22 Fascinating Floral Wedding Invitations To Wow Your Guests

When many people think of weddings, they think of a bride in white, a groom in a tux… and flowers! Images of the bride’s bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, and a couple’s flower-filled wedding venue often inevitably spring to mind. 

Flowers are consistently one of the most popular and most used wedding decorations, and with good reason. They’re beautiful, fragrant, and add a sense of life to an event that indeed celebrates the beginning of a life together. 

If you’re a huge fan of flowers or you’re having a spring or summer wedding then why not include some beautiful blooms on your wedding invitations?

We’ve put together a list of the most beautiful floral wedding invitations we could find. We hope you’re inspired!  

Wildflower Wedding Invitations

Square Garden Wedding Invitation

Floral watercolor embellishments accompany this garden themed invitation. All wedding invitations can be customized to fit your specific wedding needs. 

These wildflower wedding invitations would be perfect for couples planning a spring or summer wedding. 

We love the delicate wildflower blossoms, but more than that, we love the whimsical font the artist used! It brings to mind the glamour of the nineteen twenties, but with an added sense of whimsy. 

There are tons of colors to choose from when it comes to envelopes too, so your invitations will be truly custom to you and your wedding!

Subtle Floral Wedding Invitations

Garden of Whimsy Wedding Invitation

Welcome to the Garden of Whimsy, our best-selling wedding invitation suite featuring a hand-drawn delicate floral wreath, soft, super-thick 100% Cotton textured paper, and a minimalist feel with your choice of edging. Garden of Whimsy is available in flat printing only.

Maybe you’re a fan of flowers, but not a fan of color, or you haven’t chosen your wedding colors yet. Whatever the case, this wedding invitation set may be the perfect option for you!

The floral design is a subtle black on an ivory background, perfect for any wedding color scheme you decide to use on your special day. And, we especially love the raw edges since they give this set a welcome vintage element.

Boho Multicolor Floral Wedding Invitations

Wildflowers Boho Wedding Invitations Suite

These floral wedding invitations will charm your invitees!

With purple, pink, and golden flowers, these boho wedding invitations have the perfect color scheme for a summer wedding. But, whichever the season, these floral wedding invitations will charm your invitees!

We particularly love how it looks as though the flowers have grown and are bending or blowing over the edge of the paper. 

Dark Red Roses Wedding Invitations

Elegant Burgundy Floral Wedding Invitation

This Wedding Invitation Set template is an editable, easy-to-personalize, delicate burgundy floral design.

For the romantics of the world, there’s always the symbolic and eternal red rose. The nearly universal symbol of love, romance, and passion, the rose is the perfect flower for your wedding invitations. 

The invitation details are surrounded by gold lines, which, combined with the modern shape of the eucalyptus and the romantic dark red roses, create an altogether luxurious effect. 

Pink Peonies Wedding Invitations

Pink Peonies Wedding Invitations

This wedding invitation bundle is a fully editable design. Add Foto on the backside if needed.

Don’t be fooled – although the design of this invitation seems simple, it’s still beautiful and will facilitate a pleasant reaction among your guests. 

We love the way it appears that the pink peonies and their leaves are curling around the edge to frame the information. 

The handwritten font adds a fun and charming touch, while the serif font is easy to read.

Floral and Gold Metallic Wedding Invitation

Floral and Gold Metallic Wedding Invitation

Basic invitation set include: Layered Wedding Invitation with matching blank envelope, Response Card with matching blank envelope, Layered Belly Band with square seal, Full Customization (your choice of any of our colors and font selections).

Now, talk about elegance! This invitation just screams “luxury,” doesn’t it?

If you’re looking for a floral wedding invitation fit for a princess, look no further! With its bridal bouquet of white flowers at the top and gold metallic border, this invitation is nothing short of opulent. 

However, the lowercase writing of the names of the bride and groom adds a more casual touch to what might otherwise be a very formal invite.

All in all, you’ll want to frame this elegant wedding invitation suite as a beautiful reminder of your wonderful wedding day!

