24 Charming Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Planning a wedding is a stressful, wonderful, hectic time. There are hundreds of details to remember, from when to order your wedding dress to who to invite to the reception. In addition to the big things, you want the little details to work with your wedding theme. 

Your wedding guest book is a small but vital detail. It’s a wedding keepsake you’ll go back and look at after the wedding. The personal notes and names in your wedding guest book will remind you of the people who love you the most, how excited they are for your marriage, and how wonderful the day itself was. 

Decision fatigue is a real thing–don’t worry: we’ve researched creative guest book ideas for you! Find the perfect way to remember the people who supported you on your special day by picking a book for guests to sign that reflects your theme and your personality. 

Chic Simplicity Wedding Guest Book

Want a simple and sleek wedding guest book that matches your wedding colors? The first book on our list is an easy pick–it’s chic, customizable, and not too over the top. There are twenty colors to choose from and several different foil options. 

You can choose the text for three lines on the front and a line on the book’s spine and ask for further customizations (although these might cost extra). The paper company that makes these books also offers advice on the right kinds of pens and lettering to use on the inside of the book! 

Landscape Wedding Guest Book with Gold Foil Lettering

Most wedding guest books have several options to customize: the cover, the size, the paper style, and the lettering. In this book, you also get a ribbon bookmark to mark your place. There are many beautiful colors to choose from for the book and the ribbon. 

While the book offers several different sizes, the most popular is the 10” by 8” landscape format. It’s perfect for pictures, stickers, or sweet notes from friends and family. This book is a classy and lovely choice for your wedding!

Simple Canvas Wedding Guest Book

If what you want are simplicity and beauty, this classic guest book might be perfect for you. The personalized letters are thin and simple, with calligraphed names and block letters for your wedding dates. 

There are a few colors and different materials available for this affordable guest book option, including hardback, vinyl, and linen. The linen is especially ideal for a bohemian or lacy wedding, but all of the colors are great options with the calligraphy! 

Canvas Wedding Guest Book with Customizable Gold Foil 

This wedding guest book is luxurious, with several different textures and colors. The pages are smooth and unlined. It also comes in a presentation box with tissue paper, ready for your wedding day!

What we love most about this book is the gorgeous detailing on the gold foil letters. The initials have flowers and leaves entwined around them. You can choose between gold and dark green lettering. Underneath that, you can add your and your spouse’s names and your wedding date. 

Customized Woodcut Wedding Guest Book 

If you want to be unique with your custom guest book, stop looking at paper and leather guest books! A memorable guest book with wooden covers is sure to have your wedding attendees talking. It will also hold up a lot longer than a regularly bound book. 

This spiral-bound, woodcut guest book is made of cherry wood and comes in four different sizes. The metal spiral is sturdy, and the paper is thick enough to support markers, pens, or even photographs. It’s also remarkably inexpensive!

Gold Lettering Wedding Guest Book

For a modern, sleek wedding, this guest book is perfect. It has a fabric cover with customized gold lettering. One of the best parts about this guest book is that the cover is fabric and soft to the touch. Inside, the paper can be black, white, or white lined.

Personalized Landscape Wedding Guest Book 

This traditional guest book is one of the least expensive on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t lovely. It’s a landscape-oriented book with a shiny vinyl cover. The personalized text can be calligraphy or block text, and the combination of the two is an especially pretty cover! 

Sage and Gold Wedding Guest Book 

There’s something about simplicity. With this guest book, you can pick your color, size, and foil color. The pages are blank, ready to be filled with thoughtful notes, drawings, or pictures. Several colors are available, but we love the combination of light green and gold. You can also get a marbleized cover! 

Green Wreath Wedding Guest Book

If your wedding decor contains botanical elements or greenery (let’s hear it for eucalyptus leaves!), this guest book might be a perfect choice. It has a gorgeous wreath of leaves and green flowers around your names on the front. You can put your wedding date on the spine and choose between black, white, or lined pages. 

Boho Neutral Wedding Guest Book 

There are three different sizes and several different colors available for this guest book. However, some of these colors are just gorgeous (we love the burnt orange and sepia brown for a fall wedding). The name calligraphy is also lovely. Overall, this book is just great for a simple and beautiful wedding style. 

Instax Polaroid Photo Guest Book 

You might be planning on having more than just congratulatory messages and funny wedding advice in your creative wedding guest book – if you have a polaroid camera, it’s a great interactive way to capture who came to your wedding and how much fun they had. This fun guest book will make it easier for your guests to include pictures with their names and notes. 

