18 Peacock Wedding Centerpieces For A Glamorous Look

Quick – think of the first animal that exemplifies opulence, beauty, and royalty. What did you come up with?

“Why would a wedding website ask me such a weird question?” you might ask yourself. “What do peacocks have to do with weddings?”

Actually, a lot. You’ll find peacock feathers at vibrant and glamorous weddings (think Mardi Gras themed for example, or as luxurious decoration accents) all around the world!

If you’re having a peacock-themed wedding, you can’t go wrong with gorgeous centerpieces which display all the gorgeous colors of the peacock’s signature feathers. Make sure you tie in those shades of rich turquoise and greens and throw in a little purple if you’re wanting some contrast. 

We at Wedding Pioneer have collected some awesome ideas for wedding centerpieces that embody the beautiful jewel-toned peacock aesthetic.

There are a lot of creative ideas here, so read on for inspiration!

What Color Palette Do Peacock Feathers Look Good With?

When thinking about centerpieces, you can’t go wrong with rich purple jewel tones like burgundy, dark violet, and shades of amethyst.

Gold is always a safe bet as well, since so many strands of the peacock feather glimmer and shine. 

Because the feather has a dark spot surrounded by shades of aqua, teal, turquoise, and green, don’t be too heavy-handed with those prominent colors when getting creative… you want those to pop, so think about neutral shades or complementary colors!

You can easily tie in all of your desired colors by incorporating them in bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, flowers, table decorations, and lighting, to name a few.

There are so many ways to accent and boldly highlight the majestic peacock feather!

Which Flowers Look Best with Peacock Feathers?

Because the peacock feather shape is so iconic, you can’t go wrong with either round blossoms of any variety, or a flower shape that is also complementary.

Think white calla lilies with their beautifully angled and ruffled edges or light purple orchids to pull out those gorgeous violet tones. 

You can even go with pale greenery as an accompanying partner to the feathers. Remember, pale is key here- bright greens will detract from the natural emerald hues, so keep the greens basic and lightly colored to make a lovely background for the attractive feathers. 

Our last suggestion is black or dark flowers. And before you turn your nose up at this idea, let us remind you that black is not all doom and gloom… dark flowers are very classy and definitely a unique choice, not to mention they look amazing with peacock feathers!

Think about large black dahlias, deep purple calla lilies, purple orchids, or even black roses. 

Do It Yourself with Natural Peacock Feathers

50 Bulk Natural Peacock Feathers 

Natural Peacock Feathers

100% genuine natural Peacock Feathers. All the feathers lost naturally. 

A pack of these will go a long way, no matter what you’re thinking of crafting.

Keep them long for some height in your arrangements, or clip just the “eye” to use as bold accents.

We’ve also seen super creative centerpieces made with feathers from another fowl- the ostrich!

You can easily play with volume and height in your centerpieces once you have a pack of natural-looking feathers to craft with.

Silver Mercury Votive Candle

Silver Votive Candle Holders

Each of the mercury glass votive candle holders has 2.17ʺ diameter (top) and 2.67ʺ height approximately. 

Tie some snipped pieces of feather to small mercury votives and use a glittery ribbon for extra sparkle as the candles burn.

Or, build your centerpiece out of vases and stones and fill it with whatever your heart desires!

Peacock feathers naturally look best near some light, so pairing them with candles is a smart move.

You’ll want to highlight the shimmering textures and bewitching “eyes” of the feather, so consider the way they’ll look in a variety of lighting situations. 

Light Blue Textured Glass Bud Vases

3 Pack Small Blue Glass Vases for Centerpieces

Both all sides and bottom of the vase is thickened design, compared with ordinary vase more thick and strong

For a minimalistic and restrained look, think about putting your peacock feathers in small bud vases in hues of blues and greens. You can amp it up with some ribbon, or votives in a complementary color. 

You can easily put small stems of your wedding florals in the bud vases along with the feathers too. Any sort of blue glass with peacock feathers can easily be used for a boho or even Moroccan-themed wedding.

Colorful Arrangement with Dried Natural Flowers

Peacock Feather Arrangement

A stunning peacock feather arrangement! This small peacock feather bouquet is full of colors that will add an amazing accent to your home decor!

This is a great way to pull in all the glorious colors of the peacock feather without going too overboard. The dried grasses add a touch of boho and a heap of creative whimsy!

If you’re looking for a way to tie in all the rich colors in a streamlined way, consider using a simple bouquet like this. You can’t go wrong with dried flowers too; they last forever.

Sola Wood Flowers in Hand-Painted Mason Jar

Peacock feathers and Sola Wood Flowers

All natural peacock feathers and sola wood flowers come together to make a truly unique arrangement.

These gorgeous wood flowers look so good with peacock feathers!.

Keep them the way they are or jazz them up as you see fit. We adore the look of the round, light green roses that are serving up some serious succulent vibes.

Handmade and placed in a painted mason jar, you get both glam AND rustic!

Peacock Feather Bauble

Peacock Feathers Tree Skirt

The Size Is 36 Inches, Which Is Very Suitable For Christmas Trees Of Any Size.Full-Width Single-Sided Printing.

Who said Christmas weddings had to be traditional?

This bauble is covered in festive feathers and still gives us holiday whimsy. 

Pairing this with fresh wedding flowers would make for a stunning ensemble, or put it on a stand of your choice and surround it with tealights for a bright and festive centerpiece. 

Silk Blue and Purple Galaxy Orchids

27.1inch Galaxy Orchids

Total length : 9cm/27.1'' ,each stems have 8pcs flowers head (6pcs big flowers head with size of 8cm/3.15'' and 2pcs small size flowers head )

We’ve determined that Galaxy Orchids are the literal embodiment of peacock features. If feathers were flowers, this would be it!

