23 Unique Succulent Wedding Invitations That You Will Love

Consider this our ode to the humble and popular succulent, a plant that has graced many a wedding venue.

These little plants (both artificial and real) have skyrocketed to the top of many brides’ inspiration lists due to their variations, colors, decor potential, and of course, their wallet-friendly nature.

If you’re planning on featuring succulents as part of your wedding aesthetic, it would be a super smart move to include them in your wedding invites! Some brides utilize small potted succulents as thank-you gifts, use them in bouquets or wedding cake toppers, or include them in greenery and floral centerpieces. Featuring them in your wedding invites may clue curious guests into your botanical theme!

Let’s get into our favorite succulent wedding invitations – but first, an overview for the curious brides… 

What Is a Succulent?

A succulent is classified as any plant that has adapted qualities to store water in its typically fleshy leaves. Some also hold water in their stems and have tiny to no leaves.

Many succulents are native to desert regions, such as the cactus. They are plants that thrive in hot and dry conditions due to their ability to conserve and retain water. It is indeed the fact that they need infrequent watering that makes succulents such easy-to-care-for houseplants.

Succulents are prized for many reasons; people love them for their quirky shapes for one! They’re a great addition to indoor and outdoor gardens, and they do have the ability to bloom, even though some varieties are “shy.”

How Many Types and Colors of Succulents Are There?

There are an incredible number of succulent varieties out there, somewhere in the thousands! The cool thing is, even though it’s an umbrella term for plants with water-retaining properties, some non-succulent plants can become “succulents” as a response to climate changes!

Because the official number doesn’t exist, here are some popular varieties that you may have heard of (or seen, but didn’t know the name of).

Aloe Vera, with its myriad of uses, is a popular succulent. We’re all familiar with the fleshy leaves that have anti-inflammatory properties and seem to magically relieve the worst sunburns!

“Hens and Chicks” are known for their symmetrical spiraling leaves that come in all different colors, including red, black, and purple.

Haworthia is a houseplant that is tiny and mighty, characterized by tall and slender leaves with white stripes and its love for the sun. It seemingly thrives on neglect; low maintenance indeed! 

Echeveria is a super popular, low-growing succulent that you’ve seen everywhere. With its wide, flat, bluish-green leaves that are kissed with a touch of pink, these succulents almost look like massive roses.

Echeveria is popular with brides who are looking for anything in the dusty blue and pale pink realm, as this succulent magically offers the two!

You’ll see lots of artistic renderings of succulents on our list, rest assured, all interpretations (accurate or not) are appreciated!

Minimalist Succulents Wedding Invitations

Kicking off our list with the tiniest of baby succulents, this beautifully minimalist wedding invite features earth tones like tan and sage green. The small succulent print ties it all together for a restrained and modern look.

We love effortless rustic invitations and think these would be perfect for a simple outdoor wedding!

Rose Gold and Succulent Wedding Invite 

Want to dazzle your guests with a bomb of roses, pinks, and blush? Contrast them with a succulent that mimics the rose (but in green) and you’re good to go!

We love the geometric look, and if you’re incorporating rose gold tones in your overall wedding theme, this invitation is an easy dunk!

Turquoise Watercolor Succulent Wedding Invite (Digital)

This may look like a zoomed-in and magnified look at a succulent, but it’s a watercolor print!

If your wedding color palette is in the realm of blues and greens, this pleasing wedding invite is sure to draw your guests in with its natural and captivating plant geometry – not a scientific term, but maybe it should be?

Dusty Blue, Gray, and Pink Succulent Wedding Invite

Going for something in the classic realm of lavenders, dusty blues, and light pinks? Look no further than these personalized floral invites that feature gorgeous blue, purple, and pink succulents.

If you need the whole suite for a cohesive look, you can also order matching table numbers, menus, save-the-dates, and anything else you might need!

Moody Burgundy Dark Succulent Wedding Invitation

For a romantic late fall or even early winter wedding, bring the hardy succulent into your aesthetic with this burgundy and deep grey wedding invitation.

Everything is editable, so you can make it yours, but we love the look of burgundy contrasted with a pop of green. 

Arizona Desert Destination Wedding Invitation 

This one is super specific, but for you AZ brides, or brides who are planning a destination wedding in the desert area, this wedding invite combines gorgeous succulent shades of green and pink to make a stunning package!

We are loving the trend of illustrative and artsy wedding invites, especially when it comes to plants and all things botanical. 

Elegant Painted Succulent Wedding Invitation

If you’ve ever tried your hand at a watercolor painting, you’ll know it’s not always a walk in the park. That’s why we love this beautifully painted, elegant wedding invitation that is awash with succulents, berries, and roses. 

The whimsical font also adds a touch of romance. Bonus: this seller offers Spanish text (and potentially other languages) for no additional fee!

Rustic Succulent and Wooden Background Wedding Invite

Country brides, this one is for you! The green, purple, and blues on these succulents pop against the brown wood framing of this rustic wedding invitation

Is brown not your thing? You can also customize the background to white if you’re looking for something else- along with the envelope, fonts, and optional upgrades, you’ll have your hands full with all of the customizing fun to be had!

