31 Unique Watercolor Wedding Invitations For Your Guests

Looking for a romantic and natural look for your wedding invitations? Consider using watercolor to add a splash of color, or a painting of your wedding venue or map to add an artistic touch!

We’re not saying you have to hand-paint all of your invitations, there are plenty of options online to choose from. Although if you have tons of time and an artistic inclination, go ahead and create your own- we’d love to see it! 

From abstract swatches of color to finely detailed outdoor scenes, here at Wedding Pioneer, we have hand-picked our favorite watercolor wedding invitations to inspire you…

Dreamy Dusty Blue Beach Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Beach Watercolor Wedding Invitations

I love working with clients to create unique wedding stationery that reflects the personality of the couple or wedding style. 

This wedding invitation would be absolutely killer if you’re planning on having a beach wedding. Or, if your wedding palette is centered on gorgeous gray, steel, or dusty blue tones, this template is the one for you!

We love the artistic look of thin, watered-down paint- it gives dreamy vibes of beach waves with its gorgeous marbling effect!

Watercolor Pond Scene Envelope and Invite

The Millstone at Adams Pond Wedding Invitation

Printed Wedding Invitations Featuring Your Wedding Venue

Are you a bride in South Carolina? This wedding invite is a stunning way to give your guests a sneak peek at the wedding venue. 

We love that they do custom venue illustrations both on the actual invite themselves as well as the interior lining of the envelope! What a sweet surprise to open up the mail and have that image presented to you right off the bat.

Blue and Copper Modern Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Modern Watercolor Wedding Invitation

You can buy an invitation separately, or in the set, according to your needs and wishes by choosing the Digital Package option.

This combination of blues and copper is so trendy! You still get the undeniable romanticism of watercolor art on the corners of the invite along with the more intensely pigmented leaves. 

If you’re having a modern, tropical wedding with blue and copper highlighting your color palette, this would be a great choice. 

Painted Downtown City Skyline Wedding Invite

Indianapolis Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Our DIY editable printable wedding wedding invitation templates are uniquely beautiful and a perfect alternative to expensive online invitation retailers. 

What a great way to pay homage to your city. If it’s a destination, your guests will be so excited to see the skyline painted in shades of blues, pinks, and purple. 

This template also comes with an option of adding your engagement photo on the back, which, at Wedding Pioneer, we always advocate to take advantage of every opportunity you have to show off those pics!

Light Blush and Faint Green Watercolor Minimalist Invite

Watercolor Wedding Suite Blush Pink Green

Our online software allows you to easily customize and print your templates within minutes. No special software or fonts needed; just edit directly from your browser, download and print today!

How dreamy is this wedding invitation suite? The soft and hazy blending of blush and green would work for any range of shades. 

This minimalistic wedding invite has tons of refinement and romance with the cursive font and sans serif informative text. 

Marbled Emerald Watercolor Wedding Invitation Suite

Emerald Green Watercolor Wedding Invitation

This DIY printable wedding invite is fast and easy to personalise. 

Gemstone lovers, unite! This marbled emerald green wedding invite is the stuff of dreams. 

Check out how the colors concentrate and fade organically and artistically. If your wedding features this shade of green with some marbling textures, this invite is a win!

Painted Venue Wedding Invite

Watercolour Olivia Venue Painting Wedding Invitation

The Olivia Venue Painting flat wedding invitation includes your custom venue watercolour painting & information digitally printed, along with your names foil pressed in real gold / rose gold / silver foil. Comes with matching high grade envelopes.

You’re going to want to frame your wedding invitation because this venue is so gorgeously rendered. With delicate lines and a fading background, it looks so romantic. 

We love this invitation also because of the foil and ink options: choose from gold, rose gold, silver, or fully inked to get the look of your dreams.

Dark Blue Ombre Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Navy Ombre Watercolor Wedding Invitation Set

Wedding Invitation 5x7" (2 per sheet option for printing). Details Card 3.5x5” (2 per sheet option for printing). RSVP 3.5x5" (4 per sheet option for printing). Detailed instructions on use of Corjl

Ombre has been a trend for a while now, but it’s not necessarily losing its popularity! Tons of brides still find ways to incorporate ombré shades in their dresses, cakes, and many other ways. 

Take a page out of the ombré playbook and use it in your wedding invitations! This one features shades of dark blue- it almost resembles mountains with its organic, jagged lines. 

Watercolor Soft Blush Roses Wedding Invite

AVA Wedding Invitation Set Template

This wedding invitation bundle is a fully editable design. Add Foto on the backside if needed. Personalize your template in Templett, an easy-to-use template editor that works in your web browser.

These soft and delicate painted blush roses are the stuff of dreams! Each petal is expertly shaded to create an ultra-feminine look. 

We love how the watercolor palette ranges from baby pink to shades of mauve and even beige! With so much room to play with color, this is one wedding invite suite that can cater to a wide variety of wedding aesthetics and themes. 

Painted Purple Plum Wedding Invite

Purple Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Choose the design you love & purchase. Download the instructions and follow the link sent via email from Templett - this will take you to the page where you can edit your templates - directly in your browser.

