14 Best Tim McGraw Wedding Songs for Your Big Day

Tim McGraw is one of the biggest names in country music, with a career spanning over 30 years and innumerable awards and accolades. But even if he wasn’t the genre’s biggest name, his musical catalog should grant him access to your wedding playlist!

This musical genius has a breadth of songs, fitting for every phase of your wedding activities. Soothing country ballads, soulful uptempo melodies, and country/pop fusions — no matter what you’re looking for, Tim McGraw as you covered.

And sometimes, Tim McGraw’s wife, Faith Hill — an accomplished musician in her own right — has you covered, given the many, many collaborations they’ve worked on together.

Because we like you, we’ve compiled a list of the 14 best Tim McGraw Wedding songs that are just waiting to soundtrack your processional, first dance, and father/daughter dance. We hope you enjoy it!

tim mcgraw wedding songs

“Something Like That”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“And I drove out to the county fair/When I saw her for the first time/She was standing there in the ticket line/And it all started right then and there/Oh, a sailor sky made a perfect sunset/And that’s the day I’ll never forget.”

Even though your wedding day will mark your future together as a couple, it’s always best to do a little reminiscing about the past. “Something Like That,” tells a sweet tale, from the husband’s perspective, of the first time he met his lady-to-be.

Consider this sweet country classic for your first dance.

“It’s Your Love”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Dancin’ in the dark/Middle of the night/Takin’ your heart/And holdin’ it tight/Emotional touch/Touchin’ my skin/And askin’ you to do/What you’ve been doin’ all over again.”

Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill have teamed up for some of country music’s most heartfelt, sensual ballads, and “It’s Your Love” is no different.

The sweet melody paired with the even sweeter lyrics offers listeners an intimate glimpse into their love for each other. Allow this energy to bleed over into your big day by using this song for your first wedding dance.

“The Rest of Our Life”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“If my gray hair shows, I’ll be fine/If my waistline grows, I’ll be fine/Even when time takes its toll/I’ll stay young for the rest of my life/With you, I’ll stay young for the rest of my life With you/we’ll stay young for the rest of our life.”

Marriage is forever. At least, it’s supposed to be. “The Rest of Our Life” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill so beautifully expresses this sentiment as they lament the downsides of growing older, but ultimately decide, that everything will be alright as long as they have each other.

If you want our opinion, you should totally hire these country legends to sing this song at your reception. But if you can’t swing the (likely) million-dollar price tag that will come with this, you’ll have to settle for your DJ adding it to your playlist.

“I Need You”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“I need you/Like a lighthouse on the coast/Like the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost/I need you/I wanna get lost in some corner booth/A cantina in Mexico/wanna dance to the static of an AM radio/O wanna wrap the moon around us.”

Healthy relationships are well-balanced and not at all co-dependent. However, it’s still fun to walk that fine line of being totally, completely obsessed with your spouse.

“I Need You,” yet another sultry country banger by Tim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill, is a great song to play at your reception, as you bask in the afterglow of a successful ceremony.

“My Next Thirty Years”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“My next 30 years will be the best years of my life//Raise a little family and hang out with my wife/Spend precious moments with the ones that I hold dear/Make up lost time here”

One of the best parts of marriage is having someone you’re excited to grow old with. You know, that one person that will be there as all of the superficial aspects of life fade away, and all you’re left with are the memories of the past and the enduring love to face the future.

“My Next Thirty Years,” perfectly aligns with this message, making it the perfect song to play near the end of your reception when it’s time to re-enter the real world again.

Just a little tidbit to keep in mind.

“Let’s Make Love”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Baby, I’ve been drifting away/And dreaming all day/Of holding you, touching you/The only thing I wanna do/Is be with you/As close to you/As I can be.”

We mean…the title kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? “Let’s Make Love,” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill is the perfect song to express the desire to be close with your spouse.

And while you probably should leave this out of your wedding processional (especially if you’re going to wed in a church), there are no rules at your reception – other than to dance the night away.

“Felt Good on My Lips”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“She tipped the DJ to play her favorite song/A Spanish little number that was a rockin’ on strong/She grabbed me by the sleeve and said let’s go and get it on/By the second chorus I was singing right along with it/I don’t know what it meant but it felt good on my lips.”