If your wedding colors are teal and purple, you can’t go wrong with pairing these stunning silk flowers with tall peacock feathers for an elegant and effortless centerpiece.

Dried Boho Bouquet

Beautiful Dried Flower Bouquet

Beautiful dried flower bouquet with autumn colors, table decor arrangement for home - is made from different dried flowers and wrap around lace ribbon.

Looking to incorporate peacock features into your natural, muted, boho wedding aesthetic but not wanting to veer off into super colorful territory?

Check out this gorgeous dried boho bouquet! The feathers give it just the right amount of whimsy.

This is a great way to show that you can also do pops of color when the rest of the bouquet is muted and natural. The dried tendrils and stems of the various grasses just blend in so well with the wispy feather vanes.

Dyed Peacock Feathers

Do you want that captivating look that only peacock feathers can provide? But you also want to break free from the teal and green colors?

Perhaps dyed feathers are more your speed!

Rice White Peacock Feathers

If you’re looking for something different, try a spin on typical peacock feathers and opt for a monotone color. 

Peacock feathers will always have that luxurious, glamorous aesthetic, and in this beautiful off-white shade, they’ll look so classy and stunning on their own!

Don’t worry, the muted rice white color looks way more intentional and appealing than starkly dyed bright white feathers.

Purple Dyed Tail Eye Feathers

Purple Dyed Tail Eye Feathers

The length of these feathers is 10-12 inches long and the eye width range from 1-2 inches.

These gorgeous purple feathers might be just what you’re looking for to build your ideal centerpiece.

They’re unique enough to catch the eye and make your guests “ooh and ahh” over the delicate, bewitching tendrils. 

With so many colors to choose from, you can incorporate another wedding color easily with a few well-placed dyed feathers. Go nuts with dusty gold, pink, red, burgundy…imagination has no limits!

Creative Peacock Centerpiece Ideas

s in the water, you’ll get to enjoy the wispy dark streaks in the bright glowing vase. Striking!

Mardi Gras Mask Themed Centerpiece

HigginsCreek Masquerade Mask Women

This filigree laser cut mask painted in Navy Blue and embellished with Rhinestones and adorned with Peacock feathers.

Looking to have a Mardi Gras-themed wedding bash? It wouldn’t be complete without the masquerade masks, peacock feathers, and lots of beautiful Venetian gold accents!

A great centerpiece idea is to highlight the beauty and romance of these masks. Place one on the flat circular mirror with some simple candles or beads, and you’ve got yourself an easy centerpiece that shines!

Natural Peacock Ornaments

Natural Peacock Ornaments

The simulation bird craft birds is 30.5cm/12-inch length from beak to tail.

The desire to rent a live animal to walk around at your wedding reception is apparently very real…and while we at Wedding Pioneer do not want to poo-poo other wedding ideas, we strongly suggest not doing this for a variety of reasons.

That being said, consider implementing a bird ornament to adorn your tables. These can also be used as cake toppers or even Christmas ornaments later in the year! 

Peacock Feather Mat

Peacock Feather Mat Placemat or Centerpiece

This custom listing is for one peacock feather mat in your choice of sizes to be used under dinner plates or centerpieces at an exquisite peacock-themed wedding. A 20" mat is pictured.

Chosen the vase and candles you want? Now all you need is something to place it on top of!

Consider this peacock feather mat- it’s simple and elegant, and a great way to cover the center of a round reception table! 

Double-Sided Peacock Table Runner

Double-Sided Peacock Table Runner 13 x 70 Inches Long

Material: the modern design table runner made of durable polyester fabric material; Measures 13"Widex70" Length

This runner is elegant and a nice way to incorporate the peacock theme without going overboard with feathers!

It’s just begging for lots of gold and glittery decorations- think tealights, chargers, etc.

If you’re having a sweetheart table, this is a great way to pull the whole theme together subtly and easily.

Peacock Patterned Ribbon Centerpiece

Peacock Candle Ring

Give yourself something to celebrate with this vibrant peacock candle surround centerpiece.

Not wanting to go too nuts with the feathers? Consider peacock patterned print! 

We love the look of the thick ribbon around a simple tall candle votive. When the ribbons are scrunched and interspersed with gold and blue, you’ve got a mesmerizing yet budget-friendly peacock-themed centerpiece!

Peacock Feather Birdhouses

Peacock and Feather Birdhouse Table Number Holders

These natural wood birdhouses can be finished in your choice of color, feathers and or flowers.

Have people compared you and your partner to two birds of a feather? How appropriate, because peacocks are one of the few animal species known to mate for life. 

We love the look of these beautiful birdhouses for centerpieces. With some tealights scattered around for ambiance, what else do you need?

Purple, Blue, Turquoise, and Green Satin Petals

Purple, Blue, Turquoise, and Green Satin Petals

Handmade mixed satin rose petals for a lovely momets from your life.

Petals make perfect wedding decorations and these satin flower petals have a ton of applications!

Scatter them around the reception table, or arrange them on a nude or gold table runner for an easy way to amplify the peacock color palette.

You can tie these into other elements of your wedding, such as the wedding cake, favor table, or for guests to toss in the air as you and your partner make your exit! Talk about a stunning photo opportunity.

Frosted Eucalyptus Wreath with Peacock Feathers

Frosted Eucalyptus Wreath with Peacock Feathers

The gorgeous wreath is excellent for all seasons and is great indoors or outdoors. 

As far as wedding centerpieces go, a wreath is a great shape for round tables since everybody can enjoy the view of the visually-pleasing decor.

All you need with a eucalyptus wreath is a tall votive to give it some height and romantic vibes. 

We love that this wreath can be repurposed at a later date as interior home decor or to hang on your front door. Just a glance at the wreath and you’ll remember the best day of your life!

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