This regal invitation just oozes sophistication with its intense plum watercolor blooms. The contrast between deep purples and white is just breathtaking, and your guests just might expect to see orchids and other fabulous purple and white decorations at the venue!

Gray and Black Wedding Invitation (Electronic)

Gray and Black Wedding Phone Eviteprintable Invite

All text can be edited for wording, font, color, size, and placement. All clipart elements can be edited for size, placement, or deleted entirely.

Just to keep you on your toes, this one is for the eco-friendly bride who doesn’t want to mess with paper invitations!

Electronic invites are all the rage nowadays because of the quickness and ease of gathering RSVPs, as well as ensuring that they all make it to your guests without fear of the Postal Service losing an envelope!

We love the white painterly speckles on this gray and black electronic invite! It’s still printable if you do want to go the paper route, which is awesome.

Tropical Painted Palm Tree Minimalistic Wedding Invite

Clairo Tropical Wedding Invitation Printable Set Palm Tree

You can change colors, fonts, some graphics, add pictures, move things and more!

When you look up close at this beautiful, singular palm tree, you can see each stroke of the paintbrush, and for us, that’s perfection. It captures the dreaminess of tropical weddings with just a solo palm tree.

Delicate and Neutral Watercolor Wedding Invite

Delicate and Neutral Watercolor Wedding Invite

This listing is a DIY Editable Instant Download through Templett.

One glance at this wedding invite and instantly we were thinking of a boho wedding with pampas grass everywhere and beautiful bud vases full of tiny blossoms.

This nude watercolor wedding invite is so delicate and simple, without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Rustic Painted Church Wedding Invitation

Custom Wedding Invitation With Watercolor Venue

We paint your venue and design your invitation. You can purchase it as a digital file and print it at your local print shop or we can print your invitations and ship to you. You can see invitation print prices on the listing according to the quantity.

If you’re having a wedding at a historical venue, or at a church that is highly significant to your family (for example), consider getting watercolor painted invitations for it!

We love these beautiful, realistic portraits of venues, and it’s a great way to honor the space where you’re going to get hitched.

Blue Watercolor Droplet Wedding Invite

Blue Watercolor Wedding Invitation

This Blue Watercolor Wedding Invitation is a simple, modern design perfect for Spring and summer weddings.

For a big, bold splash of color, take a look at this modern droplet design that would be perfect for a bright and punchy wedding! It almost reminds us of a juicy summer blueberry. 

If your wedding is featuring shades of blue and purple, this would be a great invitation to send out! It’s a clean interpretation of all the beautiful shade ranges between the two colors.

Boho Copper Painted Wedding Invite Template

Teracotta Wedding Invitation Template

This DIY PRINTABLE wedding invitation design features bohemian rust watercolor splashes and an edgy handwritten font. This suite includes a wedding invitation, details card, and rsvp card.

We love this dark, burnt orange look for a wedding invitation! It’s classy, boho, and elegant. 

One of the best things about watercolor wedding invitations is that by nature, the pigment will be in ombré shades due to varying levels of water in the paint. This one reminds us almost of tea, or toasty chai in the way the paint seems to float on the paper. 

Watercolor Concertina Wedding Invite

Venue Painting Concertina Wedding Invitations

The invites will be custom made for you so anything is possible including custom colours, different sizes, extra items - please just ask and we will be happy to help.

Looking to dazzle your guests with a different wedding invitation format? Take a look at concertina-style wedding invites with their nicely organized vertical format. 

We love this one because of the gorgeous depiction of the wedding venue and awesome options for customizing everything from the envelope liner to the wax seal. 

Watercolor Sunflower and Eucalyptus Wedding Invite

Rustic Sunflower Wedding Invitation

This wedding Invitation design is a perfect way to include all your customized information and the font text color can be customized to match your wedding colors.

These gentle sunflowers get a gorgeous rendering on this peaceful wedding invitation. If you’re planning on featuring sunflowers at your wedding, this is an awesome way to go. 

We love the fine detailing that makes the flowers look like they’re going to jump off the page!

Abstract Watercolor Trifold Invitation

Unique Concertina Stylish Watercolour Wedding Invitation

Introducing our Watercolour concertina invitations. Unique stylish and packed full of information about your big day.

Another modern concertina wedding invitation, because why not?

We love how this one comes in with almost a solid swathe of color on a white “canvas” and ends with a splash of color in the corner. 

This would be perfect if you and your partner are artistic types, or even if you were having your wedding at a modern art gallery or museum. The watercolor look has so many applications!

Elegant Eucalyptus Wedding Invitation

Elegant Watercolor Eucalyptus Greenery Wedding Invite

Elegant eucalyptus green floral wedding invitation 5 by 7 card. You can edit and add text, move it, switch fonts and colors. Downloadable as high quality JPG, PNG or PDF files.

Is your wedding going to be a greenery bonanza? Highlight all the gorgeous shades of green with this wedding invitation, which ranges from dark pine green leaves to grayish-blue eucalyptus sprigs.