There are two slots for pictures on each page, which leaves wedding attendees plenty of space to write marriage advice. It has a soft velvet cover with a customizable color palette and engraving. Overall, this is one of our favorite ideas on the list and worth the extra money if you’re doing a Polaroid guest book!

Spiral Bound Wooden Wedding Guest Book

Wooden wedding guest books are a memorable way to keep track of who comes to your wedding. This one has a customizable name and date on the front and a unique top and bottom spiral binding. 

The main picture on Etsy is of the light brown wedding guest book, but we think the dark brown wood is stunning and perfect for any rustic or classy wedding. There are also two different sizes to choose from, so the book will fit on any gift table! 

Personalized Leather Guest Book 

Real leather? Check. Personalized name stamp? Check. Simple and sturdy? Check. This guest book has all of the hallmarks of a beautiful family heirloom. The leather strap keeps it closed, but it lays open beautifully for notes and names. If you have a rustic wedding, this might be the perfect guest book for you.  

Unique Mixed Media Guest Book 

In the most untraditional sense, this guest book is a masterpiece. It’s made with a mix of materials and fabrics. It’s customizable (you can pick which fabrics and patterns are used) and is made with tea-stained pages. 

The best part of this book might be the amount of care and time put into each one. The artist uniquely designs each book. If your wedding is bohemian, artsy, or freestyle, this is the perfect guest book for you. 

Black and Gold Constellation Guest Book 

The charming circle of stars around your personalized names has a magical effect on the text and makes this guest book stand out. You can choose from several colors and three different sizes. Your guest book will be just as celestial as your wedding with this starry guest book. 

Traditional White and Silver Wedding Guest Book 

The more traditional your wedding is, the more traditional your guest book should be. This wedding guest book is simple but oh, so lovely. The text is traditional (think less calligraphy and more formal) and looks amazing on the white background. 

You can choose different colors for the book cover. There are also various shades for the book’s ribbon and black, white, or lined pages on the inside! This book is fantastic if your wedding is classy and traditional, and you want a book to match. 

Dusty Blue Guest Book with Gold Foil Leaves

If you want a guest book that matches your wedding colors, take a look at this option! You can choose from several colors (but we love the dusty blue) and different foil options. What makes this book unique is the lovely foil leaves on the cover. Instead of simply having the names of the married couple and the date, you can add foliage to match your theme. 

Green and Gold Wedding Guest Book 

Sage green is an increasingly popular wedding color, and for a good reason. Sage and rose gold is a lovely combination for weddings, whether they’re simple or ornate. This sage green journal has the option for gold, silver, or rose gold foil lettering–one of the only rose gold foils we’ve found! 

Personalized Gold Crest Wedding Guest Book 

Do you want more than just your names and date on the front of your book? If your wedding is formal and you want a guest book that reflects that, look at this personalized guest book with a gold foil crest on the front. 

You can choose different colors for both the outside and the inside pages of your guest book. The image of the crest itself is classy and simple, with branches surrounding the shield shape where your initials will be. 

Custom Leather Wedding Guest Book 

This leather guest book has metal corners and a leather tie. Once it’s closed and tied, it looks like it belongs on any bookshelf. Your name and wedding date can also be stamped on the front. If you want a leather wedding guest book but don’t want to break the bank, this one is lovely and less expensive than many others! 

Black Leather Guest Book

This soft-spined leather guest book is perfect for a rustic wedding. It’s genuine leather with a customizable number of lined pages on the inside. The book itself is engraved with your personalization. 

One of the coolest parts of this book is the box that it comes in! The leather journal sits in an engraved wooden box with a sliding lid. You can put your favorite love quote, Bible verse, or other personalization on it, and it’s the perfect touch to store your special keepsake. 

White and Gold Wedding Guest Book 

For a white and gold wedding, you need a statement piece: a white and gold guest book. The calligraphy on the front of this guest book is large and lovely, and there are options for lettering on the book’s spine. 

There are other colors available, but we loved the white and gold combination so much we couldn’t look away! The pages inside are blank but can have different colors (black pages with white ink would be excellent for a wedding, we think). 

Simple Solid Color Wedding Guest Book 

If you want a standard guest book that is simple but personal, this paper book is ideal. You can choose from over a hundred different colors and three different sizes with multiple page number choices and the option for gold foil personalization. It will match any color scheme or wedding size!

Custom Bamboo Wedding Guest Book 

This book is held together with screws instead of spiral binding with a bamboo finish and personalized lettering. The final look is a simple and classy piece of art. 

The book’s inside is also customizable–you can choose between fully lined and partially lined pages (with room for engagement photos). If you love the bamboo look for your guest book, you can also get matching books for your vows! 

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