Fall Wedding Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

Charming, inviting, and rustic; a wedding in fall has become one of the dreamiest, and most in-demand seasons to tie the knot!

Fall weddings have never been so popular, with couples finally finding the season preferable to hot summer soirées and chilly winter nuptials. Even die-hard haters of all things cozy and pumpkin-spiced are being converted!

It seems the penny has dropped and having an autumn wedding is no longer considered a simple box-ticking exercise of finding the cutest Halloween-inspired details on Pinterest.

Gone are the days of pairing everything with the literal and standard palette of predictable golds and reds. Today, fall is being appreciated for all it can bring to the table…

Fall Wedding Ideas

So What Is a Fall Wedding?

A fall wedding is one that occurs in that beautiful time of year between September and November and is typically filled with all things inspired by the season, and Halloween.

Think cozy, think rustic, think organic, think of an occasion that lets the natural environment take the lead.

Planning a fall wedding means taking inspiration from the season, and using its natural tones of burnt oranges and rusty reds as an effortless backdrop. You not only have a beautiful time of year to get married but a ready-made theme, make it your own! 

What Are the Best Places For a Fall Wedding?

Summer was traditionally the most popular time to get married, due in no small part to the likelihood of warm weather, and long dry spells.

When planning a fall wedding, however, things get a little more unpredictable. Let’s just say it would be unwise to not have an indoor backup plan!

The cooler weather could likely turn chilly. Or if those hazy skies spontaneously fill with rain clouds, your guests will simply no longer care how many carved pumpkins decorate the backyard!

In terms of location, choosing a venue that is surrounded by countryside ensures you take full advantage of the season.

Maybe a barn, a farm, or simply any large space with private grounds. A vineyard in the country perhaps? Even a backyard can be turned into a delightful fall wedding venue with enough string lights and hot toddies! 

What Are the Colors of a Fall Wedding?

As we hinted at earlier, a modern fall wedding is one that doesn’t simply regurgitate the standard autumnal color palette. It is a combination of the tones that work best; be that for the couple or the venue.

For example, if you don’t have mustard yellow or burnt orange in your wedding color scheme, don’t fret, you can still bring in an autumn touch with other seasonal colors such as wine red, sage, and emerald greens, and deep purples for instance!

If you want your ceremony space or reception, to have a more luxurious feel, but with just a hint of autumn, then you could go for a more neutral color palette. Think ivory, black and gray infused with pops of earthly tones for example. 

Which Flowers Offer Fall Wedding Vibes?

Flowers are an important element of any wedding, and fall brides are particularly lucky to have the beauty of autumn on their side. 

It’s impossible to think of fall without considering pumpkins, sunflowers, and apple orchards — not to mention the rich, warm color palette that the changing of the leaves creates.

With this in mind, your fall floral arrangement should offer a rich, rustic aesthetic, and importantly be in bloom! Flowers in season not only fit the theme but also help your budget! 

Specific fresh flowers to consider are Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Roses, Pampas Grass, and Succulents. And of course, Sunflowers! 

Our Favorite Fall Wedding Ideas

A Pumpkin Lined Aisle

We’re starting off strong, and full-on fall!

It doesn’t get more autumnal, or Halloween-y, than a pumpkin-lined wedding ceremony aisle.

Obviously, this is perfect if you are getting hitched outside, and the pumpkins can sit naturally on the grass. But it can also be super cute, lined, and lit in a barn setting, or rustic space.

Opt for different sizes, and types of pumpkins for extra autumn points!

Create a Cozy, Outdoor Cocktail Space

Fall weather can be warm enough to be comfortably enjoyed outside, but as the evening draws in, the chill will come, and your wedding guests will need a cozy space to retire to.

So, why not create an autumnal-inspired lounge area, with comfy seating, blankets, and lots of rich-smelling floral? This will act as the perfect spot for loved ones to catch up while enjoying an apple cider, or signature cocktail. 

You could even throw in a fire pit, and offer sweet treats to smoke over the flames!

Play with Plaid

Fabric Buffalo Plaid Black and White

This black and white one inch check gingham pattern fabric is a cotton and polyester blend (65% Polyester, 35% cotton). 

Plaid as a pattern signifies all things cozy so it works perfectly with a rustic wedding reception theme. 

Consider using it to decorate your reception tables, or adding it to the groom’s attire, or maybe even working it into your wedding invitations. The possibilities are endless!

Bridesmaids in Velvet

Velvet Long Bridesmaid Dress

The dress is made of high-quality Polyester Spandex material, it does not have any hemming and sewing on the bottom, don't need to worry about the bottom will fall apart.