Pink Watercolor Floral Wedding Invite

Pink Watercolor Wedding Invitation Suite

Our templates are designed for busy brides who want gorgeous invites on a budget. Just edit online with Templett, download the hi-res files and print in minutes.

If watercolors represent dreams, illusions, and emotions, then we are so here for these artistic blossoms that make us feel like we’re at a romantic, lush, and floral-focused wedding.

The pink and purple hues would be particularly on point for a spring or summer wedding!

Watercolor Venue Map Wedding Invitation

Custom Watercolor Illustration Wedding Invitation

The invitation set featuring completely customized watercolor illustrations including venue, map, wedding logo/monograms surely amaze your guests at the very first glimpse.

This wedding invitation set contains everything you need to blow your guests away!

With a custom illustration of your wedding logo, monogram, and venue, there’s no way they’ll get lost on the way.

We love all the painted elements in this joyous wedding suite- how cute is that map?!

Painted Rocky Mountain Folded Wedding Invitation

Rocky Mountain Watercolor Folded Wedding Invitation

We will create all new, custom artwork for each Quad-fold project, and work closely with you to bring your vision to life. 

Getting married in the mountains? There’s nothing more romantic than artistically capturing the grandeur of Mother Nature in full display, and you can do this on your wedding invite easily!

Check out this creative folded wedding invitation that comes with detailed renderings of treelines, landscapes, and a beautiful map that gives us campsite feels!

Sage Green Painted Swipe Wedding Invite

Sage Green Wedding Invitation Set

This set includes the Wedding Invitation, RSVP Card and Details Card. Personalize yourself and and print this Wedding Invite today! All text is 100% fully editable.

Sage green is a hugely popular wedding color- it can work as a standalone shade or as an accent, but either way, featuring it on your wedding invitations gives such a warm and beguiling feel to the recipient. 

Delicate Painted Lavender Wedding Invitation

Lavender Watercolor Wedding Invitations

This DIY, invitation printable features 100% editable text for personalization. Access your template within minutes of purchase and edit using Templett - a web based template editor that allows you to customize your printable in minutes.

Straightforward, clean, and simple, this wedding invitation makes lavender look effortless. We love the organic brushstrokes that seem both intentional yet casual and fun! 

This set is ultra customizable and comes with wedding invitations, a details card, and an RSVP card. 

Simple Blush Watercolor Wedding Invite

Blush Watercolor Wedding Invitation

This DIY PRINTABLE wedding invitation template features blush watercolors and elegant calligraphy font. Use this template to edit all wording, font, font color, and the background color to match your event style.

Dreamy pink hues collide on this attractive wedding invitation set. Set with an elegant calligraphy font, this invite is something worth daydreaming about. 

Destination Wedding Venue and Photo Wedding Invite

Greece Wedding Invitation Template

This DIY PRINTABLE wedding invitation template features a watercolor painting of Rhodes, Greece. 

Hi, our passports are ready and luggage is checked in! Wait, we’re not coming along for this wedding? 

We’re crushed- but can you blame us? Take a look at this beautiful rendition of the Amalfi Coast; then flip it over and see a stunning photo of the happy couple… perfection.

Abstract Green, Orange, and Gold Watercolor Invite

Emerald Green Abstract Modern Wedding Invite

All text can be edited for wording, font, color, size, and placement. All clipart elements can be edited for size, placement, or deleted entirely. Backgrounds: change the background color or choose an entirely different one from our library.

Bright gold, emerald green, and terracotta tones play well on this beautifully abstract wedding invitation. We love the shapes that almost resemble feathers!

Navy and White Painted Wedding Invitation

Navy Wedding Invitation Set

This intense navy and white wedding template is perfect for a serious wedding celebration.

Moody and dramatic like a thunderous day, this intense navy and white wedding template is perfect for a serious wedding celebration.

The light cursive calligraphy gives it a touch of romance, and we love how the details card is all navy with some areas of lightened color for contrast. 

Modern Terracotta Watercolor Wedding Invite

Terracotta Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Terracotta watercolor wedding Invitation with modern calligraphy. Beige, brown painted watercolor background invitation. Unique and trendy wedding invitation suite for your Best Day Ever.

Did you ever do those coffee or tea-dying projects where you had to make your papers look aged? This gives us the cozy feel of a cup of chai in hand on a cool September day. 

If you’re having a fall wedding, you can’t go wrong with incorporating colors like burnt sienna, terracotta, and all other brown and beige shades into your fall wedding invitation. Here, you get all of it with beautiful watercolor effects- what’s not to like?

Painted Smoky Seafoam Wedding Invitation

Seafoam Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Watercolor Wedding Invitation Template Set is an elegant wedding invitation that has a modern twist of watercolor seen throughout the set. This wedding invitation set is a beautiful way to formally invite all of your wedding guests to your special day!

If you’ve ever played with dyes or edible food coloring, you know the satisfaction you get from dripping concentrated pigment into liquid! And if you’re a watercolor enthusiast, there’s a similar feeling of watching the ink swirl and spread as it diffuses through the water. 

We didn’t think it was possible, but this wedding invite captures that satisfying swirl and blending motion on a background of soothing seafoam green.

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