“Felt Good on My Lips” is Tim McGraw’s 2010 single which kicked off his Greatest Hits Album. Perfect for a reception, this upbeat country tune tells the story of a guy who’s reminiscing about the chance encounter he had with a woman in a bar.

Did this fictional man and woman end up together?? Who knows. But it’s certainly going to evoke feelings of fun among your guests!

“All We Ever Find”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“You can trust me this is real/Say exactly how you feel/Tell me all your dreams/What you think love means/We’ll lock the world outside/Embrace the gift of time/Promising forever/Knowing that this moment might be/All we ever find.”

Even the strongest relationships can be brought down by a lack of trust. Having complete faith in your partner is one of the most important foundations for a relationship.

“All We Ever Find” expresses the importance of knowing that you can lean on your partner, whether you need emotional support, someone to confide in, or even someone to celebrate with!

Consider this Tim McGraw gem for your wedding processional or first dance.

“My Best Friend”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“It was a feelin’ I’d never known/And for the first time, I didn’t feel alone/You’re more than a lover/There could never be another/To make me feel the way you do/Oh, we just get closer/I fall in love all over/Every time I look at you/I don’t know where I’d be/Without you here with me/Life with you makes perfect sense/You’re my best friend/You’re my best friend.”

It’s been over 20 years since Tim McGraw released “My Best Friend.” However, the message still rings true: your spouse should be your best friend.

Play this song during your first dance and expect to not have a dry eye in the house!

“Highway Don’t Care”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Bet your window’s rolled down and your hair’s pulled back/And I bet you got no idea you’re goin’ way too fast/You’re tryin’ not to think about what went wrong/Tryin’ not to stop ’til you get where you goin’/You’re tryin’ to stay awake so I bet you turn on the radio/And the song goes/I can’t live without you, I can’t live without you, baby/

Often, marriage marks a pivotal transition in a couple’s life, when they start to mature and let go of the pursuits of their childhood.

While that’s necessary – especially if they plan to build a family – it’s also nice to reminisce about those carefree times when you had the world at your feet and were focused only on each other and the undying devotion between you two.

“She’s My Kind of Rain” 

Lyrics you’ll love:

“She’s my kind of rain/Like love from a drunken sky/Confetti fallin’ down all night/She’s my kind of rain/She’s the sunset’s shadows/She’s like Rembrandt’s light/She’s the history that’s made at night/She’s my lost companion/She’s my dreamin’ tree/Together in this brief eternity”

Sometimes, love can feel like an intoxicating experience; one that consumes every fiber of your being, and makes any and everything about your spouse feel absolutely perfect.

“She’s My Kind of rain,” by Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors, perfectly sums up this notion, making it a wonderful song for your first dance.

“She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“She never lets it go to her heart/She never lets it go that far When they start talking/She starts walking/Right back to my arms/She can turn every head/But she never lets it go to her heart.”

Tim McGraw’s hit,” She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart,” is a super cute song about a man who’s proud that his wife’s beauty, which is admired by all, hasn’t gone to her head and changed the core of who she is.

More importantly, she doesn’t allow all of the outside attention to pull her away from him, proving that true love is more valuable than shallow outside attention.

Consider “She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart” for your bridal procession, as your lovely wife walks down the aisle.

“Please Remember Me”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“When all our tears have reached the sea/Part of you will live in me/Way down deep inside my heart/The days keep coming without fail/A new wind is gonna find your sail/That’s where your journey starts”

Technically, “Please Remember Me” is a somber ballad about a guy who’s lost the love of his life, and is mourning the fact that she may go on to live without him.

While this may not be the exact energy you want to bring into your marriage, it’s still a sweet song that’s perfect for when the reception slows down and it’s time to sway along to the music.

Of course, relationships aren’t always linear, so it’s possible this song could call back to more tumultuous times (if any) in your relationship. The interpretation is up to you!

“Real Good Man”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“I may drink too much and play too loud/Hang out with a rough and rowdy crowd/That don’t mean I don’t respect/My Mama or my Uncle Sam/Yes sir, yes ma’am/I may be a real bad boy/But baby I’m a real good man.”

“Real Good Man” is a great song to blast at your reception. The edgy lyrics, paired with the uptempo beat will not only enthuse your guests and get them on the dance floor, but they can be a fun way to recognize that, while your husband may not be perfect, he’s perfect for you.

And really, that’s all that matters!

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