29 Awesome Minimalist Wedding Invitations for Your Big Day

When it comes to minimalism, don’t think you’re limited to boring and empty-looking wedding invitations! There are so many ways that minimalist wedding invites can pack a huge punch with a few simple design decisions. 

If you’re planning on going the minimalist route, think about playing around with fonts and their placement. Consider bare and sketched designs that feature simple lines, or even play with paper textures and weights! There are a variety of tips on our list to make your minimalist wedding invitation look curated and chic. 

Whether you’re in the market for a simple black-and-white invitation, something more abstract and artistic, or you’re simply looking for some inspiration to ramp up your neutral color scheme, we’ve got the best minimalist wedding invitations here at Wedding Pioneer. 

Casual Minimalistic Wedding Invite With Purple Flowers

Set of 25 Purple Bridal Shower Invitations

This is a set of 25 invitations AND envelopes that feature a motif of purple and lavender blooms with greenery

With a simple, breezy script, this wedding invitation suite invokes a sense of gentle romance and an easy sort of love. The purple flowers dance off the page with their lovely watercolor shades.

This editable template is about as easy as you can get! Customize it to your liking, then print your invitations at home and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’ve just checked another thing off your list of to-dos!

Simple, Modern, and Minimalist Wedding Invite

Modern Wedding Invitation Template

All items on this template are completely editable.

What we love about this wedding invite is how it plays with space. Consider the fact that not everything has to be perfectly centered or left or right-aligned!

The lowercase lettering gives us indie-chic vibes, and a dreamy mix of italics, cursive, and overall spacing makes this invitation pretty unique without too much effort!

Elegant Beige Botanical Wedding Invite

Elegant Minimalist Wedding Invitation

Create and print your own beautiful stationery with this fully editable template.

Want something minimalist but bored of the black and white look? Go in a different direction and keep it classic with neutral tones such as shades of beige. 

Take a look at this elegant invitation that features big initials and a simple floral decal. Just like the previous invitation, this one also features a little bit of cursive interspersed between capital letters for visual variety.

Marbled Background Minimalist Wedding Invitations

Save The Date Cards with Envelopes

Feature a chic marble background and gold lettering.

We don’t foresee marble trends going away any time soon. It’s an effortless way to cultivate classy and elegant vibes, and even if marbling isn’t your style, it could almost be viewed as almost wispy grays, like smoke or fog. 

This modern invitation features simple cursive calligraphy against a marbled background and we are here for it! If you’re not a fan of the cursive, this invite can be easily edited in Templett.

Romantic Cursive Minimalist Wedding Invite

Minimalist Wedding Invitation Set Template

This listing is an "INSTANT DOWNLOAD" that includes a high resolution, printable Minimalist Wedding Invitation Set.

One of the most magical things about minimalistic wedding invites is the absolute wizardry of just a few strokes or lines. A well-placed hand-drawn sprig of rosemary adds a rustic and botanical touch to an already romantic-looking invitation! 

This one features beautiful calligraphy, lots of gorgeous embellishments, and a super fun angular, art-deco-ish numeral to contrast all the flowy writing. One of the provided samples is printed on paper with a raw, torn edge, and it looks gorgeous!

Earth-Toned Minimalist Wedding Invitation Suite

Minimalist Wedding Invitation Template Set

This is an editable template, that you edit yourself on the Templett website (on a computer only, phone/tablet editing not available).

Another great way to mix up your wedding invitations whilst keeping it simple and maintaining the minimalistic vibe is to merely switch up the colors of your invitation suite.

This one, for example, has wonderful earth tones that have a streamlined look across all information cards but changes the font color and contrasting background. 

Sans Serif Modern Minimalist Wedding Invite Set

Minimalist Wedding Invitation Set

This is an editable template, that you edit yourself on the Templett website.

While experimenting with calligraphy, you may come to a quandary where you’re not sure if you want to go all sans serif or all handwritten print. Pro tip: incorporate a little of both!

That being said, when envisioning the entire look of the invitation suite, keep the information on the cards easy to read and digest with sans serif fonts, or all capitalized (or lowercase, for that matter) instead of a flowy script that may be harder to read.

Then add a bit of embellishment or visual flourishes with a different font that will give your invitations a bit more personality!

Neutral Botanical Outline Minimalist Wedding Invite

Going for a boho-chic wedding aesthetic? You’ll want to explore these gorgeously simple wedding invitations that feature a beautiful floral outline motif across all cards. 

We love the neutral vibe that keeps everything feel classic and restrained. If your wedding theme features a lot of botanicals, remember that you don’t have to always go green- sometimes earthy tans and browns will do just the trick!

