20 Purple Wedding Cake Ideas To Match Your Theme

One of the most popular wedding colors, purple is traditionally associated with royalty and wealth. And with so many shades available, purple is a color that works for all seasons.

For autumn weddings, you can’t go wrong with gorgeous, deep shades of plum. Pair it with greys and golds to make the natural glory of the season’s colors shine.

If you’re having a wedding during the spring or summertime, be inspired by bountiful flowers like lavender and orchids; those purple tones are a must-have and very easy to pair complementary wedding colors with!

When it comes to your wedding cake, there are many ways to tie in purple creatively, whether it’s flowers, fondant, or something else entirely!

Floral Bonanza

Dummy Floral Cake

1-layer cakes are 3 "tall, 4 layer cakes are 4" tall. Layers refer to the layers in each tier, not the tiers themselves.

Against a white backdrop, any purple flower will pop!

If you’re thinking of opting for a traditional white wedding cake then appreciate it for the prime canvas it is. Incorporate different shades of purple flowers to stand out against the neutrality of the crisp white. 

Use Seasonal Blooms

Purple is a glorious color, and we’re lucky to see it almost year-round in the form of flowers.

As you’re planning your wedding and designing your cake, think about incorporating the seasonal beauty that Mother Nature provides in the form of blooms. 

Floral Icing Sheet

The standard sizes are 4 inches high and 10 inches long per strip (you trim your strips). Therefore, you need a different number of strips per size of cake.

The good thing is, you can easily find edible flowers, icing sheets, cake wraps, gum paste, or fondant versions of many flowers nowadays. Rest assured that whatever you can dream of can be done!

If your wedding is in the early spring, think about asking your baker to incorporate strands of wisteria, purple ranunculus, or peony petals on your cake. 

Wisteria Cake Topper

This listing is for one branch of wisteria flowers with two branches of leaves.

For summer weddings, lavender, hyacinth, and lilac are popular choices for including pops of color. Go even further and consider a lavender flavored cake, if you’re into that!

Dried Flower Cake Topper

These are real dried flowers, each are individual and therefore, sizes and shapes may vary slightly.

If you’re looking to beat the dead heat of a midsummer wedding and are planning for a little later, you’re in luck. Lilies are sweet, eye-catching flowers that make a dramatic statement on any cake. 

Gumpaste Lily Purple Flower Blossoms Sugar Cupcake Topper

This Gumpaste Deep Purple Lily measures approximately 4" across and comes on wire for placement on your cake.

During the autumn season, dahlias and chrysanthemums are very popular among brides for their massive blooms. They’re eye-catching and will certainly make a statement, with little need for much else.

Fondant Frenzy

One of the easiest ways to incorporate your wedding color into your cake is simply through frosting and fondant.

If you’re not looking for a traditional white wedding cake, experiment with shades of purple buttercream or royal icing. 

Dark purple shades like plum, eggplant, and burgundy are timeless and effortlessly romantic. Consider making the entire cake one color for a monochromatic and chic look! 

Edible Sugar Decorations

Edible Flowers

Our Lavender Dreams icing mix is a delicate and romantic mix that we know you’ll fall in love with! 

If you’re planning on making your own cake, something as simple as the addition of edible sugar flowers can elevate it in a big way.

There are many different shades and sorts of edible details to get creative with!

30 Violet Icing Flowers

This mix is a blend of hand-piped lavender, royal purple roses, and mini blossoms!

These mini icing flowers would look beautiful laid around the edges of a white cake, or clustered asymmetrically on tiers. You can play around with so many different shades of purple and types of flowers. 

Fondant Alstroemeria Flower Cake Decoration

This Alstroemeria flower is made out of gum paste and comes on wire for easy placement on your cakes.

Big, bold, and beautiful, these gum paste alstroemeria flowers look so realistic. Typically people don’t eat the gum paste decorations, but you’ll have peace of mind that they’re edible!

Wedding Cake Topper Edible Dragonflies

These lifelike Dragonflies are completely edible!

These edible sugar dragonflies are the perfect balance of whimsy and fantasy. The cake itself is simple and understated, but the detailed dragonflies make it look dreamy!

Lavender & Purple Professional Edible Wafer Butterfly

These delicate hand-made wafer butterflies are made from quality edible wafer paper. 

These delicate wafer butterflies will add a touch of romance. Mix up the shades of purple for some elegance and 3D detailing. 

The best part about having edible decorations is that you can’t go wrong. Whether you cascade them down the sides of the cake, cluster them in bright bunches, or just decorate the top with them, you’ll be able to make your wedding cake dreams come true!

Best of Both Worlds

Let’s talk about ombré cakes! If you can’t decide on a shade of purple that you like, you can easily incorporate them all in your wedding cake via the trendy ombré aesthetic!

Go light to dark (or vice versa) with your frosting, and think about all the ways you can further customize it. Have it piped in rosettes all the way around, or in ruffled lines. 

You can also go with a naked cake and display the ombré shades within the sponge layers! Just put a delicious helping of buttercream frosting in between each, and voilà!

For the extra “wow” effect, you can layer the colors outside and inside! There are so many ways to play with the ombré effect, and your guests will swoon over the gorgeous colors. 

Whatever darker shades of purple you decide on, whether it’s a deep eggplant or royal violet, consider adding a little pizzazz to the white top by adding an artistic dripped frosting effect.