Autumn or not, velvet is a very on-trend fabric for bridesmaids. 

Many top designers are using it to bring a more luxurious finish to their maids’ look and it is just perfect for bringing an autumnal touch to your bridal squad. Its rich texture, subtle shine, and generally warm tones represent the season perfectly.

Jenny Yoo, in particular, has a stunning range of velvet bridesmaids dresses that embrace a range of copper elements, alongside pretty pastels and muted tones.

An Apple Cider Station

Surrounded by nature, and the changing leaves, there’s no better way to top off your fall wedding day than with a cozy drink, and does it get more autumnal than apple cider?

Celebrate this seasonal beverage by creating a special ‘serve yourself’ station, and let your guests either ladle or pour their own cider. Just make sure that ol’ family recipe isn’t too strong, or your guests will be asleep before the toasts!

If you want to change it up as day turns into night, consider a mulled cider — a drink that never fails to deliver the taste and smell of autumn. 

An Open Air Reception Space & Dance Floor

If the weather is fine, and your guests are warm, then why not celebrate this autumn event using only your outdoor space! Fall has gifted you an incredible backdrop, after all, so you might as well use it! 

For an outdoor wedding in the countryside, keep your decoration minimal, and let the colorful foliage set the scene. All you need to do is mimic its natural beauty, and bring in elements of it to your reception tablescape.

If you’ve got more of a blank canvas outside space, then fill it with string lights, big candles, and overflowing flowers (fresh & dried) for a wedding reception that screams fall, without being tacky. 

Foliage Framed Ceremony Arch

Deep Burgundy Red Blue Arch

The arrangements are created from artificial flowers and greenery of high quality.

Take advantage of what nature has provided, and embrace the warm colors and textures of fall, with a foliage-full ceremony arch.

Indoor or out, an arch filled with seasonal blooms and dry grasses will create the most picturesque backdrop to your vows.

If you’re clever, you’ll speak to your florist, and make sure that this floral arrangement can easily be used later in the day to decorate your reception and other celebration spaces!

Set the Autumnal Tone Early

Whatever the season, or style of your wedding, it’s good to give guests a hint of your theme early, by using it in your invitations. This is your first opportunity to share your big day vision, and excite loved ones for the event to come.

Think carefully about your wedding stationery, and try to decide on your color palette, and theme early, so it can be incorporated right from the very start. 

Consider Naked Cakes

The naked wedding cake is a trend that isn’t going anywhere!

An affordable alternative to the traditional wedding cake, a naked cake can easily be decorated with fresh fruits and decorations creating the perfect focal point for a rustic fall wedding.

Think about topping your cake with seasonal fruits like blackberries and pears, and add in some vibrant greenery to make it pop. 

Play Some Casual Lawn Games

Giant Four in a Row all Weather Outdoor Game

Step up your game with this life size version of the classic four in a row game. This oversized board game stands over 2ft tall x 3ft wide. Ideal size for both kids and adults.

If you’ve decided to go for a casual interpretation of fall, be that in the dress code, order of the day or activities, then what better way to get everyone feeling loose and fancy-free than with some old-school games, and a few ciders — especially as you’ll probably be celebrating outside!

Think giant Jenga, Boule, Cornhole or Ring Toss. Any type of game you feel your guests can easily participate in, without getting too competitive!

Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

Not every couple wants or can have, an outdoor ceremony, let alone a whole wedding reception in the open air. So, why not celebrate the wonders of fall, and keep your guests warm, by introducing statement autumnal motifs to your indoor celebration spaces?

Fill your reception with the palette of the season, and its foliage. Go for centerpieces covered in seasonal blooms and colored leaves. Give your tablescapes that wow factor with suspended floral arrangements overhead. Or opt for columns wrapped in flowers, green vines, and dry grasses.

Sweet, Warm Pies…

Nothing says fall quite like a warm pie, and there’s no reason why your wedding shouldn’t feature one or even two of them. Display them as desserts, or perhaps use them as sweet treat wedding favors for guests.

Be it a much-loved family recipe, or from a local bakery, sweet pies create that homely, warm vibe that autumn is all about. 

Boys (and Girls), Embrace the Tweed

Brown Tweed Men Suit

This Suit For Wedding, Party, Proms & All Special Occasions.

As the warm day turns into chilly eve, your groomsmen will be thanking you for choosing tweed suits for them.

Not only does this hardy fabric fit the theme just perfectly, but it is also super cozy. Consider it on vests and jackets, but steer clear of going full tweed suit — otherwise, you may look more like an old English hunting party, rather than autumnal groomsmen!

Accessorize the look with a seasonal floral buttonhole, or color-coordinated pocket square or handkerchief. 

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