17 Amazing Disney Wedding Invitations For That Magical Feel

It’s no wonder so many brides-to-be draw inspiration from the world of Disney when it comes to wedding planning. Packed with romance, whimsy, and an abundance of magic, the Disney ideal is the most beautiful display of “happily ever after” that exists! 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite ideas for Disney wedding invitations, grouped by movie, character, and theme park. We hope you find an invitation that fits as perfectly as Cinderella’s glass slipper for the ultimate fairytale wedding!


Widely considered to be the hallmark Disney princess, Cinderella is a story that gets told over and over again around the world. There’s just something magical about being rewarded for goodness and swept away from a bad situation! 

The Ultimate Cinderella Wedding Invitation Set

The Ultimate Cinderella Wedding Invitation Set

This wedding invitation suite is a set of editable (printable) templates that you can customize yourself.

This all-inclusive invitation set features subtle nods to the symbols that are associated with Disney’s most famous princess, including the glass slipper, her pumpkin-shaped carriage, and a clock.

This set includes everything invitation-related that you could ever need to send your wedding guests.

Fancy Cinderella Scroll Invitation

Fancy Cinderella Scroll Invitation

The sample kit includes One Cinderella Mini Scroll with Matching Pouch scroll invitation that has already been printed.

This invitation is so fancy! It looks like a scroll that would’ve been used to announce the ball where Cinderella met Prince Charming. 

Sending invitations like these will make your guests feel like they’re being invited to a very special event indeed!

Sleeping Beauty

Known for her beauty, gorgeous singing voice, and for notably pricking her finger and causing a curse to take hold, Sleeping Beauty, or Princess Aurora, is also known by her alias, Briar Rose.

Princess Aurora is often depicted as wearing a blue or pink dress, though the pink gown is shown more often. This is likely to differentiate her from her predecessor, Cinderella.

Here’s a Disney fun fact! Did you know that Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, only enjoys about sixteen minutes of screen time in the movie that bears her name?

Princess Aurora Inspired Invitation

Princess Aurora Inspired Invitation

This stunning fairytale inspired wedding invitation design features a glittering laser cut in the shape of a beautiful gate, enclosing an enchanted watercolor wedding invitation panel.

We love the pink watercolor effect on these wedding invitations; its dreaminess brings to mind the clouds Princess Aurora and Prince Philip dance on at the end of the film.

This invitation is a more subtle nod to Disney than some of the others, but the silver glitter adds that princess-like detail, as well as some much-appreciated sparkle!

Sleeping Beauty Inspired Fairytale Book Invitation

Sleeping Beauty Inspired Fairytale Book Invitation

This invitation can be tailored for any special occasion Birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, weddings etc, please ask.

This invitation looks like a storybook, which automatically makes it fairytale perfect.

However, the best thing about this Disney-themed wedding invitation is its subtle nod to Sleeping Beauty’s alias, Briar Rose. The inside of the “book” is covered in vines adorned with pink roses. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Disney’s first princess and star of its first feature film, Snow White is a paragon of kindness and grace. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be compared to the princess declared “the fairest one of all?”

Here’s another fun Disney fact! Did you know that the line said by the Queen, Snow White’s Evil Stepmother, is “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”, not “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”

Poison Apple Wedding Invitation

This invitation displays the famous apple that Snow White bit and caused her to fall into a deathlike slumber that could only be broken by “love’s first kiss.”

It’s also the apple in this wedding invitation design that would make them perfect for inviting guests to a fall wedding.

The information included on the invitation itself is surrounded by a gilded frame, perhaps like one might find on an enchanted – or even magic – mirror. 

Fairytale Book Wedding Invitation

We love how this fairy tale book-inspired wedding invitation looks like the books that used to appear at the beginning of Disney movies. The red color mimics the apple Snow White bit perfectly as well. 


The story of Rapunzel, unlike the way it was told in fairytale books for centuries, Tangled is a fun and sweet Disney movie about a spunky hidden princess and the thief who goes above board for her. 

Here’s yet another Disney fun fact! Tangled was originally supposed to be animated using oil paintings! The paintings were supposed to be sold after the movie was released to recoup the costs of animating the movie this way.

However, that proved to be too expensive, and the first CGI-animated princess as we know her was born!

Tangled-Inspired Wedding Invitation Set

This invitation set just screams “royalty,” doesn’t it?

From the pastel purple ribbon to the creamy paper, to the gold details, this Tangled theme invitation set is fit for a princess.

With a wedding invitation set like this, you’re sure to be the princess of your big day!

Floral Rapunzel-Inspired Invitation

A more traditional take on the Disney-themed wedding invitation, this Tangled-themed invitation showcases a pink and purple floral pattern, as well as a silhouette of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in their little boat, waiting for the lanterns to appear. Truly whimsical!

Artistic Lanterns Disney Wedding Invitations

Artistic Lanterns Disney Wedding Invitations

Once approved, we will ship your invitations cut/printed on cardstock/magnet (whichever purchased).

The scene where Rapunzel and Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert sit in a small boat looking at the lanterns surrounding them is perhaps the most visually stunning of the entire movie.

