Cozy Fall Engagement Photo Ideas For Your Shoot

Let me start with this entirely uncontroversial statement: Fall is the best season. Full stop. 

We all know fall is it when it comes to the seasonal change we desire. Line up the other seasons behind her however you want, but she will always be top dog. 

I mean, isn’t that why you’re reading this? Fall engagement photos are kind of a no-brainer. Leaves, coziness, SWEATERS!? That’s right, friends, it’s sweater weather, and I know we’re all here for it. 

Before we get too far gone fangirling for fall, though, let’s talk about the pros and cons for a minute…

Fall Engagement Photos Ideas
Photo by: Kelley Spurlock

Things to Love and Hate about Fall Engagement Photos

Let’s start with the more unsavory bits about a fall engagement session. 

When you’re drooling over those autumnal vibes, the main thing you should know is that fall is competitive. Yes, most things about booking your perfect wedding are competitive, but fall is prime wedding time. 

So what does that mean for you? Well, it means book early! For the love of love, book your photographer ASAP!

Fall is basically one long Black Friday for photographers, which means they are busy. Did he put a ring on it? Did she put a ring on it? Did somebody put a ring on something!? If yes, find a photographer!

But what if they popped the question in the fall, and you want to get your photos in right away?

Well, you’re going to have to work with a weekday. Even if you book early, you’ll likely have to be open to a weekday anyway, but definitely if you’re coming in hot at the last minute. 

Be early or be flexible. Ideally, be both. 

Okay, now on to what to love about fall engagement photos, which is everything else. Sweater, sweaters, sweaters, and leaves. Did I miss anything? Oh right, boots. 

Leaves are changing, the heat of summer is melting away (but it’s also not too cold), and it’s easy to get outside. It truly is a beautiful time of year!

Now that we’ve established that fall reigns supreme, you’ve got to get to work on your outfits. 

What to Wear for Your Fall Engagement Photos?

man hugging at the back of woman while kissing on the cheek in bridge
Photo by: Lauren Dahlhauser Photography

You have a lot of flexibility regarding your outfit choices for your fall engagement session. 

It’s the perfect season to go casual. Rock those jeans and flannels. Pull up your boots, grab yourself a sweater, throw on a scarf, and feel absolutely no shame in your cozy style. 

Or flip fall on its head and go glam. A gorgeous gown amidst the rich colors of fall? Gorgeous! 

The main thing you’ll want to remember is that fall is often a wet season in many areas, so go prepared to encounter rain (or maybe snow, depending on where you live). 

It might be a good idea to layer up, and then you don’t have to worry about a chilly outfit change.

Also, think about how you and your partner’s outfits look together. Do colors vibe or clash? 

And most importantly, dress how you want to dress.

You’re shelling out the dough for these gorgeous photos, and you should be able to look back on them years from now and see how comfortable and authentic you felt.

Let’s not chase trends and lose ourselves. Yes?

So, How Do You Nail Your Fall Engagement Photos?

Get a Drool-Worthy Photographer

This will always and forever be #1 on my list of how to get good photos.

If you want pictures to remember, you need a good photographer. The logic there is pretty obvious, so don’t go thinking that maybe just maybe, you could skimp here and still get away with it. 

A photographer does not just click a button on a camera. They are pros at finding the best light, helping with ideal locations, masters of framing, and arguably the most important – the best photographers know how to make you feel comfortable. 

You know that ‘what do I do with my hands?’ feeling that washes over you every time a camera points in your direction? Well, any photographer worth their salt will know how to combat that. 

If you care about your photos, which I assume you do since you’re here, get a photographer you love. 

Pick the Perfect Time for Your Photoshoot

Great lighting is the lifeblood of beautiful photos. If you want to get that enviable golden hour glow, you’re going to have to plan for it.

Remember, the sun sets pretty early in the fall, so make sure you clear your schedule the afternoon of your shoot. 

It’s also worth mentioning that early morning light can be just as beautiful, and there might not be as many people at your location at that time. If a morning shoot works better with your schedule, I’d say go for it. 

Either way, the most important thing is to communicate with your photographer. Tell them what you want, and they’ll do their best to deliver. 

