20 Gorgeous George Strait Wedding Songs for Your Big Day

A few superstars in country music throughout the years have rightly shared the title “King of Country Music,” and one guy we love in particular is George Strait!

“King George” has also been married to his first love Norma since they eloped together to Mexico in December 1971. He’s said this sweet thing about his wife:

“Norma and I are so blessed that we found each other…we love each other, and we still like each other. A lot!”

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Now that’s music to our ears, and combined with the fact that George Strait has held the record for most #1 songs (on all charts by any artist singing any genre), it makes it easy for us to list the 20 best George Strait wedding songs.

Let’s cue up some beautiful George Strait music for your wedding day!

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“I Cross My Heart”

From its first line, “our love is unconditional, we knew it from the start,” this George Strait classic brings a wedding to mind.

When to play: “I Cross My Heart” is an ideal theme for your wedding, and there are many places to include the song.

For example, it’s perfect for a ceremony processional, recessional, or first dance. Also, check out this couple’s wedding video with the song as the backdrop—it’s glorious!

“The Best Day”

We love how Strait paints a picture with his vocals, and listening to this song is like living beautiful days with someone you love.

When to play: Based on lyrics that describe a father and son, “The Best Day” is touching for a parents’ dance (or a multi-generational dance) at your wedding reception.

“When You’re In Love”

Strait’s other nickname in country music is “The Troubadour,” and the pretty song “When You’re In Love” comes from his album of the same name.

He sings about romantic rooms in a hotel by the beach in the fall, and every time we hear this song, we want to be there!

When to play: If you’re getting married on a beach somewhere in the autumn, “When You’re In Love” is the perfect recessional tune for your wedding ceremony.

“My Infinite Love”

From the first notes of “My Infinite Love,” as a guitar strums and the violin plays, you’ll get misty-eyed listening to Strait singing about “My Infinite Love.”

When to play: The song makes a lovely first dance, and we also think it’s a beautiful way to remember loved ones at your wedding.

“Heaven Is Missing an Angel”

This “medium-fast” song scores good ratings for “positivity and danceability” online. With warm-hearted lyrics and Strait’s signature vocals, you’ve got an addition to your wedding playlist that everyone will love.

When to play: Invite your parents and grandparents to join you on the dancefloor as this meaningful song plays at your wedding reception.

“It Just Comes Natural”

Here’s more proof that the world can always use another uptempo love song from Strait!

It’s a favorite of many, and we’ve seen some super-creative ways that people in love have taken “It Just Comes Natural” and made it their own. For example, check out this lip-synch video that a young fan made to celebrate his engagement.

When to play: You can slow the beat down to half-time, use a steel guitar version as your ceremony processional, or keep the original as your wedding recessional song or a fun first dance.

“I’m Never Gonna Let You Go”

An earlier hit from Strait’s impressive music career is “I’m Never Gonna Let You Go,” and this arrangement is old country music at its purest.

When to play: We’d love to see this as the first dance at a rustic barn wedding!

“I Just Want To Dance With You”

This Strait song is a genuine toe-tapping, feel-good number. We always dream about dancing somewhere on powdery sands in Mexico when we hear it.

When to play: Are you getting married beachfront in Mexico? Then, “I Just Want To Dance With You” could be your perfect first dance!

“Check Yes or No”

The video for “Check Yes or No” is 90s country all the way, and as Cole Swindell and all of us 90s country fans know, that’s a good thing!

When to play: It’s a perfect tune for your bridal party entrance at the reception.

“All of Me Loves All of You”

If you search “All of Me Loves All of You” on YouTube, you’ll probably pull up John Legend’s video song first (we love his song, and it’s a wedding classic!). However, Strait’s identically titled song came out in the 90s, and it’s a sweet country ditty.

When to play: “All of Me Loves All of You” is a song beloved by every generation of Strait fans, and it’s a fun song for a dance with parents and grandparents at your reception.

“We Must Be Loving Right”

Picture the world’s best honky-tonk singer performing at an upscale piano bar in a big city, and you’ve got the musical flavor of “We Must Be Loving Right.”

When to play: Sway to this beautiful song under the disco ball as your first reception slow dance.

“Give It All We Got Tonight”

“Drink up this love… give it all we got tonight” is a sweet sample of the gorgeous lyrics in this song that Strait sings so well.

When to play: This is another ideal first dance wedding song for your reception.

“The Man In Love With You”

Strait sings about perfectly imperfect, real life and love in this song that will melt your heart.

When to play: If you have a violin player at your wedding ceremony, “The Man In Love With You” is the perfect music for the groom’s walk down the aisle before the ceremony, and the original version could be your first slow dance together.

“Carrying Your Love With Me”

Have you seen the TikTok compilation for “Carrying Your Love With Me”? The OG version is by George Strait and is one of our favorite songs!

When to play: As with most Strait songs, “Carrying Your Love” is perfect for your first dance, but we also love it as a wedding ceremony recessional because you’ve got everything you’ll ever need as you walk away hand-in-hand after saying your “I Dos!”

“I Saw God Today”

You won’t hear as many story songs as remarkable as “I Saw God Today,” and it’s worthy of repeat listens because it can brighten up the darkest moments.

When to play: It’s a beautiful bridal processional and a perfect first dance. We also love this song as a parents’ and grandparents’ dance.

“Love Without End, Amen”

“Let me tell you a secret about a father’s love…” is a wonderful hook in song lyrics, and as usual, Strait sings it straight from his heart.

When to play: Without question, this is our favorite choice for a parents’ dance!

“You Look So Good In Love”

Disclaimer: This tune is about a man who sees his lady in love with someone else, so you might not think it’s a wedding song, but trust us. It’s romantic as all get out!

When to play: “You Look So Good In Love” is heart-melting when sung directly to the bride by a vocalist.

Check out the stunning version that Jamie Foxx performed in front of King Strait himself!


The one-word title perfectly sums up this catchy uptempo love song from Strait. So make room on your wedding playlist for this one!

When to play: As your wedding ceremony recessional or your bridal party entrance to the reception, “True” also makes excellent theme music for your wedding video.

“River of Love”

This fun song has a Jimmy Buffet “Margaritaville” vibe, and we can picture it cued up and ready to play after you say “I Do” on the sand at your beach wedding.

When to play: “River Of Love” makes a great wedding recessional tune at your beachfront nuptials, and it would also work great as part of the soundtrack to your destination wedding video.


This romantic tune sparkles in your ears like a jewel does under candlelight, and the lyrics sung by Strait capture a couple separated by distance who long to be together.

When to play: If you’re eloping somewhere, we think “Run” is ideal as your bridal processional or wedding recessional song.

It’s also a beautiful first dance whether you’re celebrating alone or with a small group.

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