33 Awesome Scroll Wedding Invitations For Every Style

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 

Someone is getting married up in here, and that someone (you, of course!) wants their wedding invitation to be an artfully designed scroll.

For thousands of years, messages traveled between kingdoms on fancy scrolls, and town criers also shouted out scrolled proclamations to everyone in earshot. Scrolls might not be as commonplace anymore, but they still get used symbolically to deliver official news or some forms of legislation.

Whether you love all things history or you’re looking for seriously cool and unique invitations, scroll wedding invitations are a significant way to deliver your happy news.

Today, we’re bringing you 33 invitations in various scroll styles. Hurray!

Better than Vintage Scroll Invitation with Wax Seal

Simply calling this completely customized and handmade invitation “vintage” isn’t doing it enough justice!

This scroll invitation will astound and delight your guests from the realistic uneven edges to the stamped, melted wax seal (with “Love” displayed on it).

Scroll Wedding Invitation a Maharaja Would Love

In East Indian cultures, kingly Maharajas often sent and delivered scroll messages.

This scroll has the royal effect with golden foil printed on the invitation and a stunning handcrafted container (it’s a lightweight, easy-to-ship plastic) with the shiny effect of real gold!

Baby Blue Scroll Wedding Invitation

The beauty of modern scroll invites is you can choose different colors and styles!

This invitation is printed on woolly paper like most scrolls, but the baby blue color and turquoise boxed container are colorfully soft, and the foiled silver print is gorgeous.

Golden Scroll Wedding Invitation

When you’re going for a golden scroll invitation, this selection delivers that Midas touch in so many ways!

We love the shiny and intricate gold-foiled design bordering the scroll, and the gold tassels are delightful.

Silver Scroll Invitation Is Second to None

For thousands of years, Indian royalty loved the extravagance of silver, and they made priceless items from it, including decorative art and precious jewelry.

If you adore the splendidness and shine of silver, this scroll invitation is perfect for you.

Sweet Boxed Scroll Invitation

You can get this sweet invitation fully customized and printed with your choice of event text and border design.

This scroll package is truly functional—it comes in an exquisite box that includes a pocket to hold additional wedding stationery.

Good things come in small scroll packages!

Parchment-Like Scroll Invitation Offers Best of Both Worlds

You might love the look of a scroll invitation, but you’d rather have it printed in a traditional style. No problems, this parchment-like scroll design could be perfect for you!

The high-quality card stock used for this scroll-style invitation ensures super-crisp details with the images, colors, and text. Each side of the invitation is coated in a soft, satin-matte finish.

Wonderful Scroll Invitation in Wood Box

Maybe you weren’t thinking of a little wood box when you started searching for scroll invitations, but wait until you see this selection!

The invite is wrapped in a jute accent rope, and it’s held in a gorgeous wood box with a laser inscription of your names. This invitation idea is sheer rustic elegance.

A Rainbow of Crystal Scroll Finials

Finials are the finishing touch for scrolls. They’re top and bottom rods (called dowels), and with this selection, there are two crystal ends on each rod.

You’ve got a rainbow of color choices here, and you’ll love how they sparkle because each crystal has facets like faux diamonds!

Velvety Scroll Invitations Are Luxe

Your wedding invitations are purely luxurious with this velvety paper scroll silk-screen printed with golden font color.

The rods also shine like gold, with honey-colored tassels and a shiny ribbon.

Pretty in Pink Scroll Invitations

This boxed mini-scroll invitation offers the convenience of a Western wedding invitation set and the exotic look of a scroll.

A pink color scheme is very feminine, and the Eastern-influenced embellishments seem fit for a princess.

Still, this scroll invitation suits any bridal couple looking for elegance and uniqueness, and it’s a particularly great look if your wedding party is wearing pink sashes or a cumberbund.

Boho Scroll Wedding Invitation Is Wildly Romantic

This scroll wedding invitation is un-boho-believable!

We’ve never seen anything like the artisan-style design offered here, and if you’re a proud boho bride who falls crazy-in-love with this, we don’t blame you.

There’s so much goodness going on here that it’s hard to know where to start… the exquisite, rich paper is high-quality recycled material, and that includes the aged-cardboard box.

We also adore the metallic leaf and satiny flower details, and the jute thread completes this look beautifully.

Laser-Cut Template for Wedding Invitation Box 

This digital download works on a Cricut machine, and anyone with Cricutting knowledge can create a lacy-looking box with heart-shaped swirls to hold wedding invites!

If you want a scroll-style invitation that’s more modern (like premium paper rolled up and wrapped in a satiny ribbon), this decorative box is an excellent accent piece.

Soft White Scroll Invitation with Colorful Lettering

We didn’t think there’d be a minimalist option for scrolled wedding invites, but then we found this sweet and simple selection!

You get the tassels, the lovely container, and a bit of shimmer, but the most decorative aspect of this invitation is the colorful text in a neat and readable font. We like this one a lot!

Fancy Scroll Invite That’s Budget-Friendly

This invitation certainly looks luxurious!

There are two neat blocks of embellished golden foil lining woolly scroll paper and a luxe golden tassel.