Plan Around Peak Leaf Time

man hugging woman at the back for engagement session
Photo by: Lauren Dahlhauser Photography

Leaves! It’s one of the best things about fall, and if you’re hoping to incorporate them into your engagement session, try to plan around peak leaf time.

Of course, Mother Nature is always fickle, so stay flexible. 

Head to Your Favorite Fall Destination

engagement session of couple at top of rocky mountain
Photo by: Nick Mehn

If you’re able to, think about traveling for your engagement session. Perhaps your locale doesn’t provide the best fall vibe. Well, then break out a map and figure out where would scratch that autumn itch!

Please Have Fun

If you’re not having fun, how will you look like you’re having fun in your pictures? You won’t. I promise.

I know that engagements and planning weddings can make your head go into a crazy swirl, but please try to center yourself with your partner. Take a deep breath and have a good laugh. This is supposed to be one of your most memorable moments, so enjoy it!

Go Somewhere You Love

happy couple engagement session at waterfall
Photo by: Kelley Spurlock

Pick a location that you love. Maybe you adore how the leaves look at your local park, or you can’t help but think about your first date and where you went hiking. 

Picking a place that means something to both of you helps get all the good feelings flowing, brings you closer together, and can make for one very romantic engagement shoot.  

Include Things That Matter to You

Similar to the last one, incorporate something that you care about!

Whether it’s a favorite record or maybe your furry family member, you’ll be too busy having fun to worry about the awkwardness level in front of the camera, which will likely be low. 

Tip: If you’re having fun, chances are your photographer is raking in all the gorgeous photos. 

Bring Along a Cozy Blanket 

happy couple wearing blankets engagement session
Photo by: Kelley Spurlock

What’s better than snuggling up with your partner under a perfectly curated fall blanket? Very little. Or perhaps nothing. So why not bring one along to your fall engagement session? 

You’ll be giving off cozy connected vibes, and your photographer will be eating it up!

Head to an Orchard

If you have apple orchards near you, embrace one of the best things about fall, and go apple picking! 

Again, it’ll give you something to do, and you won’t only go home with pictures you love, but also maybe an apple cider donut!? Please bring me one. 

Or a Pumpkin Patch

No orchard? Head to the nearest pumpkin patch! It’s unsurprisingly a popular option for fall photos and a guaranteed success.

You’ll be supporting a local farmer, getting a stellar Halloween pumpkin, and knocking your photos out of the park. 

You may even want to reach out and see if you can book a private session, so a 3-year-old jacked up on pre-Halloween candy doesn’t end up in the background.  

Explore the Mountains

couple in forest engagement session
Photo by: Kelley Spurlock

Go to the mountains and hit the trail. It’s likely to be free, but Mother Nature never looks cheap. You know those gorgeous fall mountain photos you’ve been drooling over. Now it’s your turn. 

Obviously, keep an eye out for those changing leaves, or maybe you live near some gorgeous golden Aspen or Larch? Straight-up fairy tale. 

Get a Canoe and Go to the Lake

Live in lake country? First, everyone is jealous. Second, please take advantage of that.

I don’t want to see you wasting what nature gave you. Get a canoe, hit the water, and get Pinterest-worthy engagement pictures. 

Go for a Picnic

couple having coffee photoshoot
Photo by: Kelley Spurlock

Hot cocoa? Sweet treats? Your fav person under a tree that is on fire with fall colors? 

Need I say more? 

Hit Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Maybe the weather wasn’t so kind to you, and you can’t get outside. Or maybe packing up an entire picnic and lugging it to a park sounds exhausting? 

Why not cozy up at a coffee shop and have somebody bring the picnic to you?

Tip: when you’re thinking about which coffee shop to go to, make sure to pick one that has beautiful natural lighting and some seats by the windows!

Walk a Tree-lined Path

couple smiling while hugging in the center of street in forest
Photo by: Created By Abbey

Find a hidden path blazing with beautiful fall foliage, and work it!


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Photo by: Nick Mehn

Finally, please put down Pinterest for a sec, and focus on me. You’re getting these photos done because you want to remember this special moment with your favorite person. 

You don’t want to look back on these photos and cringe at all the trends you tried to keep up with. You want your heart to melt because of how authentically connected you two felt. Focus on that. 

I can almost guarantee that if you take a deep breath, let go of needing these photos to look just right, and decide to just be you, your photos will be fire. 

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