Top 13 Lady Gaga Wedding Songs for Little Monsters in Love

This past summer, two super-lucky (and monstrously rich) couples booked Lady Gaga as their wedding singer.

It’s always fun to imagine getting married at some exclusive villa on Lake Como in Italy, and our hobby here at Wedding Pioneer is all things “wedding fun facts!”

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Besides the occasional multi-million dollar wedding reception (and her amazing turn in A Star Is Born), Gaga has won 13 Grammy Awards. Her musical influences include Whitney Houston, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. We also adore her special musical friendship with Tony Bennett.

You’re planning your wedding, and we’d like to help make it memorable with the best Lady Gaga wedding songs to celebrate your love for Mother Monster!

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Photo by Jessica Livingston

“Always Remember Us This Way”

The official video for “Always Remember Us This Way” is taken from A Star Is Born and always gives us the chills.

Here’s a cool fact behind the soundtrack from the movie: a group of famous Nashville songwriters got together at a “boot camp” to create songs specifically for Ally, the character Gaga played. “Always Remember Us This Way” became one of the instant classics from that group sesh!

When to play: The beauty of the song is it’s perfect anytime! This piano instrumental comes from a videotaped rehearsal for a bride’s processional, and the group performance is the first dance at a wedding reception.

It’s also a beautiful reception song to remember your loved ones.

“Hold My Hand”

Gaga’s new song “Hold My Hand” appeared on the summer 2022 hit movie Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack and her performance in the stunning black and white video has thrilled fans.

When to play: A dramatic love song like “Hold My Hand” makes a big impression on the dancefloor at your reception.

Check out this beautiful first dance tutorial for some beautiful inspo!


Perhaps the most famous soundtrack song in recent memory, “Shallow,” from A Star Is Born, won countless awards and is one of the best-selling songs in history.

It’s always a big compliment when other superstars cover your tunes, and “Shallow” is the favorite of many notable mega-musicians, including Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

When to play: “Shallow” has become a go-to request for many couples as a bridal processional song.

Check out this gorgeous instrumental for a formal ceremony or this equally heart-melting guitar version for a rustic barn wedding.

“The Cure”

It’s not one of her chart-topping hits, but Gaga’s lyrics on “The Cure” are so romantic and wedding-worthy that the song deserves a spot on your wedding playlist.

These words especially made our hearts sing: “When you fall asleep inside my arms, may not have the fancy things, but I’ll give you everything you could ever want. It’s in my arms.”

When to play: It’s a great mix of rhythm and romantic feeling to play as your wedding reception entrance tune. You could even continue playing it as your first dance to start the party after dinner.

“Million Reasons”

Fans love to speculate about Gaga’s “Million Reasons,” with many online articles devoted to the song’s real meaning.

While her lyrics obviously point to a relationship ending, you only need to hear lines like “I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away. But baby, I just need one good one to stay” to feel the genuine love and passion in this song.

When to play: While Gaga’s voice is super-spectacular, skip the heartbreak lyrics and make this your bridal processional.

Need more proof? Check out the musical backdrop for this gorgeous bride on her wedding walk.

“You and I”

“You and I” appeared on Gaga’s groundbreaking album Born This Way, and the awesome, perfectly creepy video features two Gaga alter-egos: an Elvis-looking dude named Jo Calderone and a mermaid named Yüyi.

When to play: Goth couples, here’s looking at you because we think “You and I” makes a fantastic and cheeky wedding recessional for your atmospheric wedding day!


Trivia time, little monsters: Why did Stefani Germanotta change her name to Lady Gaga?

It happened early on in her career when she was dating a guy in the music business, and he nicknamed her Gaga after the Queen song “Radio Gaga.” Their relationship tanked, but thankfully Lady Gaga stuck!

We mention Gaga’s first name because she released “Captivated” when she was still Stefani, and this beautiful piano song is perfect for a wedding.

When to play: Check out this stunning live performance of “Captivated” by a yet-to-be Gaga. There’s a recording too, which would be fantastic as your bridal processional or first dance.

“Stupid Love”

The only thing stupid about “Stupid Love” is how gloriously dumb we always look dancing to this infectious Gaga tune!

When to play: “Stupid Love” is wedding reception theme music to infinity and beyond. With its long intro, it’s the perfect bridal party entrance music or, even better, a bridal party flash mob on the dance floor after dinner.

“Is That Alright”

Do yourself a favor. Take a quick break from the stress of wedding planning and watch (or re-watch) this gorgeous video for “Is That Alright” from A Star Is Born.

The moment Bradley Cooper’s character slides the little knotted guitar string down Ally’s ring finger melts our hearts like butter every time. Don’t forget your tissues!

When to play: This is bridal processional or wedding ceremony recessional music at its absolute, tear-jerking finest.

“Born This Way”

One of Gaga’s best anthems for all is “Born This Way.” When you’re in love with someone you trust and believe in, you want everyone to feel as happy as you are—as Gaga sings, “Just love yourself, and you’re set!”

When to play: Your wedding reception will hit the heavens when you play “Born This Way,” and everyone rocks out!

“Cheek to Cheek”

We had to include a few selections from Gaga’s albums with her great friend and musical mentor, Tony Bennett.

These toe-tapping numbers will appeal to everyone in the crowd, and if you’re not already a fan of American standards, we’re pretty sure you will be soon!

When to play: “Cheek to Cheek” would be fantastic as a bride and father dance, or make it a family affair as a parents and grandparents dance during your reception.

“Night and Day”

After an uptempo, jazzy intro, “Night and Day” becomes a melodic duet between Gaga and Bennett.

When to play: If you want a slower swing to a dance number for your parents and grandparents to join in, think about “Night and Day.”

“Dream Dancing”

This Gaga and Bennett duet has a beautiful melody and dreamy lyrics.

When to play: If you want a retro number for your first dance or a snazzy bridal party entrance to the reception, “Dream Dancing” strikes that perfect chord.

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