The colors of this Disney-themed wedding invitation mimic the colors of that scene beautifully. Our favorite thing about this invitation, though, is the way the lanterns look like they’ve been painted. It’s a subtle reference to Rapunzel’s talent with a paintbrush!

The Princess and the Frog

This movie is highly underrated if you ask us! With its beautiful animation and jazzy soundtrack, The Princess and the Frog deserves way more love and attention than it’s been given!

The love story of hardworking, inflexible Tiana and easy-going, spendthrift Prince Naveen is one every couple should try to emulate. They allow each other to grow and encourage each other to improve; a fitting message for your wedding day. 

The Princess and the Frog Inspired Invitation

The Princess and the Frog Inspired Invitation

This is our princess and the frog inspired laser cut invitation.

If you’re looking for a beautiful laser-cut wedding invitation inspired by The Princess and the Frog, look no further! This set is beautiful, with a subtle touch of Disney magic.

We love how these invitations display a little green frog, but more than that, we love how it appears that the frog is on a lily pad or flower. 

Enchanted Forest Wedding Invitation

These invitations depict an enchanted forest, reminding us of the bayou through which Tiana and Naveen traveled.

The little lights on these invitations especially remind us of the fireflies dancing through the bayou in one of the movie’s songs! 

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is the 1989 film that ushered Disney into its “Renaissance” period.

With its bright colors and curious, impetuous princess, it’s no wonder that Disney’s The Little Mermaid was an instant hit in theatres! 

Laser-Cut Beach Wedding Invitation

Laser-Cut Beach Wedding Invitation

This is our beach laser cut wedding invitation. The detailed shells surround your custom printed invite.

These invitations, with the laser-cut shells, are a more subtle reference to this classic Disney movie. However, these invitations are anything but infantile! They’d be perfect for a beach or destination wedding. Let your inner mermaid sing out!

Ariel Seashell Invitation

Ariel Seashell Invitation

From our Disney Princess Iconography collection, this beachy invitation suite is perfect for those having an Ariel/Under the Sea-themed wedding or other special occasion.

Another subtle reference to a beautiful Disney film, the ombr√© effect on these wedding invitations looks almost like the surf of the ocean where it kisses the land. It also makes it modern and cool – nothing like a kid’s party invitation! 

Beauty and the Beast

The classic movie that followed The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast is another story that gets told over and over again throughout the world.

The story of a good and beautiful girl falling in love with a monster based on his character growth is a story that still today gives hope for a romantic future. 

The rich colors used in this movie would be perfect for invitations for fall or winter weddings. With navy blue, goldenrod yellow, and rose-red, the colors that dominate Disney’s Beauty and the Beast are bright jewel tones fit for royalty!

Elegant Fairy-tale Laser-Cut Invitation

Elegant Fairy-tale Laser-Cut Invitation

ll designs can easily be customized with beautiful card stocks, ink colors, fonts and graphics to create your own unique style.

The laser-cut overlay on this invitation looks fit for a royal wedding! It’s an intricate and exquisite pattern that reminds us of the palace at Versailles. 

Our favorite thing about this invitation though, is the “Be Our Guest” that adorns the outside. It’s fitting for a wedding and a great homage to an awesome movie!


Up is a Disney movie that depicts a love story that spans a lifetime.

Carl and Ellie met as children and eventually fell in love and got married. After Ellie dies, Carl makes it his mission to journey to Paradise Falls, the waterfall in South America that the pair always dreamt of visiting.

He makes some silly but good-hearted friends along the way, and has a grand adventure!

Adventure Is Out There Invitation

Carl and Ellie adopt the inspiring catchphrase “Adventure is out there!”

Well, there is no greater adventure than marriage! We think these invitations would be particularly perfect for the traveling couple.

Up Inspired Wedding Invitation

Up Inspired Wedding Invitation

This listing is for a printed wedding suite. This means that you will receive a full wedding suite (invitation and RSVP card) printed on high quality cardstock, including envelopes.

We love the way the balloons over the house are shaped like a heart! It captures the adorable love that’s prevalent throughout this movie.

However, the cutest thing about this invitation set is the picture of Carl and Ellie’s chairs on the RSVP card. It’s a great reference to their happy marriage, and to the magical event that will take place – your wedding! 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the quintessential Disney characters, plus they’ve been in love for almost a century! It doesn’t get more “Disney-themed wedding” than with a Mickey invitation! 

Here are a few fun facts about Mickey and Minnie Mouse:

Walt Disney himself was the first voice for Mickey Mouse!

Mickey wasn’t always called Mickey, either. Walt Disney’s original name for him was Mortimer! We’re glad he changed it – Mickey Mouse rolls off the tongue so much more easily!

Floral Mickey Mouse Wedding Invitation

Floral Mickey Mouse Wedding Invitation

Pack of 10 Invites are A5 (148mm x 210mm) on 300gsm card

This invitation is modern but beautiful, a more subtle homage to Disney’s original and most iconic character.

We love how it looks like the outline of Mickey Mouse’s head is adorned with watercolor flowers. The outline is available to order in gold, silver, or rose gold metallic, with multiple fonts and flower colors to choose from as well for a truly custom look.

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