29 Rustic Wedding Invitations That’ll Go Perfectly With Your Theme

So much planning goes into the wedding day that it can be easy to forget everything that comes before it. There’s so much to organize, arrange and plan for that small yet necessary steps can be forgotten; steps like actually inviting all the guests!

Wedding invitations tell guests a lot about what to expect at the wedding, not just where and when, but important wedding details like what the theme will be. A well-chosen wedding invitation design will let the guests know exactly what to expect and how to dress, act, and prepare accordingly.

Picking the wedding invitations must be done so far in advance of the wedding that it can feel overwhelming to try and coordinate the cards with the theme. What if you are undecided?

A clever way to go about choosing the perfect cards is to settle on a broad theme first. In this case, we will be looking at some of the most lovely rustic wedding theme invitations.

Birch and Eucalyptus Cards

Wooden cards, who would have guessed? These unique invitations display nature at its most elegant.

Each custom-engraved card has a bit of nature added via a sprig of thermal-shocked eucalyptus tied on with twine. These cards are durable and travel well but also present a truly organic look.

These cards are the perfect fit for a rustic outback wedding.

Printed White Birch Heart Cards

If real wood is just a little too rustic for your tastes, why not try these printed white birch cards?

Each card is double-sided with the bride and groom’s initials “carved” into a heart. It’s the ultimate romantic gesture, but in card format, so all your guests can share in the love.

Natural Rustic Wedding Invitation

If you are looking for a slightly more environmentally friendly wedding invitation option, these cards are the ticket.

Each card contains an invitation, a ready-to-go RSVP letter, and a burlap band that holds it all together with a wooden “we do.” Each card comes in a recycled envelope.

These cream and brown cards suit any fall wedding.

Ivory Lace Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking for something a little more Arsenic and Old Lace, pardon me, I mean lacy, then these ivory cards are the ideal choice.

The laser-cut lace envelope is delicate and intricate like filigree. It looks organic and natural yet classy.

Each card contains an invitation, an RSVP note, and a custom wood heart tie.

Botanical Vellum Greenery Wedding Invitations

For those who like the cottage-core aesthetic, these invitations will be perfect for your wedding.

Each card includes a raw cut paper invitation and RSVP note, a botanical-themed vellum envelope, and a wax seal to hold it all together.

These cards are perfect for lowkey cottage-core weddings with close friends and family.

Wood Wedding Invitations with lavender

Wood Wedding Invitations with lavender
Image via VitaWed on Etsy

Another engraved wooden card, but these come with nature accents of lavender sprigs rather than eucalyptus. For those looking for a rustic wedding style with a fantastical feeling, these are the cards for you.

The wooden base gives a unique tangibility to the invitation, while the lavender produces a pleasant aroma.

These cards activate every sense and are sure to be remembered.

Country Wedding Invitations

Why not try more country-themed invitations when the vague theme of “rustic” isn’t good enough?

These cards give off country vibes from the brown paper to the vintage-looking stamps. Every part of these cards will let your guests know that the wedding will be a rustic, folksy affair.

Printed Wedding Invitations with Rustic Wooden Seal

You can fully customize these printed cards to suit any wedding. The invite and RSVP note come bound in a burlap ribbon and fastened with a laser-cut wooden “we do.”

While these cards are more simple in design than many others, they boast a modern rustic invitation style rather than the old-fashioned farm style.

Fold-Out Rustic Wedding Invitation Set

So far, most of the cards have just been single sheets of paper double-sided, but this card brings a whole new dimension into the mix. This card has a four-section fold-out style that lets you put as much event detail into the card as you need.

This card is ideal for invitation, direction, meal planning, and RSVP sections and is a wonderful way to stay organized while looking good.

The card is adorned with a beautiful flower design, comes with a choice of four envelopes, and has an extra twine wrapping to keep it all secure.

Rustic String Lights Wedding Invitation

If you plan to hold your rustic wedding at night, this card will be the perfect match. The string lights design prepares guests for a night with a mystical and romantic aura.

The cards are fully customizable and are sure to suit any rustic wedding. The card has four sections: an invitation, RSVP note, extra info card, and customized envelope.

Barn Wedding Fold-out Card

A rustic nature can mean a lot of things. Perhaps you came here looking for a suitable card for a barn celebration, but so far have only seen cottage-core cards.

Well, look no further because this is your card.

This fold-out card is in the shape of a barn. It’s a fun little design that stands up on its own and displays your wedding theme perfectly.

Deckle Edge Wedding Invitation

For a simple wedding, you want a simple card. This deckle edge card is just that. It is ideal for small gatherings with close friends and family and is simple yet elegant.

The wedding is about the bride and groom, and nothing conveys that better than a simple rustic invitation.