Colorful Floral Wedding Invitations

Wildflower Wedding Invitation Suite

Wildflower wedding invitation suite for a romantic wedding. You will love the gorgeous watercolor florals in bright colors. You can add an RSVP card and details card. 

The bright flowers on these invitations make them perfect for spring-summer weddings, and if you’re a lover of vivid colors, this invitation suite just might be the perfect one for you!

We love the uniqueness of the circle containing the wedding details, rather than a standard square or rectangle.

Show off your fun personality with beautiful, garden-inspired wedding invitations like these!

Mexican-Inspired Floral Invitations

Colorful Mexican Floral Destination Wedding Invitations

This eclectic Mexican inspired invitation suite features a colorful take on traditional Mexican embroidery, and is the perfect addition to a destination or fiesta inspired wedding or event. 

Inspired by the adorable designs of Mexican embroidery, these floral wedding invitations are fun and bold – perfect for an adventurous couple!

Our favorite thing about this invitation suite is the neatness and clean lines that make up the designs. It’s a streamlined look that’s sure to please everyone.

We think these pretty invites would be perfect for those planning a destination or ranch wedding in Mexico!

Purple Roses Wedding Invitations

Classic Purple & Mauve Floral Wedding Invitation

This purple and mauve floral wedding invitation makes a statement with soft florals and jewel-tone hues - it is perfect for your spring wedding. 

With a classic and versatile design, these wedding invitations would be appropriate for any wedding, no matter what time of year!

Though the roses on this invitation are lush and pretty, the darkness of the purple adds a sense of sophistication and moodiness to the design. Your guests are sure to be impressed by the romance and sophistication!

Multicolor Floral Wedding Invitations

Floral Wedding Invitation Suite Printed With Envelopes

Floral wedding invitation suite for a romantic wedding. You will love these gorgeous watercolor flowers! Printed for you! So easy!

We love how the flowers on these invitations look like realistic paintings of flowers. It elevates the design from classic and simple to opulent and lavish!

With flowers in shades of ivory, rust red, green, and golden orange, we think these floral wedding invitations would be perfect for a late summer or early fall wedding!

Watercolor Roses Wedding Invitations

ROSA Blush Pink Wedding Invitation

These invitation cards with delicate pink watercolor roses will perfectly fit into your spring wedding!

No matter where your wedding location – be it an outdoor, garden-inspired wedding or a sumptuous ballroom affair – some wedding invitation designs work for just about everything. This invitation is one of them!

With delicate, blush-colored watercolor roses and pretty but readable fonts, these invitations will fit perfectly with your wedding theme, whether springtime garden or romantic fairytale.

Lilac Flower Wedding Invitations

Lilac Flower Wedding Invitations

This wedding invitation from our "ALINA" series features greenery foliage, lilacs, a geometric frame, pastel watercolor brush strokes, and script and serif fonts.

The lilac flowers on these wedding invitations look so real, we almost expect to smell their sweet scent as soon as the envelope is opened! 

Lilacs are flowers that symbolize the first emotions of love, which can make them – and these invitations – perfect for couples who have had a whirlwind romance and engagement, or who are marrying their very first love. 

Our favorite thing about these lilac invitations is that they include a design on the back. Attention to detail at its finest! 

Dusty Blue Floral Wedding Invitations

Elegant Floral Wedding Invitations Classic Calligraphy

Timeless and classic, the Alyssa suite combines beautiful calligraphy with elegant florals, perfect for a traditional wedding.

Dusty blue is such a flattering and pleasant color, which is a big part of why we love these dusty blue floral wedding invitations so much! 

This wedding invitation suite comes tied together with a cotton ribbon in a bow too. How adorable is that?

With custom ink, ribbon, and envelope colors, you can truly customize this blue floral invitation suite to fit your exact style and vision!

Floral Cut Wood Wedding Invitation

Floral Cut Wood Wedding Invitation

You can choose one of the engraving options, and we will engrave your name and date & time, location or reception line.

If you want to be unique, a cut wood floral wedding invitation could be the way to go! 

We love the way the flowers and branches look like they are growing from the bottom of the oval. It’s a beautiful detail.

