Big Sky Romance: 46 Beautiful Western Wedding Invitations

When we picture Western weddings, a great love story in the history of the American West comes to mind—that of Frank Butler and Annie Oakley. 

He was an Irish-born adventurer who started working full-time at 13, while she’d managed to survive a nightmare childhood, in part because she was an incredible sharpshooter.

Their lifelong romance began in 1875, in maybe the weirdest way possible.

Frank rode into town with his Wild West gun show act, and he challenged any local to a shooting contest. Sure enough, a match got arranged, but it blew Frank away when his competition turned out to be a teenage girl!

Although Annie beat him 25-24, Frank didn’t mind. He later said she won his heart too, and their happy marriage lasted a whopping 50 years.

In honor of Frank and his beloved Annie, here are 50 Western wedding invitations!

Perfectly Packed Western Wedding Invitation

Up first for the tongue-in-cheek couple, a five-piece digital download template that includes a “wanted” invitation to your “posse.”

This editable invitation is such a hoot, and we especially love the “Open Bar” and “Thank You, Partner” cards.

Shoot’ Em up Wild West Invitation Suite

Here’s a professionally printed invitation suite with some vivid, Southwestern-inspired details, including the “shoot ’em up” envelope liner, if you choose the beautiful “full suite” invitation.

Southwestern Wedding Invite Is Ranch Ready to Edit

Welcome to Canva country!

If you already use Canva, this set of templates is easy to edit and either print at home, a print shop, or send via e-vite to save paper and money. Your picture would look great on this front and back layout.

No Hiding from These Western Invitations

Who knew there could be such romance using the silhouette of a cow tag?

This invitation is another easy-to-edit Canva template, and the cow print accents and sophisticated fonts are spectacular!

Western Wedding Wanted Poster

Check out another fun “wanted poster” template customized into your wedding invitation. You’ll get the best image quality by taking this 5×7″ invite to a print shop.

Fill Your Boots Western Wedding Invitation

Will you take this hat, flowers, and boots to have and to hold?

This fun invitation brings the Western wedding spirit to your day!

Wyoming Buffalo Wedding Invitation

Take the golden plains of Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley, add two grazing buffalo, and you get the true romance of a Western wedding invitation.

The postcard invites, RSVPs, and envelopes make a beautiful matching set.

Western Wedding Invitation Is All You

This editable invitation set is double-sided with an exquisite Southwestern pattern on the back.

The front layout is minimalist, with your names and wedding date taking center stage, and the Western accents add to the understated charm.

Western Wildflowers on a Statement Invitation

Strength and beauty make a statement on this editable Western-style invitation with its eye-catching detail of antlers and Western wildflowers.

You’ll also notice other fun accents on this template, like the stitched denim border! 

Boho Western Invites with Aztec Inspiration

The Aztecs were an advanced civilization that thrived in Mexico before the Spanish conquest in the early 16th century, and their culture greatly influenced Southwestern art and decoration.

You’ll see Aztec inspiration in this beautiful boho invitation template that’s warm, simple, yet sophisticated.

Romance of a Western Rodeo Invitation

When you’re a Western couple looking for jaw-dropping wedding stationery, this designed and printed invitation suite has the wow factor that’s not standard rodeo fare.

Instead, it’s inspired by the Pendleton Round-Up, the most exciting rodeo event in the world!

Western Laser-Cut Invitation Sleeve

Laser-cut sleeves are fantastic for Western weddings, especially this template with its roses, wildflowers, and prominent horseshoe detail.

You choose the paper color and quality (we like the rustic bronze shade here), and after these sleeves get measured and cut, it’s a beautiful-looking invitation holder.

Fairy Lights and Sunflowers Wedding Invitation

You get transported to a Western wedding reception just looking at this gorgeous, editable template!

The fairy lights appear to glow, and the sunflowers are stunning. But, what we love most is the sexy golden boot with its silvery spurs.

Wrangle up These Western Wedding Invitations

When you want the perfect Western-style invitation printed for you, consider the Wrangler Suite.

This designer stationery is excellent in every way… just look at the cowhide envelope liner!

Cow Print Envelope Liner Goes Digital

Okay, we’re still stuck on the cow print!

Let’s say you already have a wedding invite in mind that’s a digital download. This template for an envelope liner features a realistic watercolor cowhide print!

You can edit colors, move the image around, and even add text or your picture.

Horseshoes and Floral Wedding Invitation

Sometimes the most “Western” thing on a wedding invitation can be the vintage-looking typeface, like the Chester or Northead-looking font here.

Of course, the horseshoes and florals complete this look beautifully!

Modern Western Wedding Invite

Here’s a Western wedding set with modern convenience and chic style.

Choose your colors and images, and edit the words to add meaning to your day! There’s also a link to get this selection printed, and apparently, the quality and finish are outstanding.

Wedding Invite with a Western Traveling Show Theme

The vintage layout on this printed invitation makes us imagine Frank Butler’s traveling gun show, and the turquoise color scheme and crisp, quirky images here are breathtaking.

This invitation will also feel gorgeous because it gets digitally pressed with a satin-matte finish.