But the big (budget-friendly!) difference here is that the scroll comes in a simple envelope instead of an intricate box. What’s not to love about affordable luxury?

Scroll Invitation Is a Message in a Bottle

Beach wedding couples, we’d never forget you.

Consider a secret message in a bottle as your scroll wedding invitation! A quality selection like this could be great for your destination wedding.

Each decorative bottle contains powdery sand, shells, and your printed, neatly rolled up wedding invitation in raffia or ribbon. You can even get a pretty starfish with the glass bottle selection!

Jade Green Scroll Wedding Invitation

The deep, tropical green shimmer on this scroll invitation set is outstanding. We like the dimensions of this selection and the fact the box opens more like a clutch holding the tasseled scroll and added wedding stationery.

Green reflects new life, balance, and nature as a wedding color, and we agree with the “color experts” that green is extra soothing!

Scroll Wedding Invitation Uniquely Cut for You

If you desire a laser-cut scroll-style invitation, but you don’t have a Cricut machine, you’re in luck!

This invite is the first selection we’ve seen in a laser-cut scroll style printed for you. The cream color of the box and scroll are beautifully neutral, and the whole design is modern and elegant.

Scroll Invitations Combine Elegance and Extravagance

We must admit that this scroll invitation set looks over the top and then some!

It’s handmade with holographic foil on the scroll and an embossed invitation box. This extravagant design jumps out at you, and it probably won’t let go!

But somehow, it’s equally elegant with its soft golden tassel. If you’d prefer another shiny shade,  you can get this invitation in rose gold, copper, silver, or a seriously glamorous black.

Midnight Black Scroll Invitation

Hear ye, goth brides! We’ve got a magical and mysterious black scroll wedding invite for you.

This selection offers the scroll in a matching tassel with a smart little box and a mailing envelope. We love the matte finish and the detail on the scroll’s border.

Rich Red Scroll Invitation

In East Indian culture, red is a hallmark of luxury and prosperity. It’s also the worldwide symbol of love and passion too! 

This stunning selection makes us imagine “Farman” scroll wedding invitations of Asian origin. Of course, we respect the heritage of these beautiful invitations, but we think this color and style would also make a festive invite for a holiday wedding.

Ocean Blue Scroll Wedding Invitation

Looking closer into the world of scroll invitations, we realize that you can probably find a scroll in just about any color you choose!

This scroll is in a serene shade of blue, and we just love the silvery ribbon detail on the container.

Simple Scroll Invitation and Box to DIY

This DIY scroll wedding invite in a box is a fantastic idea!

You’ll need access to a cutting machine (Cricut or Silhouette), but this is a simple box design along with an invitation template. None of it is too complicated to customize for your wedding day.

We like the example shown with this selection… the foiled text on transparent Vellum paper makes a spectacular invitation!

Paisley Design Scroll Wedding Invitation

The paisley accents on this “utility scroll” design are unique and stunning, and if you don’t know the history of the paisley motif, we’d love to share it with you.

In ancient Persia and India, paisley contained symbolism and mysterious hidden messages. As the modern age dawned, designers like Gucci and Burberry made paisley a fashion staple, thus it is hugely popular with boho fashionistas to this day!

For chic, stylish scroll wedding invitations, this paisley pattern is on-trend!

Gold Rose Wedding Scroll Invites

We love rose gold as a wedding accent, and this lovingly handcrafted “gold rose” scroll took our breath away.

If you want vintage, rustic, elegant, and one-of-a-kind, you’ll get your every wish with this stunning wedding invitation.

We love that high-quality, recycled content gets a new lease on life to make this keepsake invite and the flower with its pearly detail is heart-melting!

Scroll Wedding Invite That Travels Straight to Your Heart

Here’s a similar scroll style to the gold rose invitation, but this selection has a perfect travel theme for your destination wedding.

The old-world map design is something that you and your guests will never forget, and check out the little compass pendant on the jute twine wrapping… exceptional!

Scroll Invitation with a Rustic Glow

There’s nothing overstated about this printed scroll invitation but its rustic elegance.

The matte glow is gorgeous, and we love the subtle color variation on the paper. The ribbon is shiny but neat, and the bigger knobs on the rods are a fun style statement!

Stunning Scroll Invitation Is Medieval 

History lovers, join us in viewing this spectacular medieval-style scroll invitation.

This option is like your life imitating history, and this very unique and memorable wedding stationery will become your family history too.

Vintage Scroll-Style Wedding Invitation to DIY

This invite is an easy DIY template to edit on a computer using MS Word.

If you’re feeling wildly creative, you can get a parchment effect with your paper selection and do a scrolled invite that’s genuinely affordable!

DIY Rods for Your Scroll Invitations

This set of wooden rods would make perfect ends for your DIY scrolled wedding invitations. You can embellish them for a bit of wedding bling or leave them naturally pretty!

Top Your DIY Scroll Invites with Tassels or Ribbons

Give your DIY scroll wedding invitations a professional touch with accents like a shiny gold-colored tassel or a satin-cotton ribbon with a delicate frayed edge!

Make It Modern with a Wedding Scroll Evite

You’re a modern bride planning a fun backyard wedding. This wedding invite keeps it casual, but the scroll-style details lend a classy touch!

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