal ring and 1 fitted Art Deco band.

If you want a more classic bridal ring shape, you can’t go wrong with a cushion cut. A curvy halo of CZ diamonds surrounds an opal in a pleasing geometric cut on this ring. 

The silver and translucent tones of the diamonds compliment the blue and rainbow tones of the opal perfectly. 

Intricate Opal Gold Ring Set

1 CT Ethiopian Opal Wedding Ring Set

Exclusive Ethiopian Opal Bridal or Wedding Ring Set to uphold the promise of being together with your special one.

The detailing on this ring is incredible. The teardrop cut opal is surrounded by tiny gemstones, and the matching stacking ring aligns with the opal perfectly, making it look like one magnificent ring. 

Furthermore, the intertwined design of the gold, diamond-encrusted band is almost magical in its intricacy.

Pear Shaped Opal Ring

Vintage Opal Wedding Ring Set

The main stone can be replaced with other natural or lab gemstones.

This pearl-shaped opal ring is accented by several small but bright gemstones, evoking the appearance of a snowflake or tiny pieces of magical ice drops. 

Round White Opal Three Piece Set

Round White Opal Three Piece Set

Center Stone Size: 7mm. Ring Height: 7mm. Band Width: 2mm.

You can’t go wrong with a round cut for an opal—the simple shape allows the many rainbow shades of the stone to shine through. 

This ring comes with a sterling silver band and two stacking curved eternity rings to frame the stone.  

Enchanting Opal with Amethyst Ring

Fire Opal Ring Set

6x8mm Oval cut opal engagement ring set in rose gold.

This stacking ring set looks like it came right out of your favorite fantasy novel. 

For this design, an oval cut opal is set in a rose gold band, but the pièce de résistance is the purple amethyst stones that accent the stone and line both ring bands.

The whole look is begging to be paired with a fairy tale ball gown wedding dress. 

Oval White Fire Opal Sterling Silver Ring

This simple sterling silver ring set exudes elegance and grace. Simulated diamonds line the band of the primary ring and are featured on the accent stacking ring as well.

But what makes this design truly unique are the tiny little round opals on the secondary ring. 

Black Opal with Sapphire

White opals are lovely, but have you considered a black opal? This darker stone is speckled with exquisite rainbow tones that shine when caught in the light.

This particular black opal ring design stands out with a romantic accent frame of blue sapphires. 

Opal Ring Set with Floral Design

This opal ring set is framed by a subtle but glistening floral-inspired diamond accent halo. This solid gold ring and timeless design is a true classic. 

Snowdrop Opal with Cubic Zirconia

Simple Rings for Women

Unique: Oval Lab Created White Opal Sterling Silver Ring.

This snowdrop opal shows off a vibrant white tone, with scattered hints of the rainbow throughout. The overall design complements the stone by adding a petite geometric accent frame of sparkling gemstones.

An added bonus is that this stunning piece won’t break the bank as the stones are made of cubic zirconia. 

Classy Opal Stacking Ring Set

This stacking ring set has an original and elegant look that would work great for a winter bride. 

The sterling silver bands coordinate perfectly with the sparkling gems, and the blue-white tones of the opal create a soothing and graceful effect.

What truly makes this ring stand out, however, is the delicate little blue gemstone on top of the stacking ring. 

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