Classic and Modern Minimalist Wedding Invitation

Minimalist Wedding Invitation Template

This printable wedding invitation suite is fully editable to be personalized with your information for your special day.

This elegant wedding invite features big, bold lettering for the happy couple.

With interesting spacing and direct, cleanly presented information at the bottom of the invite, there’s no doubt this invitation is attractive and stylish in the way it plays with font sizing and space.

Faded Handwritten Calligraphy Wedding Invite

Beige Wedding Invitation Suite Template

Collection Template features minimalist handwritten style calligraphy + classic print fonts to give your special event simple and elegant touch.

Want more emphasis on specific elements on your invitations but don’t want to it be too stark and contrasted in color?

Take a look at this beautiful simple wedding invitation that features faded calligraphy in the background of the card. Printed in white, it’s just subtle enough to be noticed on the neutral-colored paper. 

Remember, any sort of calligraphy, handwritten-looking print, or cursive will add an element of elegance and style. When going the minimalistic route, play around with combinations that look appealing to you, and don’t forget about the foreground and background as editable areas as well!

White Ink on Modern Black Wedding Invite

Black Wedding Invitation

Samples are sent with generic information, but colors can be customized.

We think black wedding invites should be more popular than they are!

The applications are endless- envision a black-tie affair, a fall/winter wedding, or a gothic spooky Halloween-themed celebration!

This black invite uses minimalistic white calligraphy for an impactful look that can be easily matched with a plethora of wedding themes!

Minimalist Arched Photo Wedding Invite Template

Simply put, the arch is an iconic wedding motif, and this photo-centric minimalist wedding invite takes full advantage of the cozy arch shape.

Like taking a peek inside a classic church wedding, this invite puts you and your love front and center!

We love the centering of the image on the front, and once flipped, the playful corner setting of the black and white picture with fun typography for the vertically aligned date. 

Abstract Typography Minimalist Wedding Invitation

Simple Wedding Invitation Template

This simple invitation set offers a modern take on the classic wedding invitation style.

When we say “spacey,” we don’t mean it in a bad way at all when it comes to this wedding invite. The curious stacking of letters looks abstract but still retains an elegant and intentional artsy feel. 

This would be perfect for an intimate wedding at an art gallery, book store, or any creative space. 

Minimalist Black Pocket Fold Wedding Invite

Diy Minimalist Pocket Wedding Invitation

Printable minimalist wedding invitation templates for DIY-ing your own pocket style set!

Another take on a minimalistic wedding invitation: if you put it in a classic pocketfold envelope, it instantly adds a dash of elegance while still feeling effortless!

We love this set for the addition of neutral tones for an overall cohesive look. 

Casual Minimalist Wedding Invitation

Casual Wedding Party Invitation

Flat card five (5) inches by seven (7) inches in size and printed on high-quality 100lb white matte cardstock or 130 white glossy cardstock. We source our paper in the USA.

“Nothing fancy, just love” is such a great sentiment for love in general, but it especially applies to this casual wedding invitation!

The handwritten calligraphy script gives off an intimate feeling, and what’s better than receiving this charming, sweet, invitation in the mail to celebrate some people you love?

Minimalist Sage Green and White Modern Wedding Invite

Sage Minimalist Wedding Invitations Suite,

This is a fully editable sage modern minimal wedding invitation suite.

Going for green? This sage wedding invitation suite features white font, a handwritten script, and an RSVP card in white with a green border (so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle). 

This is a great example of how to utilize two colors and still keep it interesting, unfussy, and minimal. 

Large Date Minimalist Wedding Invitation

Minimalist Wedding Invitation

This simple modern invite template is editable in Corjl, an online template editor that can be accessed directly through your web browser without the need to download any software or fonts.

Does your chosen wedding date hold a lot of significance? Perhaps you are going to be one of the many couples who choose a clever wedding date (2/2/2022, or 10/10/2020, for example) and want to feature it in a big way!

This fresh and modern wedding invitation can also be customized to change your font, font color, or background color to make it truly yours. 

Modern Initials With Photo Wedding Invitation Template

Minimalist Wedding Invitation Template

This wedding invitation template is easy to edit and customise to suit your theme and comes with a photo backer option.

Bold, bright, and still refined, this minimalistic wedding invite comes with an opportunity to post your favorite engagement photo!

The centered initials will put you two front and center; it’s simple, effective, and will leave a lasting impression!

Celestial Moon and Stars Minimalist Wedding Invite

Celestial Wedding Invitation

This beautiful bohemian, celestial wedding suite features a gold foil embossed moon and stars, printed onto handmade cotton paper with delicate hand torn edges.