Circular Greenery and Gold Succulent Wedding Invite

What is it about wreaths that we just fall in love with? The circle shape is so visually pleasing, and this green-and-gold succulent wedding invitation is serving us an abstract wreath with the round text framing. 

The painted light green succulent is center stage on this invite, and you can spot other beautiful botanicals like delicate sprigs of eucalyptus and jasmine scattered around. 

Cactus Themed Desert Wedding Invitation

If you’re getting married in a location that has naturally growing cacti, consider featuring these succulents and their beautiful wild popping flowers to “bring the outside in.”

We love the look of pink, red, and yellow flowers contrasted with the iconic, stoic bluish-green cacti.

Designer tip: Consider choosing an envelope that matches a color on your wedding invite. Here, we can see the pop of reddish-orange from the envelope which retains that feel of desert botanicals! 

Artistic and Ornate Green Succulent Wedding Invitation

Obsessed with succulents? We are too- even more so after staring into the hypnotizing swirl of succulent leaves on this ornate green and brown wedding invite. 

Bonus: this invitation suite comes with free shipping and complimentary envelopes. Doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to sticking to the budget!

Watercolor Pink and Green Succulent Wedding Invite Set

This dreamy invite would be perfect for a romantic pink-and-green-themed wedding. Each succulent petal is painted separately making it almost like an abstract block print!

As with most watercolored wedding invitations, you’ll get a variety of concentrated pigments from leaf to leaf and blossom to blossom. The overall effect is so artsy and romantic. 

Boho Cactus Themed Wedding Invitation

Have you ever seen a cactus blossom? We’ve heard of The Cactus Blossoms rock band, but who knew they were a real thing!

This invitation features the gorgeous, stately, iconic prickly pear cactus that almost fills up an entire half of the card! We’re not complaining- the pink blossoms are tied into the “Details” card, which is a detail that we find uber charming. 

Succulents, White Roses, and Rose Gold Wedding Invitation

What’s more classic than white roses at a wedding? This wedding invite incorporates a dash of shimmery rose gold, along with succulents and tiny berries to highlight the gorgeous white blooms. 

This fully customizable wedding invitation has a minimum of 24 counts per order or color, and they do also offer custom back print if you have a lot of information to pass along to your wedding guests!

Rustic Summer Succulent on White Wooden Wedding Invite

Planning a summer soiree? It’s a great idea to take advantage of all the natural beauty in an outdoor wedding, especially during the summer when you have so many floral options available. 

That being said, we love this wedding invite because of the prominent echeveria, roses, and lovely summer flowers on the top and bottom edges of the card.

We imagine this wedding invitation matching perfectly with a custom bridal bouquet featuring these summertime blooms. 

Simple Green and Coral Wedding Invitation

Boho, desert vibes are super trendy when it comes to planning summer weddings, and this invite is romantic with its simplicity and realistically painted botanicals. 

This printable template includes room for a sweet engagement photo on the back, which is always a plus!

Watercolor Purple Succulent Wedding Invitation

When it comes to the world of purple flowers, what’s the first blossom you think of? Lavender, violets, maybe lilacs? Give some love to the purplish-blue succulents with this invitation!

Golden geometric lines give a modern touch, and the yellow tones contrast perfectly with the purple botanicals!

Dark Toned Navy and Botanical Boho Wedding Invitation

Succulents also look great on dark backgrounds, and this is proof!

We adore the little arrows and hippie-chic detailing of this wedding invitation!

Seafoam Green and Turquoise Succulent Wedding Invite

As far as succulents go, they’re adaptable to a wide range of themes. Take this spring or summer wedding invitation that features turquoise succulents- even the color scheme could be applied to a beach or ocean-themed wedding- the applications are endless!

Deep Purple and Blue Succulent Wedding Invitations

This succulent-themed wedding invitation displays a dazzling array of varieties! If you’re a bride that has a green thumb or just loves houseplants, this invite is perfect for you. 

We love how the tones range from deep rosy pink to greens, blues, and purples. When it comes to succulents, the gang is all here on this invite just waiting to be sent out to your friends and family!

Cactus Themed Minimalistic Wedding Invitation

We love the cool, abstract vibes of this wedding invitation, with its calligraphy-like script and outlined cactus set against the ombre grey (ombgrey? Is that a thing?) background.

If you’re getting married in the southwest region of the US and want an understated, modern, and artsy wedding invite, this would be a great contender!

Pastel Lilac, Green, and Blush Succulent Wedding Invite

Pastels will always be in! Just check out this soft romantic wedding invitation that features a visually eye-catching combo of succulents.

We love the tiny clustered mini-bouquet between the date on the middle of the invitation- it’s just darling. 

Boho Chic Succulent Framed Wedding Invite

Going for the monochromatic sage green vibes? By incorporating succulents and a variety of other plants like this wedding invite does, you can stick with the color palette of your dreams without adding too many other colors into the mix.

It’s all shades of silvery sage green, which is a super popular wedding color and makes for a chic look!

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