If you’re not sure about making your entire cake ombré, think about using the ombré effect on the cake decorations themselves for an understated and beautiful look.

A cascade of flowers could range from white to purple, falling from the top of the cake down to the base! Gorgeous. 

All the Flavors of Love

Has humanity figured out what “purple” actually tastes like? If you ask any kid or young adult, they’ll probably say “grape.” 

We are not advocating for a grape-flavored wedding cake, but if that’s your thing…do you, boo-boo! The beautiful thing about a custom wedding cake is that you get to taste and choose flavors that you and your partner love!

So, if it’s not grape, what flavors make the most sense with a purple aesthetic and theme?

Lavender is a great option for one, it’s a sophisticated flavor that can be easily toned down (nobody wants to be thinking of intense lavender soap when they’re eating) or paired with another bright taste, like lemon. Vanilla is also a super safe bet and goes well in combination with lavender flavors. 

If you love berries, you can’t go wrong with incorporating Mother Nature’s fruits into your wedding cake. Blackberry and plum flavors are both elegant, refined, and tasty!

You can always find a simple cake flavor that you love, such as a white champagne sponge, coconut, zesty lemon, or a naked vanilla cake, and then incorporate a blackberry mousse or fruit spread between the layers.

Overwhelmed with flavor decisions? The good thing is your dessert table has plenty of real estate to complement your wedding cake with other dessert options.

Other Purple Desserts

What better way to put the spotlight on your gorgeous wedding cake than to include other tasty treats on the dessert table for your guests?

Chances are, there’s going to be a wide variety of sweet tooths (teeth?) and you can give them all a treat with a range of dessert options. 

Fake Macarons 1.5" Set

In this set we have three 1.5" macarons. Each one is lovingly handmade and vary slightly.

Include tasty and colorful themed delights like purple macarons, cupcakes, donuts, cake pops, or candies!

If some guests don’t like cake (can’t relate), they can go for something else that is still aesthetically pleasing and satisfying!

Purple Rock Candy Sticks

Espeez Rock Candy Sticks are 22 grams each and 5 inches of purple candy on a 6.5-inch stick, making them the biggest rock candy sticks on the market!

Glass bowls full of purple candies or an arrangement of these stunning gold-dipped rock candies would make an impressive backdrop for your wedding cake!

You also can’t go wrong with an assortment of beautiful petit fours arranged in an eye-catching way.

Purple Reign

With the color purple being so emblematic of royalty and luxury, consider tying in those themes with your wedding cake. There are so many methods to make sure it exudes those coveted royalty vibes!

You can use a tiered marble cake stand to prop your cake (or cupcakes) up, or employ a classic marble fondant look for the actual cake itself!

Faux Gold Multiple Colors Icing Sheet

The standard sizes are 4 inches high and 10 inches long per strip (you trim your strips). Therefore, you need a different number of strips per size of cake.

Pair those gorgeous jewel tones with glittering gold or sparkling silver to make an impactful statement. What’s more decadent than a slice of cake with edible, dripping gold?

Another way to incorporate those sparkling amethyst vibes is to go for a trendy geode cake! Fill it with rock candy for an extra fun effect.

Wedding Cake Purple Gemstones

This simple naked Rustic Dummy cake is the prop that has endless possibilities.

The contrast of deep lush purples and shimmering gold is just perfection. Geode cakes have been trendy for a while, and for a wedding, sometimes you just want that extra sparkle!

Faux Wedding Cake

A cut out piece can be added to the back for a piece of edible cake to be inserted.

There’s something so effortlessly classic about a tiered white wedding cake with a purple satin ribbon. It’s clean and elegant, with many shapes, tiers, and ribbon variations available.

Faux Fake Cake

Each tier have 4 inches tall.

Here’s another idea: bling up your satin ribbon with some deep purple jewels! Just remember to remove the ribbon when cutting the cake on your big day.

Top It Off

Can’t decide on all the embellishments?

The wonderful thing about having a tiered wedding cake is that you can incorporate everything you love into each tier! 

Imagine one tier as silver or ivory, another layer as ombré, and another as a deep, rich plum; even better if you can match your bridesmaids’ dresses to it for a cohesive aesthetic.

But with all the different ways to imagine the purple wedding cake of your dreams, don’t forget to give that same attention to the wedding topper!

Cake Topper for Rustic Wedding to Traditional Wedding

Special Design for Wedding Engagement Party Decorations.

Whether your cake is several tiers tall or one simple layer, get a beautiful topper for it to really celebrate your unique love. 

Purple Plum Wedding Cake Topper

Make your day extra special with a touch of detail designed to match your unique look.

We love the look of nestling flowers and blooms around the cake topper. Even if it’s just a few sprigs of lavender, you can really make a statement.

Purple Grey Bird Wedding Cake Topper

All order will be packed in a solid wonderful gift box.

If you and your partner are birds of a feather, incorporating these adorable rustic burlap birds is a sweet way to pay homage to your similarities. The matching bowtie and veil will make guests melt!

Balloon Confetti Cake Topper

This pack includes: 3 heart balloons balloons with gold heart confetti, 3 purple ribbons and 3 gold straws as in the photo.

If you feel like you’ve got a lot of purple going on already, consider going with a complementary color for your topper, like gold for example.  

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