If you’re a Game Of Thrones fan, you’ll get the “moon and stars” reference. If you’re not, these decals are still romantic and sweet. 

This boho, celestial wedding invitation suite utilizes gold foil for the moon and stars and is printed on handmade paper. Choose from white or clear wax seals (with gold flecks) for an added touch of intergalactic dreaminess.

Minimal Eucalyptus Strand Wedding Invite

Eucalyptus Wedding Invitation Template Set

This Wedding Invitation Set template is a eucalyptus greenery design.

If you’re a botanical bride wanting to keep things simple with a minimalist wedding invite, check out the option with just a strand of eucalyptus in the corner!

We love the gentle watercolor aesthetic of the painted leaves.

Straightforward Typography Minimalist Wedding Invite

Minimal Modern Wedding Invitation Suite

This dove white LIV collection wedding suite template features minimal and cursive fonts. Simple and captivating, this invitation suite set pairs well with many themes and color palettes.

Looking for a non-fussy wedding invite that’s straight to the point? This minimalist, dove white invitation is a great example of how to keep everything straightforward and classic. 

This also has the option of a backside photo panel, which we are big fans of!

Simple Black and White Invitation With Roman Numerals

Black and White Minimalist Wedding Invitation

You edit the templates yourself using an incredibly easy and convenient web app called Templett. 

Do you love the look of roman numerals?

This black and white wedding invitation is all about the fun calligraphy blended with an impactful, bold font. The casual sayings like “to have and to hold” and “the little details” are a nice contrast to the more serious look of the roman numerals. 

Let’s just hope your guests can decipher the date correctly!

Arched Simple Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitations Verona

Can be ordered as a standalone invitation or you can build your own wedding stationery suite with reply cards, details and gift cards.

This adorable wedding suite comes in shades of neutral and blush, and to add an extra element of visual appeal, the arched invite looks great juxtaposed with the other standard rectangular-shaped info cards. 

Playing around with the shapes and textures of your paper is a great way to still inject a good amount of intentionality in your wedding invites while keeping them simple!

Minimalist Wedding Timeline and Event Itinerary

Minimalist Wedding Timeline and Event Itinerary

All wording is editable so it can be used for any event!

What’s more minimalist than emojis and icons!? Consider them modern-day hieroglyphics, but either way, they’re effective as a way to communicate a wedding itinerary!

Retro Font Minimalist Wedding Invite

Minimalist Wedding Invitation Template Set

Edit, download and print yourself, or have it professionally printed.

Check out this retro font on this minimalist wedding invitation!

Keeping all the details and information neutral and compact, but enlarging the prominent names in a funky font adds an aura of grooviness. This is a great way to zhuzh up your wedding invite!

Large Abstract Initial Minimalist Wedding Invite

We love the illusion letters on this invitation. Having them so pronounced and abstract means the overall feel of the card is elevated and artsy. Less really is more when it comes to these letters!

Neutral and Minimal Dusty Rose Wedding Invite Suite

Modern Dusty Rose and Neutral Wedding Invite Set

This minimal wedding invitation suite template features a mix of modern and cursive fonts. Soft neutrals, set in dusty rose tones, the perfect eye-catching set. Suits modern, classic or bohemian-styled events.

A hint of dusty rose livens up this earth-toned wedding invitation set. A great way to keep things minimal but not monotonous is to play around with the shades of the invitation cards. 

If you want to stay in the realm of neutrals but are hoping to add a romantic touch, a shade of dusty pink will do the trick!

We love the mix of modern and cursive type fonts that add a hint of boho dreaminess, too. 

Clean Typography Minimalist Wedding Invite

Modern Minimalist Wedding Invitations

Colours can be edited to match your wedding palette.

If you haven’t picked up on it already, one of the biggest signifiers of a minimalist wedding invitation has got to be the standalone initials.

A modern typeface is almost always sans serif, and if that’s what you’re looking for, there are plenty of styles of sans serif typefaces to explore!

This invitation has several coloring options in shades that range from neutrals to barely-there colors. 

Watercolor Wildflowers Wedding Invitation

Wildflower Bridal Shower Invitations

Invite guests to your special celebration with this beautiful card, featuring watercolor hydrangea flowers in pink, blue, and purple!

Minimalism dictates that less is more, so when going the botanical route, consider a row of simple floral stems to add just the right amount of color.

Whether it’s a singular monstera leaf, palm frond, or daisy outline, keep it small, simple, and eye-catching to achieve a great minimalistic feel. 

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