This invitation looks almost like an oval-shaped mirror. We can just see it used for a Snow White-themed wedding – or any fairytale-themed wedding for that matter! 

Floral Initials Wedding Invitations

Floral Initials Wedding Invitations

Farrah & Eve are proud to present our beautiful range of luxury wedding invitations designed with the latest trends in mind.

We just love the way the flowers on this wedding invitation are intertwined around the couple’s initials at the top! 

The font is easy to read, but still classic and elegant. Overall, this wedding invitation is classy, with a touch of color for fun. It’s perfect for the couple who’s always put together, but who also likes to let loose every once in a while!

Bright Floral Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invite Wildflower Invitation Set

Use this wildflower wedding invitation set to edit all wording, font, and font color to match your event style.

Wow – just look at the vibrancy of the colors of the flowers on this wedding invitation suite! You can be sure this will never get lost in a sea of white bills and junk mail.

It’s that beautiful brightness that makes these invitations perfect for a summertime wedding. After all, summer is the time of sunshine and fun, so why not include those elements in your wedding invitations?

Clear Acrylic Floral Wedding Invitations

Clear Acrylic Floral Wedding Invitations

Plan a luxurious wedding and choose an elegant acrylic card as your wedding invitation. An acrylic wedding invitation is one of the hottest trends for wedding planning now because it is minimalist, modern, and long-lasting. 

There’s something about clear acrylic that looks so modern, especially when combined with the minimal design of the white roses in the top corner. 

We love how the circle around the wedding details looks almost as though it’s in motion – it adds to that sense of modernity!

This wedding invitation suite also has an option for the add-on of a wax seal to add a sense of opulence. You can choose from multiple different colors and designs.

Realistic Floral Wedding Invitations

Realistic Floral Wedding Invitations

This incredible wedding invitation with bright realistic flowers will be the perfect addition to your spring or summer wedding.

This design is so gorgeous, we almost don’t have words for it! It’s our favorite on this list, though.

Not only do the flowers almost look real enough to jump off the invitation, but their many colors are also gloriously vibrant. This is the perfect invitation for a spring or even a summer wedding!

We also love the fonts that the artist chose for the wedding details. The script is fancy but readable, and the print font makes an elegant statement.

Vintage Floral Wedding Invitations

Floral Wedding Invitation Template

This DIY editable wedding invitation template is available for instant download. It features colorful wildflower florals with orange, yellow, blue, and pink tones. 

The vintage-inspired flowers used on this wedding invitation make a beautiful contrast to its otherwise modern design. We see this invitation fitting perfectly with the couple who loves tradition, but also modern sleekness. 

We love that this wedding invitation suite also includes a response card and wedding details card.

Spring Garden Inspired Invitations

Vintage Floral Wedding Invitations

Farrah & Eve are proud to present our beautiful range of luxury wedding invitations designed with the latest trends in mind.

With shades of pink and ivory, these flowers and their greenery look as if they’re growing in someone’s garden in springtime. Plus, the combination of pink and white is so romantic!

We love how the florals and greenery seem to be wrapping themselves around the wedding details. The rectangle also seems to be somewhat translucent, giving the invitation an ethereal quality.

Navy Blue and Burgundy Invitations

Navy Blue and Burgundy Floral Wedding Invitation

Invitation is wrapped with a Navy Blue satin ribbon and topped with an ornate monogram tag in Gold Leaf. Burgundy envelope is embellished in Marsala Navy bouquet Envelope liner. 

A fitting invitation for a wedding in any season, these navy blue and burgundy floral invitations feature a beautiful combination of color and metallic accents. 

Our favorite detail in this invitation suite is the matching floral on the inside of the envelope. It’s a thorough detail that shows special care!

Vintage Floral Print Wedding Invitations

Vintage Floral Print Wedding Invitations

The beauty of this suite is you can customise it to suit your needs and budget. 

These wedding invitations include a vintage-inspired floral print with the classic wedding colors – ivory, blue, and pink. 

Our favorite feature of this wedding invitation suite is its cohesion!  The information blocks are filled with colors that match those found on the flowers, while the reverse of the invitation has a coordinating design. 

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