Western River Gorge Wedding Booklet

We’re heading east a bit with this sweet layout inspired by the New River Gorge in West Virginia! But location isn’t a problem, because this booklet-style invite is perfect for any Western wedding.

Western Wedding Invite in Rustic Teal

This eye-catching selection proves how stunning rustic teal can be.

We love the longhorn skull with a floral crown and the little confetti details that make this invitation stand out.

Something New Western Wedding Invitation

Here’s a unique, hand-designed invitation that’s so much fun for a young couple planning a celebration in the desert!

The artwork is fresh, the details are modern, and this invitation is like your “something new” that also celebrates the Old West.

Cheyenne Cool Ranch Wedding Invitation

Let the hauntingly beautiful imagery of horses take you away on this invitation template.

Your details are easy to edit into this stunning design, and don’t forget a lovely picture of you two living it up on the ranch!

Southwestern Cactus Wedding Suite

It’s such a modern design to lay an Aztec pattern over the cactus details on this customizable template, and the vintage fonts up the romance factor on this invitation.

Colorful Cowboy Wedding Invitation

Pink wildflowers are spread widely across the American West. Their natural beauty shows on this fun invitation template with colorful florals, a couple of gorgeous boots, and a jaunty cowboy hat!

A Mesa Marriage Wedding Invitation

A printed, double-sided invitation like this is stunning with its vintage poster on the front and Mesa desert scenery in watercolor on the back.

The vivid colors blend with Old West fonts and some humor, making this selection truly one-of-a-kind.

Western Desert Invitation for a Vintage Modern Wedding

This printed invitation’s simplicity is timeless, blending modern minimalism with vintage fonts and a cactus sketch. The entire look here is gorgeous and effortless!

Western Wedding Invite Brings the Drama

The black background and gorgeous, sweeping fonts on this invitation template offer full-on glamor, and the design is still easy to personalize and edit.

Crisp and Clean Western Invitation

With clean fonts and striking sketches of cactus and agave, these digital templates for your save-the-date and wedding invitation blend the beauty of boho with Western chic!

Desert Sage Makes an Elegant Invitation Template

Rich rustic tones and simple sage details make this wedding invitation template a minimalist’s dream come true!

Go Modern Abstract with Your Western Invitation

A cool and unique couple may want a decidedly abstract wedding invitation! If that’s you, you can customize this invitation without going overboard on the Wild West details!

Western Shabby Chic Wedding Invitation

There’s so much Western-style happening on this invitation template, from the Aztec inspiration to the florals and pampas and those vintage curling fonts—but it all comes together with elegance and shabby chic that doesn’t look overdone!

Desert Wedding Invitation with Triangle Cut-out Detail

How about a boho-beautiful desert wedding invitation with a genuine Western edge—namely, the triangle cut-out effect that you can achieve by getting this invitation download printed professionally.

Western Wedding Invite Is Perfectly Plain and Simple

All you need is love with this fun invitation template!

While it claims to be “nothing fancy,” we adore the matching horseshoes with a burlap twine effect and the lacy background. Your guests will smile at this one.

Boots Become One Western Wedding Invitation

Simply stunning is the best way to describe this rustic wedding invitation template, featuring a spotlight effect on your names and event details against a rich wood plank background.

We think the boots and cowboy hat accents are swoon-worthy!

Envelope Liner with Stunning Southwest Scenery

Invitation sleeves and envelopes can carry the Western theme for your wedding, especially if you’d like a more minimalist wedding invitation.

This envelope features stunning scenery, and there’s a wide variety of color choices available.

High Desert Happiness Wedding Invitations

What a spectacular finish on these printed invitations with the desert imagery and sunny color scheme!

Hearts, Fields, and Fences Wedding Invitation

This printed invitation brings to mind a long, happy stroll along the fence line in a Western field, and the image of wired hearts joining is gorgeous.

Desert Bloom Wedding Invitation

A lush desert scene isn’t just a mirage, it’s an exquisite Western theme on this printed invitation!

Horseshoe Pink and Blue Western Invitation

You can order this selection as a digital file or print your invites through the designer.

We like the romantic layout pictured here against the whitewashed, weathered look of barn wood.

Frank and Annie’s Ideal Turquoise Wedding Invitation

We think this colorful printed invitation would have been perfect for Frank and Annie’s wedding day!

Pocketful of Old West Wedding Invitation

Check out the vintage Western details on this wedding invitation, neatly tucked into a folio pocket that’s a joy to send and receive.

Navajo Wine Rustic Fall Wedding Invitation

If you’re planning an autumn (or Halloween!) wedding that’s Western-themed, this “Navajo Wine” invitation template brings the seasonal drama to your day

Blue Bison Western Invitation

Letterpress printed on cotton paper, your “Blue Bison” wedding invitation is whimsically Western!

Wedding Invitation with a Retro Canyon Vibe

You get 70s chic in this printed wedding stationery with its magnificent colors and images.

Western Wedding Invite with Boots and Bubbly

Put on your boots and bring out the bubbly with this fantastic Western wedding invitation!

The Hunt Is over on This Western Wedding Invite

Congratulations “deers!” Your “Hunt” for true love is finally over.

This invitation is sheer Western whimsy, and we just adore it.

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