Rustic Plywood Invitation Chips

If large cards are too gaudy for your rustic wedding, why not try these small plywood cards? They are laser cut and only measure 3.1×5.5 inches.

These cards are like mini collector tiles, and their small size makes them well-suited for small weddings.

As a keepsake, they are also easier to display and more durable than cards.

Patio Lanterns Wedding Invitations

As the name suggests, these are the best choice of invitation for patio weddings held at night. The lantern design makes the cards unique but also sets the mood for the wedding.

These cards have the same vibe as you would find at a late evening patio bar; convivial and casual, yet somehow magical.

Floral Country Wedding Card

This card is the perfect amalgamation of all other rustic wedding cards. It has boho, cottage-core, country, and nature vibes all wrapped up into a perfect little rustic package.

The cards are simple invitations and contain only what you most need to tell your guests. Each card is customizable and perfectly suited to a summer wedding.

Wood Band Floral Invitations

Rustic doesn’t have to mean dirty or faded. If you want a pastel rustic wedding, you go right ahead. These cards will make the perfect invitations for it.

Pale pastels and floral print make these cards fitting for an innocent and pure wedding.

Each card comes with the invitation and an RSVP note, all wrapped up with a customized carved wooden band.

Blush Flower Wooden Cards

If you are still not satisfied with the array of wooden cards, try a blush flower-adorned birch plywood card.

These engraved cards are the epitome of rustic with a charming carved script and all-natural materials. Each card comes with a sprig of blush flower tied on with twine.

These cards are durable, affordable, and make for lovely keepsakes.

Typography Modern Rustic Wedding Cards

If fonts and text catch your eye, then these cards will make for perfect wedding invitations. Each card contains custom typography and designs.

These cards feel simultaneously handmade with love and professionally done with precision.

The brown envelope and twine wrap further add to the rustic feel of the cards.

Laser Cut Wedding Cards with Burlap Envelope

A truly unique card is remarkable inside and out. These cards take that idea a step further by adding a truly exquisite burlap envelope complete with button closure and lace trim.

The cards themselves are intricately laser-cut wood designs that you can customize for any theme.

Four Section Folding Card

Like the earlier one, this folding card comes in four sections and has several choices of envelopes.

The floral design is subtle, and overall, the card is more reserved.

As with the others, this card is fully customizable to your special day.

Green Oak Tree Wedding Invitation

For a rustic yet scholarly look, try this green oak tree wedding invitation. This card is so classic; the envelope is sealed with a wax seal.

These cards would go perfectly with a country club wedding or a historical mansion wedding.

Rustic Lace Wedding Invitation

This lace-wrapped brown card set is the best choice for anyone looking to have an old-fashioned country or summer barn wedding.

Every aspect of the card is customizable, and the lace trim wrapping brings out an air of modesty and old-fashioned romance.

Boho Autumn Themed Wedding Invitations

These delightful bohemian wedding invitations come adorned with a beautiful printed flower pattern in a lovely orange shade.

Each card package is sealed with a wax seal on the envelope for a refined look and safe travel.

Rustic Laser Cut Lace Brown Paper Card

These cards look downright vintage in the best way. The intricate laser-cut lace is delicate and unique.

Every aspect of the card works in tandem to provide an authentic rustic feel and is beautifully thematic for any rustic wedding.

It’s a card for all seasons, but may work best for mid-summer to early fall.

Wooden Monogram Wedding Invitations

Wooden Monogram Wedding Invitations
Image via VitaWed on Etsy

These high-quality birch wood engraved wedding invitations are sure to turn heads.

Each card is custom engraved with the bride and groom’s monogram and details of the wedding.

These cards are a good base to which you can add your own decorations. 

Pocket Fold Save the Date Wedding Invitations

These cards are unique to the other folding cards on this list. Rather than being a four-fold card with a matching envelope, these cards have three sections, and the card is also the envelope.

If you want your rustic wedding invitations to resemble parcels, then these are the cards for you.

The fold-out design and thick card make them an all-in-one experience.

Elegant Orange Floral Wedding Cards

These classical floral designs are well-suited for spring, summer, and fall weddings. Each card package has the invitation, RSVP note, and anything you want to add.

The envelopes and binding bands are metallic and shimmery.

Rustic Mountain Wedding Cards

This hand-carved wooden card is sure to entice guests with its natural look and stunning mountain landscape.

Any rustic mountain wedding needs invitations like this. It is the ultimate log cabin wedding invite and is ideal for a winter wonderland wedding.

Aged Paper Sunflower Invitation Cards

The final item on the list is these wonderful rustic sunflower wedding invitations done on rustic, aged paper.

Unlike other cards, these are not printed to look aged, but instead they are distressed on the sides to give them the look and feel of old paper.

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